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Review #1, by Ravenclaw333 I Know What You Did

30th August 2014:
Hiya! So sorry it took me so long to get to this review!

This is such an incredible piece of writing! Your prose is gorgeous, and so well suited to the genre you've chosen - everything has a haunting and mysterious feel to it. Your characterisation of Narcissa as a cold, ruthless killer was perfectly done, and the whole story gave me chills. I adore the line "It is the sound of a glorious melody, of a song that somebody forgot to sing," it's just perfect, and this whole piece just comes together beautifully.

Regarding the unreliable narration, you've done an incredible job of manipulating perspective and narration so the ending is a complete shock - it was a real "oh my GOD" moment for me the first time I read it. This is such a well-written story, an incredible idea and you've pulled it off so well. Thanks so much for entering this in the challenge!

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Review #2, by rosiful I Know What You Did

28th July 2014:
Wow! That was a twist I was not expecting!
I did have to read the last part several times before I understood what was going on (and that it was BEFORE and not continuing the '72 timeline), but once I finally got it, it literally blew my mind!

Such a creepy, chilling story!
So glad I read it, it was amazing!


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Review #3, by EnigmaticEyes16 I Know What You Did

2nd July 2014:
Well, that was a twist at the end. I really enjoyed this story. I liked the flip-flopping between 1972 and 1999, it definitely made the story more interesting. So, Poppy's been pretending to be Andromeda all this time? That's crazy. And Narcissa knew about it? Just, wow. Still a great story though!


Author's Response: Haha, definitely a major twist! Ahh that's great to hear, as the switching between sections was something that I was concerned about when I first posted this one-shot. Yes, Poppy was pretending to be Andromeda for her own safety (if she was still alive, her engagement to Lucius would have continued and Narcissa wouldn't have allowed that to happen) and of course Narcissa couldn't tell anyone the truth because if she did, Poppy could then reveal that she was the one who murdered Andromeda. It's a catch-22 for both of them. I'm really happy you liked this story!


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Review #4, by MissesWeasley123 I Know What You Did

6th January 2014:
Hello, here for day 11 of the 12 Days of Reviewing. I love getting to read your work, and you seem to have a bit up of everything!

I thoroughly enjoyed the flashbacks in this. It's so hard to write at times, but your writing style is brilliant. I was never lost, and knew exactly what was happening. The flow was never disrupted which is always a nice thing. So kudos to you for that!

AND UM, NARCISSA A KILLER WHAT. I must admit this is the reason I chose to read this fic, because it seemed so unreal for her to do that. In all the fics I've read, Narcissa has always been a cool woman, who's cheeky but really kind as well (these are of course, Draco/Astoria stories) but this side of her was so different!

You had some really chilling moments that were definitely detailed. You characterized Narcissa perfectly, letting the darkness in her be justified.

All in all, a truly chilling story, and thanks for a great read!

Author's Response: Hi again, Nadia! And thank you - I do try to be versatile with my writing ^.^

Oooh, thank you very much! I'll give you a tip: when I wrote this one-shot, I wrote all of the 1998 sections in one sitting, then went back and wrote all of the 1972 sections afterwards. It helped me to maintain a consistent pace without accidentally slipping in a few plotholes :D

This was actually written for a challenge that got taken down, where I was given the prompt to have Narcissa kill someone in the Forbidden Forest, and I could choose from a list of weapons. The ring made me think of Dumbledore and the Horcrux ring, which made me think of how Narcissa could've used it. I'm really pleased you liked this portrayal of her!

