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Review #1, by Emory  With Brothers, crews, and shenanigins

6th August 2013:
*horse stops in middle of chapter. throws rider off. rider cries a little than re-mounts* Didn't think I'd be back did ye? Well ye were wrong! This here chapter is of suitable content pertaining to the words and characters of... English language. *horse shakes head in disgust* Er. Yeah. i'll be leaving now. *tries to get on horse, but horse sidesteps. tries again. fails. jumps on horse hot dog style and is dragged to the next chapter. But wait. there is no next chapter. is slammed into a brick wall of sadness.*

Author's Response: Um, I think tht may have been a compliment lost in complicated, unnecessary venacular. Well if it was thank you. Otherwise: your bonkers. And I will update soon. Worry you not.

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Review #2, by Emory Of colds, broomcupboards and Quidditch Players

6th August 2013:
Sh. i'm back. I know you missed me dearly. *horse neighs in disbelief* but I had to return. if only to leave you the most pointless review ever. sh...h...h.hhh. i'm leaving now. *trots of on horse. horse stops abruptly for no reason other than to be annoying. resumes trot and walks into the next chapter*

Author's Response: Bhahaha lol, '*Horse rides into next chapter*' it gets me everytime.

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Review #3, by Emory Awkward Creatures, Fear of Heights, and Eves Dropping

6th August 2013:
hm. interesting. will read next chapter and report back to you. *rides of on horse* PS I am not your sister... stop calling me your sister! stop it! *sobs quietly, making horse feel uncomfortable*

Author's Response: Hahahaha wow. Emory, its okay to except yourself for who you are. A). My sister. B). Completely insane C). Startlingly funny.

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Review #4, by Gryffindor10597230  With Brothers, crews, and shenanigins

3rd August 2013:
Love how Marina acts with Levi and his crew.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review, they make my day. I know, that was one of my favorite things to write about because Levi and his crew is actually based around my brother and his friends. Do you think I should write from the point of veiws?

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Review #5, by Gryffindor10597230 Awkward Creatures, Fear of Heights, and Eves Dropping

28th March 2013:
'Here comes the pity story, sigh.'

That really made me laugh. I like your story, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Lol, much thanks. I knew I needed Marina to have a backstory, and I wanted to ease the 'my life is so hard' feel. Thanks for the review! Hopefully I will hear from you soon.

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Review #6, by Callum Awkward Creatures, Fear of Heights, and Eves Dropping

20th March 2013:
This Seems Like A Good Story Keep Up The Good Work Can't Wait To Update

Author's Response: Thanks, you're my first ever reveiwer! Look for my update, and review that one too! ;)

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