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Review #1, by TheGirlOnFire Lost in Thought

15th March 2014:
Hello, this is for the blackout bingo. 8/20 ;)

I like the idea of a story bwing told from Umbridge's point of view. It was nice seeing what Umbridhe thought about things. That scene with the Hufflepuffs, my friend would sincerely go to her grave defending Hufflepuffs she has so much Badger Pride. Some what she was saying was really like Umbridge. You really captured the spirit of Umbridge and you portrayed what she really thought about certain situations. I never liked Umbridge, this made me like her less. Everything she said about Hagrid and Dumbledore. It's very realistic. You have really written this well, I am really glad I read this, You are quite talented. Umbridge is such an evil and difficult person to write and I feel like you did her justice.


Author's Response: Aww thanks! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the read and review!

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Review #2, by ShadowRose Lost in Thought

2nd March 2014:
Hello! I'm here for the Gryffindor/Slytherin Blackout Battle!

Okay, so I don't think I've ever read anything from Umbridge's point of view before, so this story's definitely unique. I think you've done a great job of capturing her character - she definitely has this strong air of superiority and that running inner monologue about how she's planning to take all these people down. It's actually strikingly similar to her actions and quotes in the books, so you've definitely done a great job with her characterization.

I particularly liked the part where you talk about Hagrid and Flitwick. Granted, what you say from her point of view is dreadfully cruel and mean, but it also shows so much about her personality, and shows one of the scariest things about Umbridge - she has these strong hatreds not because she doesn't know better, but because she knows things well enough to twist them to make other groups look bad. She has so much backing for all of her opinions, and so much influence in the Ministry, that all her ideas can garner support from those easily swayed by words. Ugh, now she's reminding me of a politician. Which, I guess, in a sense, is true of her.

Oh gosh, I get the feeling the kids got a hold of some Puking Pastilles. What a great way to use them. I can just imagine how much that would irritate Umbridge - she hates messes and children and foul odors, and that's just everything at once! Go Fred and George!

Also, I love the part where she's analyzing the Houses - there's definitely some strong prejudices there, and really gives the reader an opportunity to see just how much she hates all these different groups of people. "What was a Hufflepuff anyway?" made me think of A Very Potter Musical, and I started giggling to myself.

Anyway, I think you did an excellent job here, and this was fun to read - a great insight on a character rarely written about in fanfiction!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

Author's Response: Aww thanks! I am so glad you liked it! Thanks for the read and review!

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Review #3, by nott theodore Lost in Thought

1st March 2014:
Hello! Wow, I don't think I've actually ever read a story about Dolores Umbridge and this was certainly an enlightening first, even if it is slightly scary to get a glimpse into the mind of such a terrifying and horrible woman (with all that pink!)

I think you did a good job getting a hold on her characterisation and giving us an insight into her mind and thought process. It was actually a little unnerving how well you managed to grasp her thoughts. Her hatred for children was very evident through this, even before the end of the story. Almost every word reeked of contempt of all the pupils at the school - there wasn't a single person who seemed to escape her scorn in this story, she criticised everyone in her thoughts! I don't know why anybody thought that it would be a good idea for Umbridge to become a teacher!

The part about half breeds was just awful (not badly written, well written but horrible to read about!). Her thoughts about poor old Hagrid and Flitwick were so mean but so true to her character, because she hated them so much and would practically have fitted in with the Death Eaters perfectly. I felt so sorry for them and all the other staff that she was thinking about here, because they really didn't deserve it. You did capture her thoughts about them brilliantly, though.

Haha, the part about the conspiracy theories made me laugh a lot because really she's the one who's paranoid, and, along with Fudge, would probably believe in any conspiracy theory that there is if her beloved Ministry was in threat.

Great job here!

Sian :)

Gryffindor vs. Slytherin Battle review 9/10

Author's Response: Thanks for the read and review! I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #4, by 800 words of heaven Lost in Thought

9th January 2014:

Umbridge is such a horrible human being, I just couldn't resist popping in to have a peak inside her head!

OMG I love how her internal monologue makes her sound like a whiny adolescent (the stereotype is rather fitting I think, considering that she hates children so much). She sounds so immature - I love it!

