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Review #1, by kenpo Souls

8th April 2014:
WHAT?!? WHAT!?!?!?

This is my new headcanon.

What? The Hat is a Horcrux. Oh my god. Totally. That's exactly what it is!! HOW DID YOU EVEN THINK OF THAT?!?

I don't have words. That's so ridiculously brilliant. That could mean that Godric is still alive... and doing things. What? Whoa. I'm... I don't have words.

I need words, though, to tell you how good this story was.

I LOVE how you wrote Tom. His dismissive nature towards his friends, and how he feels completely superior to them fits so well with what we know about him, and I'm really impressed with how you wrote it without being really obvious.

(I'm still not over it that the Hat is a Horcrux. Does anyone else know about that?!)

And the song!!! You wrote a song!!! I'm a total chicken about writing a song. You did it, though, and it was good and the lines fit together and you're just amazing.

I'm sorry. I'm just stuck on how awesome of an idea it is that the Hat is a Horcrux...

And then when you have the Hat give Tom advice, that he immediately dismisses, you show how stubborn Tom is, and how he's unable to grasp the concept that he might not always be right or have the best ideas. Major character flaw, other than... you know... the fact that he's evil.

OO! And the other thing I wanted to talk about what that I think it's cool that you wrote Tom being powerful enough to penetrate the Hat's mind. That's cool. It makes me think, though, because if Voldemort was able to "defeat" a Horcrux, would he try to find a better way to keep himself alive? I mean, obviously, the Hat is still alive, but he was able to penetrate it. Or maybe the soul is only as strong as the wizard?

It's late and I need to go to bed but now you've got me thinking...

This was really a lovely story. Not only is the plot obviously fantastic, but you wrote it eloquently and I'm jealous.

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Haha! I love reading reviews on this story because people are always so shocked. :P I love how you think this sounds like canon as well, it's so exciting. I have no idea how I came up with this idea, it just sort of clicked one day that the hat could be a Horcrux.

I know! Someday I might write a sequel about whatever the frightening spectre of Godric is doing. :P

Yay, I'm glad you liked Tom! He's a really intimidating character and I was nervous about writing him, so it's really lovely to get positive feedback on this.

Thank you!! I loved writing the song, it was so fun, and I'm so excited that you liked it! :D

Tom is so stubborn, and I really enjoyed writing that side to his character. It's his fatal flaw, in a way, how he is incapable of empathizing with people and understanding their strengths, like how he underestimates Harry's ability of love.

Interesting! Hmm, I saw Voldy as being a very strong Legilimens, but he only sees what he wants to see. So he defeats the hat's defences, and he sees that Horcruxes work, but he'd never put himself in another's shoes and see that his Horcruxes could be defeated in the same way. He's very narcissistic that way (and every way :P).

Thanks so much for the amazing review, I loved reading this! :)

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Review #2, by HEG Souls

27th March 2014:

This story is so dark. It is so mysterious, wonderful and marvellous. I really loved it. Your characterisation of Old Voldy is brilliant. He is persistent, impatient and most importantly - evil! He is sort of torturing the sorting hat in order for him to get information about his 'species'.

The sorting hat's song was brilliant. Every line rhymed and fitted in. I love to read a sorting hat song. Most people just leave it out and get on with the sorting but I think it is more talented to put in your own song. It is very difficult though. I always do a sorting hat's song and think it's hard to find the right words for each line so you've done that very well.

It's interesting when the sorting hat tells Voldemort about the four founders and their story and interesting to see Voldemorts reaction. You've got Him into character when he immediately suspects that the sorting hat is lying. Well done. Oh my goodness! The sorting hat is a Horcrux! That is such a good plot idea. I really love it and so believable too. I love plot twists like this. They really make you think weather the sorting hat COULD have been a Horcrux.

Good job and very well written!

HEG :)

Author's Response: Hello! :)

I'm really glad you liked this! I wrote it quite some time ago, so it's always exciting to get a review which brings me back to it. I was a little worried about writing Voldy because he's so distinctive and frightening, but I'm quite pleased you liked how he was written. You're right, he does seem to torture the Sorting Hat - and I wouldn't expect anything else from him.

I love reading sorting hat songs as well, and couldn't resist the chance to write one even if the story didn't really need it. I'm pleased you thought I did an okay job with it.

I'm glad you liked the story of the founders and Voldy's reactions to it - and how it's a Horcrux! That was one of my crazier ideas but actually sort of fit quite well with how the Sorting Hat has its own personality and agency. And who knows, maybe it could be! :P

Thanks so much for the review! :)

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Review #3, by milominderbinder Souls

28th October 2013:
Hey hon! Review tag :D

I love the idea of the hat being a horcrux. I have literally never thought about that or heard that idea before but it makes so much sense now you've said it and the idea fit perfectly in with this story.

Did you write the sorting song yourself?! It's so good! I've seen a few people attempt a sorting song before and, no offence to them since I could certainly never do it, it usually turns out awful. But this one was amazing, it was so real and sounded just like the ones from the books, and it fit in perfectly with this story. I'm seriously impressed right now.

I really liked your characterisation of Tom. He's such a hard character to write but I think you've really captured his mindset, his calculating and intelligent kind of evil.

I loved the tale about the Founders, especially what you said about Slytherin. In just a few short lines you managed to add such depth to a character who is often seen as the root of all evil in the series. I've never thought before about WHY he might be so obsessed with blood purity, but the idea that he witnessed things like the witch trials and muggle fear of/brutality towards magic, it makes so much sense. It also make me feel really sad for him! That short tale was an amazing snapshot into the founders' lives, which is an era I've never actually thought that much about.

Overall I loved this! Well done!


Author's Response: Hi again! :)

It's really funny, that idea just popped into my head one day and I thought it would make an interesting story where the hat is a horcrux. It had never occured to me before that day, but I love hearing people's reactions to it.

Yay, I'm glad you like the song! :D I seem to have a habit of sneaking in my own little rhymes and songs into my fan fics, and the sorting hat one flowed pretty well because it has that layout of singing about each house and rhymes. It was a lot of fun, and great to know it paid off! :)

Yeah, Tom is tricky. I think I liked writing him because he's very focused and intense, which is easier than writing a character who has ulterior motives and goodness hiding somewhere inside them. I'm really pleased he came across well.

