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Review #1, by SlightObsession HARRY

23rd May 2013:
Hm...this story intrigued me, can i be honest? i dont think Harry and Hermione ever fancied each other...i just think they never would, but i reaalllyy hope there is some Dramione shtuff in here XD
Until the next chapter! x

Author's Response: Of course there's Draco/Hermione! Soon, I promise ;)

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Review #2, by jane DRACO

15th May 2013:
laabjfbodadnalsbabaoib! What?! This is so unlike Snape! I kinda like it *ashamed face*
But no! She can't be on the death eaters side (I know snape was a good guy really but...!) she has to fight death eaters and hunt horcruxes! I can't wait to see how you turn this out! Did Hermione see Harry mouthing 'I love you'? DUN DUN DUN! Update soon!

Author's Response: I'm so sorry this is taking so long to get up! life got in the way but I promise to update ASAP! Keep reviewing! (:

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Review #3, by Kacie HARRY

2nd May 2013:
OH GOD I'M SO EXCITED!! I don't know why but I love this so much. Please update soon!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it!! I'm updating just as quick as I can get my chapters validated (:

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Review #4, by Bum HERMIONE

3rd April 2013:
It was good blah blah blah

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Review #5, by Bum Draco

3rd April 2013:
Bum bum bum bum bum
Bum very good

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