The scariest part about Umbridge, and I think you've shown it beautifully here, is that all her hatred is borne not from some crazy obsession with no basis in reality, but from the society to which she belongs. She just perpetuates all the stereotypes and prejudices to this really extreme level, and what's even more horrible is that she's in a position of power where she can influence policy addressing these issues. I just love how you've sort of subtly included that here by mentioning how she's willing to go complain to the Minister of Magic (who one would think would have better things to worry about) at the slightest hint of her (rather juvenile) whims not being fulfilled, and how she thinks that McGonagall is after her position! I just love how she thinks that Xenophilius is this crazy paranoid person who believes in all the conspiracies, where in fact, she's closer to that description herself.

This was super enjoyable to read and I just absolutely loved this line: "What was a Hufflepuff anyway?" I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.

Author's Response: Oh no!! You reviewed my least favorite piece! LOL! I'm glad you enjoyed this. I have been wanting to go back a revisit this story and expand on it for some time, but have found myself occupied with other pieces for some time now. Some day maybe! Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by Your Secret Santa Lost in Thought

18th December 2013:
FRED: Hi there, Fred and George here--

GEORGE: Or Gred and Forge. We havenít quite figured out which.

FRED: *Glancing down* The tragic pitfalls of monogrammed jumpers.

GEORGE: But hey, what can you do? Anyways, weíve been, ah, convinced, that we should write you a review. You know, for Christmas.

FRED: Convinced? Merlinís most ill-fitting pants, George, we were blackmailed!

GEORGE: *Glances around nervously* Perhaps, er, ďcoerced"?

FRED: Slytherins! I canít believe that girl! Threatening to tell Mum about--

GEORGE: *slaps a hand over Fredís mouth* Shhh...Mum could be listening!

FRED: Fine, fine.

GEORGE: Anyway, turns out we were quite happy to read your story. Gave me a few chuckles, at least.

FRED: Yeah, it was quite good!

GEORGE: I mean, we hate the old bat, of course.

FRED: *Nods* Most miserable woman to walk the planet.

GEORGE: But, you did a very nice job of portraying her.

FRED: Yeah. I really /felt/ the hate.

GEORGE: And the pink.

FRED: *shrugs* Not quite sure which is worse, actually. Or, you know, better. Because you did it so well, which is what made it awful...

GEORGE: Heís trying to say that it was well done.

FRED: Well, yes, thatís what I said!

GEORGE: And she completely /would/ want some poor third year to die just to get Hagrid sacked.

FRED: Unless it was one of her precious Inquisitorial Squad. Speaking of whom, George, did you do that thing with the Everlasting Itch cream?

GEORGE: Already done.

FRED: Brilliant!

GEORGE: And by the way, Holly--can I call you Holly?--how did you hear about that thing with the House Elves? Because I never heard about it, but I bet itís true.

FRED: And what she said about Flitwick? Acting superior? For Merlinís sake, the man makes cupcakes dance to amuse students in his spare time!

GEORGE: Forget the Basilisk. If thereís a monster of Slytherin, itís her.

FRED: Sheís positively mad! Thatís what Iím getting from this little walk down Evil Plot Lane.

GEORGE: More bonkers than a Blast-Ended Skrewt!

FRED: Loopier than a Lobalug!

GEORGE: More mental than a Mackled Malaclaw!

FRED: Nice!

GEORGE: It was, wasnít it?

FRED: *looks back sheepishly* Sorry. At any rate, Iíve got to say, I did not see that ending coming. How Ďbout you, George?

GEORGE: Sounds to me like they all ate some of our patented Puking Pasties.

FRED: One of our better inventions, if I may say so.

GEORGE: Absolutely! Some might question the wisdom of loading up schoolchildren with sweets that will literally make them ill--

FRED: But see how they use them in the Fight for Good?

GEORGE: Never has nausea been so noble!

FRED: Sickness so saintly!

GEORGE: Ailment so honourable!

BOTH: Indeed.

FRED: So, a delightful little peek into the inner workings of the most heinous person to enter Hogwarts since...

GEORGE: Since Lord Voldemort!

FRED: I reckon she might give olí Voldy a run for his money.

GEORGE: And itís nice to see our fellow Gryffindors banning together to take down the monster. A spark of revolution!

FRED: Hmm...sparks.

GEORGE: Sparklers!


GEORGE: Are you thinking what Iím thinking?

**Pause for Weasley Twin Telepathy**

BOTH: Gotta go!

FRED: Thanks for the great idea!

GEORGE: Yeah, that was pretty brilliant. Hats off to you!


FRED: Donít tell Filch we were here.

GEORGE: Nice work once again! A true inspiration!

BOTH: Bye!

