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Review #1, by HollyStone73 Imperfect

17th July 2013:
What a sweet tender moment that you painted between the two of them! I love it! The simple act of Fleur softly tracing the scars upon his face gave me chills as I read. I love how you pointed out the faults of the cottage as something that Fleur actually likes. I always had seen Fleur as an uppity girl so this was a very welcome change in how I have always seen her. Supper cute, very well written and not overdone. I loved it!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I feel like a broken record because I've been responding to a lot of reviews on this story, but I love Bill/Fleur so much, and there's so much strength in their relationship. I was one of those people who found it really easy to write her off at the beginning of HBP, but her love for Bill is very real; I find her very admirable.

Thank you for reviewing this! I'm sorry the response isn't up to par, but it really does mean a lot to me that you read this. :) I hope to see you back soon, too!

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Review #2, by patronus_charm Imperfect

17th July 2013:
Guess which prefectís page I decided to attack for the HC? Yep you guessed correctly, itís you!

Yay Bill/Fleur! I love these two! One thing, Iíve never read your first person before and I have to say I really liked it, and I expect you to use more from now! The descriptions of Shell Cottage were truly wonderful and I felt as if I could feel the sea air rushing past me, and the sandy beaches. Ah it was just lovely!

The time you chose to write Fleur at was really interesting because Iíve never read a pregnant Fleur story before but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. The other settling down was interesting to read and the dynamics between Bill and Fleur were great too! The werewolf attack and the tender I love you, wah it was just all so perfect and wonderful.

I loved this! ♥


Author's Response: Thank you for spamming my page, doll -- and I'm so sorry it's taking me so long to reply properly. ♥ I loved writing Bill/Fleur! And I'm very glad that so many other people seemed to appreciate it here, too. :) I don't write in first person a lot, because I do prefer third, but it's a nice exercise. I've used it a few other times on my page!

Shell Cottage. Mmm. I'm not a beach person, but if that was a real place, and I had the means, I would definitely go there. Thank you for saying it was lovely! I'm smiling very much right now for no reason in particular other than that you're just so nice.

Bill and Fleur are, I think, a very strong couple -- not to beat a dead horse, because I've said this many times in responses to this story, but they're such a strong representation of true, actual, realistic love, and I adore J.K. Rowling for giving her (often young) readers a look at a real and healthy relationship. One of many, in fact, and that is something you just don't get in most children's and YA literature.

Phew. I'm rambling! Thank you very much for reviewing, as always, and I'm so glad you did. They really do mean the world to me, these reviews!

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Review #3, by purplepotter77 Imperfect

17th July 2013:
Shell Cottage seems like a lovely place to live! I've only read a few stories in Fleur's point of view, so it was really great to take a peak into her mind! Bill and Fleur here are so cute!

This was a really nice insight into their relationship, and you characterized both of them so well. It's easy to see how much they love each other, despite all the difficulties they've faced.

The description you used was amazing. When you were describing Shell Cottage, I really felt as though I was right there in it. I loved the small details, from her wedding band to how some of the other post-war couples are doing. The part about the werewolf attack was a really nice thing to add, and you tied it in so well to Bill and Fleur's relationship. Great job!

House Cup 2013,

Author's Response: I see Shell Cottage in my head as being very lovely! I'd like to live there -- and as someone who doesn't particularly like the beach, that's saying something. ;) For a long time, I really disliked Fleur and wrote her off, but she is such a strong character. I'm very grateful for the chances I've had to explore her more. I think her relationship with Bill is very strong and REAL too, and I've said a lot about that in past responses for this story. I just love that J.K. Rowling gave her readers so many examples of true, lasting, good love, and also examples of the opposite. To instill a children's series with that kind of morality... it's beyond impressive!

I'm so glad you liked my description, too. ♥ I do love describing things, and it really means a lot that you could "see" the story so clearly! Details add a lot to the realism of a story, I've found, and realism is one of the absolute necessities in a story for me.

Thank you for reviewing this story for me!

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Review #4, by Haronione Imperfect

17th July 2013:
I really liked this one-shot :D It was so sweet.

I have not read a Bill/Fleur fic before and really enjoyed this little insight into their relationship. In such a short space you have depicted a lot about their relationship and how strong it is. I absolutely love this line 'It is just us; it could have been just us until the end of the world and I would have been happy.' Just so lovely :)

I really like the whole theme of this fic, and I loved the description at the start and this line at the end of the description- 'These things were neither good nor bad. They were simply mine, and I loved them for their good qualities and their imperfections alike.' Love that it shows that things to not have to be perfect to be lovable.

