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Review #1, by water_lilies Three

21st October 2016:
I know it's been over three years since you published and last updated this story, but I have to say that I wish you would still update it because I really like it!

I was kinda hoping that Harry would find out who Nelissa is or that James would run into him when he went to pick her up (maybe he was late to avoid him?). It would be great if they actually started talking to each other again and James made his way back into the family, seven years not speaking to each other is a very long time.

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Review #2, by phoebspotter Three

5th July 2013:
lovelovelove! please update soon!x

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Review #3, by Avis123 Two

17th April 2013:
Love it! The progression of time from the first story to this one is superb, and you've tackled the relationship between Nel and James really well - they're adorable! Although, I can't help but be a bit annoyed at James for working all the time! Just a few questions, of course ;) :
- What happened to Cassie and her and Greg's child?
- Why did James lose contact with his family in the first place?
Great job, keep it up and update soon! :D

Author's Response: Thanks!

I tried hard with the timing so all the characters had time to adjust to one another and so I just wasn't writing about Nel and James in the first puppy love, lusting after one another stage in their relationship. I did try hard to get characterisation right and their relationship right so thank you :)

Aha, James is James. He loves his work and doing a job like his calls for constant work. Nel is the opposite, the first time she worked on a weekend (excluding the Quidditch coaching, lets not bring that up) was the case of David Grimm. James on the other hand never stops (weekends, birthdays, holidays) much to Nels dismay. He's a workaholic.

Cassie had the child and it was a little girl named Vienna. Greg sees her every other weekend, not as much as he'd like though. Josie loves her and treats her like she's her own (of course, she's Josie). As far as Cassie's concerned she's off the rails. After the wedding and birth Cassie has been bringing a lot of 'new daddy's' home. But there will be lots of drama about the baby coming up.

Like I said, James is a workaholic. After he left Hogwarts he knew what he wanted. His family wanted to help him but he didn't want to be known as the man who let his famous parents buy him a future. James had a lot of anger deep down concerning his childhood and the wizarding press (that's why he hated journalists). This all came out in an argument with Harry and James walked out with only his share of the Potter fortune - no place to live, nothing. This happened when he was nineteen and his family sided with Harry, accept Lily and Ginny but Ginny is forced to not mention it at home and Lily gets away with seeing him due to her being the favourite child ;) the real thing is with James and Harry though.

Thanks for reading and keep reviewing and asking questions!
- Kelci x

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Review #4, by miluv Two

11th April 2013:
Ooh Josie's getting married! I'd love to know what happened to Greg's old fiance, hint hint. haha lovely as always, update soon!
xox miluv

Author's Response: Thank you!

Of course Josie is getting married ;) and Greg actually wants to this time.

We will see Cassie again, just not yet. If you get to the end of this story and don't meet her again she will be in the next story, I promise!

Next one should be up in a week! Keep reading and feel free to review!
- Kelci x

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Review #5, by miluv One

11th April 2013:
Hehehehe I feel happy :D and ahh yayy your back and better then ever! Get a banner asap man. And who knew janel would be so adorbs together- *cough cough ME* haha. But I feel like their still in their puppy love place, they haven't had many fights yet have they? OKay, well, love you as per usual, and oh! One more thing-- If you have time can you check out my stories? First time posting them so super nervous haha;) lol well love ya and shpanks!

Author's Response: Thank you!

So you liked it then? Yes, I'm back :)

I know I need a banner, I just haven't had chance yet I've been so busy.

I told you I'd mention you! Janel are completely adorbs. They've had fights but nothing big, just little disagreements. But when they argue its over one thing - James' work.

I'll check yours out when I can. Probably next week. And I'll drop you a review ;)

Thanks for reading and feel free to review!
- Kelci x

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