I loved writing the founders! They've wormed their way into another one of my stories and there's a lot to build on from JK, which is a lot of fun. I'm really glad to hear you liked them, especially Slytherin. You're right, he does get portrayed as being pure evil, but I think there must have been more to him than that, and I quite liked imagining how he might have been.

Thanks so much for this amazing review! :D

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Review #4, by theblacksisters Souls

29th September 2013:
Awsome! The hat being a Horcrux makes so much sense to me.

Author's Response: I'm glad you thought it made sense! :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my story! :D

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Review #5, by 800 words of heaven Souls

21st June 2013:

I really liked the sound of the summary, so I thought I'd give this a try!

Ooh! I love the way you've opened this. It really shows us something about Tom's character. Here he is, pondering this old artefact, trying to work out what it is, and how he can use it to further his own interests, and here are two of his year-mates, acting like seventeen-year-olds with normal relationships! I just love the way he treats them - he knows just how much he needs to do to make them leave him alone, but still maintain his power over them.

I actually like the way Tom thinks. There's clarity of thought, and a purpose to them, which is really appealing to me. And I like how he notices what goes on around him - he's never fully immersed in something, but always kind of keeps a watchful eye about.

Oh! That was a really amazing school song! I've always wanted to write one, but I don't know what to write, let alone make sure it rhymes. You've done so well with this! I am envious of your mad rhyming skillz!

The description of Tom's sorting is also very telling, in my opinion. You've shown through the Hat's reactions to Tom, that it somehow knew what was going on in that brilliant, evil mind of his, and almost as if it were in danger if it kept contact with him too long. The hat's always creeped me out a little, so it's nice to see it get its comeuppance, for once! And if it's at the hands of Tom Riddle, even better!

Oh! I think I kind of get it now! Are you saying that the Hat was his inspiration for Horcruxes and all the evil they could achieve? That's actually such a good idea! I used to think that the Hat actually was a Horcrux at one point, because it thought for itself, read people's minds, and was super creepy... kind of similar to what Tom's thinking now.

It's funny to hear that Dippet avoided Myrtle's toilet, considering it was a girls' toilet in the first place. That little line made me chuckle, even if I wasn't supposed to. Then I laughed harder about the Hat and the girl's underwear. He might have been a bit of an average headmaster, but I think he really understands the mind of your average Hogwarts student!

I keep saying this, but I really love the way you've shown Tom in this. I can understand his connection to the Chamber of Secrets. It's one of the few emotional connections he has, I think, along with Hogwarts. And his fear of death also makes sense in the context you've given it.

I love the relationship between the Hat and Tom! It's full of this snarky humour, and lightning wit and intelligence, yet has a malevolent undercurrent to it. It's just such a pleasure to read!

Whilst I was reading Slytherin and Gryffindor's story, I couldn't help but drawing parallels to James and Sirius' relationship. Obviously, we know that Sirius didn't betray the Potters, but when everyone still thought he was a baddie, and they'd reminisce about how close Sirius and James were at school... perhaps it's just the relationship dynamic, at least when Slytherin and Gryffindor got along, that struck me as similar.

I really liked that you gave a reason for Slytherin being so set on the preservation of blood purity. It's partly because he's stubborn, partly because that's what he's been brought up to believe, but also partly because he watched the witch trials, and they scared him. I really liked that about Slytherin, that there was quite a valid reason why he was so mistrustful of those who weren't pureblood.

Oh! The Hat's a Horcrux! But I think it's not a Horcrux in the same way Voldemort's Horcruxes were. The two Horcruxes are of quite different types, I reckon, like the intent with which they were made, makes all the difference. Gryffindor's is borne out of love, whilst Voldemort's are borne of fear.

So, overall, this was an amazing story. My favourite part was the fact that it was a story within a story. I think I was more emotionally invested in Slytherin and Gryffindor's tale, than the almost trivial tribulations of a young Tom Riddle trying to figure out how to make a Horcrux, in comparison. However, that being said, I thought it was very clever how you used Slytherin and Gryffindor's story as a plot device for the main one! Awesome job!

Author's Response: Hello! :) I'm glad you decided to check out this story!

I'm glad you liked Tom, and noticed the contrast between him and his friends. He's so creepy, eh? While they're quite normal, rude Slytherins he already knows he's above them. He knows exactly how to treat them and maintain his power. I'm glad you liked the way he notices everything.

Haha, I'm very pleased you liked the song! It might not have been completely necessary for the story, but I just couldn't leave it out, it was so fun to write! :)

I really enjoy your analysis of his sorting! You're right, the hat seems to sense his evil and wanted to minimize contact. Haha, the hat is a little creepy, isn't it? I'm glad you think the idea of a hat being a Horcrux is believable, it actually made a lot of sense to me and I'm pleased you noticed that too!

The bits with Dippet were supposed to be a little humour into an otherwise rather dark story, so I'm glad you enjoyed them! You're right, he does understand the students, and seems to know not to mess with them.

I'm very glad you like Tom and the Hat as characters in their own right, and the banter between them. Both are a little malicious in their own ways.

That's a great parallel with James and Sirius, I didn't even think of that! They were so close, and then broken apart by death/betrayal, even if it wasn't their fault. I'm glad you liked the story of the Founders and thought Slytherin's hatred was valid.

Yes, you're exactly right about Horcruxes, at least in my interpretation. Gryffindor's was a mistake and penance of a sort, while Voldy's were from fear and greed.

Thank you for this brilliant review! It was a story in a story, which I loved writing, and I'm so pleased you liked the tale of the Founders and were invested in it. This was so thoughtful and lovely to read, thank you! :D

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Review #6, by MadiMalfoy Souls

20th June 2013:
Hiya, here with your review as per requested! :)

Oooh, this is brilliant, absolutely brilliant! I love the idea that the Sorting Hat could very well be a Horcrux, although a rather unconventional and more promising one at that. I think the song was great! Definitely hinted at what had happened all those years ago between Salazar and Godric.