I really liked the part about Fleur making tea and the idea that pregnancy makes magic unpredictable - especially as it can make so many things unpredictable!

I loved the connection between the first and last sections, how they started with the same line but one describing what she loved about Shell Cottage and one describing what she loved about Bill. This was such a lovely touch and I found it rounded off the story perfectly.

It was a really enjoyable read. The descriptions and character interactions were great and well balanced. It flowed really well and was an easy read. All in all, I loved it!

Haronione ♥

Author's Response: I'm so happy you liked this! I never gave much thought to the Bill/Fleur thing before writing a one-shot about them over a year ago, but now they're one of my favorite canon pairings. I think they're both incredibly strong characters, and they really do love each other, in a very realistic way, which is something that's not done a lot -- and certainly not for the age group J.K. Rowling is writing for. I think it is so impressive that she's shown real, honest, actual love to people of that age, because they don't get it a lot. (Sorry for the rambling -- I have LOADS of opinions on books and writing, and more often than not, I probably shouldn't be encouraged to share them for fear of boring everyone in a ten-mile radius.)

When I write one-shots, I want people to get a sense of completion in the story despite it being only one chapter; that often means I use repetition like that to bring the story full circle. Thank you for complimenting it! ♥ And to comment on something else you touched on, love is NOT perfect, and going with what I said above, it's important for people to know as they grow up that when they fall in love, it won't be sunshine and roses forever. Real love and commitment takes effort on both halves of the relationship, and you have to work at it. But it can be done -- and is done everyday. There are countless examples of real love that have their ups and downs, but give me that any day over a fairy tale, sweep-me-off-my-feet love.

I'm very sorry for all the tangents I'm swinging into in this response to you! Truly, thank you so much for reviewing -- it's made me very happy, reading over this again and seeing you say such lovely things about a story I wrote. It means so much to me that people voluntarily read my stories, and I can't say that enough! ♥

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Review #5, by Akussa Imperfect

17th July 2013:
This story is just beautiful. I love how you let the words flow and just described everything from the scene to the feelings, passing by the experience of simply "living" the day life.

Rarely do we read stories that describe a moment of normal day life that just goes by; a moment where the characters think back on what happened in their life in order to appreciate the present and how they got there. This story felt that way to me; like a breath of fresh air.

I really like how you used the character of Fleur in here; having this story in first person was a perfect choice and you delivered it so well. Now you may characterize this piece as fluff but it's not completly fluff to me. Because of the attack obviously.

I love their reaction to that though, I find it was perfect. The war ended only a year ago and sadly, these attacks still happen and they don't act "shocked", they accept it with sadness and anger but they accept it because when you've been through hell, you begin to accept things that you normally wouldn't. Violent scenes become the norm and you want to forget about it, rather than deal with it.

I really liked this piece, great job!

Author's Response: I'm very glad you enjoyed it! I can't remember exactly where the plot for this one-shot came from, except that Toujours Padfoot asked for a fluffy story from me and Bill/Fleur popped to mind. And, of course, there's angst in this, so I didn't even accomplish that properly... but oh well! You found that, too, and it is true. :D

Normal moments are some of my favorites, because of exactly what you said in your review: Not a lot of people pay attention to the everyday and ordinary in their writing. It's understandable, but there are two sides to every coin, as it were. Saying this story was a breath of fresh air to you really made my day. ♥

Bill and Fleur are both such strong characters, and though the war has changed them in ways both big and small, they move on -- because what else can they do? They could give up, but they're not the sort of people to do that. They take their pleasures where they can get them, because they know what it's like for those pleasures to disappear. They want to live their lives, not dwell in the past, and that more than anything else is something I admire not just about them, but any people who've survived wars and natural disasters and traumatic experiences. I can't imagine it, and have so much admiration for the people who can.

Thank you for reviewing -- again, I'm happy you liked it! ♥

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Review #6, by ValWitch21 Imperfect

16th July 2013:
I said, centuries ago, that I would review this over the weekend. Obviously, that didn't work out quite as expected.

Bill/Fleur is one of my favourite ships ever. If anything, I knew you'd do them justice, but I didn't expect to love this as much as I did.

