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Review #1, by Shadow.SSJ The Unexpected Gift

14th November 2015:
Excelent fanfiction. I loved it and can't wait to go on the second part.

Author's Response: Thank you! I am hoping to get the third installment up soon.

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Review #2, by SeverusLover Prologue: A Fateful Decision

6th November 2015:
This prologue has grabbed my attention even though it was short it has made me want to read the next chapter.

It's like Harry knows the memories will prove his misdeeds and that he will suffer for it.

Author's Response: Thanks! Hope you enjoy it.

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Review #3, by Alexis The Unexpected Gift

28th February 2015:
Hello there!
I really like your story and I am quite impressed at how seamlessly you wove your own ideas into the preexisting magical world. Pretty cool seeing McGonagall in action again as headmistress, she's one of my favourites. :)
Only one thing bothered me. When we see Harry during Snape's trial, leaving after Alara, I thought it was a set up for later and that he would reappear in some way, but he never did. It left me a bit disappointed, I have to admit. I always imagined they'd sit together and finally have a real conversation together and make peace with each other.
But anyway, keep writing, you're doing a great job!

Author's Response: Thank you!

I really had wanted to work Harry back into the first story (the argument between Alara and Nigel outside the tent the morning after Severus was injured), but there really never was a good opportunity to do it. In this story I really needed to wrap my brain around who Severus is outside of Harry's presence, because we see so little of that in JKR's books.

Harry makes an important cameo in story two- "Two Steps Forward," and will be an important part in story three- "Wounded Warriors." I'm about to start writing him now, I just need to get past a project first.

Thank you so much for your thoughts!

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Review #4, by Pen and Pixels Rebuilding Hogwarts

24th May 2014:
"Snape disliked him at once." Perfect reaction, haha! I loved that duel. It had the action and creative use of magic that I find many stories are missing. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! The kind of vile we see from Snape often stems from insecurity. I think he sees anyone who is handsome as a threat. Make him a Gryffindor, and that just seals the deal for poor Snape.

Glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #5, by Pen and Pixels Prologue: A Fateful Decision

12th May 2014:
New reader! Saw you needed some reviews, and with a beginning that intriguing how could I say no? I'm really to dive headlong into this plot. :)

Author's Response: Welcome and thank you! Hope you enjoy the ride.

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Review #6, by Pixileanin Humiliation

31st January 2014:
Back for chapter 2!

The Wizengamot scene set us up for an interesting debate: should personal, private information be used to determine someone's innocence? Alara definitely believes not. Even though the evidence in the pensive cleared Snape of all charges, the resulting publicity must have been an unbearable burden. I can see why he might have wanted things to go the other way. It's great for his characterization. I always felt like he was the type of person that always had to chose between bad and worse, and that he never was completely in control of the direction his life was going. Quite sad, and frustrating.

My favorite section of this chapter is the part where Severus finally realizes that his mind is entirely his, that he's no longer beholden to anyone, but that the life he has left, he no longer wants - no longer has a reason to keep going. I think the circumstances and his reaction that you set up is perfect characterization for him.

It's telling of Alara's character that she doesn't want to see Snape upset with her, that she at least is up front enough to apologize for how things turned out for him. I expected him not to cut her any slack, and he didn't.

The way you brought him back to Hogwarts was believable, and the introduction of Alara was smoothly incorporated. I'm surprised you don't have very many reviews on this story. It's very well done, and the premise is quite solid.

Until next time!


Author's Response: Thanks!! Yes, poor Snape is in a bad spot. The only thing he has going for him is that he has a job. Other than that, he's friendless, ally-less, and really has to rebuild from a place that's really horrible.

In the 7th book I was really surprised to read how much Dumbledore used him as a tool, and that saddened me. To me, that explained some of his bitterness at Harry, not that he wanted to protect Lily's son, but that he was forced into protecting James'. He was used, plain and simple. That had to just increase his already present bitterness.

