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Review #1, by missclaire17 All About You

18th July 2013:
Hey, I'm here reviewing my OTP!

Oh my gosh, it absolutely breaks my heart how James and Lily had plans for that very day they died. Seriously, thinking about it just makes my heart break because there's not only a life they might have known with Harry but it's also so many things that James and Lily never got to do together because they were running for their lives. It also makes Peter's betrayal just so much worse. I can really imagine how it must have been for Sirius; I can almost not blame him wanting to go after Peter.

I really like how Lily's last thoughts were what James had said to her. Somehow, those words are so fitting because James and Lily sacrificing their lives is all for Harry, and James and Lily's life is about each other and about Harry. I'm really glad that you chose to end this one-shot that way.

Wonderful job writing this! (:

Author's Response: Hii :D Jily is one (ONE) of my OTPs as well :P I love writing about them

For me, their deaths are a really sensitive subject, not only because they were so young, but also because they had such a wonderful, happy life ahead of them if they'd lived. But I really like writing about the night they died, and I thought the fact that they had something planned would add to the feels :P

Ugh, the feels I get listening to that song -_- It really makes me feel about them and how much they loved each other and Harry. *creys*

Thanks for such a wonderful review!

Summer x

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Review #2, by RosieWeasly11 All About You

9th March 2013:
meh! YOU MADE ME CRY! great story tho! meh so sad xx

Author's Response: Yeeey, you cried XD
But I'm glad you liked it xox

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