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Review #1, by mysuv1 Chapter Three

22nd December 2015:
Thisis nice but i guess i wanted more

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Review #2, by maskedmuggle Chapter One

30th December 2013:

I really enjoyed this opening chapter! I'm here for the 12 Days of Reviewing but also because I've been really excited to start this sequel ever since I finished Over the Edge and enjoyed it so much.

I wasn't sure how well their lives would be, constantly on the move, and whether it would actually work.. so I'm super glad that you put up a sequel. Seeing it written out like this makes me feel that this can work for Rose/Krum and that it is possible for them to live a life of love and meaning. Although now I'm left wondering and really eager to find out what's going to separate Rose/Krum - right now it seems like everything's working fairly well but your story summary suggests that somehow everything's going to be turned upside down soon - and I really want to know how! :P

I found this to be quite thought-provoking as well with how Rose has changed - I really loved how you characterised Rose here - she feels so natural, and how you mentioned that Rose wouldn't be able to escape those memories no matter how far they ran, because that feels so realistic. So I really enjoyed this opening chapter - I'll definitely be reading on - and hopefully you'll continue writing the story of Rose/Krum :)

- Charlotte

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Review #3, by Ardeith Chapter Two

3rd October 2013:
I've been away from the site and your wonderful story for months. I'm going to try to catch up and review the chapters I missed.

I love the descriptions of Rose's life on the island, continues to make me miss my former tropical home (though I had electricity and running water!).

I also loved the detail of the island children putting red seaweed in their hair to be like Rose.

I'm intrigued by Rose and Krum's new life. She really gave up a lot for him, her job, her close knit family etc. I know I've jumped into something "for love" without thinking it all the way through and Rose's situation is far more dramatic than mine. It does put a lot of pressure on the relationship. I like Victor and Rose and hope it works out for them.

And ending on a cliffhanger! Glad the next chapter is already there for me...

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Review #4, by TearsIMustConceal Chapter Three

19th August 2013:
Three chapters in and I can already sense it's going to be just as amazing as Over the Edge! Your imagination is incredible, if I had only half of it, I would be a happy girl! As always, I am still in love with Viktor and Rose and your writing is just pure heaven! I swear, you could re-write the dictionary and everybody would read it!

So excited for the next chapter!

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Review #5, by CambAngst Chapter Three

24th July 2013:
Hello, hello! As you can see, I've now run out of story to read. Gives me something to look forward to...

Makaio gives me this image in my head that's a cross between Disney's version of Tarzan and the older sister's boyfriend in Lilo and Stitch. Actually those are both Disney characters, now that I think about it. Sorry if I just Disney-fied your story. It wasn't on purpose. ;) At any rate, he seems like a really affable fellow. One of the really neat things about getting into a story at such an early stage of the game is trying to imagine how -- or even whether -- the characters you meet are going to figure into the final outcome. Being a lawman of sorts, I could see Makaio being either the small-town sheriff archetype who shows up to haul the antagonists away after Rose and Viktor prevail -- "I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for you meddling wizards!" -- or possibly becoming an antagonist if something happens that blows Rose and Viktor's cover. His back story, with his worldly adventures and military background, opens up a lot of possibilities.

I'm not at all sure to make of Rose's possible sighting of a head full of Weasley red. Has Hugo come looking for her? Or someone pretending to be Hugo? Or Hugo pretending to be somebody else? The possibilities are pretty endless at this point. If it really is Hugo, I have to imagine that this isn't just a social call. It makes me really curious as to what sorts of things have been happening back in Britain while Rose and Viktor have been on the run.

Viktor let out a low grumble of disapproval. ďWe donít need other people for human contact.Ē He gave her arm a gentle tug, pulling her closer to him and capturing her lips in his. -- How do you do it? Viktor makes grumpy seem so sexy!

I think you did a great job of inventing an island culture. Everything felt really authentic, right down to the small touches.

Ooh! So Viktor is pushing Rose to start writing again. I like this development. I'm kind of curious what she'll decide to write about. She's already done her great work of nonfiction. Maybe something fictional this time.

As always, I liked the deceptively easy dynamic you created between Rose and Viktor. I say deceptive because it always feels like there are a dozen little games being played out beneath the smooth surface of their unhurried conversations. They really are perfect for one another.

Beautiful chapter. I couldn't find a single thing wrong with it!

Author's Response: It's so pathetic how slow I'm updating this story. When did life get so crazy busy!?

Disney-fy away! As long as you aren't comparing it to the 10th straight-to-DVD Tinkerbell movie, I'll take is as a compliment. Seriously though, I'm really happy that Makaio gives off the vibe that he has some larger part to play in the story, but that you aren't sure just yet which side of the fence he'll land on. I try really hard to make all the characters, no matter how minor, feel like they could bring something important to the table. They don't always, but hopefully it adds depth and a little mystery.

The whole Hugo question will sort of unfold as the story goes, though he'll definitely be around again soon. My hope was that not only does the Hugo sighting bring up questions about what's happening back home, but what's going on in Rose's mind. If she really did see him, that's a huge deal since he shouldn't' be on the island. If she didn't see him, then who did she see, or is she simply going crazy?

I don't do anything! I swear, it's all Krum. I'd never be able to pull off saying a line like that in real life :P

I really didn't intend to have Rose writing again in this story, but once I added it, it felt like it would have been wrong not to include it. Hopefully it plays out well...

They do play games with each other! Half the time I can't decide if I see them as terribly perfect for each other, or perfectly terrible.

Thank you so much for the review! I always so enjoy reading all your comments!!

