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Review #1, by S Mad People

2nd November 2013:
This is by far my favorite Muggle fic! Please, update soon.

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Review #2, by peppersweet Mad People

15th June 2013:
New chapter!! Sorry, your friendly neighbourhood exclamation-mark-abusing reviewer is back.

As I read this chapter I was listening to this month's spotify playlist (because I'm the sort of sad sack that makes monthly playlists) and I found a song that sort of maybe fits what I think this fic would sound like if it were a song -- 'some time alone, alone' by melody's echo chamber has a sort of uh, well, I guess it has a bit of a fluttery whimsy feel to it.

Also, I'm fistpumping for Greta so much that I'm in danger of punching the roof, I've really invested myself in her character that much. And if you misspell her name, you get Great. Coincidence, I think not.

I like Rose! She seems sassy and uh, not as irritating as the others. And she uses swears so she is Certifiably Not A Dork. Sorry, I'm not sure where that comment came from.

'because she was pretty sure Rose was a mad sock, and it's not a good idea to question the decisions of a mad sock' - right, it's official, 'mad sock' is now my new favourite term of endearment/insult. HPFF has really done wonders for my vocabulary.

Greta is like Hugo!! And thus I continue to ship them, except I also ship Greta and Albus (despite Astrid) and - omg - no - don't make me choose -

Wait, you have another fic?? Right, that's going on the 'to read' list, then.

Another great chapter! (Or, should I say, another greta chapter) ♥

Author's Response: AKGJWL I LOVE THAT SONG. And you're completely right, it does have that weird but fun kinda feel, wow. This is excitiiing.

Glad you like Rose, she's really fun to play with. She does some pretty mad things. And I suppose I don't really consider her a dork either, she's more of the rebel/outcast who spends too much time alone or... what's a 12+ way to say this... we'll I'll steal Not Entirely Lucid, and she doesn't remember how to behave around people :P

MAD SOCK. Yes, I wanted to make it seem sort of like Greta was scared of not agreeing with Rose because that's the only way that it seemed plausible they'd get along. Because Rose isn't nice, but she is entertained by Greta's weirdness and is trying to kinda be not as sour as usual. So it's a pretty fun relationship to write.

Aha, your shipping feels are being violated already. Just you wait.

And yes, I decided to put Rose's fic up :3 I wasn't sure the response it'd receive, but it seems good so far, so I'm running with it.

More great/greta (very clever) chapters to come as soon as I figure out what is bothering me so much about stupid number four! Thanks for another lovely review!

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Review #3, by Lululuna Mad People

14th June 2013:
I love Rose here! She's so snarky and strange, and I like the dynamics between her and Greta, it's very entertaining. For some reason the line beginning with "Well, if there was anybody madder than Greta here..." for some reason it just summed up Rose so perfectly. The sneaking out adventure was very entertaining!

I like how Greta's awkwardness continues to rage full force, and her worrying about being dressed in matching clothes was very funny. She and Astrid just seem like polar opposites, and I'm curious to see how things will progress (or not) with Albus. Also, how old is everyone? I think you said Greta was 26, and Astrid is younger... just wondering, anyway! :)

Anyway this was another wonderfully written and silly chapter, and I can't wait to read the next one! :)

(And PS. What exactly is a "fluttery whimsy"??)

Author's Response: Ooh, thoughts on Rose! Happy happy happy! I absolutely love writing Rose, she's probably the most fun. Part of that is the humour and randomness that's just this inseparable part of her personality. She has to keep herself entertained somehow, and everybody around her she sees as a tool to achieve that end. So awkward Greta is a very fun plaything :P And then Greta of course is in her tiny little shell, poking her head out and sniffing the air every so often. Rose is her vehicle to achieve that occasional sniffing. It's a fun relationship.

Albus progression is on its way! All the chapters he's not in, I start to miss him :P

Yep, Greta's 26. Astrid is 20, which is briefly mentioned in the first chapter. It's part of why they're so different, why they don't get along. They're not very close with such an age gap. And that's meant to emphasise how immature Greta is too :P

Let me see if I can get the ages right. This fic intersects with a couple of my others in the whole collection-ish thing, so... at this point, Albus is 27. Which is a huge age gap as well, but it's explained more later in this fic and also in Seeds (in production), in which Albus is also a main character. Basically Astrid was Albus' secretary at the Ministry of Magic. But Greta doesn't actually know Albus is that old, so it'll be a fun reveal! Oops, hope that doesn't count as a spoiler. Okay, just a teeny one.

Ah, the title. I figured somebody would ask eventually. Honestly, I don't know. Basically it just popped into my head and it sounded so odd and twee that I couldn't reject it. The fluttery bit goes into more depth in later chapters, and the whimsy I s'pose is representing Greta. The weird wording of it is tributing Greta's weird way of wording things herself. Truthfully, titles and I? Not as chummy as I'd like.