Alara is a former student of his (obviously, given her age), she knows what he can be like when he's been... irritated... for lack of a better word. And much like Hermione, she fears failure. Unfortunately for her, sometimes she can't help herself and just jumps in without much of a plan.

Thanks for the compliment! I do appreciate it.

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Review #7, by Pixileanin Prologue: A Fateful Decision

28th January 2014:
Well hello there! I thought I'd come by and see what kind of Severus Snape lives on your author's page, and I see not one, but a whole trilogy of stories! I thought I'd start at the beginning, which led me here. *points here*

Here I am.

This is a very intriguing start. You have this almost fairytale-like beginning, which was really cool to read. I liked the style you chose to present it, and how it reads like an excerpt from a magical text. I imagine that this has a lot to do with one of your character.

I loved the fact that you immediately rooted your story in canon, so we know exactly where and when to fix our heads. It's good to have that feeling of knowing, because as many questions as I have about your story, I know one thing, the place to begin. It gives the reader a confidence with your story.

Your characterization of the trio was really well done. I can see them all just like this, so familiar and right. I understand that the story is AU, but the way you led into it was perfect. Again, with the grounding, and the showing of where the canon changes. It is easy to accept, and I am intrigued to read on.

Great prologue!

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, the beginning is a bit mythical. I wanted to find a way of describing Alara (who you'll meet next chapter) that was just a bit different than normal. It also sets the tone for the whole story, because Snape's whole journey will be about healing (thus the Dittany core), loneliness and despair.

You'll learn a bit more about the wand in the chapter "Rebuilding Hogwarts" and even more about it later in the story. While it's not a huge part of the story, it does play a critical role.

Thanks for the kind words!

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Review #8, by academica Prologue: A Fateful Decision

26th January 2014:
Hello, stopping by from Review Tag :)

I really like the story that opened this prologue. It definitely piqued my interest for how the girl would be incorporated into the canon plot line. Since your story is focused on Snape, I think maybe he was the descendant of the girl, but maybe it was Lily (and thus Harry) instead.

I really like your characterization here, especially in the case of Harry. It would be hard for me to write this scene knowing how things turned out in canon and how Harry's mind changed so fast about Snape. But you were obviously able to keep that separated out and maintain the logical trajectory of how things would have gone if Harry hadn't found out about Snape's love for his mother. That's really great to see played out.

I'm curious about how Harry's feelings will change - or perhaps not - in the next chapter, so I hope to stop by again and read on in the future.

Nice work!


Author's Response: Thanks! We won't see much of Harry in this story, though he'll have a cameo in the next chapter. It's going to take them both a while to recover, and I thought it best that they do it separately at the start. Though they do finally talk in my second story- "Two Steps Forward." I just think they both need time to put themselves together and their relationship is too strife to
have them together so early.

As for the wand, we meet that owner in the next chapter as well. She will be the key to his recovery.

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Review #9, by GingeredTea Prologue: A Fateful Decision

17th January 2014:
This was a very very tiny but very brilliant beginning. I always love when authors find a quote from the book and then continue on from there - it really helps land a reader in a story like this. Brilliant. I will be back for more. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, it's just a bit of a prologue, it was originally just the bit about the wand, but then I really needed to show how and why Snape survived, sending us off into AU-land. I'd love to hear more thoughts!

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Review #10, by toomanycurls Prologue: A Fateful Decision

12th January 2014:
You have a very intriguing intro with the spinster sister witches (tongue twister!) taking in an orphan girl and parting her with gifts. Oh, I really like the hint about her descendants overcoming despair with love.

It's interesting that Harry wants to bring Snape to a trial rather than just let him die. I suppose justice is something a bit more satisying than his death.

Very interesting prologue, it's definitely catches the eye. I see you have quite a few stories after this so it will be interesting to go through.


Author's Response: Yeah, tongue twisters are easier to write than they are to say!

The hint about overcoming despair with love is really what this trilogy is about. I'm glad you caught on to it right away.