The way you intertwine the stories doesn't interrupt the flow whatsoever in my opinion, and really works! Your characterization of Tom was spot on, I think, and makes a lot of sense. You have a very unique writing style that I really like! The variance in sentence structure and terminology is great!

Overall, a fantastic piece so far and you should definitely continue on with this and re-request for future chapters! :) xx

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Aw, I'm so glad you liked this story! :) I'm pleased you enjoyed the idea of the hat being a Horcrux, which I know is a little out there. Yes, it is a rather unusual Horcrux. And I'm so glad you liked the song, haha. I actually quite enjoyed writing it, and trying to foreshadow what Riddle would later discover. :)

I'm very happy to know the stories meld well together, and doesn't seem like too much! And that Tom was well characterized, he's just such a chilling character to write.

Thank you so much for what you said about my writing style as well, that really makes me happy! :)

Ah, I actually considered doing a sequel in which we find out what happened to Gryffindor! We'll have to see if inspiration hits! :P Thank you for a lovely and thoughtful review! :D

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Review #7, by magnolia_magic Souls

18th June 2013:
So I saw your name in tag, and I figured it would be the perfect chance to continue reviewing Resistance. But I saw this on your author page and couldn't resist! You did such a wonderful job with this; it's so well-written, as I've come to expect from you :)

I love the way you begin this story, showing us the feast from Tom's point of view. The other students looking for his approval, him admiring Walburga for her strength of all seemed appropriately Voldy, and I loved it. His narration is very chilling.

I think you have a real gift for tailoring your language to fit your narrator, no matter who it is. I've noticed that you write from all different types of POVs; good, evil, timid, bold. And they all sound so distinctive. That's such a wonderful skill to have, and it's been such a treat to discover it. I can definitely learn a lot from your stories as I keep writing.

Of course, the Hat was a Horcrux! When the memory started I figured it might be. The memory itself is very well-written, but I liked the description of Tom's Legilimency even more. The image of him worming his way into the Hat's mind was chilling.

The only thing I wish I'd seen was a mention of Helga and Rowena. Surely they had a part in the blood purity issue at Hogwarts, and I would have been very interested to see how they reacted to the controversy. I think even a sentence about them would add to this piece.

Oh my goodness, you wrote a Sorting Hat song! It's wonderful, I loved it! I'm always so impressed with authors who can do that, because rhyming is completely beyond me :P

I'm so glad I read this! You did a great job with it. Keep up the awesome work!


Author's Response: Hello! :) Well I'm glad you ventured over to this story, and that you enjoyed it!

Ah, I'm pleased you liked Riddle and his strange detachment, I really wanted to get him right. I'm so glad you found him chilling and could see his sense of superiority! :)

Thank you so much for what you said about the language fitting the voice! :) Knowing that each voice sounds unique and distinct is just amazing praise, and it really means a lot to me!

I'm glad you liked the memory, and the description of the Legilimency! It's a very abstract concept so I wasn't sure how to write it, but knowing you liked it makes me feel a little more confident about it! :)

That's an excellent point about Helga and Rowena, how could I possibly leave them out?! When I edit this I'll definitely add in a few thoughts on their roles. :)

Thank you so much for this brilliant review! :D

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Review #8, by Female_Warrior Souls

17th June 2013:
This is such an intriguing and original idea! The Sorting Hat's ability make decisions for itself has always made it a curious object, and I love the fact that you explain that by making it a Horcrux. It just fits perfectly, and the hat giving Riddle the same advice that Godric Gryffindor would almost surely have given as well is a really lovely touch. The song was a cool thing to see as well, it was creative but still stuck to the format of, "describe the houses and the task of sorting," and overall I felt that it worked quite nicely. :)

I thought that your characterization of Riddle was very believable. He wasn't curious at all about the end of the story that the hat told, only the portion he needed to use. The clarity with which that came through was excellent, and it brought greater depth to the clear lack of sympathy that he shows while he forces information out of the hat. That aspect of him, and the way you subtly expressed his separation from his peers really brought his character together for me.

I also thought it was interesting how Riddle almost seems to be reminding himself that he is Lord Voldemort sometimes. Is he still building his confidence, or is that just part of his sense of superiority?

Anyway, I also loved the tale of the Founders. You painted such an intimate portrait of the friendship between Slytherin and Gryffindor, and when that all went up in flames, a part of that intimacy still survived. It was great how parallel their relationship was with the splitting of a soul and how Gryffindor's despair shows that doing so is such a destructive act. I have to wonder if that other piece of Gryffindor is still floating around somewhere, maybe as something like the eagle knocker on the Ravenclaw common room door, or maybe mixing up the staircases when he gets bored. ;)

This story was beautifully written and definitely a pleasure to read. I'd definitely like to see another one like it in the future!


Author's Response: Hello! :)

I'm very thrilled that you enjoyed the story! It's great to hear you liked the idea of the hat as a Horcrux, and that it was well characterized with some aspects of Gryffindor.

Haha, I'm very happy you liked the song! :) It flowed surprisingly easy, and I liked coming up with the often rather poor rhymes. I even tried singing it in my head! :P

I'm also pleased you enjoyed the characterization of Riddle! He's such a creepy character, and I liked getting into his head. Hearing you thought I did him justice was wonderful!

That's such an interesting point about him trying to remind himself that he's Voldy, I never thought of it that way! But in this story, he isn't quite Voldy yet, and is more human and could still be feeling doubt and a need to re-affirm himself. I'm so happy you picked up on that, and I think it's a little of both building his confidence and his sense of personal greatness.

I'm so happy you liked the Founders as well! :) This story was kind of a three-in-one, and it's good to know the pieces fit together alright and were interesting in their own right. A couple other reviewers suggested that Gryffindor could be the giant squid... so maybe he still is lurking about! :)

Thank you for this really lovely review, it was such a pleasure to receive! :D

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Review #9, by Illuminate Souls

10th June 2013:
Hi! Review Tag!