Thanks for all your reviews, they are super special! I want to cuddle them. The update's coming just as soon as I get a handle on the flow of chapter four. It's messy at the moment. Not too far off, though!

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Review #4, by Lululuna Awkward People

14th June 2013:
Hi again! :)

So, this was another great and well-written chapter. I think you got the balance of heavy and humour just right. Poor Greta, suffering from anxiety and not being able to face it! :( I don't blame her for getting worked up among all these new people, especially surrounded by all the magic and magical folk!

Another thing I like is how we're seeing the story completely through Greta's eyes, giving it a limited point of view. While I know all the Weasley cousins, Greta of course doesn't, so they're just a mass of gingers and tea and shapes to her. It's a very unique way to write a story, especially about this lot, and you do it very nicely! :)

I had to laugh at Greta's fears that the ginger uncle had smuggled himself in, and her offers of giving up Astrid. I wonder, who is the uncle who doesn't like Astrid that she mentioned? Also, it's very awkward that she had a moment with Albus, and that he's the groom! Ah, what are the odds, she has so many cousins to choose from and it has to be Albus?! I'm excited to see how this unfolds! :)

Author's Response: I am being spoiled today, aren't I? Very well. I shan't complain. In fact, I shall dance.


Balance, huzzah! That's the goal, yep. And I love playing with limited perspectives, it's so fun. I'm happy you like it too!

Teehee. The smuggled uncle. It plays on her fears of gingers and her not knowing anybody (and nobody knowing Astrid either). As for the uncle that doesn't like Astrid, there really isn't one, it's just what Greta's mind cooked up in a moment of panic. She doesn't like Astrid, so she tends to assume nobody else could really like Astrid either, even if they say they do. Greta pretty much thinks her perceptions are identical to reality, so the possibility of there being a mad uncle who wants to kill Astrid doesn't seem very far-fetched to her. She surrounds herself with that stuff, fantasy and weird things. Hence the mentions of dungeons and torture and that. Her realm of the possible is pretty big.

What are the odds indeed. I tried to make it sound still plausible that it'd be Albus rather than anyone else, which is explained more as Albus is characterised in more depth. He doesn't like seeing people sad, and he already feels close to Greta even though he hasn't met her, because that's the sort of person Albus is. He just cares about everybody. And he reckons he'll be seeing more of Greta now that he's marrying her sister, so he just leaps at the chance to bond.

I love writing Albus :P He's such a weird little thing.

Thanks for another great review!

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Review #5, by Lululuna Ginger People

14th June 2013:
Hello! :) So I'm just going to jump right into how much I enjoy this story. I really love the fact that Greta is a Muggle, and that we get to explore the strangeness of the wizarding world (and particularly the madness of the Weasleys) through her confused and quirky point of view. I really enjoy how she's a blogger, and how Muggle technology is such a large part of her life as opposed to Astrid, who is involved in seeing the world through magical lenses. It shows us that Muggles and exciting and special, too! :)

I really like the way you write Greta as well. Sure, the story is weird, but in the most well-crafted and wittily knitted way possible. (Is 'wittily' a word? My spell-check isn't working!). I love the differences between Greta and Astrid and how they don't quite get along, and how much Greta makes light of things like "sticks." Seeing that many gingers at once must be quite overwhelming, and I don't blame Greta for her awkward outbursts. In fact, they were quite entertaining. Hansel the rabbit sounds so adorable! :)

Anyway, this was a quirky and well-written beginning to your story, and I can't wait to keep reading about the antics of Greta and the Wheeze-lees! :D

Author's Response: AH. REVIEWS! This is an exciting daaay.

I've always liked taking a step back and thinking of what any situation looks like to outside eyes. I think fanfiction is a special area for that, because the readers already know the setting so well--and especially Harry Potter fanfiction, because we're enamoured with the universe but we understand the outside perspective as well because of course we ARE the outside perspective, being Muggles. That whole concept is pretty much what birthed this fic (eek awkward wording much?) so I'm glad you like that!

Quirky and well-written is the best compliment ever, thank you! I think wittily is a word... and paired with knitted, it makes for some pretty ace phrasing.

Gingers are scary. Very scary.

What a brilliant review, thanks so much for leaving your (super amazing!) thoughts on Greta and all of that. My giddy smile shall not depart! Erm yeah, I though that'd sound dramatic. Anyway. Thanks and stuff, yep :)

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Review #6, by peppersweet Awkward People

23rd May 2013:
eee update!

I read this on A Mobile Device (capitalised for effect) whilst hurtling the length of Britain on a train, so I'm back to reread properly and review, reading it on a nice big laptop screen this time. Speaking of laptops, I can really emphasise with Greta. I can barely go three hours without wifi. It's been worse since I upgraded from a nokia brick to an phone that does internet; I'm a bit of an addict. I highly doubt I'd last long in the wizardy world.

