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Review #1, by 365daysdone Prologue.

15th April 2013:
Wow, this is a brilliant start to what I think will be an amazing story. I'm already very intrigued and I love the characters you've created. Your writing, I find, is very fluid; I love how descriptive it is - though at times I found it a little wordy - and it paints a great picture in my head for how I imagine it to be playing out while I read. I'm actually really looking forward to another chapter!

PS. I found this story from TDA - I'm actually working on your banner as I type. Not literally, but it's open in my photoshop right now. I'm even more excited to finish it now.

Thank you for the amazing read! You're a great writer.

- kate

Author's Response: Can't even put into words how awesome that banner is, thank you so much! Thank you, I'm so glad you like it, and yeah I know, I tend to ramble at times. Its so lovely to hear such a positive opinion! Thank you for taking the time to review my story.


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Review #2, by Rachel Payne Prologue.

13th April 2013:
You can imagine my surprise when I read the word Nephilim! Of course, loving Cassandra Clare's work I knew what you were writing about right away, and was beginning to wonder what you were doing writing about them on a Harry Potter fan fiction site! but then TWIST! The supposed Nephilim girl has a wand! What I do not understand though, is that she had unnatural healing, and the other indicators of inhumane power that the scientists took as proof that she was devil spawn. I cannot wait to see where you go with this, and only hope that it is not told from Oakley's point of view, because that would make for a very depressing story! From where I found this story though, under the Rose and Scorpius pairings, then I need not have to worry about that. Might I make a suggestion though? Have more than just Rose and Scorpius fall for each other before the metaphorical D-Day occurs where the researchers come after the students of Hogwarts, and I am assuming, go after the students from the other wizarding schools as well! Also, maybe the plot line could be swapped around from one student to the next, to make sure that everyone's thoughts are perfectly documented. This would of course be employed using slight flashbacks to show how the character dealt with a certain situation, while still being in the present and about to be dragged back to what is going on. (if that makes sense to you, I know it was not the best explanation.) What could make for an interesting plot as well, would be where choice students from each school had to get together to liberate their friends from the testing facilities, and the swapping narrator role could be employed for each of them as they are introduced. It is not my story though, and I really would like to see where you go with this, sorry I got a little carried away!
Best of luck with the writing-

Author's Response: Hi, wow, I wasn't expecting to get a review so fast haha. Thank you, no it won't be from Oakley's point of view, he will be dead by then. And Rose and Scorpius aren't at school, although Hogwarts will factor into the story. There will be other pairings as the story comprises of many original characters. And your suggestion about the testing facilities... I don't want to say too much but they factor into the story rather a lot as well.

Many thanks for the review, your suggestions were great, thank you for taking the time :)

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