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Review #11, by Violet Gryfindor Rebuilding Hogwarts

7th January 2014:
This was another enjoyable chapter to read! As I thought, it was worth waiting to see more of what Alara can do and better gauge her personality (you can probably guess that I'm out of practice with reading OC stories). Even now I want to know more about her, and I like how you're introducing new aspects of her history and her abilities slowly. You've also used the duelling scene to show readers her skills and judge these skills for themselves - she is almost a match for Snape (he does have more experience on his side, as well as the fact that he designed the place) and I can easily see how successful she must have been as an Auror. I'm interested to learn more about what she had to do during the war and how she dealt with the Death Eater control of the Ministry - it's something that links her to Snape, makes her understand what he was doing more than others, who weren't forced to play a role, would.

The one thing I have to admit being skeptical about still is the special wand. It's likely a matter of needing to learn more about it - you've provided the basic background information, but I can sense that there's a much bigger story involved. In a way, I suppose it's like the positive, white magic, female (as in ancient earth/healing goddess magic) version of the Elder Wand, passed down through virtue rather than prowess. What I find interesting is that Alara doesn't embody the virtues of the wand in an obvious way - she has the apt speech and eminence (to a degree just short of pride), but one has to read between the lines to see her goodness and charity (which partially drove her to speak up for Snape at the trial). I'm curious as to how you'll develop this aspect of the story - will Alara have to prove herself in some way? Will some danger arise that requires her particular abilities to resolve? Will the past somehow come to haunt her? It'll be fun to see what happens.

The action scene in this chapter is fantastic! You found just the right way of describing it so that it came across vividly while also maintaining a fast pace, and of course I really enjoyed the creativity of the whole duel scene. It shows how complex magic can be when practiced by experts, those with a thorough understanding of both theory and practice, which is something we only get glimpses of in the books, such as when young Snape creates his own spells, or when McGonagall or Dumbledore cast a highly advanced spell. What also stood out was how Alara and Snape discussed the spells as they used them. Part of it was to goad each other, but at the same time, they're both genuinely interested in this material, their subjects requiring the most complicated spell-work of all the subjects offered at Hogwarts. What you demonstrate with this is that, while Snape was involved with the Dark Arts, his interest is more with the spells and the intellectual exercise involved in using them. But he really holds back no punches, doesn't he? He's still the same professor, dangerous to have in the classroom because you never know when he might seriously injure someone or otherwise scar them for life. I love the idea of the duelling room because, as Harry proved, it's crucial for the students to know how to defend themselves and actually use magic, but will it work in practice? We'll see.

Excellent work with this chapter! It's been a pleasure to read this story so far, and it'll be great to see how you continue to develop the plot and characters! :)

Author's Response: The wand was a literary device I used to communicate several things about the character in a short span of time, at least at this point in the story. Not quite the Elder Wand, more like Lucius Malfoy's wand, a family heirloom handed down through the centuries. This one just has a bit of a story around its creation, enhanced by it's peculiar loyalty to Ravenclaw witches. It's importance to the story won't be the driving theme, but it will come back a few times.

The traits are also viewed from undoubtedly a Ravenclaw perspective, a Hufflpuff may not see "charity" the way that she does, though I think we'll start to glimpse some of it in the next chapter when we find out a bit more about what Alara did during the war.

Thanks for the kind words!

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Review #12, by Violet Gryfindor Humiliation

6th January 2014:
Excellent work with this story so far! It's been some time since I read a Snape/OC, and I'm glad to find one that's so well-written. Writing about Snape is difficult at the best of times, but it's even more of a challenge in a post-Hogwarts context because there's a painful amount of difficult issues to deal with. It's great to see how you've navigated many of these issues within a single chapter.

I especially liked the court case, not only because it gave interesting insight into how the Ministry handled such cases in the aftermath of the war, but also because of the way it allowed for arguments from both sides. Gladys's side had its merits, and I don't think it was right of Shaklebolt to pass judgement on her like that - although she shouldn't be using Snape as the scapegoat, Snape did do some pretty awful things. At the very least, he's guilty for the death of Charity Burbage, and the role he played at Hogwarts was a difficult one, very ambiguous (because he was limited in how much he could help the Order's cause when under such close scrutiny by the Carrows). So I can see Gladys's side, and she voices opinions shared by many.