Thank you so much for the lovely reviews, Nadia; they're very much appreciated! ♥

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Review #5, by Mily I Know What You Did

7th October 2013:
Wow!! That was an amazing original plot twist! I only got it and was completely shocked at the very end, which is probably what you intended, haha.
I really enjoyed this, especially how the flashbacks made it more mysterious until the ending snuck up on the reader...It'll stick in my mind for a while. Keep up the good work! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm excited that you like the plot twist, and that the flashbacks added to the story as a whole. I'm honoured that you'll remember it for a while... that's great! And I'll definitely try to keep up the plot twists ;)

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Review #6, by LittleLionGirl I Know What You Did

25th July 2013:
Oh my goodness! That was amazing... I didn't realize until the end- ah! Brilliant job! The story was well written and the tone just hinted at the suspense. Wow. That is all I can really say.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I'm glad that you liked the twist and that you enjoyed the story! :)

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Review #7, by ChaosWednesday I Know What You Did

24th April 2013:
Hey it's Whiskey with your really belated review :P

I liked the flashback structure. it doesn't always work, but here it does and you were clever to reveal information in both timelines at the right moments :)

I like that you connected the ring-based murder to issues of marriage. It just has this cruel irony to it :D

I must admit, though, that I found the end to be very confusing and had to reread it several times to figure out who was pretending to be who and when...I think what got me tangled up was the sentence with all the boyfriends mashed up into one. Maybe more hardcore fans know the names, but I was swimming in a pool of question marks :P The last sentence did clear up the main point, so if you are afraid others may have a hard time unraveling the twist ending, simplify the last parts and remove any unnecessary names.

In terms of writing style, you had some wonderfully paced and detailed moments when Narcissa wonders about the letter and when she kills the girl. But there were also quite a few ru-on sentences you might want to look over. Some examples: "And yet she does not hear the sound resounding around the empty dining room with an echo that sounds almost ethereal, as if her home knows that it does not house a family any longer Ė only a family that is now broken." and "The thinness of the material and the imperfections that blemish it suggest the parchment is a low quality version most commonly used by Hogwarts students and impossible to trace due to the vast quantities it is manufactured in." among others.

Also, a few questions:
Why would Poppy/Andromeda resort to sending Narcissa the letter if she could just contact her? Was she trying to break her down through the suspence? What does she get from this? Is she angry that Narcissa wanted to kill her? If so, why doesn't she sound angry when they meet? is she trying to reveal her secret to Narcissa this way? Why, after all these years?

Doesn't a body on Polyjuice Potion turn back to its original form after an hour or so? Did Andromeda get burried within the hour, then? Did Poppy seriously spend her entire life drinking Polyjuice Potion to keep her disguise?

Oh, and, why were Poppy and Andromeda switiching bodies to go and kiss eachother's boyfriends in the first place?, haha, sorry. I ask a lot of questions :P

Anyways, the story had some uncanny and well palced suspence and was original, to say the least. Just do try to tie up some of the loose ends for dunces like me who don't get the subtleties of the ending.

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so sorry for the delay in responding to this review, real life has been hectic!

Thank you - I was very concerned about the flashbacks, so it's fabulous to hear that you enjoyed it! :) And I'm glad that you liked my choice of murder weapon!

With regard to the ending and the run-on sentences, I decided to send this one-shot off to a beta for improvements, and I've decided that I like the ending as it currently is, as I've received great feedback from it. However, I really appreciate your comments and will keep those in mind for my other/future stories. :)

In response to your questions, it was actually Narcissa who sent Poppy the letter. I've fixed the earlier sections to clear that up, but Narcissa wanted to spook Poppy and make her suffer emotionally, because if Poppy and Andromeda hadn't switched places, Andromeda would still be alive and there for Narcissa to turn to when Lucius and Draco were investigated for being Death Eaters.

Also, in my headcanon, Polyjuice Potion only works on a living body. Once Andromeda was dead, the potion stopped working and therefore never turned Poppy's body back into Andromeda's. And indeed she did - in fact, because she altered her appearance so much during pregnancy, her daughter became a Metamorphagus. ;)

And they switched places in the first place for fun - but Rodney kissed "Poppy" and Andromeda couldn't exactly push him off or she'd attract suspicion (and she couldn't, since taking Polyjuice Potion is illegal).

It's okay, I love questions! XD

Thank you for taking the time to review :)

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Review #8, by adluvshp I Know What You Did

21st March 2013:
AditiDraco95 from the forums, here with your requested review (finally). Sorry for the long wait.