Lily's a wee bit creepy. Like Greta, I also awkwardly pat people on the back when I hug them. /I think I'm trying to identify with your OC too much.

There was an argument going on in the sitting room. Greta wasn't sure if it was about a game or the cleaning because they were talking about teams but all holding broomsticks. - this line made me chuckle!

:( poor Greta! Baww. Wee lamb. I can empathise with her! I am also of the nervy variety. I'm glad she found Albus to snuggle against (and that he listened to her). I like that angle you've taken on Albus as well, he did seem like a bit of a quiet chap in the epilogue and the way you've written him really fits with that mental image of him. He seems so sweet! Also, you're really messing with my shipping feels now. Greta/Hugo or Greta/Albus? I don't even know anymoreee. GRUGO OR GRALBUS?!?

I really like the way this is written. It's so gentle and sweet and the word choices are really simple - in a good way! - but it feels like you've taken time and care and really thought about each one. It's one of those fics that sort of creeps up on you in a lovely way, sort of like waves lapping at the shore. Wow, that sounded pretentious! In a nutshell, this was a marvy chapter, I love this fic, please update soon! ♥

Author's Response: I'm glad you identify with my OC, there's no such thing as too much. Unless of course you start calling yourself Greta and wearing horse t-shirts and mismatched socks. Then I would be a bit worried. But still very flattered.

Glad you liked the Quidditch bit too. I was originally going to feature Quidditch a lot more, but when that didn't end up happening, I figured I could still sneak a line or two in. Probably the most fun part of this fic is trying to see how the wizarding world would look to an outsider :D

Yes! You like Albus! -dances- I am very happy about that because Albus has always been a weird area for me in next generation fanfiction. I feel like there are so many directions to play with, and many that have already been played with extensively, so I wanted to make him kinda unique but not in an obnoxious way. If that makes sense. And I wanted him to be true to his epilogue self, if mostly to emphasise that he's still a bit immature :P

I shall never stop messing with the shipping feels. You should feel very violated.

Word choice is a pretty big thing in this story. Half the time when I'm re-reading my chapters I just have to go back and make it sound more... Greta :P The idea was that she uses simple worlds because she likes simple things. She just wants her laptop and rabbit and tea, no messes. And I really wanted her voice to come through about all that.

Your reviews are marvy as well, and so is your heart, which I shall attempt to steal in a very creepy way ♥

But I don't think it's working. Fiddlesticks. REVEAL YOUR SECRETS.

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Review #7, by justonemorefic Ginger People

16th April 2013:
So it is my job to deliver the ship names that Julia and I have thunk, that is 'Grugo', 'Grego', 'Huta', 'Huga', and 'Huggreta', which sounds like a spiffin' (I am so appreciative of the word spiffin') dragon.

This is such a cute start c: I love Greta's general 'tude to whole Wazz-lees (there are so many of them), and I've been waiting for a Muggle point of view that doesn't make a big fuss of things, where magic's nearly normal and just a ~weird thing your sister does~. I've already projected myself on her because I am the little sister, and all little sisters share the same grumbly disposition to anything their big sister does, not to mention me meeting new family is like, -cautiously slides from view-

I noticed Astrid (they have such COOL NAMES and don't get me started on Hansel, who I hope has a poster of Jeremy Renner on the side of his cage) says 'Greta' quite a lot in conversation. Also, I think you could consider moving some of the information from the dialogue into non-dialogue descriptions. The conversation in the beginning runs a bit long in places and I can see there's a lot of characterization you want expressed, and I think some of it would be better relegated as Greta's internal thoughts, which would also break up some of the other dialogue and flesh out Greta more. Descriptions have a different feel than dialogue; you tend to get more of the narrator's voice and they don't seem like forced chatterboxes, and you also get the chance to flesh out the world you want to build. For example, everything about Greta not taking things seriously, instead of repeating it in dialogue, bring up a recent example of when Astrid last accused Greta of that. Maybe think of Hansel so it foreshadows the rabbit's introduction.


Author's Response: Two brilliantly detailed reviews in two days? The universe is spoiling me. Seriously, this is really good for my ego in a very bad way.

I want to start with how glad I am that you mentioned all that about the dialogue, especially the bit about her not taking things seriously. I've been sort of annoyed by that since I wrote it, but I couldn't figure out some way to get around the repetitive feeling of it while retaining the importance and not interrupting the conversation flow (which to be honest, is pretty lacking anyway).

GAH CHARACTERISATION. God I know I'm too obsessed with it. It can be a tad suffocating when I just mash it all up and shove it down your throat, can't it? Thanks for pointing that out, it's already been very helpful.