Fleur is perfect. There's a definite strength behind her Veela delicacy, that comes across here so, so beautifully. The relationship and the comparison between Bill and the cottage are done simply, which makes it evennmore gorgeous.

I would ramble longer, but I get boring. Thank you for continuing to spread your lovely stories around ♥

Author's Response: I don't even remember your saying that, so you were probably off the hook. ;) But I'm glad you returned to review anyway! I loved Bill/Fleur after writing "Painted Blind," and I don't quite remember consciously deciding to write them again, but this one-shot just sort of... poured out onto the page. I'm glad you enjoyed the way I wrote them!

Fleur is deceptively strong, and that's something I didn't realize until the end of HBP, during the battle scene and when she's caring for Bill in the hospital wing. It's so easy to write her off as shallow, just another pretty face, and I'm so pleased that J.K. Rowling wrote her to be more than that. They're one of my favorite canon pairings now!

Thank you so much for reviewing this. ♥ And for essentially reviewing everything else I write! It seriously does mean so much to me to have such a dedicated friend as a reviewer, and I can't tell you what all these wonderful compliments mean to me. People like you are definitely the reason I'm still writing at all.

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Review #7, by Rainpixie Imperfect

22nd June 2013:
Awe I like how simple Fleur is in this story. She is so over the top in GoF but I think loving Bill humbled her in a way nothing else would. Very good writing!

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to review this! ♥ I didn't like Fleur much in the fourth book, or most of the sixth -- and now Bill/Fleur is one of my favorite pairings, so that's quite a turnaround! I think her loving Bill did make her humbler, and that's a neat observation. I think we see her through Harry's biased eyes, too, and it does color the reader's perspective of her. But she is very strong, and very determined, and I love her character now. ♥

That got to be sort of a ramble! I'm glad you enjoyed this story, though, and it really does mean a lot to me that you took the time to review it. Thank you so much!!

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Review #8, by hedwigs_theme Imperfect

12th June 2013:
Hey it's me from the review battle.
Wow! I don't know what to say, this is just so good! It's short but so sweet

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. :) Hope to see you around again sometime!

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Review #9, by UnluckyStar57 Imperfect

8th June 2013:
Hi! I'm here for the Blue vs. Bronze review battle. :)

I love the description that you've put into this story, from the floors of the cottage to the wedding band on Fleur's finger. Your descriptive powers are amazing, and you've done it all in so few words, yet I feel that I've been watching a scene in a movie. I kind of wish that this WAS a scene in a movie, but if it were, it would never be as good as this story. (The movie is not usually as good as the book, of course!)

I love the way that Bill is like the cottage: imperfect, damaged, and at the same time, strong and nurturing. Because you know that Bill's going to care for the kids with all his heart, and you know that the cottage will do the same. In an inanimate sort of way, naturally, but still. The connections are there. Brilliant!!

This story seems like fluff, but it's not totally fluffy. There's the werewolf attack, and Bill's concern with his werewolf-like state, and Fleur's memories of broken Bill. But that gives a lot more to the story than just a lovey-dovey scene that anyone could have, because it's saying, "Here are Bill and Fleur. They've been through a lot, and they love each other anyway." It's saying that love isn't always an easy thing; sometimes there are mountains to climb and fears to face, but the people who are meant for each other will always be there to pick up the pieces of each other's broken hearts. Very resonating. Lovely.

Fantastic, marvelous, brilliant, wonderful, exquisite, beautiful, sparkling. Maybe there are more adjectives to use about your writing, but these are the ones that I've chosen for now. :)


Author's Response: Whew! This response is a tad on the late side, and I do apologize, but please know it doesn't mean I think any less of your review. :) On the contrary, I'm very glad you enjoyed this story!

I sort of see my stories, especially one-shots, as small movies in my head, and the little details flow pretty naturally from my mind onto the page, so I'm glad you enjoyed that! I try and make things as realistic as possible in writing, and I like to think the details help. It was pretty neat to know that it translated movie-like for you, too -- that was an awesome thing to hear!