But it's interesting how the worst punishment for Snape was the thing that pardoned him. That was brilliantly done! If there's one thing Snape would despise it's pity. It was equally interesting how absent he was, how silent and passive, letting himself be picked u and taken to Hogwarts although he must not have wanted to be there again. Yet he really has nothing else he can do - it's his only home outside of Spinner's End (an even worse place for him to go to), and teaching is the only profession he's known. His attitude in these scenes perfectly suits the trauma he's experienced - almost dying, being thrown into Azkaban for a while, undergoing a trial with his most painful secret brought to light... I was waiting for the moment when he would snap and his temper be unleashed.

The scene at the end stood out because you give readers a look into Snape's mind and his emptiness. You reveal so much about him that was fascinating to read. That what he did for Harry was an obligation, that he was always someone else's man rather than his own, not even left with his own thoughts (or to have thoughts of his own). He doesn't see himself as a hero, as the person Harry has claimed him to be. And it's all of these things, piled high on his head, that cause him to lash out at Alara. It's not she herself that he dislikes, it's what she represents because of what she said in court - that he's trustworthy and not guilty. Snape wanted to be punished, and she stands for the group who wanted to exonerate him. It was actually great to see Snape being himself, angry and unpleasant, but at the same time, I like the developments you've given him - especially how he says "Hufflepuff" instead of "werewolf". He has learned, he can move forward (especially seeing that he's one of the staff who is marked, a social pariah, a representative of Hogwarts's new era - he can't escape the fact that he's on the same level as Brandon now).

I haven't said much about Alara yet, and I won't say too much until I read more of the chapters (which I'm looking forward to doing!). She comes on very strong in the first scene, and I immediately was taken by her - she's very much a Ravenclaw, her words heavily guided by reason, weighing the facts carefully before coming to her conclusion. For this reason, I was surprised that, in the final scene with Snape, she breaks so easily. Snape does call her a failure (which is very painful for a Ravenclaw) and explains why what she did heightened the "public fascination" with his memories, but her apologies seemed too profuse. That's why I'm curious to learn more about her, so that I can see whether there's something more to her that explains this.

One more point to make is that the scenes between the professors were excellent. I enjoyed hearing about the reconstruction of Hogwarts and the many considerations that had to be made in hiring new staff, putting the castle back together, and improving the general running of the school. Although Snape is back as Head of Slytherin, hopefully there can be less conflict between the houses, and if there's one person who can make this happen, it's McGonagall. Your portrayal of her so far is great - in fact, all of the canon characters are wonderfully portrayed.

Apologies for the long review and the length of time it took to write it, but I'm very pleased to have found this story. Hopefully others will discover your work soon because you're an excellent writer who deserves more recognition!

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind words! I guess I envision Snape as being completely broken. One of the things that drove this story into being is the fact that I feel that Snape's death is a bit of a cheat. I understand why JKR did it, but how you lose EVERYTHING you hold dear and rebuild your life after it is of interest to me, so I really needed to have him completely gutted and unable to even react anymore. I'm sure that there was some prisoner abuse, and given that he was wandless, completely unable to defend himself.

Alara is a bit of an enigma, to be sure. I envision her being something of a hatstall between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, I eventually made her into a Ravenclaw simply because Snape would never let a Gryff get close enough to him to help him heal. But she needs that Gryffindor bravery to not only do the work during the war that she did, but also to stand up to him. Why she breaks down is really a bit more in the subtext and you won't find that out for several chapters, but what you can glean from it so far is that it had been a long day. Trial in the morning, stuck with a moody, dark former teacher all the ride back to Hogwarts, then having to admit her failure-- she's very Hermione-like in that respect, failure is not something she tolerates in herself. She was just as emotionally exhausted as he was, and they each reacted in their own way, her by beating herself up, him by berating others. It won't be the last time she overreacts to failure, she's a bit emotional when it comes to that. She has high expectations of herself and is very driven. But the war has also wounded her in ways that she doesn't realize yet.