I feel like one of the things I lack as I writer is knowing how to properly mix dialogue and description. There's another bit I've written that I know is too heavy with description, and I've been trying to make the language lighter to make up for that, but maybe I'll just try adding some dialogue to break it up. Your advice works both ways, and that milady is some talented advice.

So I had to Google Jeremy Renner. I now have further evidence that the bubble I live in must seem very strange indeed to those I will both affectionately and cautiously term 'outsiders'.

LOL at Huggreta, honest. I'd no idea they would be shipped from chapter one. There's some information Huggreta shippers should probably be privy to sooner rather than later, but I shall delay. Though I'm really not sure if it's better or worse that way.

You need no excuses to creep. I creep on both of you, and now the creeping has been returned. I will consider this retribution.

(As a side note, you should be very impressed that I contained my fangirling in this review response. Because I think you're the spiffinest of the spiffy spiffins. That is all.)

I would also like you to know that if telling me to stick around was some reverse psychology voodoo intended to scare me away, IT HAS FAILED.

Take a second to wrap your head around that.

Yeah. BAM.

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Review #8, by peppersweet Ginger People

15th April 2013:
I'm like three paragraphs into this story and already terrified because it basically describes my life. I always stalk reblogger blogs! I frequently spend three hours on etsy doing nothing! AND I AM ALWAYS DOING STUFF.

Your summary is ace. I do a daily check of recently added (don't worry, I don't even pretend to have a life) but usually just scroll aimlessly past all the things and then go back to tumblr. This summary made me stop and actually read something for a change! :3

Ooh, I like the idea (if I've got the idea right, hee) of a non-magical person (who shares my love of uninterrupted wifi access) having to go and spend time with magical folk (who do not appreciate the wonders of the internet). It's something I've never read before!

Bigger on the inside! I spy a doctor who reference~

One thing I'd comment on is some of the terms seem a I can't speak for the entirety of this fine nation seeing as I'm a mad Scottish git but I feel like 'rooming' is an odd term - Hugo saying 'You're staying with my sister' seems a bit more...natural. Also, the bit where Astrid says they're heading for West Sussex seems a bit odd too - I think it's more likely she'd name the town than the county. Although I'm not sure I've ever been to West Sussex so for all I know it could be the norm to refer to it as West Sussex as all times. If I were me, I wouldn't take my own advice.

A sour look returned. 'It's outside the back. Didn't fancy carrying it anymore. Nasty hill, innit?' / 'You're telling me,' he said with a snort. - and with this tiny exchange I am shipping Greta and Hugo forEVERRR

Lovely start and a really enjoyable read! Looking forward to an update! ♥

Author's Response: WOW. WOW I LOVE YOU. Alright, this'll be weird, I already know. But I can't contain the WOW. Seriously, Starving Artists was half the inspiration for this fic. And by that I mean, well, I just absolutely loved Lucy and her character development and how real it all was and that's what I wanted to do with Greta. Honest, I was so obsessed with that fic that I had to watch Skins just because I wanted to see Hannah Murray's acting so I could better visualise Lucy and see her movements and facial expressions as I was reading. Having done that, I re-read Starving Artists. Twice. You are pretty much the reason I joined HPFF, so I could favourite your stories and follow everything better and just... yeah.

*cough* Okay, my fangirling is all done now. Well alright, that's 100% a lie, but it's done for the moment.


Alright, so there's obviously a bunch of random stuff I have to ramble about now in response to this most brilliant review, but I'm going to start with YES IT WAS A DOCTOR WHO REFERENCE. Couldn't help it :P

As for the terms, I'm glad you mentioned all that, cause my terms are definitely funny. Half of them are chiefly British terms and the other half chiefly American, due to the fact that I was raised both places. So basically it means neither the British nor Americans will be able to understand it, which is pretty much my life (moment of deepest sympathy, please. I belong nowhere. Cry for me). Which is a little less than spectacular. But I'm trying to get rid of all the mostly American terms, because this fic is trying very hard to be British.

Of course, for the West Sussex bit, mostly I was just being lazy. I figured it would be easier to describe the weather and surroundings for a county than a specific town. I am slightly paranoid that someone will live in that town and read this and go IT'S NOT LIKE THAT HERE. Like in Forks for Twilight. (I hope the fact that I know random Twilight trivia doesn't affect your opinion of this story.) But I should just pick a town and have done with :P

Wow that's all it took to ship Greta/Hugo? But I have so many more tiny exchanges planned!

In (sort of) conclusion to this review response of most absurd length, I thank you for taking the time to leave one of these little things (especially because yeah I never did ahem but I WILL CHANGE MY WAYS eventually probably).

And I'm glad you like the summary. I edited it about a million times (and I'll bet you're amazed that after all that, it still includes ponies).

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