This is a really brilliantly written oneshot :) Riddle's school life is a time I don't think we get to see often enough, so I think it's rife with possibilities when it comes to fanfictions :)

I think it's believable that The Sorting Hat could have been a Horcrux- I think when HBP came out and we were thinking about what the other Horcruxes could be I was certain The Sorting Hat was one :) It's such an iconic object.

You wrote all of the dialogue and prose really well! I tried to write a Sorting Hats' song once and it was impossibly hard, and yours is excellent :) Plus I think your Hat's dialogue is super believable, it's really true to the original :) And Riddle's is great too!

Brilliant job!

Author's Response: Hello! :)

I'm so honoured that you enjoyed this one-shot! I loved writing it: I was originally going to write about the Sorting Hat being a Horcrux from Regulus' POV, but just couldn't resist getting into Voldy's young head!

I'm glad you thought the idea was believable, and it's so funny you thought it might have been a Horcrux by Voldy as well! It is such an iconic object, and I imagined that since it has its own autonomy that there might be something extra special - and creepy - about it.

I'm glad you liked the dialogue as well, I'm a little self-conscious about dialogue so that's wonderful to hear! Writing the song came surprisingly smoothly, so I'm glad you liked it! :D

Thank you for a wonderful and kind review! :)

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Review #10, by LittleLionGirl Souls

6th June 2013:
I really enjoyed this one-shot. I think it captures the start of Voldemort perfectly. I just personally believe that the relationship between Godric and Salthazar a tad on the unbelievable side (just because all you hear about in the books is their different beliefs).. Anyhow lovely job overall

Author's Response: Hi! :) I'm really glad you liked the story, and that I captured the essence of Voldy! I loved writing him and coming up with everything, he's such a morbidly intruiging character.

You're right, I did go a little crazy in imagining the Founders story, just couldn't resist! :) I went off a line in one of the sorting hat's songs which said they were great friends, but may have taken it a bit far! :P

Thank you so much for reading and leaving a lovely review, I really appreciate it! :D

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Review #11, by marauderfan Souls

28th May 2013:
Review Tag!

I was really intrigued to read a story about Tom Riddle at Hogwarts. I think his characterisation was perfect - from the way he interacted with his "friends" to the way everything was going on inside his mind.

I really liked the little details you added - like Walburga Black being a prefect, and Nicholas Flamel in the Daily Prophet. And the sorting hat song was great!

Interesting to make the hat a Horcrux. I thought that was a really nice touch - the way it happened was believable; it certainly explains why the hat is able to think on its own, and it explains Tom's understanding of how to do it. The only thing I was left wondering is, if the hat is still a Horcrux, then Gryffindor is still partially alive/not quite dead, right? (I guess that's not really too important to the story you were telling, but I did wonder, lol.)

Great job on this!!

Author's Response: Hello! :)

I'm glad you were interested in this story, and thought the characterization was well done. I loved getting into Riddle's head, and imagining his observations and reactions. I loved picturing the world Riddle would have inhabited, especially with the older wizards.

Ah, I'm glad you liked the song! I loved writing it, though I worried I wouldn't do it justice.

Ok, I'm glad you thought the hat being a Horcrux made sense! It was just an idea I came up with and knew I just had to write, so I'm glad it was convincing. Hm, I had a couple others suggest writing a sequel one-shot about Gryffindor still being alive out there... maybe someday! :)

Thank you so much for this lovely review! :)

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Review #12, by patronus_charm Souls

25th May 2013:
Sorry it took me a while to get to this, I got lost in graphic making :P

I think you showed Riddleís interactions with his friends really well. It was almost as if he was observing them and not being a part of them. He couldnít relate to their talk about Merrythought as it was probably too inconsequential to him and he was obsessed with the hat and you showed the difference between them really well and that was really great.

Another thing I really liked was the sorting hatís song. Thereís a reason why I make my characters zone out of the sorting and itís due to my lack of song writing skills. However, you wrote it really well and you drew upon the influences of each house, so that was really great. Iím always really impressed when writers can write a good sorting hat song!

I really liked how you showed others viewed him as it was comparatively different to what the reader is seeing him as regardless of what he does later on. On the one hand heís the schoolís darling and can do no wrong, and then thereís reader seeing this boy taking over this by force, I suppose, and makes him want to get hold of the hat no matter. I think itís the force which is most shocking as itís not letting him think of anything else.

The insight to Dippetís thoughts was also great. It showed how naÔve people were, and not naÔve in another respect as they really were taken under the spell of Riddle. It was also great as it provided something more light hearted to Riddleís thoughts, and I liked the mention towards Bilius Weasley as Iíve always wanted to learn more about this mad Weasley.

The idea of personifying the hat even more than usual and making it able to actually have a conversation with Riddle and able to repel his mental intrusion was great. I really enjoyed the history of Salazar and Godric as those two have always interested me, as itís strange to think that a friendship as strong as theirs could have been broken forever. But I suppose the issue of blood really is a dividing one.

Ah and Godric killed Salazar! I didnít see that coming but I liked it. People usually see Gryffindors as almighty people who do no wrong but I like the idea of him being a bad person. Then the idea of the hat being a horcrux was also really unexpected but fitting at the same time. I never saw that coming, and it was a really great one-shot! Thanks for the swop ♥


Author's Response: Hola! I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and especially Riddle's characterization. I really enjoyed writing him and imagining what he would have been like as a teen. The contrasts between his inner and outer selves were especially fun to play around with! :P

I'm so happy you liked the song! It actually came pretty easily, which is surprising since I'm terrible at poetry, but I'm glad it came across okay. It's hard to get it right, especially with all the rhyming.

I'm glad you liked the references to other characters, and I imagined Dippet as being this old guy who is sick of students and can't be bothered with investigating them. I'd love to learn more about Bilius as well, he just sounds so awesome.

I'm so happy you liked the hat being a Horcrux, and the story of the founders. It came a little out of the depths of my imagination, but I'm happy to hear it came across alright and seemed reasonable.

