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Review #1, by marauderfan In The Lull

30th August 2013:
My goodness, I loved this. It's like a missing moment taken right out of Deathly Hallows, and as far as I'm concerned, it IS what happened at Shell Cottage. Your descriptions are beautiful, and the characters are spot on (I especially liked how you wrote Fleur. Often she gets portrayed as really fussy, but given how she acted with Bill in HBP there's so much more to her than that, and I loved that you wrote the more fun side of her.) And it makes me really happy to think that there was some happiness during such an awful time in the war - a time when they could just be kids, to play in the water and enjoy a moment of calm - because they didn't get the chance for most of the rest of the year. Ron and Hermione are adorable. Poor Harry, though :( Great work on this piece, it's truly beautiful.

Author's Response: I love missing moments! That's why I wrote this, partly. Thanks for the comment on Fleur - I always think there's more to her. She was a triwizard champion for more than her looks! And I think you need to be someone a little special to marry a Weasley, haha. You need guts and a sense of humour!

I love the point you made about giving them time to be kids, because that's what I wanted. But poor Harry... He was so, so burdened in the last book, that I think even when the opportunity presented itself to relax a little, he was just too tired and stressed. So we have Hermione worrying about him, but finding herself falling in love too.

Thank you so so much for reading and reviewing! I really appreciate it.

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Review #2, by 1917farmgirl In The Lull

21st August 2013:
I've heard that reviews can be good for those who have had a bad day. Maybe I can help you smile. :D

This was beautiful! So incredible! I'm having a hard time putting my feelings into words.

I love the way you've woven the sea into this, and the vivid imagery that accompanies it. I've always been drawn to water. Don't know why, but I love it. Love getting in it, feeling the sand, watching the waves. And so I felt like I was standing right there with Hermione.

I also loved the easy way you had the characters appear. They were just there. NO cumbersome introductions or explanations. You gave us a moment of time in their lives, opened the lens, let us watch, and then shut it again. It was perfect. Little phrases - Luna's think shoulder, Hermione's aching bones, the boys gather wood - they told us all we needed to know about what was going on in the outside big picture. But, like your title says, this was a moment of peace. And it was beautiful.

Love Hermione admitting she's falling in love. So wonderful. And poor Harry. Sometimes, I feel so bad he never really got to just be a boy.

Thanks for writing this! It's amazing and it's going in my favorites.

Author's Response: This is so, so sweet of you. I mentioned it before, but you really did help me feel better on a day when I was doubting all of my choices and stressing over the future and reliving my bad day over and over in my head! Thank you so much. Really.

And now that I'm here... I don't know what to say to this lovely review! You have a really nice way of expressing yourself. I'm really glad you enjoyed this story and felt that sense of peace and beauty that I wanted to get across at that beach.

I really like your comment about the way the characters appear! What a nice observation. I kind of wanted them to just wash up on the beach with the foam. Gently there.

Thank you again, so much.

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Review #3, by telewe In The Lull

24th July 2013:
Fabulous! Very well written.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for letting me know! :)

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Review #4, by ginerva_molly_weasley In The Lull

17th July 2013:
Hi Athene. I thought i'd come and review some of yours for our members reviews. I know this is from a while ago but it is still truly fantastic.

The vivid description here was just wonderful and I loved that the setting was on the beach. It gave the tranquility and the calm which they'd been lacking in the whole turmoil of the war and I love that you gave them a safe haven just for a little while whilst they readjusted and were able to heal. I didn't even notice the lack of description whilst reading it as it just flowed so well, I would even go as far to say that it was flawless.

I also loved where you had Fleur in the water, not afraid of ruining her looks but instead spending time with her husband which gave the romance to it all and I loved that it flowed so well with the Romance of Ron and Hermione with their hands intertwining and Hermione falling in love. It was wonderful!

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Review #5, by PhoenixTailAndHolly In The Lull

20th June 2013:
Great story, though the analogies to the sea started to feel a little bit forced at the end. I think you have quite an extensive vocabulary, and you choose your words wisely; the text never becomes needlessly complex, or riddled with ostentatious synonyms. I rated this a 9/10

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you very much for coming by to read and review. I can see what you mean about the sea analogies, as they seem to return at the end having faded away. That said, I like Ron and Hermione's tangled fingers ;) Perhaps I could look at making it slightly subtler.

Thank you very much for both the CC and the praise!

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Review #6, by Debra20 In The Lull

12th April 2013:
Ok so Athene, why have you been hiding these stories from me until now? You should definitely advertise them more because this piece is raw gold. It's so, so beautiful! I can't even begin to express how amazed I was by the power of your descriptions. You have such a good grip on imagery and on sensory description!

When Hermione stands in front of the ocean and watches Ron and you describe the ocean around her, you can almost taste the salty air, feel it fill your nostrils and spread through your body. I had such a surreal experience with this, you can't even begin to imagine. Not to mention that it was filled with emotion.

I'm very happy you decided to write this as a moment of peace in their terrible days at that present time. It's a breath of fresh air both for them, with all the running around and going into hiding from the Death Eaters, and for us following them with bated breath. I honestly enjoy action/adventure stories and stories with a faster pace, but when one of this one comes along, where everything is pure description and feel, I can sit back, take a break and enjoy it's beauty. You are so talented!

Author's Response: I don't really know how to advertise my stories! Haha! I promise I'm not hiding them!

