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Review #1, by Terri Drama All Around

1st November 2016:
Sam, I might die if we don't get more of Key soon. Please, bless us, your faithful. Love you for your amazing work.

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Review #2, by Mianne Drama All Around

1st November 2015:
Dear Sam, hello. I've been reading Ciaran for two years, since you started Enchanted in 2013, and loving it to the bone. So I've been popping in every week for a year to check on the progress, and rereading my favourite chapters of Enchanted on my phone. What I wanted to ask was if you were going to put up these chapters of Don't Let Me Go on fanfic. net too? Because I've downloaded Enchanted from there using Codex Reader, and I'd really love to be able to have what you have of Don't Let Me Go downloaded too so I can reread it when the craving hits. Will you consider it? Thank you so much for sharing this with the world anyway. It's amazing. Love ya!

Author's Response: Hello!

2013. Wow. That was a long time ago... My answer to your question is yes. After NaNo, or once I'm updating again. I intend to have at least one new chapter posted here before the new year. :D

Thank you so much, I'm so glad you like it! :)


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Review #3, by Batholomew Drama All Around

1st August 2015:
Sam Sam Sam Sam.ungh
Enchanted fan for life here. I can't help it. Ciaran is my favourite OTP of all fandoms- of all time! You need to understand how important your child is to me. I would die for more Ciaran. I would literally pay to read a book about Ciaran, he's that amazing! So please please please. The gang- Key and Lewis, Head Boy and the Devil, Mr and Mrs Will-they-won't-they- they've all been running through my mind since the last update. Is the next chapter done yet? I love you. Kay bye

Author's Response: Hello, Batholomew!

Reading this honestly made me so happy, thank you so much! Ciaran is not going anywhere, he is here to stay and I will write him as much as I am able.

The next chapter is almost done. I say it quite a bit, I know, but every time I get a little closer. I promise It'll be up soon and I have about 20 chapters planned so far. They will be done. :)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #4, by Cojac Drama All Around

17th May 2015:
More please. Loving this story

Author's Response: I'm so sorry for taking so long. I'm glad you love it and the next chapter is half done, so I hope to post it soon.

Thank you so much for leaving a review. :)


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Review #5, by alicia and anne Drama All Around

1st March 2015:
Ciaran I've missed you so much! Never let it get this long again! *hugs him tightly*

I hope Luka doesn't read too much into this and tell Louis, I don't want Ciaran and Louis to fight. Now he's jealous of lukas talk about Douglas haha oh Kyle you're so getting the couch!

I hope that Ciarans interview goes well!

Uh-oh! It's Douglas! I don't see this going well at all! Ciaran calm this feelings you have a louis!

Speaking of! He's very naughty teasing Ciaran like that!

He needs to visit him!

That's it! This was the last review I had to be entirely caught up with your stories!! You have my permission to update! :D

Author's Response: Ciaran! He's missed you, too!

Luka is fairly level-headed. He wouldn't tell Louis if he felt he didn't have to. Haha, Kyle is so getting the couch.

It goes well.

He does have a Louis. Control yourself, Ciaran.

Louis was naughty to tease. Ciaran deserved it, though. ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #6, by merlins beard Drama All Around

21st November 2014:
please continue this soon. i love reading it, even though i'm not happy with the direction things are taking right now. I guess it will get better again... you can't let CJ hurt Louis like that (or the other way around).

I really hate Ellis. Just saying.

Author's Response: I will get to the next chapter soon. I've already started it. And things will get better, I promise. :)

Feel free to hate Ellis all you want. :D

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #7, by HufflePuff_Blitz Drama All Around

8th September 2014:
Okay. Who can I talk to about a new emoji? Twice in a period of a weekend, I have so very very badly needed one of a figure running back and forth with flailing arms.
But AH! So exiting!
It was perfect!! So much bantering, and a Flirty Louis moment!!! :D
I'm just gonna call it An Enchanted Trilogy. or Eat for short. never mind that the letters aren't in order :P.
Okay so now I'm more confused. So Louis/ Frankie is the real Headcannon? And that Louis/ Ciaran was just a relationship thing on the side?
Great as always Sam!!
Kyle :)

Author's Response: I think there's an emoji for what you're suggesting. I'll have to look... :P

Flirty Louis! I had to throw it in there. There wasn't enough in my opinion. There's never enough in my opinion. :P

Haha! I just call it Ciaran's Story. :D

Yeah. Louis/Frankie is headcanon. They had a whole headcanon story first, Louis/Ciaran is just these three books because of a challenge. He's awesome, though, and is here to stay. The one-shot I wrote for you is a moment between them, but really they're best friends whose feelings grew for a time.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #8, by angelicdemon1209 Drama All Around

8th September 2014:
I swear I'll cry if something goes wrong with Louis and key.. I love Ciaran so any chapter is always amazing.. I honestly love your writing so that's always good,. Goes without saying.. I know i want key to be happy.. But no Douglas please and definitely no Ellis.. Please..
Waiting for the next update.. :)

Author's Response: I don't want anything to happen to Louis/Ciaran either. There are just a few... bumps in the road.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #9, by Scribblings Breathless Smiles and Guilty Thoughts

15th April 2014:
Please don't let him like Douglas! Please please please! I don't want anything to come between Louis and Ciaran they are perfect together!