Thank you so much for this really thoughtful review, and for the swap! :D

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Review #13, by HorseMad99 Souls

18th May 2013:
Hi, it's your requested reviewer!
The first paragraph is almost mysteriously menacing but very enticing. The story in general has a very eerie feel to it and you have created a very good atmosphere.
The way you described Riddle's reaction to his surroundings, others and the was he analyses the hat are all very realistic and very believable. The sorting hat's song was also very believable and if I didn't know any better then I would probably think it was from the Harry Potter books themselves.
You have really capture Tom Riddle's curiosity and desire to know about the hat. You have characterised him so well and it is so realistic (I may be repeating myself somewhat but that is because your writing is just so believable and realistic- I am jealous.)
I like how even back then, the school's resident trouble maker was a Weasley.
I can't believe the hat was a horcrux! It was an amazing idea yet it seems to make so much sense even in the Harry Potter series it fits. I never would have imagined it but it seems so reasonable and realistic!
This story is amazing and so well written!
Feel free to request a review on another story.
Beth :)

Author's Response: Hello there! :) Thank you so much for this speedy response and such a lovely review!

I'm glad you enjoyed the story, I had too much fun writing it. It's great that you got an eerie feel, as that's just what I was going for! It's wonderful that you liked Riddle's characterization, and his dark curiosity- it was frighteningly easy for me to get inside his head! :)

Aw, the song! It was so fun and just had to be included. I'm so honoured you thought it did HP justice!

Yay, you thought the horcrux idea made sense! :) Even though the idea was pretty far-fetched, it's so wonderful to know that you liked it and thought it fit well into canon.

Thank you so much for this thoughtful review!!! :D

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Review #14, by charlottetrips Souls

7th May 2013:
Whoa. That was actually a brilliant thought made even more awesome through this story! How did you even...? Where did that...? I'm a little speechless because the thought of that is just so JKR-like!!

The first thing that caught my eye in reading this was that you never referred to Tom Riddle as Tom. It's always "Riddle." I find that appropriate because it's an impersonal treatment to a name. He wouldn't want to acknowledge any more than he had to the connection to his Muggle father. The true name he would always wear would of course be "Lord Voldemort."

For his might was so great that he could be nothing lower than immortal, his identity no less than an avenging rebel angel content to rule in hell, as long as that hell was one of his own making.
I feel that this line describes perfectly the viewpoint that Voldemort has of himself. It's enough to be true but just twisted enough to not. Fits his own personality.

I admire that you took the time to think up and write the whole Sorting Hat song! Most author's I've read that involve Sorting just kind of tune the Hat out or say just the last stanza.

The story of Gryffindor and Slytherin was believable. Honestly when reading it, all I could think of was Thor and Loki :P

I find the idea of the two Founders being BFFs now part of my head!canon. And the Sorting Hat being a Horcrux would make sense! How would all that magic and sentience not be partly from a wizard's own mind?

The "battle" between the Hat and Voldemort was also nicely done. Voldemort was so confident, the Hat so unused to violation. But Voldemort also had healthy respect for it. Seriously, this is delicious in it's complexity.

Anyway, if you can't tell, I kinda liked this. :)


Author's Response: Hi!! Thank you so much for the review, and such a lovely review as well!

I'm so happy to hear you liked this story and the idea of the sorting hat being a Horcrux!! I don't know, the idea just sort of popped into my head one day, and it just seemed to make sense!

Writing Riddle was really fun, and it's wonderful to know that you enjoyed his characterization. I feel like Riddle is definitely someone who is self-posessed and knows his own identity, since he basically created it himself, and I'm glad you noticed the use of his last name!

I really loved writing the song as well! I kind of wrote the whole Sorting scene around the song because I just really wanted to write it, haha.

Gryffindor and Slytherin are totally like Thor and Loki, both in looks and personalities! Another reviewer pointed this out, and it makes perfect sense. I think they must have been floating around my subconscious when I was writing that scene. :P

Thank you again for this really thoughtful review, and again I'm very thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the story! :D

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Review #15, by teh tarik Souls

5th May 2013:
Hello! Dropping by from the review tag :)

Well, I certainly have to agree that this is a very original take on canon! These sorts of stories are the ones that I really enjoy - where writers develop on their own interpretation of canon events and of the magical mechanics - or the workings of the wizarding world. The Sorting Hat as a Horcrux is such an amazing idea because after all, Horcruxes are bits of souls with the capacity for normal thought and feeling - and Riddle's horcruxes are even able to defend themselves or influence the minds of others. And of course, the Sorting Hat is the one mysterious inanimate object of the series that can penetrate into the minds of students and delve into their inmost qualities and sort them accordingly. Also, it's a sentient thing. These are lovely parallels between the Hat and other regular Horcruxes which you noticed and connected, so great work with this. The one thing about Horcruxes that does make me a little doubtful: I'd always thought that creating a Horcrux is supposedly one of the worst acts of evil in the magical world - and that the person creating one would have to kill another in an act of cold blood and utter malice in order to successfully split his soul. It seemed that Slytherin's death was rather accidental - in a furious duel rather than a malevolent act on the part of Gryffindor. In fact Gryffindor shows a great deal of remorse at killing his friend, and remorse - deep unrelenting remorse - is precisely what it takes to reverse a Horcrux. That being said, I guess JKR never really gave many details on the whole Horcrux creation thing, so you do have some freeway with this, and as mentioned earlier, I really do like this interpretation of yours.

With your interpretation in mind, I like how Gryffindor's creation of a Horcrux is a nice subversion of a Dark Magic act to produce something good - something that can guide and protect the future generations of students attending Hogwarts. If there's anyone who can make something good out of Dark Magic acts, it would be Godric. Or Dumbledore :)

Your characterisations are quite wonderful in this story. Tom was his cold, calculating self - and there were specific moments throughout the narrative where he was just so Tom-like, so canon!Voldemort e.g. the bit where after learning about the method of creating a Horcrux, he simply tunes out of the rest of the memory without seeing the collaboration between Godric and his soul fragment. That's so Voldy. And how he treats the Sorting Hat as a thing of reverence after learning of its true nature. Even the act of him studying the Hat in the Great Hall in such a chilling and clinical manner, pressing the pads of his fingers together, is so telling about the character. Great work on that. I also love your depiction of the Sorting Hat! That initial dry voice that gradually weakens as its psychological and mental barriers are systematically breached by Tom. I love how it tries to protect its memories, and the fact that it probably told nobody else about this encounter with Tom - not even Dumbledore. I get the idea that the Hat and thus, the soul fragment of Godric's is trying to protect the memory and the figure of Godric Gryffindor himself. Well, it is Gryffindor himself, actually. AGH THIS IS CREEPY JUST REALISED THAT VOLDEMORT DID LEGILIMENCY ON GODRIC GRYFFINDOR.