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Review #6, by magnolia_magic Chapter Three

17th July 2013:
Hi again! I loved this chapter, just like the others. I'm sure you get a lot of gushing reviews on this story :)

I loved Makaio, and I was glad to see he wasn't a scary predator :) I was hoping to see Rose have some people in her life outside of just Viktor, to whatever extent that could be possible. Makaio seems like he could be a good friend to them. But I'm still dying to know whether she really did see Hugo in the village. Somehow I don't think that was just her imagination.

Viktor and Rose had some really precious moments here, and I loved reading them. He's got a sly sense of humor that I really liked. And your description of the festival was just lovely.

Wonderful job with this! And thank you so much for all you've put into the House Cup this year--it's so impressive!


Author's Response: I really enjoy writing OCs, so I'm so happy to hear you liked Makaio. Though the story is about Rose and Viktor, I think it's important to Rose interacting with other people. It (hopefully) helps put the way she interacts with Viktor in a better context. And the Hugo mystery will be an ongoing question, but hopefully in a good way!

Writing Krum's dry wit is so much fun. He says the sorts of things I never could :P

Thank you so much for the three lovely reviews. Sorry it took so long to respond. I really hope you enjoyed the House Cup!!

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Review #7, by magnolia_magic Chapter Two

17th July 2013:
This chapter is the perfect follow-up to the first, I think. I love hearing about Rose and Viktor's exotic new life, and I love that you compared the jungle humidity to hot pea soup. That made me smile :) I'm glad you've included little things like that to lighten the mood a little every now and then.

I really think I like Viktor and Rose together. I didn't think I would, honestly. But your Viktor seems to be good for Rose, and I'm finding myself wanting to see more of them. And that ending! Haha, what a cliffhanger that is. I like that you get into some drama relatively quickly in the story; it makes for a thrill ride that will pull readers in for sure.

Awesome work! I'm off to the next chapter :)

Author's Response: A lot of people have commented on the humidity references. I guess we've all been there, where the air is so thick it feels like waking through water. I'm so glad that description stood out in lighthearted way.

Oh, I'm so happy you liked your first glimpse at Viktor and Rose. I can totally see why people might be turned off by the pairing, but hopefully their age difference pales in comparison to how they relate to each other.

I'm probably a little TOO fond of cliffhanger, but I do like to keep stories moving a good pace as much as I can.

Thank you for another lovely review!

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Review #8, by magnolia_magic Chapter One

17th July 2013:
Hi! I've been meaning to read this story for a long time, because I'd heard about the Rose/Krum pairing on the forums. How could I not check it out? And I haven't read Over the Edge, but this first chapter didn't leave me confused at all. I think you're doing well in making this a stand-alone story :)

I am really looking forward to getting to know Rose better in future chapters. Right now there's a lot of mystery about her, which I think is a wonderful way to begin a story. I'm thinking she probably has quite the colorful past (which I'd know more about if I had read Over the Edge, but I sort of like the guessing game.) Hopefully more will unfold later about that! But for now I'm enjoying learning about her life in the present. Your writing style is really of great quality; it's very down-to-earth and straightforward, and it's a pleasure to read. Great work!


Author's Response: Hi Maggie! I'm so excited you decided to give the story a look. I'm glad to hear it can stand on its own from the first.

This is a pretty short first chapter, but I'm so glad that hint of mystery came through. Her backstory, both from the first book and since that story ended will unfold slowly, but hopefully this was enough of a teaser to get things started. I'm so glad you enjoyed the writing style. I try to make it as reader-friendly as possible so hopefully the story can take center stage.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #9, by Jchrissy Chapter Three

9th July 2013:
I shouldít be surprised that someone (two someones) beat me to the first review with how long itís taken me to get here. But that doesnít mean Iím pleased about it! *pouts*

Iím already half in love with Makaio. I love the fact that you created this huge, almost half legend half real type of man. He seems completely friendly, but the mystery you tied into his past really makes him stand out. I also love that heís the giant peace keeper, basically. Haha.

At first I was a bit annoyed at him --when I realized that heíd disturbed her chase for either the illusion of a red mop of hair or a real red mop of hair -- but after their easy walk back and the way Rose seemed to relax around him, I warmed right up. Something about the fact that they use their names on the island made me sad and happy all at once. It gives us a solid idea that this is where theyíve chosen to try and stay, and the fact that Rose wasnít okay with doing it under false identities really makes sense. Sheís Rose Weasley. She may have gave up her freedom to live in the country she was born an raised, but she doesnít have to throw away herself entirely.

Iím about to go on a huge Rose and Viktor tangent, feel free to breeze past it :P

I just donít know what Iím feeling about them right now. The very end, I felt like they were more themselves then they have been yet. His gift to her, her persistence at finding out what the look Keoni gave him, leaving the party hand in hand... it all felt so familiar. But then there were other times, like their sarcastic banter in the beginning and Rose not telling him about the incident, that I pick up on this sort of tension. Of course it makes sense for it to be there; I just feel so bad for them for having to start making a life together under these kinds of circumstances. No one can go through whatís happened to Rose and be the same girl she was last book, but I just feel so sad for the position theyíre in.

The ending so was perfectly perfect. Yep, thatís what college does for you. Teaches you to repeat the same word when you just canít find another that will suit :P Anyway, Viktor had every bit of the charm we know and love when he gave her the desk, and Roseís confusion at first felt so natural. Writing was part of her in a different world, a different life, she probably hasnít thought about it really since. But now Krum is showing her that those parts of her are still there and she can still use them and WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE THESE TWO SO PERFECT?

