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Review #1, by Remus Linger

7th October 2013:
Heya! Perelandra here with your Hufflepuff review! Sorry that it has taken me forever but life has been a bit crazy lately!

You know, I got a bit worried when I saw that this was less than 700 words. But gah! Now I'm upset that there isn't more!

Your description was fantastic. The feelings and thoughts Mary had felt very real, specially towards the end where she's still hoping that they will see that she was a witch. I love how you took one character that had less than a chapter and gave her her own story; her background. It left me wanting to know more. Was her mother still alive? What happened to the sister? How did she react when she fled the ministry? What happened!! Haha!

I love how you gave us this tiny glimpse of her life before the Ministry. This made me feel worse for Mary than the book did. For me, Mary was just a muggle-born mother being unjustly accused of stealing magic. Your story made me think that she's a daughter, a sister, a mother, and a wife being accused of stealing magic and could possibly die from her 'crime'. Now I'm glad that the Trio saved her!

Gah! such a great story.

Thank you for letting me read this, and if one day you decide to add more to it...let me know! I'll come running to read it!

Until next time


Author's Response: Hello! Sorry for the late response for this! I know what you mean about life getting crazy!!!
I'm so happy to hear that you liked the way I wrote Mary. She's a character that always stuck out to me reading her small part in Deathly Hallows, because she always seemed like a good person. It made me want to explore how she would feel being told the way she was born was a crime, because it's always so heartbreaking when horrible things happen to good people.
I'm so happy this story made you think about other aspects of Mary, and that you enjoyed it so much! Thank you for the lovely review!
Cassie :)

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Review #2, by magnolia_magic Linger

15th July 2013:
Wow. Cassie, this is really beautiful work. I am so glad I read it! Your ability to take a character barely mentioned in the last book and make her so real is truly wonderful.

Can I just comment on the ending first? The way she stares at her breath, just as she does in the's such a fitting ending to this. I love the way this story seems to turn in a wheel; you start with the image of her breath, move to a happy memory, then to fear, and to another happy memory and back to her breath again. Was that a coherent sentence :P Anyway, I'm so impressed with the artistry in that.

Your writing is really beautiful, and I loved your imagery. Your attention to detail really helps this feel real. You did such an incredible job bring Mary Cattermole to life here, and I'm so glad I got a chance to review! Wonderful work!


Author's Response: Hi Maggie!
Thank you so much for this amazing review! This made me so happy to see, and I'm thrilled that you enjoyed this one-shot!!! :D
I wrote this all in one sitting, and didn't edit it much after that, so I'm really glad you liked the way it turned out! I wanted the story to feel like it was turning in a wheel, like you said, and that this could just be one of many moments like this while Mary waits for her trial.
I really can't tell you how happy and touched this review makes me! The fact that you enjoyed my writing so much really means the world to me. Thank you so, so much!
Cassie :)

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Review #3, by marauderfan Linger

26th June 2013:
Hi Cassie! I really enjoyed this little one-shot. For such a short snapshot, it conveyed so much. I love stories about minor characters, and in this you did a great job with the background for Mary Cattermole. She's rather an inconsequential character in DH but she has such depth in this, a quiet strength.

The imagery is very good as well; the way you highlighted the little things like her hair length, the silver comb, the fact that her grandmother made the wedding dress... it shows how much Mary is holding on to the things she has as she walks into an uncertain future, and its those little things in life that she cherishes most. I also liked how the beginning and the ending sentences were the same, it nicely framed all the thoughts she's having as she waits for her name to be called.

This was really well done, great job!

Author's Response: Hello!
I'm so glad you enjoyed this one-shot! I really enjoyed writing it, and actually sat down and wrote it all in one sitting, because I just had this feeling of how I wanted the story to go. I'm so glad you liked that Mary was holding onto little things from her life before the war, because I think those show who she is as a person more than anything else. I wanted to make her a strong character, but in the way that she's going to be as brave as she can while still sitting quietly, think about her family. A quiet strength was an excellent way to out it! I'm so glad you enjoyed this one-shot, and thank you so much for reviewing!
Cassie :)

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Review #4, by Gabriella Hunter Linger

28th May 2013:

Hey there! Thought I'd pop by and stalk something of yours that I hadn't read and here I am! Lovely to be reading something else and this was such a nice little stray from your usual work that I was sad when it ended. I've never read anything about Mary Cattermole before and I'd always wondered a little about them.
I love that you gave some hints of who she was as a person while also weaving in the dangerous and chilling presence of the Dementors. All of her thoughts were wonderful and I was glad that she was able to find some solace in her memories.
What I really enjoyed was the background you gave her and although I was a little sad towards the end knowing what had happened to her father adn sister, especially with reading the beginning of this, it left me feeling really sympathetic for her. I honestly do think you made her into a very relatable character and by the time you described her wedding, I was really engrossed. I think adding that right when her name is called and right when the warmth overtakes her was a nice moment.
Of course, we all know what happens later on, but you can't help but wish her the best and that she'll somehow get out of this.
Its too bad that this was so short you tease, because this was really well-done and I can't wait for more from you. :D
On my end, expect a Ben Malfoy one-shot tomorrow and then its back to A Force of Blaise, hopefully. Hehehe.
Much love,

Author's Response: Hello Gabbie!
I'm so glad you enjoyed this one-shot! I got inspiration for this really randomly one day, and then sat down and wrote the entire thing in one go! Haha.
I really liked exploring Mary's character, and I'm really happy that you liked the way I wrote her! I really wanted to show who I thought she would be outside of just the woman being tried for being a muggle-born, who happens to be married to the man Ron has turned into because of the polyjuice potion. That's why I decided to write a few of her memories.
The end of this story is sad, and I meant it to be a bit unsettling, simply because she's in a terrible situation, and she knows that there's a very slim chance she'll be getting out of it, but is still trying her hardest to stay optimistic. I think she's very strong because of that, and I wanted to show that through her memory that kept the dementors away, and how she tries to walk confidently into the courtroom. Hopefully it came across!
I'm so happy that you enjoyed this one-shot! I like writing this, and want to look at more minor characters to experiment with! I'll keep checking for updates from you, and will let you know when I have something new up!
Cassie :)

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Review #5, by TenthWeasley Linger

16th May 2013:
Hello, Cassie! :) It's been far, far too long since I've read any of your writing, but this story was such a lovely piece to return to. I'm very interested in stories about minor characters, and I'm almost certain I've never before read any story that centers around Mary Cattermole. There's a first time for everything, though, and I'm glad my first story of hers could be yours!

I thought your style of writing was very lovely in this, and there were next to no grammatical mistakes, too -- this flowed very well! Not everyone can fit a story into less than a thousand words like you've done, but this didn't seem lacking in anything. I liked how the first and last parts of the one-shot were mirrored with descriptions of puffs of air, because that made the whole thing feel more joined together. And your dementor descriptions were incredibly canon -- I loved the line about how Mary's happy memory temporarily suspended their chilling effect. I thought that was a really nice touch!

You really captured her emotions well too, I think. I've never before given much thought to her apart from the scene we see in the courtroom, but now it's almost heartbreaking, knowing that Ron's impersonation of Reg meant that he couldn't be there for his wife. Of all the people he could have disguised himself as... But then again, the family was probably somewhat spared because of the trio's intervention. (Now you've got me thinking more about them than I ever have before!)

I'm really glad you steered me in the direction of this one-shot. :3 I enjoyed reading it very much! I think you've done an excellent job here, and look forward to when I'll be back to your page for more.

Author's Response: Hello! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this story! It really does mean a lot to me, because I look up to you so much as a writer! I'm also interested in minor characters, and I enjoy writing about them, so I'm really glad you thought I did a good job with Mary! She's in such a difficult position, and I really think people don't give her credit for how brave she is considering that!
I wanted this to be a tiny slice of everything that's going on in Mary's life at that time, since so much is happening to everyone in the wizarding world, and I also wanted to really get inside her head, so that's why I chose to write about a few memories instead of her whole backstory or something like that. Picking the memories actually came really easily to me, and I think that when you're remembering something like your wedding or the birth of a child, it's such a happy, important time in your life that even dementors can't affect you. Part of it could be because a memory like her wedding involves love, and dementors are warded off by things like that... More power of love, just like Dumbledore's always trying to get Harry to understand! :)
I always really felt for Mary when Reg doesn't come, because Ron doesn't know what's going on in their lives, and can't get to her. He's the one person that can be there for her, and that I think she really needs, and Ron can't give her that with everything the trio has to do in the ministry! But they do save her in the end, so it works out!
I'm so glad you enjoyed this one-shot, and can't wait for the next time I hear from you! I'll be over to read more of your lovely work as soon as I can!
Cassie :)

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Review #6, by AlexFan Linger

28th April 2013:
Although this is a really short chapter, you've somehow managed to pack a whole lot of feeling into 600 and some words. You've made it really clear that Mary Cattermole is terrified of what is going to happen to her and I feel sorry for her reading this just like I felt sorry for her when I was reading Deathly Hallows.

Little does Mary know that Harry Potter is going to bust her out of there!