OMG this was just awesome. It was so chilling and mind-boggling and haunting and dark and twisted and just amazing! I absolutely loved this one-shot. It is definitely going in my favourite list!

I think you did a brilliant job capturing Narcissa and her darkness. The way you portrayed her as this cold, calculative, and ruthless woman was really good. I loved her characterisation. I especially loved the part where Narcissa is thinking about which act of hers the letter is referring to and then she thinks that there are five decades of her dark deeds to choose from! That one sentence was just so powerful and revealed so much about her personality. I loved it! (I absolutely enjoy dark characters if you didn't guess it already).

Your descriptions and imagery were just superb as well. They really enhanced your narrative and literally breathed life into your haunting story. I could almost see everything happening before my eyes, it was all just so vivid. You really wove your descriptions around the events impeccably.

Coming to your concerns, you ending was just fabulous! It totally blew my mind and I was just sitting in front of my laptop in awe for two minutes straight, mulling it over in my head and thinking how brilliant it is. I don't see why you should be worried at all, it is as amazing on screen as it seemed in your head =) The way you slowly revealed the suspense was just awesome, and the realisation that Narcissa actually killed her sister - acting as Poppy - that night hits the reader with a powerful impact. The ending sentence was perfect too - the irony of Andromeda thinking "what harm could possibly come from pretending to be you" when she died because of the impersonation is just mind-blowing and struck a chord with me immediately.

The transitions between 1972 and 1999 were done very smoothly as well, and you don't have to worry about them at all! They tied in well together, and went hand-in-hand, and didn't disrupt the flow at all. In fact, they helped maintain the mysterious and dark mood of the narrative. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen until after I'd finished reading, and my interest was maintained throughout so the flow, mood, pace, and tone was all obviously just very smooth and perfect.

I only noticed one small typo(?) that you capitalised the "S" in the word "Sorting" in the middle of a sentence somewhere. Apart from that, this entire one-shot was just flawless, be it in terms of characterisation, pace, flow, descriptions, plot, writing style, or grammar. Every single thing was perfect. This is truly a writing masterpiece, so hats off!



Author's Response: Angie! Thank you so much for all those fabulous compliments! And I'm honoured that you've chosen to favourite this one-shot! ♥

I think I'm going to have to amend those earlier sections, since I had Andromeda/Poppy in mind while writing those, especially since it was Narcissa who sent the anonymous letters. :3 However, I'm really glad that the darkness came through to you and that you loved Narcissa's characterisation! :D

Thank you so much! I (obviously) have an internal TV in my mind playing everything, so it's great to hear that I managed to describe it well enough for you to visualize it all! I think this might be my most descriptive piece, actually. :3

Awww, awww, awww! THANK YOU SO MUCH! That is -exactly- the reaction I wanted to cause, but I was worried that some readers would get confused. So, it is absolutely fabulous to hear that it blew your mind! ♥ And I know; I remember starting this one-shot without knowing how I wanted it to end. I actually debated with quite a few scenarios before I settled on this one, and as soon as I did, I knew it was perfect. Poor Andromeda! (And it makes me insanely excited as well, to think of Poppy being the one to marry Ted and give birth to Tonks and raise Teddy!!)

I was concerned about the transitions because of the length of the words between each section, and additionally if they made sense to the reader, so again, it is absolutely fabulous to see that they helped to glue you to the screen! ;)

Oooh, good catch! However, and this is a personal thing, but I always capitalize the Sorting if it's regarding the Hogwarts houses, since the Hat is called the Sorting Hat and not the sorting hat. :P And I squee'd into oblivion when I read that you consider this one-shot a "writing masterpiece"! Thank you so, so much! ♥

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Review #9, by Toujours Padfoot I Know What You Did

20th March 2013:



That was an unexpected twist! And this means - omg! - this means that Poppy began to impersonate Andromeda and went on to marry Ted. And Poppy gave birth to Tonks and spent the rest of her life drinking polyjuice potion because she has some serious identity issues and loves pretending to be other people. First she imitated Narcissa, and then she became Andromeda.

