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Review #1, by Josette_Phoenix The Dancing Cloak

3rd January 2014:
I've been waiting for this!!!
Such detail - in the language and history, in the characters - makes this a delight to read. You definitely know what you're talking about!! It's so polished - and I love the style of writing.
Little Helena is fascinating, and I'm nervous to see how she turns out. You've written Slytherin beautifully, exactly how I imagined him and beyond.
I can't wait for chapter 3!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so so much for the lovely review and all of the encouragement! If I get back to writing here again, I'll definitely be continuing this story. Thank you again xo

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Review #2, by adluvshp The Sentry's Pledge

21st April 2013:
Hey! Here to review your entry for my challenge!

Wow, what an absolutely beautifully written piece! I really was captivated by your amazing descriptions. The way you have written the narrative fits so well with the time period. I love little William already! And the baby Helena sounds so adorable. The promise in the end struck a chord with me, it's weird how later on in life they're going to grow up and he's going to fall in love. I never imagined them to have a thirteen-year-difference though, but still fits well! I am enjoying the story so far, this is definitely a very enthralling and strong start. I am eager to meet the other characters like Slytherin and Helga, and how things will play out further. I wonder if you'll do a time jump?

Anyway, an awesome chapter! I am pleased you have entered this for my challenge. The results should be out in a few weeks. I hope the next chapter is posted soon though, I'd like to read another chapter before I judge.

Anyway, awesome job! I loved your descriptions, writing style, dialogues, and imagery. This flowed very smoothly and was all very beautiful. Great job!


Author's Response: Hey AD,

I'm so sorry it's taken ages for me to respond to this lovely review! The next chapter has been sitting patiently, waiting for me to complete it, whilst work took over my life completely.

Thank you so much for the inspiration for this story, I really am enjoying writing it. And thanks for the Special Mention! That was very cool of you.

The age difference will sort of come into play with their relationships with Helena's parents... But it just felt natural to me, anyway. Probably the influence of all the historical fiction I read!

Thanks so much again

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Review #3, by Debra20 The Sentry's Pledge

14th April 2013:
Athene, are you by any chance George R.R. Martin in hiding? Have you grown bored with ASOIAF and decided to write a very similar, very amazing story regarding the Founders Era from Harry Potter? Cause you sure write like him!

I seriously have no words to fully express how MUCH I loved this first chapter. With the soundtrack from Lord of the Rings playing on the background, and your marvellous story-telling, I felt like I've left this Earth for the 15 minutes it took me to finish these 2000 words. I felt like I've entered a completely different world, a magical world bursting with the unknown and the possibilities and everything lovely that comes with exploring it.

Your flow is impeccable. Your character's voices are strong, each one with his own. Your wording seems very appropriate to that period and everything put together make this story a veritable, stand alone fantasy piece. Please, please tell me you'll write more and you won't leave it like this. I need to know more. I need to see the reunion of the four Founders. I need to see how you portrait of Salazar and see if he truly lives up to William's awe :D I am in love. This story is going straight to my favourites list!

Also, you used an image of Bran as a chapter image. I literally squealed at that haha

Author's Response: Hello! I'm so sorry it's taken me ages to respond to this wonderful review... Your first paragraph has had me grinning from ear to ear every time I look at my unanswered reviews. Yes! It is I, George R R Martin! Haha... I wish! Game of Thrones is awesome. I feel you may have been influenced by the wonderful chapter image that ColouredSkies made for this chapter!

Can I just say, your writing style in this review is absolutely beautiful? I know I'm not meant to be reviewing your review, but that second paragraph is lovely. And I'm delighted that you had that feeling of transportation! That's my favourite thing when I'm reading, and I always hope to do the same to my readers.

I cross my heart and hope to die, chapter 2 will be up soon! And then chapter 3 won't be far behind.

I love writing Founders, it turns out! And I love you for reading and reviewing it :)

Athene xo

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Review #4, by Phoenix_Flames The Sentry's Pledge

4th April 2013:
Oh my goodness. I had been dying to read another Founders fic, and I had been searching and searching. It's just so hard these days to find a well written and original Founders fic. And then...I stumbled across this!! And I couldn't resist, and oh my goodness, hon, did I fall in love!!

This was such a great chapter! Such a great way to kick off the story, and it was so well written. I feel like the dialogue went along perfectly well with the time. I know I struggle a lot with that in one of my Peverell brothers stories. It's so hard to do, but you did it really well.

This was just a marvelous start to what I'm sure is going to be a brilliant story!

