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Review #1, by o Athena: The Start

26th May 2014:
wowow powwows this is an update!!?? finally!

I liked this chapter and I hope Athenas storyline will become more interesting. I wonder if anything will happen between her and luke Davies? you mentioned in the last chapter that she had a crush on him. his sister seems like such a cow omg

can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: yep, this is an update (:
i'm glad you liked the chapter, and yesss i promise Athena's storyline will get a lot more interesting! you'll have to wait and see about athena and luke though ;) and yes, his sister is a total cow. hopefully the next chapter will be up soon (:

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Review #2, by Sakura9879 Aphrodite: Welcome to Hell

8th February 2014:
Girlie, when are you going to update?! Bring on the next chapter!

Author's Response: The chapter is up now! I hope you like it :D

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Review #3, by AgentGalini Aphrodite: Welcome to Hell

27th August 2013:
OMG. I'm in love with Aphrodite. FINALLY a protagonist who's not in Gryffindor (Slytherin's awesome!!). The whole Greek-named thing is very original, and since I am myself Greek, I really love the idea! The characters all have their own personality, which is really important in the stories...I'm hoping I'll get to see all of their POV's in the story, which I think you'll probably be changing in every chapter.
Maybe another chapter with Aphrodite though? She reminds me of me haha :P Though I'm not really sure about her dating Nate, since we haven't really seen their history e.t.c...How about cheating on him on this party and then having an affair with someone else? I can imagine her doing it.
Anyways. I really do have a question that's been eating me inside all the time while I was reading might also be wrong, though...
HOW in Merlin's pants were ALL those students sitting in ONE compartment?
Anyway. Loved it xx

Author's Response: Slytherin is pretty cool (Ravenclaws FTW though :P)! I'm in LOVE with the Greek culture ugh, especially the whole history with their gods and Titans and stuff, I just had to write something about that. Yeah, I'll be alternating between the four sisters and some of the other characters (Cara, Al, Nate, etc), so a chapter in Aphrodite's point of view will come soon. I'm thinking of doing at least 3 or 4 chapters in their POV before moving on to the others.
Haha, that does sound like a very Aphrodite-ish thing to do, but she and Nate have been going strong for a while. We'll see, though!
Hmm ... it was a big compartment! Or, if that doesn't sound quite right, let's just say it was ... MAGIC! :P
Thanks for leaving such a lovely review! xo

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Review #4, by poodle.lover Aphrodite: Welcome to Hell

17th August 2013:
Amazing! Pleaaase update really soon! But keep peanutbutter geli time going to please. Love youu ♡

Author's Response: Thank youu :) Don't worry, Peanut Butter Geli Time is still going! Love you tooo xo

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Review #5, by Persephones_Child Aphrodite: Welcome to Hell

16th August 2013:

Author's Response: Hahaha, thank you! Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon xo

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Review #6, by HPManiacs Aphrodite: Welcome to Hell

9th August 2013:
I like the idea of this story! Cute chapter! Update soon!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm writing the next chapter, so hopefully it'll be up soon!

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Review #7, by JayJay Aphrodite: Welcome to Hell

8th August 2013:
I think this is a really great idea for a story! I'm excited to to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you! Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon (by that I mean in the next six months or so)

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Review #8, by Rachel Payne Aphrodite: Welcome to Hell

6th August 2013:
I think that this could actually be an awesome group of main characters, but it makes me wonder where this story will end up going. There isn't any sort of indication of major drama, there are a few love interests budding, and yes, each girl has her own problems, but with the way you introduced Athena in the banner, makes her life seem boring in comparison. Also, I'm wondering how you will tie in all the girls' problems to fit the master plot. Only time, and your hand, will tell.

Either way, this is a great intro chapter and I cannot wait to read more so please update again soon!

Best of luck with the writing

Author's Response: I didn't really think about a major plot at first, but now I think I'll have to. Athena's plot does seem a little boring, but it does get quite dramatic. It might not be as interesting as the others', but it's not just "Athena needs to get O's on her NEWTs!" - she does have a lot of other problems.

But thank you for reviewing!
Summer x

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Review #9, by RosieWeasly11 Aphrodite: Welcome to Hell

15th July 2013:
awww i oove aphrodite and artemis can u see a resemblance to me? xx

Author's Response: Ooh maybe! xx

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Review #10, by Tess from school ;) - Cant be bothered to log into my accoun Aphrodite: Welcome to Hell

26th June 2013:
Amazing!! Can't wait till the next chapter ;)

Author's Response: Ahh, thank you x (I like your name :P)

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Review #11, by cosmical Aphrodite: Welcome to Hell

23rd June 2013:
hello! I really looove the idea of Aphrodite being in Slytherin and how each of them are in seperate houses. i already strongly ship artbus (artemis & albus) haha ARTBUS TO THE END
haha, anyways, update soon
-- jade xx

Author's Response: Hii! Thank you! I find it annoying how people think sisters (quadruplets in this case) should be exactly the same, so I thought this would sort of get rid of that stereotype. Haha, Artemis and Al hate each other at the moment, but Artbus will be making an appearance (hopefully)! Thanks for reviewing x

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Review #12, by crimson-creamcracker Aphrodite: Welcome to Hell

22nd June 2013:
my main problem with the chapter is that you've made Aphrodite so unlikeable, I'll be glad when the chapter is changed to another sister because I don't connect with Aphrodite and the story would be unreadable for me if she was the sole main character. I'm rather interested in Demeter's story with 'hufflepuff' problems though.

Author's Response: Yeah, that is kind of her personality, and I did think she would be kind of a mean character, which was why I wanted to have all three sisters telling the story. Demeter's Hufflepuff campaign gets very interesting later on ;) thanks for reviewing! x

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