I loved how exhausting you made the ceremony, as well. I think something like that would be overwhelming to most, but the fact that it (assaulted was the word you used, I think) Roseís sense just stayed so true to the position youíve already created for them. She hasnít been to anything with this much noise, people, faces, colors... in so long, that I can see how you would just be reeling after.

This chapter felt very much like a dip for us before you start climbing us toward all sorts of issues, and I loved this little glimpse of something almost Ďnormalí for them. I just finished reading this chapter for the second time and I already right more.

Aww and thank you for that sweet mention ♥ though I'd like the record to show that I didn't actually do anything except poke at you constantly. I'm greedy and wanted more Rose and Krum :P!

Author's Response: Well, I'll forgive your "late" review if you forgive my even later reply!

You like Makaio? Yay!! He IS the giant peacekeeper! I see him as almost a smarter, darker Hagrid. Hagrid would do anything to protect the school that is his home, and Makaio would do the same for the island.

I wasn't sure how the name thing would go over. I knew I had to address it one way or another, and I hope this was the "right" choice. I'm trying to make the story stand on its own as much as possible and throwing in fake names seemed potentially confusing, but I also didn't want it to be like, "mah, whatever... it's totally safe to use our real names." Hopefully this also helps hint at the idea of how Rose feels like she is losing herself.

Breeze past this? No way! I'm glad you're feeling torn at this point. I definitely wanted that theme to carry over from OtE. In the first book, I wanted readers to be torn over liking them as a couple/wanting them to be together and wanting to tell Rose to run and never look back. Hopefully the tension here will be more over kind of life will make her most happy. At this point, the stress between them is the unspoken fact that Rose is simply not herself anymore and doesn't want to admit why, and Krum knows why but doesn't know what to do about it.

You get a big chuck of the credit for the ending. I probably would have pushed on to the next major event without your advice, and I think both this chapter and the next will be all the better for it!

I feel like I chickened out on the ceremony a bit. After the build-up, I probably should have actually described it, but I was getting in over my head on cultural things. I'll be happy when they are back in London -- though I've never been there either :P

Hopefully this wasn't too much of a dip. I always worry about losing forward momentum. But I did have it in my notes to use chapter three to "sell" Rose and Krum as a couple to the reader, so I'm glad a touch of normality came through.

And thank YOU for being such an awesome writing buddy! And thank you for this review!!!

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Review #10, by CambAngst Chapter Two

7th July 2013:
I'm kind of blown away by the idea of Viktor Krum -- high-flying playboy former pro athlete -- being so handy. He seems to enjoy the work however, and it's low-profile enough that it isn't likely to blow their cover, so I'd say it's a good choice for him.

I loved your description of the jungle. Again, you did a perfect job of cutting through the fluffy, idealized, Save the Rainforest nonsense that you see on TV and getting straight to the essence of what a jungle is really like. (Not that I'm opposed to saving the rainforest, mind you. I just don't plan on moving there any time soon.) I loved the analogy to Molly's pea soup.

Viktor seems to have retained his strong physique and his roguish good looks from Over the Edge. I like the way that you've kept him quiet and a bit brooding. He'd seem to be rather sullen and withdrawn to the untrained eye, but that's just the way that he handles Rose. He waits her out and lets her keep talking until she finally tells him what he wants to know. I absolutely love the dynamic you've created between the two of them and how you've managed to bring it right back to life.

You gave us a nice little glimpse into their life on the run, both before and after they settled in on the island. If I was a witch or wizard, especially one that grew up in a magical family and never know life any other way, I'm pretty sure it would terrify me to give up magic. You've de-emphasized magic more than a lot of authors as you've told Viktor and Rose's story, but it's still always been there even if it was subtle. Now they're trying to live like muggles if at all possible, and I think it's going to be a very interesting challenge for them. So far, they seem to have been successful, but nothing very dangerous has happened.

Sheíd even tired chopping it all off, going at it with a pair of nail scissors in the bathroom of some cheap motel in a city whose name she couldnít remember. But instead of turning her into another face in the crowd, the haircut had only served to turn her into her brother. -- When the film version is being shot, you must insist that this scene makes it in. The idea cracks me up!

ďWe needed somewhere to eat,Ē heíd said. ďAnd now we donít.Ē -- Classic Krum. He says a lot by saying very little.

Rose's panic attack felt like the last piece of the puzzle for the plot that you're setting in motion. It was a perfectly reasonable thing for her to suffer from, considering the circumstances of her attack. She was confined to a very small space when Regina tried to kill her, yet completely exposed and helpless. So when the panic attack happened, the world seemed to collapse in on her. You've set up a formidable challenge for her to tackle, and one that's easy to connect with.

Rose, in particular, had made quite the impression, her flaming red hair a point of interest for the local children, whoíd taken to tucking strands of rust-colored seaweed into their own dark manes as a form of modest salute to their newest resident. -- There was something so endearing about that line. Such an adorable image!

It was a whole new way of life for Rose, an existence completely stripped of excess. And to her surprise, she found herself exceedingly well-suited for the task. -- I read this passage and the first thing that popped into my head -- and this is by no means a knock on your story. I just thought it was funny -- was, "Sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip..."

Once again, your descriptions of the village and especially the general store were amazingly vivid. It was easy to pain the picture in my mind and place Rose right in the middle of it. I know from your author's note that the entire island was your own creation, but I thought you nailed the details of a small, sparsely-stocked local trading post far form civilization. The woman who hands Rose the basket was another great creation, albeit rather creepy. For a moment, I thought I could feel Rose slipping toward another panic attack. Her world seemed to narrow around that woman, trapped in the suffocating heat of the store. It really left me wondering whether or not she imagined seeing Hugo's hair. Then again, you've always been great at keeping me guessing!

