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Review #1, by Rhianne Never Too Late

20th February 2016:
This is an amazing story, even if it is very short xxx

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #2, by adluvshp Never Too Late

14th March 2014:
Blackout Battle 15/20

First off, yes writing intense situations is hard but you totally pulled it off so don't feel so unsure of yourself. It wasn't poorly written and I quite liked it. In fact, the way you handled the sensitivity of this is commendable.

It was quite dark and deep, and very touching. I felt for Arianna and wanted to reach out to her. There was so much emotion in this and you really described it all very well. I also think that her situation was quite realistically portrayed. It was sad but I am glad James finally could help her. I was totally rooting for them and hoping for him to turn up before it's too late.

I also liked your writing style of showing us both perspectives, and the song lyrics were also nicely woven into the narrative making it more effective.

All in all, this was a very well-written piece and I really liked it. I am glad I got a chance to read this!


Author's Response: thank you!!

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Review #3, by LittleLionGirl Never Too Late

25th July 2013:
I have to say- intense situations are hard to write- but you did it perfectly! The raw emotion is just unbelievable- poor Arianna! I am happy that James caught her in time! Great work ShadowRose! I like the lyrics added into this as little Point of View separators:very creative!

Author's Response: Hello again! I'm glad you thought I captured the intensity well, as well as the emotion. Thanks so much for the review!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

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Review #4, by resurrectionstone22 Never Too Late

18th July 2013:
Hey, there! I'm not good at reviews, but I just needed to tell you how perfect this story is. I love it! And you are one truly amazing writer! Keep it up! :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks so much!
-ShadowRose (Taylor)

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Review #5, by Siriusly89 Never Too Late

10th July 2013:
Sarahjane with Review #4!

Oh wow, this is rather dark, isnít it? The poor girl, thinking that she actually deserves to be bullied. It just goes to show what bullying can do to people, I mean sheís self-harming, and Iím afraid for whatís going to happen later on in the whole thing, because that section ended off on a rather bad note, didnít it. Oh dear. . . .

Ah, so the girls name is Arianna! Itís nice to know that someoneís nice to her! Iím going to guess that this person is either Albus or James (Although it could be Marauders era, Iíll hold back my final decision for a later stage) but I just hope that whoever this is finds her before she does something terrible!

Yep! Next-Gen, but I canít get too into me celebrating being right, as sheís going to the Room of Requirement, sheís going there and hopefully James has the sense to follow her, because if he doesnít bad, bad thins are going to happen!

Those horrible little Ravenclaw cows! That is just so, so horrible! Okay, there are people in this life that I donít like and all, but what they are saying is just ridiculous! But at least James has finally twigged whatís going on, and bloody well run James, RUN!

Oh my God! Ariannas outside the room SHES OUTSIDE THE BLOODY ROOM! Where is James, why isnít he there yet? I get that Hogwarts is a big place but he needs to hurry because sheís already put in a request with the room and aaah! Bad, bad things are going to happen!

YES! Oh thank you everyone who is up there, thank you! Oh thank God! Sheís alright, James got to her in time. Oh thank God.

Oh this is so romantic. And not in the traditional way, but that sort of twisted romance that really has no place in the situation, but its there anyway and itís just beautiful and perfect? You know what I mean?

Oh God, you really got me all hyped up there for a while. This was even more thrilling than the Scrimgeour/Fudge one-shot you wrote! Bravo! Brava! *throws flowers and confetti*

Awh. The last review next time, Iíve really been enjoying myself.

See you in the next review!


Author's Response: Hi Sarahjane!

Yes, this story's definitely a little dark, isn't it? I really hate that bullying can go this far, but sadly, it does.

James is definitely a sweetheart, but he's a little slow on the uptake, resulting in the speedy drama here. And yeah, those Ravenclaw girls are certainly not the nicest.