Sorry for the caps. The realisation just hit me...hard.

You've also got some lovely descriptions - my favourite part has got to be the early and much happier memories of Godric and Salazar. They remind me so much of Thor and Loki ^.^ Loved the description of 'carnivorous laughter'

Anyway, I think you've done an amazing job with this story. It's original, it's intriguing and it opens up canon so boldly and so successfully. Amazing writing.


Author's Response: Hello! It's so great to hear that you liked this story and it's different components: I was a little worried that it would be too dis-jointed. I love stories like that too: where writers take their own spin on canon and expand on it, so I'm very honoured that you think I pulled that off!! :)

It's funny, the idea of the Sorting Hat being a Horcrux just hit me one day and I felt like it made perfect sense. It reminded me particularly of the diary Riddle, and since we don't know much about other Horcruxes from canon I thought, well why not?

I definitely see your doubt about how the Horcrux was made my Gryffindor accidentally killing Slytherin. I guess I thought of it as a sort of act of penance for Gryffindor: he seems like a noble, sacrificing sort, and I imagined that the horror of killing his friend would be too fresh and frightening to heal his soul, and that the act of killing someone he once loved would make him form the Horcrux as an act of penance, not for his own gain. Ah, I don't know! :P But a lot of the love-related lore in canon is so vague, I thought why not toy with it a little!

Ah, I totally agree that Godric and Dumbledore would be the type to create good out of evil! In hindsight, I think I actually based Godric a little on Dumbledore and his sense of honour.

I'm so happy to hear that you liked the characterization!! I actually quite liked writing Tom, his body language and thought process actually came quite naturally. I don't think I could have written him in first person, however: that would have been far too disturbing.

I felt so bad for putting the poor hat through that ordeal! It's great to hear how it came across as being Gryffindor, however!!! That is really cool but creepy!!! Haha, I loved your realization in caps! :)

I'm so glad that you pointed out the Thor/Loki comparison because now that I reflect on it, that's exactly how I would picture them! Seriously, even if I were to make a graphic of those two, it would totally be the actors who play Thor and Loki acting exactly like Thor and Loki! Creepy... :)

Thank you so much for this truly lovely review, I loved reading it and hearing that you liked the story is so humbling! Merci beaucoup! :D

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Review #16, by adluvshp Souls

3rd May 2013:
Here for review tag!

This was truly a great piece of work. I absolutely loved the idea of the Sorting Hat being a horcrux, and of Riddle discovering its secret. It was definitely believable, especially the way you portrayed it. I loved the characterisation of Voldemort too, I think you did a good job of portraying the seventeen-year-old Riddle. His thoughts, his actions, were all very well-defined. I enjoyed the tale of the Founders, and the song as well. You did a great job of the song, I know I'd never be able to think it up!

All in all, great job! A very interesting and unique one-shot.


Author's Response: Hello! I'm so happy that you liked this story! I was worried about how believable the Sorting Hat being a Horcrux would be, but it's really great to hear that it came across as realistic. It's also so wonderful to hear that you liked how Voldy was portrayed. It was frighteningly easy to get into his head, maybe because he's so single-minded and cold. Ah, the song was really fun to write, but I think I'm better off to stick to prose, not rhyming couplets, for the time being! :P

Thank you so much for this lovely review! :)

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Review #17, by AlexFan Souls

1st May 2013:
I've never actually thought of the Sorting Hat being a Horcrux. It's actually a really great idea and it does sound really believable the way that you wrote it. It doesn't go with the way that J. K. Rowling described a Horcrux being made (which was very gross and inhuman) but that doesn't really matter.

The only thing that I didn't like was when you mentioned Bill (I know it's small and unimportant but bear with me). Voldemort was 72 when he died and Mr and Mrs Weasley would have to be in their 70's as well in order for Bill to be in the same generation as Voldemort.

Even Mr and Mrs Weasley wouldn't have been in Hogwarts at the same time as Voldemort. Anyway, I know it's small but it was really really bothering me.

Anyway, besides that, I really did enjoy this!

Author's Response: Hello, I'm glad you enjoyed the story, thank you so much for reviewing it!!!

Yeah, well the way Horcruxes were made was pretty vague, so I just kind of spun my own interpretation on it. What's writing for if not experimenting, right? :)

Just to clarify: the Bilius Weasley mentioned was meant to be "Uncle Bilius," who would have been two or three generations older than Ron and his siblings. He died before the HP books, but was described as being rather wild and hilarious as well as Ron's namesake (Ronald Bilius Weasley). Bill Weasley (as in Fleur's husband), probably would have had the full name Wiliam. I'm really sorry, I probably should have made that clearer in the story, haha! :)

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Review #18, by Maelody Souls

28th April 2013:
Hey! I just wanted to let you know I read this a while ago, I've just been a bit busy running around on the computer trying to get some last minute things done! Anyway!

Wow! You really, really, and I mean REALLY captured the essence of the sorting hat really well. Even while we are viewing memories, you can still tell they are memories of the sorting hat because of the way it is worded. I've never seen a fic in which the sorting hat is a horcrux, but when you started heading toward the Chamber of Secrets, I knew what you were up to! It's really creative! Though, it makes me wonder where Godric is then if he has a part of his soul still alive. Wouldn't that mean that he himself would still be alive? If so, I think that would make an VERY interesting one-shot sequel ;).

By the way, I thought I would mention that I really loved the song. You did a good job at portraying what the hat would say, especially fifty years ago when not much has happened in history for him to sing about.