I saw two typos in this chapter, but otherwise your writing was excellent:

IIt was exactly what Rose imagined life would be like inside a simmering vat of her grandmother's hot pea soup. -- extra I in IIt.

It had been fa, far too long. -- fa la la la laaa, la la laa la :p

In a way, I'm glad I waited until you were three chapter in to really read through and start writing reviews. I feel like I have a better idea of what's important, even though I'm still guessing on a lot of things. Great job so far!

Author's Response: I hope the bit about Krum's handiwork doesn't come off as too out of left field. It's always something I knew about his character -- and I tried to introduce it in the first book with him working on his parents' house -- but I never really got around to spelling it out. I'm glad you're liking the setting though. I've never really tried using it to reflect a character's mood before, so it's been fun to mess around with.

I'm glad you weren't disappointed to see the "old" Krum. I'm definitely approaching this from the POV that he's finished his journey. He's found what makes him happy -- a simple, secluded life with Rose. This will be all about Rose and what she's ready to accept from life.

I'm never sure where magic fits into this story. I'm not really all that comfortable writing it period. I don't know how to incorporate it as strong as it is in the HP books and still fully flesh out real-life scenarios and obstacles for the characters. Others can do it no problem, but me... I probably shouldn't admit that too loudly on a Harry Potter fanfic sit, should I?

I'm really relieved to hear you liked the addition of the panic attack. I was afraid it might weaken her character somehow, but I really wanted to convey that there is more going on with Rose than simple homesickness.

Gilligan's island? Hahaha. I can promise you, more people will arrive on the island, but none of them will be named Thurston Howell III :P

Truth be told, I was starting to feel like I bit off more than I could chew making up an entire island and indigenous culture. It's nice to have total freedom to throw whatever you like in the pot, but I also don't want it to come of that I think people in this part of the world are backwards or simple. I just wanted something different to further emphasize how out of her element Rose is.

Only two typos? I'll take that as a win. Though now that I've seen it, I'm inclined to add in your festive fa-la-la-ing as opposed to actually fixing the word.

Thank you for this wonderful review. It's so lovely to get the type of feedback you can really chew on!

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Review #11, by CambAngst Chapter One

7th July 2013:
Hi, Becky! I have been so excited to start reading the sequel to Over the Edge. So excited, in fact, that it would be abundantly fair to ask, "What took you so long, biscuit-head?" Well, the completely honest answer would be time, or the lack thereof. BUT, I also think that sometimes I can write a better review of an opening chapter -- especially a short one -- if I've read far enough ahead to have a hint as to what's coming. In a way, it's cheating. Regardless, let's get on with it so I can follow up with the others.

You got off to a gripping start. It's so easy to imagine poor Rose still being tormented by her experience with Regina. You don't get over something like that quickly. And then to transition directly into a life where they were constantly on the run, it sounds like she never took the time to deal with the aftermath until they arrived on the island.

I loved your descriptions of the island. You didn't make it sound like some sort of lovebird's paradise, although it obviously has its good points. The oppressive humidity and dampness were absolutely spot on. Your observation about everything on the island being the same temperature was also a great touch. Obviously a big transition for someone who grew up in England and went to school in Scotland.

All of the changes in Rose that you describe, from being a morning person all the way to her legal status, set the stage really nicely for what's to come. There's definitely a lot of turbulence underneath the peaceful surface of her life with Viktor by the sea. I'm incredibly eager to see what sort of adventures you can cook up for the two of them while you explore their attempt to come to grips with everything that's happened in their lives.

I couldn't find a single typo in this chapter. It was nicely written, smooth, concise and it pulled me right back into your unique version of Rose. Loved it!

Author's Response: Eeek, Dan! I'm so excited you're reading this!! I got so spoiled with your lovely reviews on OtE, I was hoping you might be inclined to stop by. And I don't blame you for waiting to review. This chapter was REALLY short. It was meant to be the opening scene of the next chapter, but I was having such a hard time getting words on the page, I finally just put this part up to get going.

I feel the same away about Rose having not had the time to heal or get over what happened with Regina. It's like how you're always writing about the aftermath of the war in your stories being an ongoing process, just on a smaller scale. The Regina plot is over, but Rose as a character is steal dealing with the internal changes.

Playing with the setting has been fun. I wanted Rose to be out of her element as much as possible. Her feeling physically and emotionally isolated will be important going forward, and what's more isolated than a half-deserted island? But while Krum finds the seclusion relaxing, it feels oddly oppressive to Rose, hence the focus on the heat and humidity. Plus I'm living in Florida now, so... :P

Yay for turbulence! I'm always striving for that feeling of something brewing below the surface. I hope this adventure can live up to the first!

No typos? That is a first.. and I'm sure a last too! Thanks for the wonderful review!!

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Review #12, by patronus_charm Chapter Three

6th July 2013:
Iíve only just noticed the astrology thing in the banner, so now Iím pondering about the significance of the star signs shown.

I really enjoyed the appearance of Makaio Eloni. It was nice to see that Rose has been integrating with the islanders because it makes for a lot more interesting read with what follows from it. Iím still confused about my feelings towards him. On the one hand, I feel as if I should be suspicious of him but thatís based purely on his size, but then he was nice inviting her to the party so I donít know what to say.

His backstory was really interesting to read, and this story has only heightened my interesting in these types of cultures! It was probably a good thing to make it a fictional island, and Iíll have to bear it in mind if I need find myself in a situation like that!

