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Review #1, by 800 words of heaven Glimpses

22nd January 2015:
Hey, hey, hey! Whilst I wait for (4) States of Matter to be updated, I thought I'd check out your author page and see what else you have in that wonderful head of yours. This caught my eye immediately.

Founders. Action. Non-linear timelines. I love it already. It feels a little like Doctor Who meets James Bond wrapped in pretty HP fanfic paper, which is all one can ask for, really. I hope that you continue this story - I most definitely am in love. I want to get to know your characters more, especially Scorpius because right now he's such a dork and I have a soft spot for dorks. Lily seems like a boss, and I wish to add more positive adjectives to that list. Helena kind of freaks me out, which is basically Helena's role in my life.

Enough rambling from me, I think! I really enjoyed this. Thanks for the awesome start :)

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Review #2, by Slytherin Secret Santa (SSS) Glimpses

29th December 2013:
(So I know it's technically AFTER Christmas, but I have been a bit neglectful so I wanted to be sure to give you a little more love!)

This was pretty suspenseful, and I admit to being a bit frustrated that there is only one chapter. I really am dying to know how Lily came to be at the top of a pyramid and a squib too!! More please!!

I love your vivid descriptions and your ability to paint such a realistic picture of what is going on. Your dialogues are believable and flow very nicely. I truly enjoyed reading this and can't wait to read more! Great job!


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Review #3, by jonathanitb Glimpses

21st April 2013:
Hey Wist!

This was awesome :D

Right from the start, I could sense how good this was going to be! The description immediately hit me (in a good way), details like in “The sun blistered her pale skin mercilessly” let me paint a mental picture of the scene which you were describing.
As Mike said, the characterisation was also a strong point, I liked Scorpius in particular.
The story was overall was really well written, and I can’t really think of anything which you could have done to make it even better – I am really impressed!
Well done for doing so well on this! Let me know when you have another chapter up and I be back here soon!


Author's Response: Jon. :3

D'awww, thank you :3 Ack, i was wondering whether I was going overboard with the description but tis nice to know you think I'm not. Scorpius I honestly adored s'well - he's just too fun to write.

I will! Thank you! c:

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Review #4, by Mike Glimpses

17th April 2013:
Because I can't get my account to work and I'm lazy (aka one try) you get a fancy shamncy anon review from someone you know how fantastic? :P

Anyways, this was amazing and I don't know what's going to happen but it's glorious and I can't wait until the next chapter duude. It's fantastically written and amazing and wonderful and I love the characterization and yeah.

Author's Response: I lurve fancy shmancy reviews from non-anon persons I know! The fantasticness is quite fantastic, I assure you.

D'awww, thanks, Mike. I hope you don't know what happens - I'd be a bit sad if readers got the gist of the whole story from one chapter. Glorious, huh? Different adjective than I'm used to. But thank you for the lovelyful review, m'dear! :3

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