I'm so glad you think the romance works well and builds into the twisted theme. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one-shot, thanks so much for reviewing!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

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Review #6, by MC_HK Never Too Late

7th July 2013:
Hello there :)

I wouldn't say this was badly written. It has a lot of potential and what is there is actually well written. For me, I feel like one-shots need to put in a little more detail just because of the whole one chapter thing and with such an intense event like this, I want some answers! I want to know what exactly her relationship with James is, considering you mention that he talks to her and really likes talking to her, but she seems to think she isn't important to him. I really want to know why the girls ridicule her. Is she nerdy? Is she ugly? Again, this is just the kinds of things I like to know. I know you say her father hates her for "killing" her mother, but could you give me a bit more detail here? What does he do that makes her think that? What does he say?

Otherwise, this is pretty well written, and I don't have too many problems with it :) Feel free to re-request whenever :) MC_H

Author's Response: Hi!

I definitely see what you're talking about - I could definitely add in a lot more detail to certain situations! This was very much a story that I wrote in one sitting, so I may go back and add details now that you've mentioned it!

Thanks so much for reviewing!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

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Review #7, by HorseMad99 Never Too Late

7th June 2013:
Hi, it's your requested reviewer.
I am sorry I am so late! As mentioned on the thread I had an important exam yesterday which I have been studying for, so sorry again that it is so late.
The start is very good and I think it really captures her insecurities and many people will probably be able to relate to at least a few things that she talks about or what people say to her.
She seems so used to it, so much so that it doesn't even phase her at all and it's really sad that sometimes things do get to that point.
'Attempt to join in halfheartedly, but fail miserably' it is really sad because she is trying to act like everything is okay but in reality her whole world is sort of ripping at the seams.
The POV (point of view) change was not that clear and it took me a few moments to realise what had happened. This is easy to solve with either 'JAMES' POV' when it changes or put in your authors note something like 'The Pov changes between . and . after every quote of the song' it will just make it a bit easier for the reader especially if they are not concentrating hard I know from experience how confusing it can be if you don't concentrate enough and something suddenly dramatic happens and you can't remember who half of the characters even are.
I like the format of how the lyrics fitted into the song, there was a risk of it interrupting the flow but I think it worked really well and I like how it highlighted where the lyrics where for anyone who didn't know them.
I really liked the conversation about how they made her cry it was very realistic.
I find it really sad that she mas been messed around and lied to or made fun of so much that she doesn't even know what the truth is anymore.
I was also so sad when she said 'I don't deserve love' it must be so hard for anyone who gets to that point.
Finally just a little pet peeve over A/N's (feel free to ignore) I in particular find it a bit annoying if someone says something like 'I don't like this chapter' and when you said 'Regardless please review even it is to tell me how poorly it is written' I know I like it a lot better and tend to give more positive reviews if someone asks in more of a positive way so maybe say something like 'maybe you could give me some help on things to improve' it makes people think that by doing it they are helping you (which they are) rather than thinking oh she just wants me to say it wasn't very good so there is no point of me reviewing.
I really liked this, it was really sad but really good. Feel free to request another story!
Beth :)

Author's Response: Hi! That's fine - as you can see, I've been busy too, and that's why it's taken me so long to reply.

I'm glad you like the start - I really tried to capture the bullying that she's endured and show how deeply it's affected her.

As for the POV change, I like your idea, and I may add in a comment at the beginning saying that the POV will change after each lyric. Thanks for that suggestion!

I will go fix that A/N as well!

Thanks so much for this review!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

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Review #8, by koalagirl2000rules Never Too Late

2nd June 2013:
I have two things to say.
1: This was pretty awesome.
2: So, the main reason I actual read this was because I had gone on youtube and put on a random song, then I'm looking through random stories and yours comes up and I'm like "this is a sign I'm meant to read this" because I was listening to never too late by three days grace.

Author's Response: That's an awesome coincidence, and I'm glad you liked this story! Thanks so much!

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Review #9, by MadiMalfoy Never Too Late

28th May 2013:
MadiMalfoy here with your requested review! :)

OMG I have been looking for that song for AGES! :D You just made my night!

