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Review #1, by house elf Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

27th April 2013:
This is awesome! I second the notion that there should be more; that's how good it is :P

Their drunken conversation was funny - for some reason I ended up reading their dialogue in Hagrid's accent ha :p

"Hi!" I say, putting on a voice of a girl who hasn't seen her friends from school since she left it.
^oooh i am all too familiar with putting on 'fake' voices... that made me smile.

I also loved the part when James was all like 'Yeah, so?' Bold one isn't he. (Though, I suppose he was drunk :P.) He seemed to jump out of the story, just seemed so reaaal. Wow I'm so eloquent today...

Aaanyways cute story :)

Author's Response: Oh gosh I am shocking at responding is it even worth it?

Aw, thank you for saying all that really lovely stuff - I would write more but I can't seem to find the motivation ahaha (story of my life)

I understand you perfectly, once again thank you so much and SORRY FOR THE LATE RESPOND I AM SO RUBBISH OMG

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Review #2, by jkelly Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

11th April 2013:
I hope u change ur mind and take this story farther. U did a great job, its a fun kind of story would love for u to play it out with them!

Author's Response: Aha, I don't know, perhaps I'll be able to draw it all out a bit more, a spin off maybe?
Thanks for the lovely review! :)

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Review #3, by Anj Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

5th April 2013:
That was wonderful. It was so realistic, which isn't something you see very often with short romance thingamabobs. I think you captured the emotion and James's personality really nicely. I'm going to go read read more of your fics now ;)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I haven't written any fanfiction for months so your review is so kind :)

Ahaa, please do :)

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