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Review #1, by cypress Moon Frogs

28th May 2013:
Hello! cypress here (finally) with a review for your challenge entry. First off, thanks so much for submitting! I really enjoyed this story. You did a great job with your description and I liked your use of metaphors.

This sentence is lovely: "The sun's orange glow had abandoned the trees entirely, and the moon had risen to reign, silvery and bright." And I liked how you described her welcoming joy: "she welcomed the feeling as a friend that she had gone far too long without seeing." You use nice imagery throughout. I think that if you have a chance, you should consider fixing the spacing to make it easier to read. It really is difficult when your paragraphs are spaced so far apart.

But spacing notwithstanding, I really love this story! I was a little thrown at first by Luna's fear because I remember her being very understanding of the creatures, but I quickly realized where the story was going, and had I not already read book 5, I wouldn't have thought it strange at all that she found the thestrals frightening. I think I would have liked a little more description of the thestrals themselves because, if it weren't for having read book 5, I wouldn't know what they looked like. ;)

I've got one last story to review and then I'll be PMing the results. Thanks again for your story!

x cypress

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