The resolution of the ginger man Rose saw still hasnít been solved then! Iím currently dying with excitement to find out so I hope he makes an appearance in the next few chapters. I honestly canít think about who it could be. My naturally inclination is to think that it being Hugo is a red herring, but maybe youíre just trying to bluff us! With things like these I often find it best not to think about it for too long, so Iím going to stop hypothesising now!

Itís nice to see that Rose and Viktor still are having their moments and getting along despite being on the run. I almost thought that their relationship would crumble due to the pressures of it all, but I suppose weíre only on chapter three so time will only tell!

I could sense a difference between Rose and Viktor in this chapter though. Viktor only seemed to need Rose, with him saying that they didnít need other human company and saying if she was happy her was. Whereas Rose seemed to need more external forces other than Viktor for her happiness and it will be really interesting to see how this develops throughout the story.

I loved the ending and Iím really intrigued to see what Rose is going to write about! Another great chapter, and I canít wait for the next! ♥


Author's Response: Hi, p_c!

As much as I love the banner, the symbols don't actually hold any significance. Violet picked everything but the character images. But I'm so glad you liked Makaio...even if you aren't sure if you trust him yet. I think that's exactly how he feels about Rose and Krum. He'll be back again in future chapters and reveal more about his true motives.

The man with the red hair will definitely be back too. I wanted to leave a little mystery still lingering to keep the story moving forward in this slower chapter. Hugo will make an appearance before to long as well, but hopefully in an unexpected and surprising way.

Oh, I'm so excited by what you said about Krum and Rose! That's exactly what I hoped was coming through -- that Viktor is content just to have Rose in his life, while Rose is struggling with needing more. That is definitely going to be a big theme for this story.

Thank you for the lovely review. I really appreciate it!!

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Review #13, by adluvshp Chapter Three

6th July 2013:
You updated, yay! (and I am the first to review)! :D

Ah I am glad Rose wasn't kidnapped or anything by the 'man heading towards her' in the previous chapter's end (naughty cliffhanger there). Makaio seems like a nice guy and I hope to see more of him in the future. I liked how this chapter introduced a couple more characters, including Keoni. He seems sweet too. It's good that Viktor and Rose are not completely on their own but have acquaintances at least =) Definitely more realistic too.

I enjoyed the whole idea of the festival and such, and it was cool you made all that up! I know I'd never be able to make up a whole culture all by my own haha.

I also loved the little snippets of 'warmth' that Viktor and Rose shared, like her walking with her head on his shoulder, the little kiss they shared, the kiss after the shower, and the ending - it all showed that they still love each other very much and care for each other despite the 'troubled times' which was very nice (and a relief haha).

I am excited to see how Rose reacts to Viktor asking her to write again, what her decision would be, and if there's going to be any differences between the two on this issue (though I hope not).

As always, great chapter which has left me wanting for more. Brilliant descriptions, flawless grammar, and perfectly written. Loved it!


Author's Response: Hi, AD! Thank you so much for being my first review on this chapter!

I'm so glad you liked the new characters in this chapter and the festival idea. I know it wasn't the heaviest in terms of plot, but hopefully it gave a good overview of what life is like for Rose and Krum.

Oh, yay! I'm so happy you liked the bits of tenderness between the two. I enjoy writing them together so much! I really wanted to show that, despite anything else that may be going on, the two really do still care for each other a lot.

Thank you for the lovely review. I so appreciate the comments. Hopefully I'll update a lot faster with chapter four!

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Review #14, by patronus_charm Chapter Two

28th May 2013:
Wow this chapter was definitely worth the wait! I really loved the sort of romantic/tropical/honeymoon theme you started off with. It was really great. We havenít really had that many romantic moments with Krum and Rose so I really enjoyed this one. I think it was due to Viktor having a workshop, as I never anticipated him to become a carpenter or something like that and it made him appear a lot more relaxed and free which was nice to see.

Another thing I really liked with the tropical theme is that by placing a story in an obscure location, like youíve done, it instantly makes it a lot more exciting. I mean, I never expected Viktor Krum to be in a tropical island creating a weapon out of wood. It brings out the unexpected in people is really what I mean to say and I canít wait to see what other unexpected things may happen.

I really liked how you showed how both of them have matured and aged together. The way you described the changes in them was quite shocking and it really showed how being on the run has effected them both physically and mentally. Though the physical changes werenít the nicest it was lovely to see how close they had grown and it was Roseís comment about Viktorís accent which really made my heart warm.

I may be on my own here but I loved the facts you provided about the island. By just knowing things like theyíre not allowed to drive cars there, what they grow and what they speak it allows me to visualise it so much more than I would usually. It was also great because Iím geography nerd and now I have a little fact file about the island stored in my head which makes me happy!

I thought something was up when that woman began talking to Rose. I think it was the gestures and the fact that Rose couldnít understand is what began to set up that eerie air that something wasnít completely right. A bit off topic, but I loved the idea that she was set to Fleur for French lessons it seemed like a very Hermione thing to do! Back to the point though, she thought the person was her brother, but she said she looked like her brother with her short hair so itís making me a little suspicious. Could it have been a mirror or something else shiny? Or maybe it was her brother? All these theories and they may not even be right :P

I canít believe that thereís already a cliff-hanger second chapter in! I really canít think who it may be. Krum has a hulky figure but itís been worn away since Azkaban and I have a feeling all this build up wouldnít have been done if it was just him. Perhaps itís someone from London whoís tracked down Rose and Krum. Or maybe itís Hugoís boyfriend as we never actually met him, I donít think. I may be wrong though as my memory is really bad!