I promise that I intended to make this story 100% fluff when I first started writing it, but I shifted into the imperfect cottage/Bill parallel without meaning to, and that added a slight undercurrent of angst to the whole thing. :P What can I say -- I write what I write! I love the idea of Bill/Fleur as a pairing, though, much more than I did in canon, and there's a fierce strength to them that does translate a little angsty. But you know, love isn't all fluff, all the time, and that's bringing it back to that realism -- I strive above almost anything else to make the romance and relationships in my stories the most real things in them. It's something I think is very important, and I'm pleased as punch that you appear to agree! ♥

You are much, much too nice to me. I am flailing around reading this review again and it's been 10 days! :D Thank you so much for saying such lovely things about my writing -- you can't imagine how much it means to me!

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Review #10, by forsakenphoenix Imperfect

4th June 2013:
Rachel! Gah, this was just so cute and it made my heart burst with all the fluff, with just a slight undertone of angst.

I love your little short one-shots. There's something to be said about authors who can express so much in so few words and you're one of the few that does so fantastically well.

There was so much about this that I loved. It's funny because when we first meet Fleur, obviously through Harry's eyes, she's like this beautiful, perfect creature. Here, you show us how imperfect she is and that just makes me love her more.

Her love for Shell Cottage is palpable and I can smell the ocean and feel the sand beneath my toes. It's little things that she appreciates about the cottage that bring it to life.

I wasn't sure where you were going with the talk of Bill, the werewolf attack, and his scars but then you tied it all together so imperfectly perfect and the story feels complete.

Little details about pregnancy wreaking havoc on her magic and the curled edges of the newspaper because of the sea air...I love how they just add to the story without seeming like you're trying too hard to describe things. I don't know if that makes sense...but I just have an appreciation for those who can add small details without them seeming extraneous.

"It was a hard place for a man to love, I thought, but he tried anyway, because he loved me. For him, that was enough." Also, these lines are my favorite. I think it speaks volumes of Fleur and Bill's relationship, how much they've sacrificed for one another. It's perfect.

Author's Response: Missy! ♥ I'm SO glad you liked this -- I need to write fluff sometimes (since I'm at a point in my writing where I rarely do), even though it appears I can't do it without underlying angst. Still, the fact that your heart burst makes me proud anyway. :)

I HATED Fleur for the longest time, solely because through the series, and especially in HBP, we see her through Harry's understandably biased eyes. It took me a few years after the last book came out before I realized how awesome she actually was, and she was stronger than many people give her credit for. She is human, and Bill is human, and love is human. And if there is anything we know about humanity, it is that it is imperfect. You've taken away the point from this one-shot perfectly. ♥

I read a story years ago, some Harry/Ginny thing, about magic having an effect on Ginny's pregnancy; it's always stuck with me, and this is the first time I've managed to work it into a story of my own. :P I'm really pleased you appreciate all the small details in this story!

♥ Your reviews. I cannot get enough of your reviews. You manage to say the nicest things about my writing always, and I am just very glad we are friends.

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Review #11, by tubicans Imperfect

11th May 2013:
This is a great and rare insight to Fluer's mind, which can't be easy.

this might be sick and cruel to think, but I always imagine Remus Lupin and Bill as good friends, because they are connected in a way. So while you wrote that Bill thought of himself, i imagine Bill thought of Remus Lupin. Growing up with six younger siblings, he must think of them before himself. You can't be selfish(even a little), if you are the oldest child.

Author's Response: I love writing Bill/Fleur, and they're actually one of my favorite pairings, although a few years ago I don't think I'd have predicted that. There's a lot of strength in that relationship that's really pretty fascinating to explore in writing.

I love the idea of Lupin and Bill sharing that bond! It makes me wish even more that Remus had survived the war; he more than anyone else would have known how to address concerns he might have had after the attack.

Thank you again for taking the time to review a story of mine! And really, I am so pleased that you did. :) I'm sorry it's taken me a while to tell you so, but I'd love to hear more from you in the future!

