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Review #1, by Jchrissy I nearly do.

4th June 2013:
Hi there! Sorry it's taken me so long to stop by!

This is a really lovely take on such a terrible night. I haven't heard a ton of Snow Patrol, but I have heart that song and it does fit beautifully.

You did such a great job putting your thoughts to words in this. The way you wrote her saying goodbye in almost a peaceful way created a soft sort of blanket over it all that I really enjoyed. I very rarely read Marauders, but I'm so happy I chose this story of yours.

I think the way you moved through Lily's thoughts and balanced the pain -- never getting to tell her son to comb his hair, but knowing someone else will love him enough to do so -- was a great way to give the clear impression that even in this sort of peace she's found, letting go still hurt way too much to imagine.

I also really liked that you wrote a story and let the song slip in, instead of the song being what was necessary to keep the story alive (if that makes sense :P). Song fics are too often just retellings of the lyrics, so the fact that the you wrote an actual story then included a few sections of the song just to help set the mood worked really well.

One thing that I think you could define more clearly is when this is taking place. Whether it's in the moments just before Voldemort kills her or if it's in the moments just after and she's seeing his as sort of a ghost of herself. Doing that shouldn't be hard at all -- you could add something about her seeing her body on the ground if it's the latter. If it's the former, something about he preparing for the monster that was just seconds away from breaking into the room would do the trick :). It isn't even necessary to include if you don't want to, I just found myself curious about it ;).

This is a really pretty one shot, Miluv! You have such an awesome start with FF and I can't wait to see where else your writing takes you!

♥ Jami

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Review #2, by PitchBlue I nearly do.

23rd May 2013:

This was so heartbreaking. I was convinced I was going to cry, but just managed not to. But really, it's beautiful. Your writing is so poetic, I could see it before me. It fits the song perfectly by the way...

Now excuse me while I go cry in a corner ;)

- PB

Author's Response: Thank you so muchh! Haha, you're excused;) I'll even lend you a tissue, because you gave me such a lovely review:D Btdubbs, loved that new sociopath chappie. You're a star★ love you
xox miluv

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Review #3, by academica I nearly do.

17th May 2013:
Hello, stopping by from Review Tag!

So I love the idea of Lily knowing that her death is coming and really embracing the idea of saying goodbye to her son, despite how painful it is for her. So often the stories I see about Lily and James's final moments are focused on the shock of the attack or the aftermath, and I actually really like this notion of Lily having a peaceful moment to think about what she wants for her baby's future.

This line was gorgeous--

And maybe, in that boundless heart of his, he would save a small corner for his old mum, lock it up and give her the key.

I just like the contrast between Harry being so open and surrounded by love and keeping a special place for the one person who isn't there next to him. Well, two people, at least at the start of it.

Speaking of people who aren't there, how sad is it that Lily figured Sirius and Remus would be there to take care of him and then neither of them was able to spend that much time with him?

Anyway, great one shot! And good song choice :)


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Review #4, by marauder5 I nearly do.

15th May 2013:
Review tag!

This was absolutely adorable. I love that song, and though I've never thought about it before, it fits perfectly to Lily's situation!

This was thoroughly touching. Her incredible love for her little boy really did come across, and the sad fact that she would not be able to be there to watch him grow up, to love just as much as she wanted him to be loved, really broke my heart when I read this. And she thought that he'd always have at least Sirius, and Remus... but he didn't :( It's just too sad! But it was also very beautiful. JKR wrote so many times something like 'the ones that love us never truly leave us', and that's a theme that you've captured perfectly in this story! I think that a mother's greatest fear would be not being able to be there for her child and give him everything she wants him to have, and that's about to come true for her in just a couple of seconds.

This was beautifully written, very moving and very believable! I loved reading it, and it will probably stick with me for a while after this! Good job, and congratulation on finding the perfect song to add to make it even better!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing!

I cried while writing it;') In my religious school (I'm hindu) we learnt about how a mother's love for her child is the only thing in this world that is as strong as God's love for us, and I wanted to capture that while writing this. I'm so glad you think I did that effectively!

And yes the song is AMAZING. I was shocked at how well it fit too lol;D

Thanks so much, you're too sweet!

xox miluv

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Review #5, by alexis I nearly do.

8th May 2013:
can you make more stories like this ,for I am a Harry Potter fan. I didn't get the "brother" in the story.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! So I take it you liked it? If you did, then I have a few more projects in the works that should please a "Harry Potter fan" like you;) Oh the brother part- well I've always viewed Ron and Hermione's relationship with Harry to be like super close siblings, kind of making up for the fact that his parent's weren't able to give him real siblings. I think Lily knew that he'd find friends close enough to him that he could call himself their brother:) I hope that made sense haha! Thanks so much again for reviewing, you're the best:D
xox miluv

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Review #6, by Marauder_Weasley I nearly do.

6th May 2013:
omg it was so sweet and sad

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! I was going for something that would tug at your heartstrings, glad it worked out:)
xox, miluv

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