When Narcissa fell to the ground with her dagger and said, "Poppy, I know what you did," I was a little bit confused and thought that she was just speaking to the memory of Poppy, and then as soon as you mentioned polyjuice potion in the Ravenclaw Tower with Poppy and Andromeda, I knew. Wow, that is insane. Poppy is seriously crazy! She could have told on Narcissa and sent her to Azkaban forever, but she kept quiet. She let everyone go on thinking that she was dead - even her own parents! Even Lucius! All to become someone else, to steal someone else's life. And all these years later, no one but Narcissa knows that Andromeda has been dead for years and years and years. And you know, that kind of explains their rift. She knows that this woman is not her sister, so of course she would use any excuse (a Black running off with a muggle-born) to stay as far away from her as possible. And Andromeda mutually kept the secret, maintaining her own distance from the entire Black family for fear of being discovered. Both of them had damning information on the other and had to keep silent in order to protect themselves. It's mind-bending and insane and also totally, totally makes sense.

That is. Wow.

Spectacularly written! The plot was very intense, mysteries thickening with each section, and the language and descriptions you used were very vivid. Narcissa was determined and ruthless, and it becomes evident by the end that Poppy was, too. But Poppy did learn from the best. So dark and twisted; loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for agreeing to swap with me, Sarah! I'm so sorry for the delay in responding to this review and I hope you can forgive me! ♥

Haha, I'm glad that the ending was great! I was very concerned that it was too subtle when I first posted it, so it's fabulous that you loved this one-shot! Yes - Poppy literally replaced Andromeda in life XD

I quite like Poppy's deceptiveness, and as soon as the idea came to me I was just /so/ thrilled with the idea of the Poppy/Narcissa rivalry - because you know, even if Poppy hadn't stolen Andromeda's life and revealed what Narcissa did, there wouldn't be any guarantee that Narcissa wouldn't try again, like she did in the forest the second time around. Although I do agree with you - Poppy's insanity /is/ extreme, in that she actually plays along with Ted and lets him think she's Andromeda for the next thirty years of their lives.

Thank you so much! I'm really glad that you loved this one-shot, and your review was fabulous to read! ♥

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Review #10, by patronus_charm I Know What You Did

15th March 2013:
Hello there Katie! I meant to check this story out when you posted the link in the forums, as it had the Blacks in it, but I got insanely busy. Oh well Iím here now:D

I really liked how you started the story, as I always felt bad for Andromeda, as I felt that she suffered an enormous loss, losing her daughter, husband and son-in-law, yet no one seemed to recognise that, so I was really glad that you focused on that. It also had a rather ominous tone to it all, with ĎMalfoyí, being in italics, and then of course, the piece of paper, so it had a great start to the story, and definitely had a very dark theme.

Then the second section was great as well. I had a strange feeling about the Poppy girl, I couldnít really explain why, but I think it was mainly due to her rather strange attachment she had with Narcissa. It did seem odd that someone two years older than her would be so compelled to spend time with her. It was interesting to see how Narcissa viewed herself in regards to marriage, and it seemed as if she was just a piece of cattle going to be sold for the highest price. I noticed you capitalised the Ďsí in ĎSortedí, it looked a little odd as Iíve never seen that done before, so I thought I would point it out just in case it was misplaced :)

Wow the third section was just so chilling. The way she was contemplating who the author of this note could be, and then implying that she had committed a lot of bad things, due to her saying she had over five decades to choose them from. Then the big revelation at the end with her announcing she had killed before, I wasnít expecting that, but it somehow fitted in with the rest of the story really well. The transition between the differing years was seamless as well, and it didnít disrupt the flow at all.

Then the fourth section again was very chilling. It was nice to see that Lucius could be so romantic towards Narcissa as you donít often see that. I did find it a bit surprising that Narcissa gave Poppy the ring, so it made me suspect that there was more going on between them, and then the way she talked about the consequences of it was great.