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Review #12, by slytherinchica08 Imperfect

26th April 2013:
Oh my gosh Rachel! I just dont have words for this but I'll try! The beginning and end were perfect. I loved how you were able to tie them together so seemlessy like that! I loved the little snippet of their life together, suggesting happy times for them but yet also the horrors of the war still plauging on in their minds. This was such a brillient piece! I loved how you tied in her love of the cottage all things about it both the good and its imperfections to also Bill's imprefections and how she still loves him too! I'm not sure that I've ever read a piece quite like this. The style of it just reads so smoothly and just comes across so artistically to me. I don't know what it is about this piece, or your writing for that matter, that is always able to capture me so. I swear you could probably sell me on a book about a banana for all I know and you would be able to pull it off and I would just have to look at it in complete awe! It's never been a huge secret that I absolutely love your writing but it always takes me a bit surprise when I read yet another piece from you and its all just so brillient and beautiful and so well pieced together. I look at your stuff and think well now why hadn't anybody else figured out to do this before you? But I'm not sure if I would like it as much if it wasn't from you. There's a special piece of you that you put into each chapter you write, and it just makes your stories shine with love and gives it just that little bit more to make it even more amazing than it would be. I think this ended up being me gushing more about you and your writing skills than actually about this oneshot but know that i think this oneshot is absolutely amazing and so well done and all I can really do right now is just gush because I'm so in awe of it all!


Author's Response: Erica! Oh, I'm SO happy that you liked this, and I apologize for just how long it took me to properly respond to this review. It always makes my day to see you've come by to review something of mine, and no matter how many days go by before my response, it's no reflection on my level of gratitude, I assure you. :)

I'd been wanting to do a Bill/Fleur one-shot again ever since finishing "Painted Blind" and Sarah made me realize how long it had been since I'd written proper fluff, which was how this story came about. I had a lot of fun doing it! Everyone needs a bit of fluff in their lives, I think. I'd love to write some more in the not-so distant future, although the next (small) thing I've got planned is very dark and angst-ridden. But soon!

I am finding it difficult to respond to this. ♥ In the best way possible, of course! I am just so glad to have you as a friend, and I'm so grateful for the immense support and encouragement you give to me and my stories and my writing, always. I truly, truly am. Thank you for having a look at this!!

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Review #13, by academica Imperfect

18th April 2013:
Hey Rachel! Dropping by for our review exchange ♥

I love the theme of comparing Shell Cottage and Bill, both the good and the bad, throughout this piece. Its simplicity is its strength. I imagine that Fleur would have had to change a few perceptions about her future when she married Bill in the middle of a war--it wasn't exactly a princess wedding and privileged life in a castle. Anyway, I liked that you hinted at her transformation here. She's happy just to keep the few things she has.

I love this line especially: My chest is heavy with pain for him. Again, it's very simple, and yet it conveys the heart of the emotion that a wife feels for her husband when he goes through pain. Sometimes all that she can do is just feel for him, be a strong, silent support there by his side, and you can tell that's enough for Bill in this moment.

I'd like to point out one technical thing that I noticed, in an attempt to be helpful. I think you could do without the comma in this sentence: I loved the sand that always gritted underfoot, and could never quite be fully swept away. But really that's all, and obviously it's very minor.

This was just lovely, and a very quick read. I write a lot of darker pieces, too, and I know the feeling of wanting to just step back to write something simple and light once in a while. I think the beauty of this piece really shows off just how versatile you are.

I'll see you around :)


Author's Response: I'm sorry it took me a while to answer this for you! I'm very glad you enjoyed it, though. ♥ And I'm so happy because you actually seemed to get it -- Shell Cottage doesn't have as much to do with this story as Fleur's love for Bill does. Metaphors! She loves him, no matter what, and he's not perfect. But why should love have to be perfect?

Seeing as you're married and I'm not, I am glad that that line translated so well. I feel like Fleur is very strong, and to stand by Bill like she did when everyone expected her not to -- that was the part that made me love her, what basically made everyone love her.

Thank you so much for this! And this response is kind of sucky, but I did try; your words are just too hard to respond to coherently. :) I'm glad we got the chance to exchange this month!

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Review #14, by GrangerDanger76 Imperfect

13th April 2013:
How cute!

I love how this is such a contrast from all your other stories, it makes it so interesting. I really liked how well you conveyed Fleur's delicate and quirky attitude indirectly, by talking about the things she loved about her house.

And Bill too, you showed her immense love for him in such a simple way. This was just such a cute story! It was short but it said a lot.

Great Job!


Author's Response: I used to write fluff quite a bit -- Leaping Obstacles, Coming Home, And Now A Word From Our Sponsors, Painted Blind -- but this definitely is a change from most of my recent stories, and I'm glad I returned to fluff, if only for a bit!