I have a question about turning things into Horcruxes though. Doesn't the person you kill have to be present in order to turn an item into a Horcrux? I may be wrong, but that's how I thought it happened. And if that is the case, didn't Tom turn the ring into a Horcrux due to his father's death? This may just be me and my lack of book knowledge since I haven't read them in a good few years, but this was something that swam across my mind.

You really have Tom's character down, and I even like how you described a couple of names that we recognize from the series. It really makes it more believable. It's interesting that you mentioned the hat shouted Slytherin as soon as it touched his head, because it would really make sense as to why he would try to continue to find it. It really is something that is intriguing and I've never thought of the magic behind the hat before. Then again, I'm not an epitome of pure evil either ;).

I really liked this, and it's easily going into my favorites. It's a fresh idea, and you did a very good job at owning it. I'll definitely come back and read it again just for enjoyment purposes. Great job! :)

Author's Response: Hola! Thank you so much, I'm really happy that you thought the sorting hat was well portrayed! I've never really written from the perspective of an object, but then again this is no ordinary object!

A couple other reviewers have informed me that JKR once said that were Godric still alive, he would be the giant squid!! So who knows, maybe I will have to come back and write a sequel!! :P

I'm so happy you liked the song!! It was a little intimidating, but fun to write, and I couldn't imagine writing this piece without it.

Honestly, I'm a little confused about how exactly Horcrux lore works, so I just kind of made it up off what is included in the HP books. Plus, I probably do need to check my facts about which deaths made which Horcruxes! :P I kind of imagined bits of split souls like Pensieve memories, and pictured the split part of Voldy's soul floating around in his head until he was ready to create a Horcrux: it's all a bit dodgy, haha.

Thank you so much for this lovely review, I really enjoyed reading it, and I'm very honoured that you liked this story!! :)

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Review #19, by nott theodore Souls

27th April 2013:
Does a one-shot about Voldy interest me? Of course! I've actually wanted to read something written by you for a while but I seem to keep missing you in the review tag, so I'm pleased you asked me to review this.

Without a doubt, your real strength in this story lies in your characterisation. There wasn't one thing that Tom Riddle said or did in this that seemed to be out of character from what we know of him in canon. Even right at the beginning, his sense of superiority is evident, as is the presence he commands; his 'friends' feel the need to please him and he recognises that.

One thing that I've always seen in Voldemort is his intense need to understand everything that there is to know about the magical world - or at least, everything that gives him power. Because of this, it seems only natural that he would be so curious about the Sorting Hat, and go to such lengths to find out its secrets. Even the way that he abuses his authority to avoid suspicion fits with what we know in the books.

I really want to commend you for writing the Sorting Hat's song. I don't think I'd be brave enough to attempt it, and I think it's very difficult to write something that sounds authentic as far as the Hat is concerned. I also enjoyed the way you added depth to even those characters that you mentioned only in passing, as well as giving them recognisable names. The portrayal of Bilius Weasley really made me laugh!

You also managed to make me feel sorry for a hat! I'm not entirely sure how you did that, but you really brought the Sorting Hat to life so that it seemed like it was just as much of a person as Tom. The way that Tom used leglimency on the hat was horrible - completely ruthless, and completely inkeeping with his character. He'd already killed by this age, so why not torture people as well?

The tale of the founders was really intriguing and I enjoyed the way you portrayed the relationship between Godric and Salazar. Often writers forget that the pair were described as best friends, I think, but you got that part across as well.

I honestly did not expect the Sorting Hat to be a Horcrux! I think it is a believable idea, although I think it would have to be as a sort of penance for killing his best friend rather than any other reason, because I can't imagine Gryffindor making a Horcrux otherwise. I guess that if the hat was a Horcrux, Gryffindor must still be alive somewhere? Maybe he's the Giant Squid, like JK once said!

I actually find this to be quite a plausible explanation for how Tom Riddle came to find out about Horcruxes. The Hat is pleading with him not to corrupt his soul in such a way, but of course he doesn't listen. Why would he? He's Lord Voldemort, and he's found a way to become immortal. Plus, it would have ruined the plot of the whole series!

Another thing I picked up on was the references throughout to snakes, and the snake-like characteristics that Tom has. I thought you wove them into the story very cleverly.

Just to balance things out, I'll point out a few mistakes I picked up on:
"returned to studying to Sorting Hat" - the Sorting Hat
"It was two years when he returned" - two years later
"one they had practiced together" - practised
"Riddle spared a thin-lipped smile for his yearmate" - classmate would sound more natural here
"the moment it grazed his dark hairs" - hair is more common
"accompanied by a pair of girls underpants" - we use 'knickers' in Britain

I really like your writing style and enjoyed this one-shot - thanks for asking me to review it!

nott theodore :)

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for being nice enough to review this story, your thoughtful review really means a lot to me!! :)

It's wonderful to hear that you thought Riddle was portrayed properly. It was strangely easy to get inside his head, though I felt like I could have gone on for many more chapters exploring the well-concealed depravities of his mind! I based a lot of it off how he's portrayed in the memories in HBP, as well as CoS since a lot of this story was set in the chamber itself.

I loved writing the song! The rhyming was really the hardest part, and I'm glad it came across OK and I didn't make a total fool of myself! The poor hat really has it's work cut out for it, writing a new song from the same material every year! :P

I'm so glad you liked the mentions to other characters, especially Bilius! Really, he deserves his own story! :) I wanted to entrench the story in the historical context of what we know of that era, and adding in a few familiar faces was a fun way to do that.

I felt horrible for the poor hat as well! Having Voldemort dig into your most painful thoughts and memories would definitely be awful. I tried to personify the hat as being a bit of a cross between Gryffindor and Slytherin (or how I imagined them to be), plus some wisdom and agency of it's own that it's gathered over the years. It was funny how this story occurred to me: I was thinking about how human and conscious the hat is, and thought, hmm, how would we know that it's NOT a Horcrux? Which is how this whole idea got started. I originally wanted to tell it through Regulus' eyes, but playing around with Voldy's mind was just too tempting. I'm glad you thought the story was plausible, however, and that it made at least a bit of sense!! :)

I definitely feel that if Gryffindor made the hat into a Horcrux, it was as a kind of personal punishment. The Godric in my head seems like the type to hate himself for killing his best friend, and making a Horcrux after he's already accidentally split his own soul from killing Salazar just seemed to fit. I think it would be amazing if he was the giant squid! Maybe that was his Animagus form, and he just decided to stay that way forever?

