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Review #1, by luvinpadfoot Where are you now?

18th July 2013:
I think you wrote Snape wonderfully! He seemed so real and just like in canon, although younger no less cynical and bitter. I like that. I thought your interpretation is one of the closest to canon that I've read on this site, although Snape happens to be one of my favorite characters.

His story is just so heartbreaking and I feel for him every time he thinks about Lily. Lily always seemed to be the only thing that ever really meant anything to him and he ruined that for himself.

One thing I really enjoyed that not all stories with Snape do is that he took responsibility for what he said to Lily. Oftentimes he'll blame the Marauders, or Voldemort, or even the word mudblood itself, but in this story no matter how hard he tried it just seemed like he couldn't bring himself to do that. I think that was a very key part in this story.

And the last line just holds so much power, as last lines should. You wrote this story amazingly and I really loved every moment! Your Severus is absolutely brilliant!

Author's Response: He is a very cynical and bitter character, which is probably why I dislike him so much :P Aw thank you! All I could think of when I was writing him was how he would sneer at Harry and how possessive and obsessive he would be over Lily, things we can see from canon, so I'm glad that you think my characterisation is close to JK's!

It is a sad story (less so when I'm reminded of how much of a jerk he was to an 11 year old orphan boy he'd never met before) because he did lose the love of his life, and you gotta feel for the guy for that.

In his head, Snape knows that it is his fault. If he were conversing with someone else about the issue, he'd probably blame it on James, but he wasn't so, yeah, he blamed himself. Rightly so too :P

Thanks so much for your kind review :D I might write more Snape if I ever get the inspiration to again!

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Review #2, by magnolia_magic Where are you now?

15th July 2013:
Hi! I love a Snily story, so I thought I would check yours out. I think you did a great job getting inside Snape's head here, and it was a fascinating read.

I think a big constant in Snape's adult life is guilt over that incident with Lily, and you did a wonderful job exploring its beginnings. I really do like Snape (as much as it's possible to like him), so it breaks my heart to see him suffer. You've done such a good job of showing his inner turmoil, and how conflicted he is. I like that you describe the dark arts as an "obsession" for him. He isn't doing it because he believes in the cause, necessarily. He just doesn't see a way out at this point. In a way, that almost makes his actions more heartbreaking.

I enjoyed this venture inside Severus' head very much. I'm so glad I read it! Keep it up!


Author's Response: Hey Maggie! I'm not actually a big fan of Snily or Snape for that matter :P This was written for a challenge and whilst I was listening to the song that I drew, I couldn't think of anything but Snily. Which surprised me considering my apathetic feelings towards the ship.

He does carry around that guilt, and you have to feel for him because he lost a woman he loved because of one moment of stupidity. He's definitely a character of confliction, and it is something that JK played on when she wrote him, so I had to include that.

I think the dark arts are an escape for him as well, a way for him to use his talents and channel his focus away from Lily and onto something 'productive'. It is heartbreaking, because there is no light at the end of the tunnel. All he was ever going to amount to was becoming a death eater, a path he had chosen after he had lost Lily.

Thanks so much for the review Maggie :D I'm glad you're glad you read it ;)

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Review #3, by Konstandin1990 Where are you now?

15th April 2013:
keep it up. loving it.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to review! I'm glad your loving it :D

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Review #4, by patronus_charm Where are you now?

15th April 2013:
Hey Aisha! Iím here with your review from the Mumford and Sons challenge! I was secretly glad to find that this was a Severus/Lily story, as I do love that ship I just never seem to across that many :)

I saw in your author note you were worried about swearing, but I thought it really added to his characterisation. You expect Severus to have a shocking reaction to something like that, so it fitted perfectly. I also really liked the idea that he was contemplating obliviating himself, as Iíve never come across that before, and it was a really interesting idea.

I liked how you tied in the idea of Voldemort being the one who took him away from Lily, again, this was a really interesting and unique dimension to the story. It made you think how different the entire Harry Potter series would have been if he hadnít fallen in love with the dark arts, and whether he would have married Lily or not.

You really caught the pain he must have felt, and I felt so bad for him. I liked the idea that the name ĎSnivellusí hurt Snape as much as saying mudblood. It really puts the whole situation on its head, and shows what a terrible time he went through when he was at Hogwarts. I liked the way he called Lily Ďhis Lilyí, as it showed the slightly possessive air he sometimes held over her.

The idea that he was mother was abused was a really interesting one. I always assumed she had been, due to the way Snape ended up, so Iím glad that someone else thought that too. It was so touching to see the way Snape cared for his mother, and healed her wounds, and it really warmed my heart, as it showed a tenderer side to him.

I was really intrigued to see how you would use this quote, as you could so many ways with it, and I wasnít disappointed at all, and it perfectly fits Snape and Lily. This was a really interesting and unique perspective to show Snape and Lily and the results should be up in the next few days :)

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Hey Kiana! I just saw the results, and I just want to squish you, thank you so much :D

I'm not particularly a fan of Snily, but when I was listening to Where are you now, I got the idea and it just seemed to fit the song ;)

Yeah, I don't like swearing that much in writing because I feel that it has to be a really bad situation that your characters are in, otherwise it limits your audience and can come off as tacky... I'm glad it fit though!

The thing about Death Eaters is that they can't just back away from their obligations, they're in it for life and Snape hanging around the people that he did cemented his fate. If he didn't call Lily a mudblood, he might not have become a Death Eater and maybe Snily could've been canon.

I've never been bullied myself personally, but I think for Snape it must've been horrific and one of the shapers of his life. He's only bitter and resentful because he was bullied and the love of his life only went and shacked up with the main bully! I really do pity him, but yeah, I feel he was possessive over Lily and that's just creepy :P

It's another aspect of Snape's life that makes me just want to reach out to him. He had a horrible home life and he had a horrible childhood and basically there wasn't much that wasn't horrible in his life. There's a great one shot that I'd recommend called 'Solstice' by lia_2390 that explores it further ;)

Thank you so so much for the great review and a great challenge, I had so much fun writing this, even with all my hesitations :D

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Review #5, by CherryBoom Where are you now?

14th April 2013:
Hi! =) It was a really nice one-shot. I know you were worried about the swearing, but it fit in there very well. It's true that teenage boys need bit rougher language to be believable characters than girls.

It was cool how subtly you managed to tell us about his mother's abuse. It didn't stand out, but that tidbit made impact anyways.

The most striking thing about his character was how he tried so much to convince himself that he didn't care if Lily liked him, and instead looked for assurance from his dumb friends and mastering their unhealthy habits to become part of the gang. And yet he realized how much it was his fault when it came to his and Lily's crumbling friendship. The way he compared himself to having the Midas touch, just inverted one, was particularly well written.

I noticed that there were repeated words regularly, but I'm pretty sure some of it was meant to be there for stylistic reasons. If that wasn't your conscious choice, then maybe you could check if some of the tautology could be eliminated.

Anyways, I truly enjoyed this fic, and the way you wrote Severus. I would say you really got into his head. =)

Happy writing! =)

Author's Response: Hi! Boys do have a much coarser tongue than girl's, plus with Snape's bitterness I think he would've been a heavy swearer :P

He tries to shunt away his feelings for Lily because he knows that he shouldn't have them and that he can't have them. He's also trying to save himself from rejection too- he called the girl a mudblood, she isn't going to come running into his arms and he knows it.

Snape's mind is like a broken record, something that is shown in his treatment towards Harry. He cannot let things go and I wanted to repeat words and phrases because of that ;)

Thanks so much for the lovely review, made my day!

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