Anyway, I think you did a pretty awesome job on this and I enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Hello!
Thank you so much for reviewing this for me!
I'm so glad that you enjoyed this, and believed what Mary was thinking and feeling. Since we don't know all that much about her, she was a really fun character for me to explore! I'm so happy that you enjoyed this! Thanks again!
Cassie :)

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Review #7, by nott theodore Linger

27th April 2013:
You said that you haven't written anything like this before, but you can't tell - you manage to make this style completely your own. It was very short and very poignant.

I think that a story like this has a lot of potential to go overboard with the sentimentality but you've obviously chosen the memories that you've included carefully and they're really powerful like this. This one-shot brought Mary Cattermole to life and made her completely human.

I loved how you conveyed this incredible sense of vulnerability; she doesn't have her wand, and she knows deep down that they're not going to give it back to her, so she has no defence against the Dementors, except for her memories. I liked the fact that, instead of draining her of happiness and taking those times away from her, Mary was able to use her memories for strength to guard against the Dementors.

For such a short story, you gave Mary an amazing depth of character and I felt like I was living the emotions with her. Watching her walk, afraid and alone, towards her trial at the end was so sad and really quite moving.

I'm really enjoyed this and thanks for asking me to read it!

nott theodore :)

Author's Response: Hello!
Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this for me!
I'm so pleased that you thought Mary was human, and that I didn't overdo it. I was a little worried about that when I first put this up, so the fact that it's not too dramatic is a relief!
I think she would be incredibly vulnerable here, simply because she's being tried for something she has no control over. But I also think that during this period in the Wizarding World, muggleborns have to be some of the strongest people around because they're facing so much, so Mary is able to protect herself from the dementors using that strength.
I'm so pleased that you enjoyed this! It means so much to me that you thought Mary's character was so real, and had depth, and that this story was believable! Thank you so much for the lovely review!
Cassie :)

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Review #8, by teh tarik Linger

31st March 2013:
Goodness, Cassie, this is such a breathtakingly beautiful oneshot. It's really short, but you've given us a slice of Mary Cattermole - a very deep in-depth slice of Mary, that somehow is complete and incomplete at the same time - I'm not sure how to express this (it's nearly 2am :P ).

I love minor character fics and I've been meaning to check this one out since your status update on the forums a few days ago. I'm so glad I did. It's so finely written, and with a great sense of delicacy. And best of all, it provides such startling and poignant insight into Mary's character, and her thoughts as she awaits trial before the draconian Muggleborn Registration Commission. If you hadn't written this with such skill and care, the whole thing could have easily gone overboard with the angst, and those lovely lovely recollections of Mary's might have become overly sentimental, but you handled the scene and the characterisation with so much grace. And as always, your prose along with the descriptive details are beautiful.

For such a short fic, Mary feels real and utterly human. She's so vulnerable, wandless and surrounded by those dreadful dementors and awaiting a trial which she knows will be unfair to her (it's hinted with her assumption that she won't get her wand back soon), and yet she manages to extract some infinitesimal mote of courage from within her, triggered off by the sparkle of her ring. And there's that lovely memory of her wedding and of her childhood and her mum pushing her fringe out of her eyes and pinning it back with bows...

Gah. Anyway. I really do hope you write more of these little character snapshots. This was beautifully done. Thank you for sharing this ♥


Author's Response: Hi teh! I'm so, so thrilled that you enjoyed this one-shot!!! I wrote almost all of it in one sitting, and it was a really random story that just hit me one day, so the fact that you really enjoyed it means the world to me!
I really, really didn't want to go overboard with this, because it's so emotional, and could have easily been overwhelming, so I'm relieved you think it worked out well!
And the fact that you enjoyed Mary's character, and find her human, is wonderful! I was really intrigued by her character, especially since she's the only character who we get to see in one of these trials, and I knew that she would be nervous and have tons of thoughts going through her head beforehand.
Really, teh, your reviews and support have helped me become so much more confident in my writing! Thank you so, so, so much!!!
Cassie :)

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Review #9, by missclaire17 Linger

19th March 2013:
short and powerful. I love it.
what I also love is that your description here was wonderful. I felt like I was really feeling what Mary was feeling as she was waiting and that is just really powerful because you got the point across in not so many words.

I also love how she is going back and reminiscing on memories from before because that part about how the dementors for just one second don't affect her because of how happy she was is just so bittersweet because we know how horrible her confrontation with Umbridge went.

Good job on this one-shot and keep it up (:

Author's Response: Hello!
I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed this one-shot! It was definitely something that was spur of the moment, and I randomly got the inspriration for it before just sitting down and writing the entire thing, so the fact that you found it powerful was really wonderful! Thank you so much for the lovely review!
Cassie :)

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