Thank you for pointing those out-- I plan on going back over the story and fixing all the little mistakes at some point in the near future!! :)

And thank you for this lovely and thoughtful review!!! I really appreciate it, and loved getting such detailed feedback on this story! :)

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Review #20, by HeyMrsPotter Souls

27th April 2013:
Hello! here is your review

I really really enjoyed this. I love that immediately you convey the sense of self-importance that Riddle possesses and his solitude, as well as the fact that his peers are in awe of him. His thoughts about the Chamber showed this the most, even though he isn't using it to unleash the Basilisk it was interesting that he still went there simply because only he could.
Great job on the Sorting Hat's song too, I admire authors who take the time to write these instead of skipping over them. Yours had a lovely combination of the different personality aspects for each house and the hat's own views of it's intelligence. I liked the last line about not bending the rules, it was a nice touch! The fact that it had it's own personality was excellent, the hint of sarcasm really made me laugh.
The references to older, minor characters was a great addition, especially Billius Weasley. I also really enjoyed the characterisation of Dippet, an old, tired and slightly fed up Headmaster, obviously ready for retirement!
The flashbacks were my favourite part, Godric and Salazars close friendship was unexpected and yet made perfect sense. You described their duel and Slytherin's death beautifully.
My jaw dropped when I read that the hat was a Horcrux, what a twist!
Overall a brilliant story, fantastically written, clever and thought-provoking.

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm so happy you liked the story!! I really enjoyed writing Riddle and his interactions with other people. I'm glad you liked the setting in the Chamber, it definitely feels like a place he'd go to feel special, maybe bring his Charms homework down there...

I'm glad you liked the song!!! It was a little goofy but also fun to write, as rhyming has never been my forte haha. The songs were always some of the best parts of the HP books so I wanted to give it a try.

I imagine Bilius being the Fred and George of that generation, haha, and I'm glad you liked the reference to him and the other characters. I feel like there's a whole world and cast from that era that I'd love to see explored more!!

Phew, I'm glad to hear you liked the flashbacks since I was a little uneasy about them. It's good they had the desired effect, especially the duel!! :)

Thank you so much for such a lovely review, and for the swap!!! I really appreciate it :)

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Review #21, by LilyLunaPotter17 Souls

24th April 2013:
Hola! Thanks for entering my challenge!

Wow. That was very ... deep. I love the way Voldy is so interested/obsessed with the nature of the Sorting Hat. It made me very curious too! Poor old Sorting Hat - taken down to the Chamber of Secrets and basically tortured for information :( But that just shows what a horrible person Voldemort was and you wrote that perfectly.

I also loved the way Macnair and Avery were in awe of Tom and Macnair was relieved and pleased that Tom had smiled (albeit a very tight-lipped smile) at his comment.

"His thoughts were his and his alone." I don't know why, but this little sentence gets me and makes me think about his whole being. He's able to remove his emotions from his face, make sure nobody knows what he's thinking. I think that really defines his character.

The Sorting Hat's song ... it was really creative! "Their tombs lie side by side, they met again in the end". Before I read the rest of the story, I wondered what "they met again" might mean. Perhaps one killed the other? And they did! I never really thought about what happened to Slytherin after he left the other three. I knew he and Gryffindor were best friends, but they ended up duelling. I'm guessing this story was passed down and that was why Gryffindors and Slytherins are now enemies.

Gosh, Tom really knows what he wants, doesn't he? He seems very set on getting to the bottom of the Sorting Hat. I can really understand his determination - it's kind of like the way he was intent on killing Harry, even after sixteen years (except that his curiosity with the Sorting Hat and discovering its secrets didn't take sixteen years.)

The Sorting Hat is a Horcrux?? :O!! But ... if the Hat isn't destroyed, does that mean Godric is still alive? Not much is known about his death, so you never know! That little idea of the Hat being a Horcrux could be another one-shot, or even a whole story. J.K. Rowling once said that if Godric was still alive, he'd be the giant squid that lives in Hogwarts. She was joking about that, but if she wasn't ... :O!!

The Hat gave Tom advice - it told him not to make Horcruxes and I love the way Tom didn't listen to him. From this, he sounds like a really stubborn person, which was basically his major flaw.

I thought this was a really creative, enjoyable one-shot that was very mind-delving (is that a word?) and deep. Well done!x

Author's Response: Hello, thank you for your challenge which gave me an opportunity to explore these ideas, and for leaving such a long and thoughtful review!!! :)

Yay, you liked the story!!! It's funny, I had this idea of the Sorting Hat being a Horcrux, and kind of combined it with ideas about the founders AND a young, developing Riddle, so this story was kind of a combination of all these different ideas floating in my head.

It's a relief that you thought Riddle was portrayed well. I usually write first person but for some reason just couldn't do it with him. So good to hear you liked the line about his thoughts being his own: I agree that his projecting of a persona onto the outside world and guarding of his inner self just defines who he is. Nobody could ever really know who the true Voldemort was, I guess.

I'm glad you liked the hat's song, I had so much fun writing it and trying to imagine a tune to go with it :P I thought that since Gryffindor would never make a Horcrux to save himself, making a Horcrux was kind of penance for him for killing his best friend, and preserving some piece of Slytherin within the hat as well. The whole Horcrux thing is actually really confusing to me, but I enjoyed imagining how it could have been created!

Maybe I'll have to write a sequel someday explaining more about what happened to Gryffindor!! Him being the giant squid is a wonderful idea, haha. I love the idea of Gryff swimming about, watching Quidditch matches from beneath the water... too good!

Thank you so much for this review, and for the challenge!! :)

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