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Review #1, by A Red Ribbon

7th December 2013:
I loved it :) I hope you could make a story of it :)

Author's Response: ^_^ Thank you so much. I'm really pleased you've liked it so much. Maybe one day i'll make it a larger story. :) Thank you for your review!

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Review #2, by academica Red Ribbon

24th September 2013:
Hey Zayne, here for the TGS Review Exchange :)

Wow, I really liked this. I think you characterized Ginny in a fantastic way, making her not only relatable but pitiable, which may be hard for a lot of the fandom to grasp given their general dislike of her. She really is "the girl who waited" all those long days and nights at Hogwarts while Harry was off on his Horcrux hunt; before that, she waited for him to even really notice her, biding her time with other boys. I really love the point about how Hermione makes him feel better instead of her; the jealousy makes a lot of sense, especially given that Hermione is Harry's age and Ginny is a bit younger. Hermione also stayed with Harry on the Horcrux hunt, so she was really privy to a lot of intimate moments that Ginny would have missed.

Of course, this story wasn't just about Ginny dealing with Harry. It was also about her coming to terms with her own post-war identity and accepting the residual pain she felt from the war. I liked how you explored that in depth and discussed her career choice as a way to escape; it makes her being a Quidditch player seem somewhat less... random? (Maybe it's not really.) I also liked how she clung to memories and specific objects that brought her comfort--almost in place of Harry, because he wouldn't let her comfort him and so she couldn't seek comfort from him, either.

I also really loved the ending--I was sort of expecting Harry to have left her or for her to leave him, but I liked that you left us with a sense that they might work it out, if only they can bring themselves to voice their true feelings, like Ginny has begun to do here.

Great work, of course! :)


Author's Response: Hey Amanda! Sorry it's taken me just as long to respond to this as it did for me to leave a review for you!!!

I agree with mostly everything you've said about this. It would be hard to deal with that jealousy when you see your boyfriend, someone you've waited for, for ages it seems turn to someone else who understands his scars better than her. Only because Harry hasn't opened up to her completely and he holds back and closes down like he does. There is so much she is missing and she still has, as you said, her own identity to deal with and it would be hard to understand someone else's pain if you dealing with your own still.

I've never been a massive fan of Ginny. Writing this though helped me come to terms a little with her character and understand some of her choices (like being a Quidditch player!) and her pain. She clings and soldiers on because it's what she's done her whole life. I think she also learned in her last year to become more of a dooer, to get things she wants rather than wait for the sidelines like she's done as well.

Thank you so much for your review!!

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Review #3, by lia_2390 Red Ribbon

23rd March 2013:
Hey Zayne!

I'm not the biggest of Harry/Ginny fans, but I still enjoyed this story. Maybe one of the things people hated about JKR's epilogue was that it was too happy even if nineteen years had passed, even though it was a shout out to us that things weren't really over. Some people tend to run with that too. Maybe the concept of 'they've just been through a war' is too much to tackle so writers leave it alone.

I do love that you've brought two prolific characters from the series and showed how the war truly affected them. I never considered them as separate entities in this because they were still Harry and Ginny - a heartbreaking aspect of their post-war experience.

Ginny's characterisation was good in this. You've managed to incorporate a whole lot about her life and what, as you've said, she's trying to gain. I like that you've included how left out she feels because it's like things haven't changed much since their school days. She may be with him now, but she's still not /with/ him, if that makes sense.

Honestly, there's a lot about this that really makes me sit back and think about how they see one another. For example, the trio have been off searching for Horcruxes while Ginny and the rest of the students have had to bear the horrors at Hogwarts alone. Her gripe with Hermione about not understanding the Cruciatus makes me wonder if she knew about what Mrs. Lestrange did. I think they're all lost in their own experiences to fully understand what was going on with anyone else. Yes, of course they've witnessed horrors, but they have yet to understand others' perception of their own.

You've reinforced a lot of truths in this little one-shot. Some which people tend to forget. Poor Harry never really wanted all of this, now it's like he's stuck. Ginny's frustration is understood because it's hard to be in a relationship with someone who barely talks to you, and chooses to talk to someone else. That's another truth you brought to forward from the books. It's something I always wondered about as well.

In the end, I'm relieved that she didn't sink further into her despair. I imagine this story might have ended differently if she did, and I agree with you, that isn't who she is. Many people would have walked away by now, honestly having no idea how the rift got there in the first place.


Author's Response: Thank you so much Lia for your thoughts on this! It was a difficult story for me to write because i've never been a massive fan of Harry/Ginny or even writing main pairings. So, the writing of this was just hard to get my head around this was just odd and weird.

I do get you. They aren't really 'with' each other at the moment. They are separate and unable to connect. They know what they feel for one another but there is a gap there that has to be breached first. I think it would have been hard to integrate them together. I don't think it would have happened immediately either. They each had their own scars to deal with and I sort of imagine that it was hard for them to understand the pain of others because, perhaps, their own pain overpowered there senses so much. Also, Ginny may not know everything that transpired in their year out. She's so wrapped up in her own pain she doesn't ask or pry into what was a painful time for the three of them and the Trio doesn't want to continue ruminating on all that anymore. So something gets lost in translation and Ginny is also angry and frustrated in here and she doesn't see things clearly. I can also imagine Harry not opening up. He likes to keep things locked inside and perhaps he's just trying to be strong and in the meantime, Ginny is hurting from what she doesn't understand. Harry thinks he's protecting her or saving her from truths because he doesn't want to burden her any more. He's also just being selfish and doesn't want to reopen his own wounds and turns to Hermione because she already knows it all. It's a mixture of all that and i agree with you that it isn't in her to give up or sink into despair. I think she learned a lot in the last year of Hogwarts to become a dooer and if she wants something she'll get it rather than waiting on the sidelines like she's done for so long.

Thanks again for the review!

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