Anyhow that was a really great chapter and Iím eagerly awaiting the next so I can find out who the mystery man is!


Author's Response: Thank you so much, p_c! I'm so glad the chapter was worth the wait, though I'm going to try super hard to update a lot quicker next time. I don't really know where the idea to have Krum do woodwork came from, but I'm really happy you liked it. I was hoping it would show that he was settling in really well to the new environment, finding ways to keep busy and all that.

I've never written a sequel before so it's a little nerve-wracking figuring out how to show the characters growing without ignoring what's come before. Hopefully the changes in them feel realistic given how hard life on the run has been.

Yay! I'm so glad you liked the bits about the island. There will be a few more related to the culture of the island in the next chapter, so hopefully it won't get too tedious. If you're interested, since you said you're a geography nerd, the island itself is fictional, but I based it mostly on the island of Moorea.

I almost feel bad now about throwing in a cliffhanger so soon! I do plan to have this story move a lot faster early on than the first one, but hopefully not too fast, and I'll admit, this one will be a bit of a false start. And you're right, Hugo's boyfriend hasn't appeared yet, but he will pop up eventually!

Thank you so much for the lovely review. I really appreciate it!!

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Review #15, by adluvshp Chapter Two

27th May 2013:
Hey there! You updated, yay xD

I loved this chapter! I am liking your descriptions quite a lot, you're giving us enough detail to visualise the setting and the people, and yet not so much that it gets boring, and that's great.

I am so worried for Rose and Krum now, ghosh. I liked the way you showed in the beginning the tension between the two, showing that all's not well in the paradise. Then, the part about the hysterics gave me a little shock, why did she break down like that? I hope it will be explored further in future chapters.

The ending definitely surprised me. I surely didn't expect something of this sort to happen so soon. But oh dear, what's going to happen next? Did Rose really see her brother Hugo? Who's the man heading for her? What are they going to do with her?

Ah so many questions. I am quite excited for the next chapter already xD As always, a brilliant piece of writing!

There was one typo I noticed by the way: in the last section it says "she nearly cried the name allowed" but I presume it should be "aloud" and not "allowed"?

Apart from that, this made for a smooth read!!

Great going! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks, AD! I'm so glad you liked the descriptions. Since the setting is pretty important to the plot, I tried really hard to set the scene as early as possible, but I'm glad it didn't cross the line into boring.

Rose's breakdown and the ongoing tension between her and Krum will definitely be explored in future chapters. I'm so happy that what was included here was enough to pique your interest.

This story will definitely move at a faster pace than the first, and I'm so excited it seems to have gotten your wheels turning already. Hopefully the mystery of who the man is won't be a disappointment.

Yikes! Thanks for pointing out that typo. I fixed it as soon as I saw your review. Thank you so much for the R&R. I really appreciate it!!

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Review #16, by Jchrissy Chapter Two

26th May 2013:
Seriously Becky? I've been a good writing partner, having I? Poking you to get going when you take too long putting your amazing thoughts into words, poking you more when I decide these words are taking too long... I've been good to you, haven't I??

AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME? By giving me a million cliffhangers in less than (I forgot to check the exact amount) 4,000 words? By bringing all these feelings I have for Krum and Rose back into my heart, then twisting me up into a little pile of worry and feels?

Okay, well, I guess I can't complain too much since the talent you have at getting me so intoxicated with your characters is something I love so much about you writing. But now I'm going to PM you demanding to know what happens next.

Your style has changed for this. Though that's not exactly right. The first book was full with the feeling if... being naive I guess? Rose was young in a lot of ways, though maybe an adult she was still pretty naive to the world. And something about the way you wrote it showed that. This one, the feeling has grown up a lot. Not that your writing felt like it was new in the first book, it was just ROSE that felt young. And here it feels like so much has changed, rightly so considering how much she's changed. I don't feel like I'm a young girl struggling to get where she wants, handle her overbearing career, and then starting this new romance that was way too much for her but everything she needed. Now I feel like I'm more skeptical, maybe a touch hardened. Okay. I'm not making sense. This is your fault. Why do you have to write such amazing characters that feel so real they want to rip my damn heart out?

Viktor was still Viktor, and i could kiss you for that. He's been through everything. He can adapt. He's lived to adapt. And he's still a man of few words. I could feel the struggle he had letting Rose go alone, though. I think he realized she needed too, but he also can't quit the protective side of his nature.

And Rose. I don't know Becky, I just don't know. God, I wanted SO MUCH for them to be together. I love what they made one another in to, and I loved Rose getting to find this new side of herself and Krum getting to be a better person. But I feel this sort of emptiness in her now. And you wouldn't be doing her justice if it wasn't there. She gave up everything. If you portrayed her as this happy girl who was living the island dream, you would have really dulled the sacrifice she made for Krum. In turn, dulling her love for him. But still, it sort of breaks my heart to feel like she did give up so much.

And GOD I don't know if I'm making any sense, but this just gave me so many feelings. I wish I could give you a coherent review, but don't worry Dan will give you one when he gets to this I'm sure :P. So I'll just blabber on and try and get across what I'm feeling.

Your mention of Rose's reaction during one of her and Krums ventures to town was just enough to show us that this is taking a toll on her. And I feel like Krum knows that too.

Then you show us how perfect they are together. And how Krum is doing everything he can to make this as easy as he can by making a table for them. And then the lovey feels just all came rushing back. UGH. This is so hard for me. I just need you to write this entire thing over night, okay?