I think Bill and Fleur have one of the greatest canon relationships, and since trying them out nearly a year ago I've been wanting to return and write them again. Sarah set me this challenge and I'm glad I took her up on it! It makes me happy to know that their love came across to you as well. :)

Thanks for reviewing, Camille! ♥

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Review #15, by AlexFan Imperfect

3rd April 2013:
If you listen quietly, you can hear all Potterheads in the world sighing after they've read this and they really should read this. Especially Bill/Fleur shippers.

This was just so fluffy and so sweet and I honest to God can't stop smiling like an idiot right now because of this one-shot. I just feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

You can really feel the love that Fleur has for Bill and Shell Cottage from her thoughts and actions and you can tell how much Bill loves Fleur because he's willing to live in a place that he doesn't really like just to make her happy.

Anyway, great job!

Author's Response: That first paragraph... just such a lovely thing to say. ♥ I'm not very practiced anymore at writing fluff (although my first novel was pure, undiluted fluff!), but taking little moments to write things like this are very needed, I've found. Warm and fuzzy was just how you were supposed to feel!

It's less about Bill's putting up with Shell Cottage for Fleur's sake, and more a commentary on how life isn't perfect, but it doesn't need to be. Shell Cottage isn't perfect, but she loves it; Bill is scarred physically and emotionally, but he finds it within himself to love and is loved very much in return.

Thank you for taking the time to review this for me! ♥ I'm pleased you liked it!

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Review #16, by BKL8008 Imperfect

2nd April 2013:
It's a nice piece, it really is. And I'm not just saying that. (I know, he who has written a body count probably higher than canon in the past!) Hey, I read it! And that, as our old Headmaster would say, IS saying something. OK, enough of being a smart aleck. Yes, it's a bit fluffy, but it's good fluff, as you say. You're right, after a while, all the dark stuff can get to you. Badly. This is a refreshing read with excellent characters!

Author's Response: Oh, it's so awesome to see you back here after so long! And thank you so much for taking the time to review this story of mine, too. I write largely angst/dark stories, too -- it's been ages since I'd written proper fluff before this. So I know what you mean!

Thank you so much, again, just for doing this. Seeing your name again made me smile, and a review from you is always very much appreciated. I hope you're doing well!

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Review #17, by nott theodore Imperfect

2nd April 2013:
Hello! Review tag here!

I don't usually read these stories (post-war, that is, not romance!) but I know I'm missing out on so many good stories, which is why I like taking part in the review tag. I hope you don't mind my laziness for choosing a one-shot instead of some of your longer stories!

I really enjoyed this story. We don't find out much from the books about Bill and Fleur as a couple, so reading stories that go into more detail is really interesting. I thought you conveyed their love for each other very well. It was only short but it didn't need to be any longer because you wrote it really well.

I liked all the little details you included in the story, such as the effects that pregnancy has on a witch's magic (the thought of exploding kettles makes me laugh, although it probably shouldn't, since I guess it could be quite dangerous!) and what stage the other Weasleys are at in their lives.

I thought that the way you linked the beginning to the ending so that it seemed like it had come full circle was clever, too. Initially it seems like Fleur is talking more about the cottage and then at the end it becomes clear she is talking about Bill. This story brought Bill and Fleur to life for me and made me believe that they do truly love each other.

Overall, it was a great story and I'm going to read some more of what you've written when I get a chance!

nott theodore :)

Author's Response: Oh, choosing a one-shot isn't lazy at all! Review tag is actually the way I get to read more of other people's one-shots, and reviews are always, always appreciated, no matter where they're left. ♥

I'm glad you enjoyed this, too! I've only written one other Bill/Fleur and read maybe two or three, but I really love the idea of the ship. And there seems to be a great realism to their romance, too, which I love. I'm not one for filling in the gaps with purple prose and unnecessary dialogue, either. Short one-shots probably take up more space on my page than longer ones!

Making one-shots come full circle is my FAVORITE part about them. You don't have chapter after chapter to tie off ends and continue the plot along; you've got, well, one shot at it. I want to leave my readers with a sense of accomplishment and finality at the end of all of my stories, whether it's a small one-shot or the last book of the trilogy I'm currently writing. I owe it to them to do that. Bill is the imperfection of the title, but you were supposed to think at the beginning it was Shell Cottage. ;) Well done!

I'd love to hear more of your opinions on my stories! No rush, of course, and you certainly don't have to, but this was such a lovely review. Thank you for taking the time to leave it!

