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Review #1, by 800 words of heaven The Namesake

4th January 2014:

This is so adorable! Stories about after and George inevitably make me sad, which this one did, but it still had this beautiful humour. It was a really realistic portrayal of life, I think. George really misses his brother, and there's always going to be a part of him that will mourn for his brother, but he understands that he must move on in life - which he does. I really liked how it wasn't Angelina solely that helped him through that time, which is the plot of many stories revolving around George post-Fred. I liked how he already was beginning to get on with his life, yet Angelina was still part of that recovery process and how she seemed to be a friend for him when he needed it.

The last bit with the fireworks was just delightful! I can totally imagine Fred doing something wacky like that, even from beyond the grave. Such a wonderful read!

Author's Response: Hello! I always cringe a little at new reviews on this story as it was one of the earliest stories I wrote. It amazes me that people actually enjoy it XD

I'm really really pleased that you liked it though, as much as I think George would have been utterly heartbroken at the loss of Fred, I think he would know that Fred would want him to carry on with his life and not waste it.

Thank you so much for a lovely review :)

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Review #2, by MissesWeasley123 The Namesake

27th December 2013:
Hi Dee! I'm here for the 12 Days of Reviewing over at the Forums! This story seemed bannerless, and gave me a wonderful excuse to read some of your work, albeit your earlier stuff.

This, this was adorable and sweet. Short and simple, but so much more than that. You wrote it wonderfully, and with so much finesse. I loved it a lot.

I loved your ideas and the concept of it all. Him meeting Angelina at the ball, all the way to Ron taking over Fred's place to help lessen the pain. It was so emotional, but so heart warming as well.

George's reaction to being a father was both funny and made me teary eyed too. It was so nice to see he'd finally found a bit of happiness after his twin's death. It was awesome to hear him joke again, and laugh. That was brilliant.

The firework really hit it though. That was beautiful in a Weasley twin way. It was perfect, and I loved it. I adored the last line so much, and I just wish Fred hadn't died. This story brought so many memories, but also showed hope which always means a lot.

Great piece Dee!

Author's Response: Hello Nadia!!

It really makes me cringe when I get reviews on my older stories, they're so bad! The reason this has no banner is because I've been debating whether or not I should just delete it...

That being said, I do love the twins and I wrote this to make me feel better about Fred's death, it's one I'll never get over. I was glad when JKR said that George married and had kids and didn't live his life completely miserable.

Thank you for your kind words, as usual, you really are too good to me!

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Review #3, by SlightObsession The Namesake

10th September 2013:
Awhhh this is so cute :3 and I love Freds little thing at the end :3
SO xx

Author's Response: Thank you (L) This was one of the earliest things I wrote, it needs some SERIOUS editing :P xx

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Review #4, by LittleLionGirl The Namesake

25th July 2013:
This story was so cute! I feel bad for George but I am happy that he moved on. I like the little conversation with his brother. It seems like a George way to cope with everything. Was the firework Ron? I mean it does seem like him haha. You are a very skilled writer! Please don't stop writing! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the lovely review! The firework will remain a mystery ;) Don't worry, I don't intend to stop :D xx

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Review #5, by Mirella18 The Namesake

22nd July 2013:
This is such a sweet story. Fred and George were my favorite characters.

Author's Response: I don't blame you, they're amazing :) thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by patronus_charm The Namesake

20th July 2013:
Aw this one-shot really made me all teary and have a ton of fuzzy feelings! I really need to stop reading stories about the next gen children being born because they make me cry way too much!

The backstory you provided for how George and Angelina got together was really lovely. ♥ I imagined that George would become a bit of a hermit after the death of Fred so it was nice to see it happen in your portrayal of him, though obviously not nice for George himself! My heart really grieved for him at that point.

I loved the way Molly just kind of blustered into his life and forced him outside and into the real world. It made me chuckle a little to see that he was having to go out against his will! The idea of the ball though was a nice touch, and the fact that George still had a bit of rebel inside of him was really nice. Of course they would have to bond over his pranking ways!

Another which I thought was really good was how you set the scene for Fredís birth with it all being calm in the hospital and both of them sleeping. It made me chuckle a little because I always imagined that Fred II would be the person most far from it out of all of them!

Georgeís thoughts about the baby looking like him and Fred were so sweet. Then when he started talking to Fred and apologising for stealing Angelia it really made me tear up. I think they would have both been great uncles to each otherís children and for that to be taken from them was just cruel. It was nice to see that the birth of Fred was almost helping him overcome the pain of the other Fredís death.