The sixth and seventh section seemed to reveal more about Narcissaís chilling nature. The way she greeted Andromeda just seemed so scary, I think it was the description of her which preluded it which made it so haunting, as it contrasted with the smile. Then there was Poppy crying out for help, and Narcissa refusing to save her, and somehow Andromeda got caught up in it all as well.

It just gets more and more chilling! I was right about there being more between Narcissa and Poppy, and I found the explanation behind the first murder perfect. Narcissa seems the type to kill over jealousy, and the way she killed Poppy with the ring was great, as Poppy believed it was a gift of sorts from Lucius, but it was just a murder weapon. It was interesting to see Andromedaís part in it, and how she tried to save her with all her might.

Then the ending was brilliant! It perfectly tied in the story, and I loved the structure of it, as it was lead us back to the beginning again, and revealed everything. It was just brilliant, I canít really say anything more. It was haunting, chilling, exciting, revengeful, wah Iím running out of adjectives.

A definite 10/10 Iím so glad that I read this!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Hi Kiana! ♥ So sorry for the delay in responding to this review, but RL issues have been getting in the way. :( But thanks so much for your wonderfully long review; I wasn't expecting such a long one for something I hadn't requested! *.* I really appreciate it!

Thank you so much! I've had a couple of reviewers think that that was Narcissa, because of italicising the Malfoy (I think) so I love that you picked up on the whole resenting-her-sister sense I was trying to get here! :D And yes - it does revolve around a murder, so it would have to be dark! As dark as Black, teehee.

Poppy, I think, has her own issues - which I'm toying with exploring in another one-shot. But yes, she likes pretending to be other people. :P And Narcissa does live in the pure-blood hierarchy - her reputation, her wealth, her choice of husband all mean more than her own happiness. It's a sad way of thinking, but it does reflect her society at the time.

Ooh, it's great that you liked that particular section! I wanted it to be clear that Andromeda/Poppy wasn't innocent either. Her own murders of Death Eaters might have been during the two wars, but they were still killings. :P

Haha, yep. Poppy has a case of idol-worship when it comes to Narcissa, and she'd never believe how evil Narcissa really is. I really love visualizing Andromeda/Poppy's face when she realizes what the ring really is XD

That's great! Although... there's only one murder. ;) And woo for making you run out of adjectives! :P Thank you so much for stopping by and for the lovely review, I really appreciate it! ♥

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Review #11, by ValWitch21 I Know What You Did

13th March 2013:
I love the structure you gave this -- you really created a sense of mystery by fragmenting the evidence and setting this in two different time frames.

Narcissa was brilliantly portrayed, cold and caluculating and acting for the love of only a selected few. This could almost be cannon, actually, because Narcissa and Andromeda and the history about why Poppy replaced Narcissa as Lucius' bride-to-be. YES, IT WAS THAt GOOD.

However, I'm now going to act really stupid, because the ending confused me: does that Mean Narcissa killed her own sister? Or did I just not read carefully enough?

I feel like that kind of put a damper on my review, so I'll enthuse some more. The alternation between the sombre descriptions of Narcissa brooding and resenting, and the final scene, was wonderfully well done. Everything flowed beautifully from start to finish, so congratulations: you wrote an amazing one-shot again! :)

Author's Response: VAL! :D Thanks so much for dropping by to read this!

I'm really happy that you liked the structure, as I was worried that it didn't make sense / was too choppy, so it was great that it was mysterious instead of confusing! :P

I -love- writing moments that could fit into canon-verse, and to hear you say that you thought it really could almost be canon was fab! ♥ (I didn't like the way Narcissa disowned Andromeda for marrying Ted, since we know she'd do -anything- for Lucius and Draco, whom she loves - so I came up with a nice different reason!)

Yep, you're right. Andromeda and Poppy used Polyjuice Potion so that Andromeda could take Poppy's place to see Narcissa on what they thought was an innocent trip to the forest, but which turned deadly. Poppy then impersonated Andromeda for the rest of her life. ;)

Thank you so much for your compliments, and for reviewing! ♥

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