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Review #1, by annaisadinosaur Disappearing Act

29th May 2013:
For some reason I really like this Doc character. I don't know if this is entirely a bad thing. I'm inclined to think that anyone that could withstand Petunia would automatically be just as awful - prime example, Vernon Dursley - but this Doc guy really seems to care about her. And that line, "Be her sister again, Lily?" really got to me. He's a good guy. Probably a little thick, and I'm sure something happens to him eventually, but I like him at the moment.

James and the imaginary Tessa Fawcett... ha! Ha! ha!! that was good. I like when people get James's (and/or Sirius's) humor right, where it's not incredibly immature but actually, you know, humorous. So that was lovely.

Lily's letter to James was completely heartbreaking. I hope Sirius is all right. Well, I mean, I'm sure he is alive and all, but I hope he's not too hurt... or something... Oh it's so dramatic.

Please update! I love it so much. Your writing is something to be admired. And framed. Or something. Something really nice.

Author's Response: another review? :o

Doc, I admit, I adore him. I always thought Petunia was cruel towards Harry out of fear and bitterness, but not everyone starts out that way. Lily and Petunia's relationship must have been ruins, but I kept on thinking there had to be something besides magic that really crumbled it. Doc will eventually play a big role in the story as for this to remain along the true storylines, he has to be temporary.

Ahhh, thank you! I can't write dialogue all that well and trying to sneak that line had me suffer a few self-doubts, but it's lovely to hear you liked it.

We cannot write a story without Sirius, can we? You'll find out next chapter. Thank you again for the sweetest fo reviews - especially what you said about my writing! You're really too nice.

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Review #2, by annaisadinosaur Of the Brave

29th May 2013:
I can't explain how completely wonderful this is. Just the first chapter already has reeled me in so tightly. James's inner dialogue is - while somewhat crushing - utterly beautiful, and it's such a new and fresh take on to me a readily exhausted James/Lily ideal. You did such a good job with it to make it something much more interesting. And you write like a poet. Like a really awesome famous poet. Or author. I dunno. You're great.

Author's Response: I can't explain how sweet and inspiring this review was. I was editing through my chapters, doubting how I wrote this, and you leave this sweet, amazing review. Thank you, dear! I really cannot tell you how much it means to me that you like my writing and liked my take on James/Lily. I was a bit worried about writing this as it has been done before and often times so well, but again, thankyouthankyouthankyou.

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Review #3, by ValWitch21 Of the Brave

20th May 2013:
I've been trying to sit down and review this all day, but I keep getting distracted by work and my very loud family... Anyway, I'm here now!

I loved your beginning. I hate writing them, because I never seem to get them right, but yours was intricate and simple at the same time, and so perfect in terms of flow and description.

I was a bit hesitant, to be honest, if this was James or Severus speaking (and yes I'm very much aware that that's a strange type of question), but now I'm pretty sure it's Snape. Then again, I'm also known to completely mix up in my interpretations, so I'll wait for confirmation!

See? Third paragraph playing with my brain again. That aside, your description of Lily and of love is amazing. You also injected the necessary dose of James' stubbornness here for me to know it was him this time, and congratulations on that because he sounds spot on.

Ah, your war-time mood! (I'm fawning all over this chapter, I hope you don't mind.) I could really see the scene as Lily saw it, with the body and the Aurors and Moody and her panic. Fenwick seems a little bizarre, give the situation, but he sounds like a nice guy.

Right well your ending definitely confused me, but I'm assuming that was the point? I'm really curious as to what happens next, so I'll be adding this story to my favourites! Also, I'm very picky about Marauder stories, and the fact that I'm enjoying yours so far means that it's really good (well, in my limited opinion, anyway). Plus your grammar, spelling and flow are flawless, which is always a bonus.

Sorry, this review probably wasn't very helpful. Whoops.

Author's Response: Loud families? I understand loud families :')
But thank you for the exchange!

I hate beginnings too - and I honestly wrote this months ago and just slipped it in with desperation, but I'm pleased to see it worked out.

I realize that now looking back! As a writer, it all seemed very obvious to me, but now, I can see it's not as obvious as I liked. I went back and edited names in, so thank you so much for pointing that out to me!

The war time mood is difficult to get. I've read so many well-written ones capturing it (your's included) and I can only hope I got somewhere close. Fenwick... was drunk, the silly boy. The circumstances will be explained later on, but I'll have to leave it at that for now.

It waaas, but I slipped in a name now. I need to stop with the confusing lack on name mention and switching of perspectives.

Thank youuu for this amazingly helpful review - it really helped me fix things up c:

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