The poo firework going off at the end was a really nice touch. It related back to what I just mentioned and made me laugh. I thought this was a really lovely one-shot!


Author's Response: Hello again Kiana! Can I just start by saying how lovely your reviews are! They always make me smile :)

I'm glad George and Angelinas getting together was how you imagined, it's always the way that I thought too. I think she would have been really good for him.

Molly really is a force of nature isn't she? I love how even as adults her children have a fear o her, she's just such an amazing mum and I think the only one who could convince George to go to the ball.

I agree about them being great Uncle's and it always makes me sad that JKR killed Fred off, something I'm still not okay with!

I'm glad you liked this, it's one of my earlier stories and probably needs some editing but I loved writing it :D

Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by Owlpost68 The Namesake

29th June 2013:
aww you made me all teary! That was entirely too sweet. Fred would have been such a great uncle to Fred Jr, and all the rest of them. Such a cute story.

Author's Response: Awh I'm sorry! I'm glad you liked the story though! And I agree, Fred would have made an excellent uncle

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Review #8, by marauder5 The Namesake

3rd May 2013:
I think this story is great, but with the potential of being even better! I love the plot: I think George and Angelina bumping into each other at the memorial ball, and the fact that it wouldn't have happened unless Mrs Weasley had pushed him into going. You really captured Mrs Weasley's character perfectly when she yelled at him - I found this line especially touching: "Her voice broke at this point but she didn't cry, she simply glared at George until he sighed and admitted defeat." She's so strong, and I think that really comes across here.

I imagine George and Angelina's relationship being his comfort in the same way that you have portrayed it here, like finding his true love finally brings light to his life again. It's really nice.

I also imagine that this was exactly what George felt like when Fred II was born. Of course he would have wanted to share the experience with his twin, and he would have wanted his son to know his namesake. It's so sad, and you've written it perfectly. George resorting to humour is so like him! I love what he has to say when he looks up to the sky and talks to Fred.

I only have a few suggestions that I think would make the story even better. The first thing I noticed is that little Freddie had blue eyes and red hair. I find it quite hard to believe, considering Angelina is dark-skinned (she is, right? At least in the movies.) But it's just a minor detail, and I guess it's possible that he took after his father.

The next thing is the firework. I understand that you wanted to show that Fred was still watching over them, and that he was, as you wrote, his way of celebrating the birth of his nephew. However, I found it quite hard to believe that something so 'clear' would happen. I think it would be more effective if there was something more subtle, perhaps just a small sign or hint that George thinks comes from his brother. At least for me, it would be more believable and even more touching.

The last thing is that I wanted to know a little bit more about everything. What did George and Angelina say to each other when they met? Perhaps a little more details about the birth etc. I want more, haha! But that's just because I really see the potential in this and I really like your writing style. Your characterization is flawless, as well. So I think you have done a really good jobb with this, and it was very moving! :)

Author's Response: Firstly, I am absolutely amazed that you read and actually enjoyed one of my stories! I've been following '19 years' and absolutely adore it, you are incredibly talented so the fact that you liked my writing is amazing!
I wrote this story a long time ago, before I watched the films, and the books never say that Angelina is dark-skinned. I always imagined any Weasley child with red hair, it's such a dominant gene ;) I realise this makes less sense now I've seen the movies haha.
Characterisation has always been really important to me when wiring so I really appreciate the good feedback on that. These characters are my favourites so I try to do them justice :)
I definitely see your point about the firework, something less subtle would definitely work better in this. I do plan to revisit my stories and edit them after receiving such great feedback on this site so will take everything you've said on board, particularly the part about George and Angelina's meeting at the ball.
Thank you very much for the wonderful feedback!

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Review #9, by me The Namesake

19th April 2013:
LOL!loved it! Dhdhbdfjhb

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :) x

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Review #10, by ralphiegirl The Namesake

25th March 2013:
this is so cute! I love the way you write!

Author's Response: Awh thank you, that means so much :) I'm glad you enjoyed it! xx

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Review #11, by trish0405 The Namesake

25th March 2013:
Awww this is really sweet!!! Love the ending:)

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'm glad you enjoyed it x

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Review #12, by nightingale14 The Namesake

24th March 2013:
Your one-shot was indeed short and very sweet. I enjoyed reading it very much! Molly Weasley is indeed an unstoppable force and the firework at the end was a very nice touch :)
Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks so much :) I adore Molly, she is the ultimate role model for girl power haha x

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