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Review #13, by Kelvin The Unexpected Gift

30th September 2013:
I have put aside a book by Wilbur Smith to read this story. That's right! You beat Wilbur Smith. You kicked his and he knows it. My favorite story so far. If you haven't started a novel then you are crazy and definitely should. My sincerest respects.

Author's Response: Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, my page was bugged, but the WONDERFUL admin's just fixed it! (Seriously, they were great and did it really quick)

Thank you SO much for your kind words. My third story has been stalled and you just gave me the impetus to finish it. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts.

Now go back to your Wilbur Smith story!! :-)

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Review #14, by JEA The Unexpected Gift

29th July 2013:
Loved it! I hope you have written more!

Author's Response: Thank you! The second story in the trilogy "Two Steps Forward" is up and completed. The third story is giving me some troubles and is coming slowly. But it is coming!

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Review #15, by JEA Prologue: A Fateful Decision

29th July 2013:
Very intriguing beginning!

Author's Response: Thank you! The idea that someone with nothing left to live for having to rebuild his life was very intriguing to me.

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Review #16, by Mrs_H The Unexpected Gift

15th July 2013:
Excellent story! I especially like the way Snape reacts to his life after the second war, and how Alara creates her relationship with him. Great characters, and a tight, well-plotted story.

Author's Response: Thank you! This was my first story in the HP universe, it is a wonderful world to write in!

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Review #17, by cuti3pie3 The Unexpected Gift

3rd June 2013:
One of the best written stories I've read! I love it! Beautiful ending too, I'm so glad there's more, I cant wait to read :)

Great work!

Author's Response: Thanks! The new story is going up, it's called "Two Steps Forward." Check it out!

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Review #18, by Ash The Unexpected Gift

23rd May 2013:
I'm devastated noticing the complete against this. I loved the story and hoped for more!

Author's Response: Thanks! There is a second story in the works. Fear not!

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Review #19, by lauraf68 The Unexpected Gift

22nd May 2013:
Well, not the route I saw in my head coming up, but still wonderful and a whole other tangent than I could have ever imagined. I would never have guessed Severus to make such a mistake (I would call it a Freudian slip, subcontiously he may have wanted her to know??).

Great ending too! I love how Maggie helped Alara see with different eyes and how Alara apologized.

Excellent work, wonderful premise, great writing skills. 10/10! I can't wait for the next segment. Happy Writing! -Lauraf68

Author's Response: Thanks! The next story is about half way there, but I need to take a couple of weeks away from it and finish another project first.

Thank you so much for your kind words!

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Review #20, by lauraf68 The Wand of Guenhwyvar

20th May 2013:
Wow, updates are fast, I'm finally caught up. Not suprised but sad to see Alara was in danger from a source who double crossed her due to a hatred they couldn't see past.

So glad Walter and Nigel are on her side even if they don't particularly like Severus, although they seem to have enough integrity to look past the issues that Severus brings (which is how it should be). Also glad the centaurs helped Severus out.

I like how you wrote the Alana and Ollivander scene at Hogwarts and his shop, but a little surprised Severus would be so stern with the boy. I guess he has a reputation to uphold (lol).

I'm glad that Severus finally open his mouth and offered to escort Alana. I take this as a beginning stage to him opening up to her (so to speak). At least he is being caring in his demeanor to her and not as cross anymore. But I fear she may get frustrated if he continues to be silent when she is wanting/needing interactions from him.

Good work!! 10/10!! Looking forward to more. Happy writing. -Lauraf68

Author's Response: Well, yeah, he is still Snape, though to his credit he only glares at the boy and doesn't rip him a new one. Tyler gets afraid of him pretty much by reputation only.
He's a character on a path of growth, he's not there yet. The next story in the trilogy softens him up quite a bit more, I don't think he opened up his eyes to what was going on until Nigel slapped him upside the head in Chapter 14.