Author's Response: Heh...This is officially my all time favorite review! (On my least favorite story even! LOL!) Thanks Secret Santa!! I needed a good laugh today!!

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Review #6, by Lady Asphodel Lost in Thought

7th November 2013:
*laughing my head off!*

Wow, great job with this piece here! It was "weirdly and annoyingly" nice to see Umbridge's Point-of-View about the teachers and staff and the Hogwarts houses. It felt like I was watching the fifth movie again. :D

It's just a thought, but you I think you could have added her thoughts about Snape and Professor Trawleny - ya know because she humiliated Sybill in the story.

Other than that, this was awesome!

- From the review thread:

- Asphodel

Author's Response: When I saw you were reviewing this one I wanted to run away and hide. LOL This is probably the one story that I most feel that I need to go back and re-do.

This was a part of a challenge in which I could only portray one emotion and I was given Hate. I had always wanted to do an Umbridge piece so I figured...why not. Once I get the motivation and slow down on my other projects I really wanted to come back to this and explain on it. I really want to show my version of how she got this mean and expand on her time at Hogwart's. Someday...LOL

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Review #7, by marauderfan Lost in Thought

27th July 2013:
Review tag!

This intrigued me from the start - I've never read anything from Umbridge's point of view before. She is easily my least favourite character in the series (yes, I prefer Voldemort to her!) and I quite liked your interpretations of her musings about how she hates everything. I can clearly see all the prejudice of "half-breeds" and disgust with children that characterises her in OotP, and it's fascinating to see it from her point of view. I was laughing at her descriptions of all the houses (except Slytherin apparently... maybe she didn't mind them?). Oh and the Weasley twins' Umbridge-itis/ puking pastilles making an appearance at the end, I loved that!

The only thing I was wondering is why she hates them so much. I think it'd be cool to have a little background there, like what made her such a (word that rhymes with witch). Did she have a bad experience with a so called half-breed, or was she always that way? Anyway, this was an interesting look into the mind of one of the Potterverse's most odious characters. Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks for the R&R. I am actually working on expanding this story and adding more details. I originally wrote the story for a challenge and could only portray a single emotion. So now that is over I'm revising it and adding more.

I'm glad you were amused by the mess in her mind. It was pretty difficult to conjure up so many horrible things to say (which I guess is good for me huh? LOL!) but it was a great outlet when I was in a sour mood! I hope you come back and read once I add more to the story!

Thanks again!

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Review #8, by adluvshp Lost in Thought

3rd May 2013:
Here for review tag!

This was an interesting one-shot. I liked your insight into Umbridge's mind. Her hatred for children, for half-breeds was very evident. The idea of Flitwick being half-goblin was definitely new and interesting. I liked it. I also liked the way Umbridge reflected on the houses. The ending was hilarious with everyone puking (Weasley twins' puking pastilles eh) and Umbridge fuming. I could visualise the scenario in my head.

All in all, this was a good read. The only CC I'd give you is perhaps to add in more description and detail of the scene instead of just focusing on the action/thoughts.

Apart from that, good work.

Author's Response: Thanks for the read & review!! I actually (Ack...I've said this too many time without actually doing it...) plan on going back in a re-doing and adding to this. The challenge I wrote this for was focused on having only one emotion, so I really tried to leave a lot of the usual stuff out. (If that makes any sense.) LOL!

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Review #9, by True Author Lost in Thought

30th April 2013:
Hi! I'm here to review your entry for my challenge. =]

I liked your plot idea. Umbridge is certainly a perfect character for the emotion you got. The choosing of characters was perfect =] Your flow looks good and the grammar was good too.

I think you need to work on this story overall a bit. I'll say that you should write a description of why Umbridge hates everything and everyone so much instead of writing her opinions about the things and people she hates. There must be a reason, don't you think so? If you could explore it, it'd be nice. =]

Your title is- Pink: The Colour of Hatred but you aren't quite describing why pink is the colour of hatred. Either you should write a bit about the relation between the colour and the emotion or you can think about a different title.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed reading this. =] Well done! Oh and thanks for your participation in the Single Emotion Challenge!


Author's Response: Thanks for responding! I do agree that more is needed with this one and I do intend to elaborate more. The only reason I did not originally go into more detail is because the story that I am holding in my head that contains the "Why" for Umbridge's hate would not fit into the hate emotion and thus would go beyond the single emotion. I invite you to check back in a couple weeks or so to read more when I get the time to go back and add more! Thanks for the fun challenge!

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