Favoriting! Please update soon! :)

Author's Response: Hey Phoenix! I'm sorry it's taken me an age to respond to this lovely review. I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed this chapter so much! I'm going to update very soon, and then updating will be much faster after that.
Thanks so much for reading and reviewing :)
Athene xo

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Review #5, by nott theodore The Sentry's Pledge

2nd April 2013:

I'm here for the review tag from the forums. I have to say, I really love this story! I hardly ever read founders stories, but this has convinced me that I definitely should more often. It was so well written and I just enjoyed it so much!

There were so many clever things in this chapter, and I was really impressed with how much detail and thought you'd put into it. Like Sangfort as the name of the Bloody Baron, and the way that you mention his anger problems already. And the tiara that Rowena Ravenclaw is wearing when he first meets her as a reference to Ravenclaw's diadem!

I really liked the connections that you made between the founders, and the different names you have for them, like Griffon d'Or. Providing them all with their own story and showing how they're all connected makes them seem much more real. I'm not really sure, but I'm assuming that Hogwarts hasn't been founded yet?

Your writing is really great, and I just can't believe how clever this story is. I don't even have any suggestions for improvement! I'm adding this story to my favourites, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

nott theodore :)

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Review #6, by Jchrissy The Sentry's Pledge

2nd April 2013:
I said this before but Iím just going to go ahead and reiterate it. I LOVE that you used both the lyric and the title. It just sets the mood for the story so perfectly. As well as this chapter image. Youíre just getting me all geared up for quite the ride, and I want to hug you for it. And now IĒm going to continue on actually reviewing the story!

Well I didnít get far. Iím terrible at running reviews, yet here I am doing on. The first paragraph, I just want to eat it. Itís so asdsjf. That. Thatís what it is. The description and the way youíve made your words and style fit in with time is just prefect. I canít even understand how your brain does what it does most of the time. I canít even write a coherent review to this piece, yet you managed to create it all!

Iím attempting to go on...

I made myself continue. I wanted to stop again right after you did the italicized bit of what Williamís father told him about The Raven, but I made myself keep reading. Go Jami! Not very far though, because now Iím at the part where heís remembering his sister being brought into the world. And Iím backtracking to talk about the part anyway sooo...

But itís just so perfect! You donít give us enough to know what to think of him, yet we want to like him. Or I do. Ravenclaw, that is. The description of him being able to strip the meat from your very bones is just insane. Itís that good. I forgot how much I loved this story since I read it last, and Iím even more anxious for you to continue. William feels almost naive up until this point. Like a young boy put into an adult world that heíll morph himself into eventually, but isnít there just yet.

Ohh I just kind of love them. I really love anything revolving around knights and squires, and you just fit it all in there so it feels so right. Have you ever read Tamora Pierce? Youíd like her stuff. Most of it is set around that. The idea of Rowena teaching wandlore, arithmancy, and herbcraft (good adjustment, there) is perfect and tells a lot about her and ties into canon. We know what Ravenclaw is known for, and this show exactly why their traits are what they are without shoving it down our throat. Just a small mention of something she does that builds her character up an incredible amount.

And her lecture to William about his actions to the bully, I just canít say enough about how perfect youíve made her!

Hahaha I love the mention of Ravenclaw and the midwife having the disagreement. Okay, I really do like Reyneld (Reynold?) Reynald! There we go. His comment about being there when the babe was created was just so perfect. You make this really amusing, which I think a lot of people would struggle with because of the style it needs to be written in to fit the time. HOW ARE YOU SO AMAZING?

Oh Sarah!!! Goddd I canít even... this just started out so beautiful. I need more right away. The image of the little baby curling her fingers around his hand and gahh itís just so sweet. This is a perfect start. You have so much talent. I canít even tell you how happy it makes me at how much youíve been writing lately. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BRAIN.

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Review #7, by Dark Whisper The Sentry's Pledge

27th March 2013:

Wow, this is a beautifully written Founders story.

I love your use of "the Raven." This is a very... shall I describe it as a "grown up" story.

I love the period voice that you have used consistantly throughout the chapter as well as the use of social classes of the day. It seems well researched, which makes it believable. It is truly a lovely beginning to a story that I'd like to continue reading.

The scene was very serious, then very happy. I love the patronus that was cast and could really see it as something beautiful.

I'm really loving your Raven character... his fierce reputation as well as his softer side. And I appreciate your take on the relationship of the four founders and how the young Baron knows them.

I love the imagery you have created. This really was a wonderful, impressive, beautiful read.

Dark Whisper

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