Only one more chapter to go. Alara has made one *slight* miscalculation and that needs to be addressed.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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Review #21, by lauraf68 The Falcon and the Falconer

13th May 2013:
Dear Wildmoon,

I just recently found your story and have been trying to catch up to the end chapter (nice to have such timely updates). Overall I give you a 9.99/10 (.01 mark off for tiny bit too much angst from time to time). But of course that's just me, I bet some people love that. :-)

I'm really enjoying your OC, Alana. Her backstory is so creative and yet flows well and very believable. I love her interactions you have crafted with the other Hogwartians (students included). I think it is nice to see a Ravenclaw not so full of themselves. But of course she is like Hermione and could have fit into Gryffindor too.

At first your Snape was so 'Snarky' I thought for sure it would get him no where but friendless. Then he was attacked so many times I thought for sure he would be killed or maimed.

Now I hope that the Centaurs will help save Alara's life and not claim they cannot because of some prophesy mumbo jumbo.

I have enjoyed your writing technique. So smooth and well thought out. There are times I think you are going one direction with an idea and out of nowhere it changes. All the while still making sense and staying true to character.

I honestly look forward to more and hope Alana will recover well. While seems unusual for them to be together after harboring such negative feeling, I think in time they could build a loving relationship.

Keep up the good work and Happy Writing!!! - Lauraf68

Author's Response: Thanks for your thoughts! I find them interesting- when I first started putting this story together I was afraid of neutering our dear Snape, it's good to know that I may have overshot my runway a little bit and not allowed him to grow out of "Professor Snark" quickly enough. I appreciate the critique!

This is intended as part of a trilogy, Book two is nearly done. I will definately consider your words as I edit.

Alara was indeed a hat-stall for me, having a lot of Gryffindor qualities. I felt that Snape needs someone brave enough to take him on and smart enough to figure out how to do it. But ultimately, his anti-Gryffindor prejudices wouldn't allow him to kind of 'let her in' so to speak. In her backstory that I don't have published, what drove her to be top of her class is the fear that she didn't actually belong in Ravenclaw, it was only her wand that got her in. So she's pretty much always feeling like she has something to prove. Of course, she actually made top of her class, and nearly top of her year, so she must have belonged there.

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Review #22, by teh tarik Prologue: A Fateful Decision

21st April 2013:
Hey there! I was just browsing through the Recently Added when I came across your story.

Gosh, I'm so glad that I clicked on your fic! This is an absolutely brilliant start - the bit of myth or backstory at the beginning, from the book, followed by the AU scene where Harry & co decide to heal Snape and let him live. Wow. This story has wonderful potential and I'm intrigued to see how this goes.

What I really, really enjoyed about this short prologue is the very first bit, about Guenhwyvar and the three spinster-witches. I googled Guenhwyvar and the search revealed something about a panther :P Or something from some other fandom...not sure if this is a crossover or something, but anyway - I really enjoyed that part. It's so mysterious. And I love how the three sisters created a wand for her and blessed her.

Anyway, great beginning really. And I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Amazing work.


Author's Response: Thank you! The name Guenhwyvar is the original Celtic spelling of the name Guinevere (and that's how I pronounce it), and as in King Arthur's Guinevere. I'm not saying that the young girl WAS King Arthur's Guinevere, as I don't think the timing is right, it's just a name I really like. And yes, it is also a panther in a popular series of D&D books. Good catch!

Snape is turning out to be much trickier to write than I thought. It originally struck me in The Prince's Tale that he related differently to other adults than he did to Harry, and it's a challenge to show those differences while still giving us the snarky Snape we all love.

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Review #23, by Ss Rebuilding Hogwarts

11th April 2013:
Brilliant story so far and I really like your pc character look forward to more

Author's Response: Thanks! This is intended to be part one of a trilogy, hopefully I'll keep your interest!

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