I honestly don't know what to say to this incredible review... I'm utterly thrilled that it made you feel this way! And I do love the little lost moments... I'm considering writing a series of them.

Thanks again!
Athene xo

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Review #7, by MissMoneypenny In The Lull

30th March 2013:
This was so beautiful...there's something about it that immediately transports me to Shell Cottage, that makes me feel like I'm sat on the beach next to Hermione, my head rested on Luna's shoulder.
It is, well, magical!

You're a really talented writer; the way you've described the surroundings and conveyed everyone's emotions is incredible.
Also, Hermione is actually Hermione, although that sounds completely unintelligent and ridiculous. But in a lot of famfictions she (and all other characters) are completely different from how JK originally made them. She's how I would imagine she would be if the books were from her point of you, so I feel a huge amount of respect for you for being able to continue her character so well.

I absolutely love this story, it's just indescribably brilliant-- 10/10! I'm going to go and take a look at your other work right now because I'm a total stalker. No, I'm not, I'm just amazed by your work. Seriously. If you can write like this, go and write your own stories! Use your talent!

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Review #8, by patronus_charm In The Lull

26th March 2013:
I said I would check this out ages ago, itís just things kept on preventing me from doing so! But, Iím here now!

I liked that carefree scene you painted at the beginning. It was nice to see that there could still be that brotherly competition in the midst of a war. It was just really sweet and endearing to see and gave me fuzzies!

I liked how you didnít make it too happy, as that wouldnít have been realistic. Instead you add reality to it by, making have scars too. Then with her scars too! It just made me want to hug her, as she went through so much, yet she wasnít emphasising on it. That was just her, as I never thought she would be one to dwell on the past too much.

We never get to see the newly wedded Fleur and Bill in their marital bliss, as theyíre either having their wedding crashed (cue Busted!) or having a ton of unexpected guests arrive. By making her run into the water, it was just so unexpected, yet fitting. You could tell how in love they were, and it perhaps foreshadowed what Ron and Hermione will be like in the following years.

Aw Ron was too cute too! The way he was checking that Hermione was watching made me laugh, as he sounded as if he was still a child. Yet he could be mature at the same time, when he held her hand, because he must have sensed how hard and tiring this must be for her. That contrast was great as it really did reflect his character well!

The ending was a perfect way to round off this story. The way she fell in love just by watching him seemed so natural and so her it made my heart warm.

Another excellent one-shot!

-Kiana :D

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Review #9, by Jchrissy In The Lull

25th March 2013:
Youíve woven in such a mixture of sads and warms into the start of this. Thereís the image of Ron splashing in the ocean, but having himself all stripped down we see the scars and that brings us back to why theyíre at the Shell Cottage in the first place. Then you throw more happy at me with Bill joining him, the two brothers splashing together, and again bring the reality back with his own scars and the ache in Hermione.

I love that you brought her torture into this, because it seems like sometimes itís just forgotten about. She endured so much and it sort of seemed that got over it, but the fact that you donít forget about it and bring it up felt really fitting. Poor Hermione ;(. I want to hug her.

The mention of Harry as her brother! So perfect. Yes people, her brother. Got it? :P Heís barely in this, but youíve characterized him so beautifully. Placed back from them all, broody and unable to let even this small bit of joy enter into him. Itís so Harry, isnít it? Are you sure you arenít JKR?

And then Ron is just a big kid. Oh my gosh I love him. Needing Hermione to watch was one of the sweetest details Iíve seen. Then getting into him splashing and playing like the boy he should be... youíre trying to break my heart, arenít you? All I can think about are all those moments they should have had. Those times when their childhood still should have been that, and instead itís these small fleeting moments of happiness they get. Just getting to experience this with Hermione is so precious that it makes me wish JKR would have given us more of this. Good thing I have you, I can just demand it that way. Mwahaha. But really, this little glance into the kind of happiness they should have been able to enjoy all the time is both turning me into mush and breaking my heart. What am I supposed to do with you?

I love the detail about Fleur running fully clothed into the water and into Billís arms. God itís beautiful. Youíre so talented. I want to bottle you up, can I do that? I also love that Luna got her moment in this. She adds sort of a softness to anything sheís in.

You still have the < i > around the world Ďallí in the fifth paragraph from the bottom. I wonder if those dashes on either side of the word are holding it in there?

Sarah. I donít know what I want to do now. I really donít. Part of me wants to cry because thereís so much sadness wrapped up in all that beauty, but itís still so gorgeous that I want to laugh. Then cry. God, why do you do this to me? I donít even know what to do with my feels. Itís all so romantic and pure, and I have to be done now before I blubber. Youíre amazing, missy miss.

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Review #10, by momotwins In The Lull

22nd March 2013:
Aww! Very romantic. Really enjoyed it. Beautifully written, just love your characterizations and your adherence to canon. Small touches like Hermione's achiness from the torture and the mention of Ollivander really make the story. Love it.

You left in some tags to italicize a word, they're showing as part of the story. :)

Author's Response: Yay, first review! Thank you :)

I'm glad you enjoyed this so much. I just had all these leftover Ron & Hermione feelings and I had this image of them at the beach, and it sort of tumbled out over an hour's writing!

Oh, those tags. I edited them out, they should be gone now.

And! Thank you for the very exciting PM I received today. Made a very horrible day much much much better.


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