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Review #18, by Aphoride Imperfect

2nd April 2013:
Hey there! Spotted you in the battle, saw this was a Bill/Fleur and just had to drop by. Who cares about law essays anyway? :P

Anyway, I loved this! I've seen a few Bill/Fleur's dotted around the site, and it was only when I read this that I realised that none of the others were in first person - they've all been in third, so it was nice for that to be a change. It felt kinda refreshing, if that makes sense.

I love the way you write Fleur, as well. I think when people write her they seem to focus on the 'oh, she's a quarter Veela, doncha know' thing and not her personality, which upsets me since she absolutely stunned me when I first read the end of the sixth book and I kinda loved her character for it. But yeah, you've really done so well with her here - focusing so much on Bill and the house as sort of representations of him loving her and everything, with the references to a leaking roof and all that jazz.

The werewolf attack... gah, you talked about it so briefly, but the way you wrote it really made me feel for poor Bill. It so easily could have been him, one of those dead, you know, back in book 6, and he'll just remember it and reading things like that must be so horrible because there's always those memories at the back of your mind. And, really, after everything, they all just deserve a nice, quiet life.

I also liked the contrast between the peace of Shell Cottage and the mention of the werewolf attacks. It was a clever little reminder that even though it's a year later, it takes time to clean up after wars. Things aren't quite perfect, maybe, but they're getting there.

The whole thing is just so simply written it's just lovely - there's not really any other way to describe it. It's lovely and made me smile and cheered me up after I got glared at by a man on a mobility scooter for opening the door to let him through, lol.

I really enjoyed reading this! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Law essays say what? Fan fiction wins out every time! I'm glad you liked this story. :) I've only written one other small Bill/Fleur before, but I am really coming to love them as a pairing. I've not read a lot, but now that I think about it, most of the ones I've tried have been in third person!

I see Fleur as such a strong character -- I think maybe a lot of views of her are tainted by the fact that, well, she came in last in basically all the Triwizard events. But she competed at all, and that's more guts than a lot of people would have had. The end of HBP is what turned her around for me, as well.

I always manage to forget Bill was attacked by a werewolf, probably because it's really only a factor for one book and a sliver of another. But wow. Like... I can't even fathom that, you know? Bill is so strong, but then, he's a Weasley, and they are basically my favorite fictional family in existence. ♥

I was going for simplicity in this story, and I'm glad it didn't read as complex! And yet there is an undercurrent about strength and goodness and you seem to have picked up on that, too, which is just awesome. ♥ Thanks so much for such a lovely review, Laura!

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Review #19, by Toujours Padfoot Imperfect

2nd April 2013:
Time was painted into a still-life picture of sand and surf and a man and a woman at a kitchen table in a cottage.

Perfect encapsulation of the story. I've told you before and I'll keep saying it forever - you have a natural and enviable talent for making the voice of your story reflect the characters featured. Fleur's nature was evident in every line, making the words almost rhythmic, and the setting of a little thatched cottage by the sea made for a peaceful, serene read. I feel lazy and content afterward.

I love how you write Fleur. Being submerged in a non-native country lends her tongue and English thoughts a sort of simplicity I find wonderfully realistic. But at the same time there are undertones of French underneath, and even when she's sitting perfectly still, Fleur feels bold. You're adept at portraying quiet strength. And Bill is obviously also the bee's knees. I mean, come on, there is no such thing as a person who does not like Bill.

Love this pairing! Especially when you write them. ♥ This was the perfect dose of fluff I've been craving, and you tempered it with your signature sobering style. Lurve it.

Author's Response: I've also said this before, but I'm so, so glad that you can actually tell a difference in voice among my stories. If anyone could, it's you -- you've basically read them all -- and it's something I want to achieve without consciously knowing how, if that makes sense. Laziness/contentedness is EXACTLY what was intended! I don't know what I'd do if you didn't read my stories.

-searches for undertones of French- I TRIED NOT TO MAKE HER SPEAK TOO MUCH. Writing French accents is hard, man. But I do think she's strong, so much stronger than a lot of people give her credit for, and one of my favorite things I've discovered in writing Bill/Fleur is how real their love is. The Weasleys are seriously the best.

Thank you for prompting me to write fluff! What you said was true: Everyone needs a bit of it in their life. And lord knows how angsty/dark my stories normally are. Which is not how I got started writing fan fiction... how did that happen?

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