*Ahem* Well, you have lots of good things in this piece! With characterization, you captured a different side of James II that I really liked. He's not the outgoing, jokester like the canon form of him is. He's a sensitive, quiet, caring Gryffindor instead. With Arianna, I can't say very much as she is your OC so I will only say a few things. You wrote her phenomenally, and with such minimalistic detail that it left me feeling like there wasn't much more to her story that couldn't already be inferred.

Such a sad story though, but it fits with the song perfectly. James wants to rescue her, save her from taking her life. He has to use his Gryffindor courage to do it. Arianna doesn't feel her life is worth living for anymore because of the hate she gets from the girls in Hogwarts and the pain her father makes her feel because she "caused" her mother's death. Great song choice for this piece by the way, it works so much better than you think it does.

Fantastic, depressing, well-written piece! Request more reviews! :) xx

Author's Response: Hi Madi! I really love that song, and this story just kind of fell together as I was listening to it. :)

I definitely think that James could have grown up since the epilogue, so I kinda showed that in here. And Arianna is definitely a really deep character, but I can only show so much of that here. I'm glad that the potential is visible here though. :)

I'm so glad you liked this, and thanks so much for reviewing! I will definitely be back to re-request! :)

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

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Review #10, by Molly712 Never Too Late

10th May 2013:
This is brilliant! So well written :) I really liked the way you dealt with this topic - simple and well laid out :)
Good job! (I loved James btw - knight in shining armour!)

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #11, by dreamer21 Never Too Late

16th April 2013:
i love this!

Author's Response: I'm glad you think so! Thanks for the review. :)

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Review #12, by Jchrissy Never Too Late

2nd April 2013:
Hi darling! I'm just derping around the forums and wanted to find something to read!

This is very, very powerful. I think that bullying is something that's not addressed enough, and even when it is made more mainstream it still isn't stopped. This shows something that everyone doesn't want to accept; what people do can make or breath another person. Without getting too much into my own opinion, the way people treat others, especially if it's a gang of people, can have a lot to do with why schools have maniacs coming in to hurt people and why people much too young to ever think about their life ending, are trying to do just that.

You've put so many incredibly tough and serious issues out there with this piece and handled them beautifully. You didn't downplay her suffering, just as much as you didn't intensify the cruelty of the girls. They were being very mean, obviously, but I've seen girls do just as mean things. It was more of the fact that they were just so careless and thoughtless with their words. I think you balanced teenage type of cruelty with the impact it can have on others so well... I know I'm probably going rambly.

I loved James's part in this. I think that casting him as the one who does see and helps is such a lovely contrast to his usually carefree portrayal. And again, alternating between the two was just awesome.

If you don't mind me pointing out a few things... if you do, just ignore this next part :P.

So, what you're building up here is really amazing. Arianna's sense of being worthless really enhances her desperation, just as well as James's need to help her. At the end when she confesses her feelings to him, at much as I loved it, I think that it kind of brought her character to an unrealistic level.

What I would suggest is what about something along the lines of her accepting his words, but being unable to express her own? She's been crushed and broken so many times in her life, saying that and giving that kind of affection is a lot. Maybe just leave it with the idea of James wanting to give her a reason to live, and her wanting to try and fight for her own life? Just a small suggestion, I hope you don't mind!

This was a beautiful story ♥

Author's Response: Aww, I'm just sitting here smiling like an idiot now! This is just so sweet!

I'm glad that you thought I did the portrayal justice, as that was something I struggled to bring to life in this story.

I like James too, for the same reason you do. I like when the next-gen characters aren't suddenly footloose and fancy-free. (I can't believe I just used that expression... oh dear.)

I love constructive criticism - it's a major part of what reviews are for, after all! I agree with you completely about her character changing too quickly. I noticed that too, but didn't really know how to deal with it. Your suggestions are just perfect, and I will probably go in some day soon and fix that ending. It was just a little too idealistic-fairy-tale for everything that just happened.

Thanks so much for the review!


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