PS: the idea of Vanilla and tuna mixing smells is a tiny but repulsive. HAHA. I hate seafood though, so I'm a bit biased. I love that you went into detail explaining the island without throwing facts in our face. We understand what sort of world they're living it, how it sustains itself, and how they've meshed into it. The comment about girls putting red seaweed in their hair was particularly adorable.

In high school I went on a trip with a group we had to Pueblo Mexico and we ran pipes through there to get water to a village, and that place feels so much like what you're describing. A much simpler existence where woman made homemade tortillas on a stone outside over fire.

You're such a talented writer, Becky. I think the only reason I'm not dying of jealousy is because how much I love these people. Haha. And the fact that when you're a famous author one day, I'm going to demand signed copies of books and say, HEY! I WAS THE ONE WHO POKED HER TO WRITE.

This was an incredible second chapter and an amazing way combine the story I know and love, with one that can stand on its own two feet.

Now I want more.

I wish I had CC or anything helpful to offer you. But I couldn't imagine a better way to start this story.

Author's Response: *hides under a rock* I didn't know it was possible to feel both super excited and super guilty all from one review :P You can have all the spoilers you want as long as you don't quit as official hand-holder!!

It's so weird that you feel like there has been a style change. I felt the same thing while writing it. I'm not sure if it's all just the change in Rose, who is in a bit of a darker mental place right now, or if it's actually the way I'm writing. Does it make me sound like the most totally conceited person to say I feel like we've both grown and changed since the end of OtE?

Squee! Everything you said about Krum was just what I wanted to come through in that scene. He is adapting to this new life so much better than Rose, mostly because he had nothing important to leave behind. He's living free and un-bothered -- just what he always wanted, so he's missing and lacking nothing.

You're not rambling at all! I'm literally so excited by everything you're saying because it's exactly what I was hoping to convey. To me, OtE was mostly about Rose asking herself if she could ever love a man like Viktor. This one is more about whether loving him is enough. For him the answer is easy because he has nothing else. For her, she's giving up everything, and even if she loves him, is that too high a price? Okay, I'm going to shut up about that now because if anyone else reads this response they'll think I'm the most pretentious person ever!!

haha! I didn't really think about how truly awful that smell combination would be. But you're right, that's disgusting! Other than that, I'm glad you liked the details. I thought it was important to set the scene here to help contrast with her return to London later. Hopefully it wasn't too much. I struggle with knowing where to draw the line with location setting.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for pushing me through this chapter! Seriously, I just can't even say how awesome it is to have such amazing support!!!

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Review #17, by adluvshp Chapter One

24th May 2013:
Hey there!!

Would you look at my luck? I happened to stop by your author's page randomly and I find the sequel to Over the Edge! I was so excited I immediately jumped at it. Needless to say, I am not disappointed.

This first chapter is pretty amazing. You've set up the scene wonderfully. The story summary has me intrigued and I am fearfully waiting for something bad to happen to separate Rose and Krum, lol. But anyway, so far it seems great. Your descriptions are amazing as always, and the little details you provided about Rose's current life are really good.

I am so eager to read the next chapter now. Please update soon!

Great going!

Author's Response: Thanks, AD! I'm so glad you happened by!!

I know it's a pretty short chapter, but I'm really glad you liked it. I tried hard to tuck in a bit of that "impending doom" sort of feeling. And I'm so happy you liked the descriptions. I laid them on a bit thicker than normal in this chapter, so I'm extra happy it didn't leave you running for the hills!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review. I'm hoping to post chapter two sometime this evening.

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Review #18, by patronus_charm Chapter One

24th April 2013:
I finally found some time to come and visit Undertow!

I am so glad that Over the Edge has a sequel, with the way you ended it, it would always leave me thinking but what happened to Rose and Krum did they managed to get a happy ever after or did they end up breaking up. But yay I get it here :D

I love the way you started it was perfect, as you were showing that though Rose is happy, there seems to be that underlying feeling of whether this is the way she really wants to live her life constantly on the run. Iím also really glad that the memories of Regina are still haunting her, as it would make perfect sense that they were especially with the way Krum got arrested and then he escaped from prison. I canít wait to see how this continues to affect her.

I suppose the one good thing about being on the run is that they get to visit a tropical island. Iím so excited to see all the exotic locations and I canít wait to see where else they visit. Eek! Iím just so excited in general, as Iíll be reading live time and not all in one go!

This was an excellent prologue and I can definitely see how it could be a standalone book! I am now eagerly waiting chapter two :D


Author's Response: Yay!! I'm so excited you liked OtE enough to want to check out the sequel!

I'm so glad that the feeling that Rose is happy but... came through. That's going to be the major theme of the story, deciding between two things that are both good but neither perfect. And I thought it was important to show that what happened with Regina has changed Rose. I don't think that sort of thing is something you just get over. I'm glad you liked it being mentioned here.

Writing a whole new setting has been fun but challenging. Rose will find her way back to London eventually, but for now, I've had the chance to spend a lot of time looking at beautiful photos of places I've never been :P

Thank you so much for reviewing. I've been having some writer's block of late, but I really hope to update this by the end of the weekend. Thanks again!!

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Review #19, by lia_2390 Chapter One

21st April 2013:
Hi Becky!

I'm actually very excited to read this though I feel bad because I haven't even finished 'Over the Edge'. I'm spoiling myself here, but I'll pretend I'm new to these characters as I read this story.

