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Review #1, by ohmymerlin Hallelujah

8th April 2013:

Kayla has finished her exams.

Meaning she is able to FINALLY review all your new stuff! :D

Kayla quite enjoyed this one-shot, even though it was angsty. But Kayla enjoys a little angst. Kayla also believes that your characterisations were very well done and you succeeded in making Kayla both annoyed at and feeling sorry for Victoire.

Kayla has one tiny bit of criticism, however. You have used the word "sweats but in England, Kayla has been told that they call them "track pants" or for short, "trackies".

Other than that tiny tidbit, Kayla has no other criticism. She thinks that this is a wonderful one-shot and even though she's only read a little bit of your works she can see a massive improvement! :D

Also, Kayla likes this song very much and the plot fit very well into it. Kayla applauds you for this.

Kayla awards a 10/10.

Author's Response: EEK! Kayla's finished with exams! Hurrah! :D
*gives lovely Kayla a round of applause*

I'm glad you liked this one-shot, despite it being angsty. I know how much of a cheerful, bubbly person you are, so I'm relieved that despite being this a bit emotionally-dramatic, you enjoyed it none-the-less.

Victoire. Ugh. I honestly don't know whether I like that girl or not. I think of a snobby, posh Fleur whenever I think of Vic, but I can't exactly judge her that way because she isn't really described in cannon, which sort of frustrates me at times. I honestly love Dominique, which is just as awful, seeing how she's even more of a mystery, but just hearing her name--it's not as snobby /Victoire/...

And thank you for pointing out my failure of use of English terms. I tired to keep it closely to English as possible. For example, I even looked up if "saltine crackers" existed in England. Good thing I did, because it doesn't, and apparently the closest thing to it is a cream cracker, which I used instead. Of course, I didn't go overboard with my researching, hence, why I didn't catch my "sweats" to "trackies" mistake. But thank you, I'll bear that in mind next time! :P

And yesh, the song. I was actually listening to Pandora Internet Radio when the song was playing, and I had it on repeat on youtube because I fell in love with it so much. I'm pleased to see that you thought the plot fitted it well.

Thank you so much for your review and reading this! I'm gonna go scamper off now and answer to your other reviews. I'm so sorry I hadn't had the time to get back to you on these reviews, but I'm here now, for a short while, that is, but I'm here.

Thankies again lovely!:D

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Review #2, by sapphire25 Hallelujah

29th March 2013:
I really loved it! Sort of sad how Teddy died and all, and Victoire was left without even their baby, but still, it's gorgeous. I love the song, and the plot fitted it perfectly. I'm happy Dom got a happy ending in the end, and I'm glad it was with Connor. He seems pretty cool. Anyway, it was brilliant! :)

Author's Response: sapphire25,

First of all before anything, I would like to thank you for reading this piece, and reviewing. I'm extremely glad to hear that you loved this piece and found the plot rather fitting to the song.

I myself, am a huge fan of the song, which is strange because I'm not strongly fond of piano based music. I don't know, just something about Rufus' cover struck something within me, so strongly that it moved me to write this.

And Teddy and Victoire. It really is devastating what happened to their relationship isn't it? But I only found it fair for everyone to lose. Teddy lost Dom and his life. Vic lost her baby and the man she loved. Dom ended up loosing both the men she loved.

But despite what they lost, they all had won something as well. Teddy won Vic. Vic won Teddy and the perfect marriage. And in the end, Dom eventually won Connor, whom she waited so painfully for.

It was all basically a story of winning and loosing.

Again, thank you for the review and reading. I'm very glad that you had enjoyed it. :)


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Review #3, by Anonymous Hallelujah

27th March 2013:
I had tears in my eyes when I read this.
You have real talent for writing, if there were not slight mistakes when you swap between past and present tense I would think that this is a published story.
It is just so well written, really full of feeling, and the way you describe things really make them come to life. The story is so utterly unique in its form and- well I could probably go on like this for a while, but to sum it up in one word I would say 'AMAZING!!!' fits best :)

Author's Response: Anonymous,

Whoever you are, and whether you see this response or not, I'd like you to know how thankful I am for your review.

I'm sorry that I made you cry, but at the same time, I'm not, because for me to be able to pull such an emotion from my readers feels amazing. I'm glad that you enjoyed this and felt as if I've breathed life into them...something that I really strived to do in this piece.

As for the shifts between past and present, I must say, they were pretty difficult, so I tried it the best I could. I'm planning on revising this again, whenever I have the time, but for now, repolishing this would have to wait.

Thank you, again, whoever you are for this wonderful review. You have no idea how much that had made my day!

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