Anyway, I thought this was a good opening chapter. You've made an interesting contrast between absolute serenity and turmoil. As it appears, she's on the run for murder - an act she still feels guilty for even after two years - but still finds a bit of peace when she stands on the beach. I wonder if the man beside her knows about these nightmares as he seems to sleep so soundly after what they've been through (whatever that might be). I may be getting ahead of myself here to say that it may possibly be a cause of future conflict. The fact that you've written a sequel alone means that their story isn't really over.

Your description is so vivid, I can picture myself there. It's a nice blend of the concrete surroundings and Rose's thoughts.

I'm rather keen to see where this goes. It also means I have to go finish the prequel as well.



Author's Response: Thank you, Lia!

This style was a little out of my comfort zone, and the rest of the story will slip into my more "normal" voice. But I did want to try and show exactly what you said -- a disconnect between the quiet beauty of where Rose is and the darkness in her mind. In a way, contradiction is sort of the theme of this story. Rose will be forced to choose between things that are easy but unfulfilling, and things that are hard but make her happy.

Thank you so much for the lovely review. I'm really happy we got matched up for the swap!

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Review #20, by Ardeith Chapter One

3rd April 2013:
I'm so excited you are writing a sequel to Over the Edge!! I can't wait to see where you take Krum and Rose. I felt they had a strong relationship but Rose was giving up an awful lot to be with him. Giving up too much maybe??

Beautiful writing in this chapter. Very atmospheric.

This made me miss my former tropical home so much..." Everything on the island was the same temperature. The air. The ocean. Even her own body." Unlike Rose, I never never NEVER longed for the blast of winter wind.

Author's Response: Ardeith! I'm so happy you stopped by! I didn't really plan on writing a sequel to OtE, but I guess I still have more left to say :P This one will definitely be focused on Rose deciding what in life she can and can't live without.

I'm so glad you liked the writing. It's a little more stylistic than I usually go for, but I thought I could get away with it for one chapter. Oooh, I've never liked in the tropics before, but I did live in Southern California and I'm with you. Winter can stay away!

Thanks so much for reviewing. I'm so glad you decided to check out the sequel!!

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Review #21, by Jchrissy Chapter One

25th March 2013:
I CAN'T BELIEVE SOMEONE ELSE GOT THE FIRST REVIEW TO THIS. I am very, very angry right now. That's what I get for not reviewing first thing this morning. Hmph.

This Rose already seems more grown up than OTE in a different sort of way. That Rose was mature but naive, adult but still wide eyed. This one is far from naive, and that seems to be showing on her. It's like I can already feel a bit of unease brewing in her, and I'm not sure I like it. Does she regret her decision? Is being with only this man, isolated from her family, getting to be too much? What has their life been like together so far? Is she as happy as she'd want to be? Oh god, so many questions!

This was a very blurry start, and I loved that. It was like we'd just woken up with Rose, but we didn't know why all these feelings are inside of us. Your descriptions surrounding the ocean were beautiful, and really magnified her sense of... whatever is going on inside of her.

I am so excited to see where this goes. I hope Rose is happy... I know how hard just living away from family is, I can't imagine living away from it and knowing I can't visit. I hope Krum has stayed the man she's fallen in love with... and ugh. So many questions!

Perfect start, Becky!

Author's Response: Haha! Well, I shall do my best to post another chapter soon. I don't think you'll find yourself with a lot of reviewing competition on this one :P

Rose is definitely going to be different -- I mean, still herself but with more experience under her belt. With OtE, a good portion of the uncertainty/impetus came from outside herself: her family, her boss, the press, Krum. This one is more of an internal journey, where she has to decide more for herself instead of being swept along by circumstances -- or at least that's what I'm hoping!

Blurry? I like that term. I went outside my comfort zone in terms of letting the mood sit really heavy in writing, which I'm always loath to do. But I'm trying to break the habit of always starting my stories out of sync with the rest of the timeline. Hopefully it wasn't too melodramatic...?

I'm really excited (and nervous) to hear what you think once we really get into the story. I've never attempted a sequel before! Thanks so much for reviewing!!

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Review #22, by teh tarik Chapter One

25th March 2013:
I haven't read Over the Edge, but the summary of your story really intrigued me and I'm hoping that I'll be able to follow it even if it is a sequel :)

So, this is an absolutely wonderful start. Gah! Your writing is just so fluid; there's a lovely and very organic blend of description of the external setting with Rose's introspective thoughts and feelings.There is a fine mixture of tones, exterior calm but with unsettling hints shot through the narrative e.g. the nightmare, and how the both of them are running from the law, all the places they've been melting together in a haze of's all beautifully done. There's little action in this chapter, and yet it's utterly gripping and there's a very foreboding feel to it, like tension is building up slowly, going to breach the little paradise Rose and Krum (I think) are currently inhabiting.

And you have some lovely descriptions as well: Everything on the island was the same temperature. The air. The ocean. Even her own body. Most accurate description of the tropics, ever! At least I'm assuming they're in somewhere with a balmy tropical climate.

Anyway, this is a rather short review but I've enjoyed this so much. Really wonderfully written and I'll be looking forward to updates :D


Author's Response: Hi, teh. Thank you so much for being my first review!

I'm so glad you thought the chapter flowed well. This is a little more dreamy and detail-oriented than I usually write, but since it's an opening chapter, I'm hoping I can get away with it being a little more abstract and brooding. The details of the story will unfold slowly, but my goal here was definitely to set the feeling that all is not well in paradise.

Yes, it's the tropics for sure! I'm a northern dweller myself most of the year but I remember distinctly the first time I stepped in the ocean and found it wasn't cold!

Thank you so much for stopping by, and again for being my first review. I'm so glad you liked the chapter and hope you'll be so inclined to stop by again once I've posted a few more :)

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