Author's Response: Uh oh, Douglas. I can't say, as much as I want to, but I pray you have hope. Hope is good. :D

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #10, by MagykNargle Crazy Train

28th December 2013:
I saw your response to my review on the 4th chapter (Thanks so much! :D) and so. Here I am. With yet another comment thing. So. Their ship name. It could be Louaran, like I stated in that other review thing, or it could be Ciaris [See-air-ee] which sounds cooler but looks weirder. Hmm. :D Anyway, again, great story! Please, please, please update again soon. C:

Author's Response: Ciaris looks weird and wonderful, just like Ciaran. Sounds cool, too. Can we have that? :D

Thank you so much! More will be up soon!


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Review #11, by MagykNargle Breathless Smiles and Guilty Thoughts

10th December 2013:
No, no, no, no, no, no, NO! CIARAN DOES /NOT/ GET TO BE ALL FLIRTY WITH SOMEONE OTHER THAN LOUIS. I love Louis. And Ciaran. And Louaran. So. Don't. You. DARE. Break. Them. Up! D: And I'm also sad because there's no next chapter for me to obsess over. Because I do obsess. I love your stories. They're great! :D

Author's Response: I see your no's and I agree completely. Bad Ciaran. We'll have to fix this... soon... maybe. ;)

Ah, you gave them a name! They didn't have a name before. :D As for breaking them up, I'm afraid you'll have to wait and see... *hides*

I'll have a new chapter up as soon as I can. I have to get back to it on my list.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #12, by alicia and anne Breathless Smiles and Guilty Thoughts

9th October 2013:
I am so angry seeing that name! Ellis!!! I hate you! Stay away from Louis!!

I'm so glad that Ciaran phoned Louis and got to talk to Nico, I'm glad that Louis doesn't like Ellis.

I hope that Kyle finds out about the letters so that they can do something about Ellis, he's so evil!!

:O There's a Douglas!! He's so cheeky having bits of chocolate even though he's allergic, I'm glad that he gave it to Ciaran and listened whilst he talked, he needed to talk to someone about what's happening.

I hope that Louis not calling isn't a bad sign!! *hugs them tightly* Don't break my heart, Sam!

I love this so much!! I've missed Ciaran!

Author's Response: Ellis definitely brings out angry feels. We should stop him... soon. Maybe. ;)

I'm glad he didn't hang up and got to meet the awesomeness that is Nico (but I say this about all of my characters... :P). No, Louis definitely does not like Ellis.

Ooooh, will he??? I guess we'll see.

Haha, a Douglas is here. Cheeky should be his middle name. It's not, but it should be. :P Haha, he didn't eat the chocolate. But yay for sharing and caring. He's a nice person. :)

Oh, Louis...

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Tammi!


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Review #13, by angelicdemon1209 Breathless Smiles and Guilty Thoughts

9th October 2013:
i had been waiting for so long.. I read Enchanted, in one go, and then I started thism and I had been waiting since ages.. Because Enchanted is pretty much one of my absolute favourites...
But who's this Douglas? why didn't Louis call? Please don't let Louis and Ciran be hurt.. I absolutely love them, they are like my favourite couple in our HPFF universe! And I love Ciaran, I wish I could take him and keep him.. :P
i love you story, and please keep updating, and please Louis and Ciaran. Together. Forever. :*

P.S. I lost interest in a lot of Louis/OCs I came across, after Enchanted. i love Ciaran.
And it is 9/10 because there was no Louis in this chapter.. :/

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! And I'm sorry you've had to wait so long, I'm updating multiple stories at once. :/

Your questions will be answered. Louis and Ciaran have a way to go, but we should have faith... It might help. ;)

I'm so happy that you love Ciaran! Unfortunately, since it's all in Ciaran's PoV and Louis is in another country, Louis might only come in a few times, for a while at least. Sorry.

Thank you so much for leaving a review.


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Review #14, by HufflePuff_Blitz Breathless Smiles and Guilty Thoughts

9th October 2013:
First off, I would like to squeal in excitement. Douglas is really cool, but I still hate his guts for hitting on my Ciaran. Ellis is an evil little monkey. Why didn't Louis call him back! Is he actually hanging with Ellis!? I wish I could transport into your story to go yell at Louis for not calling Ciaran. Thanks for being awesome! - kyle

Author's Response: Haha, squeal away!

Ah, Douglas. He's ready for a love/hate relationship. :P

That is going to be Ellis from now on; he's just an evil little monkey. :D

Louis lost track of time, he's very busy at school unfortunately. He would never hang with Ellis, Nico has told Ciaran that Louis doesn't like him. I promise, that's true. :)

Yes, yell at him!

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Kyle!


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Review #15, by alicia and anne Crazy Train

4th July 2013:
I agree The Burrow is crazy! I can't imagine it not being with all of the Next-Gen lot in there as well as everyone else.
YES! They should come with a warning! They can be dangerous!

Aw Ciaran has a sister!! So cute and adorable!

I love that Lucy and Jack continue with their fighting, they're like a younger Ron and Hermione! :D

Aww poor Ciaran being trampled the last time because he forgot his glasses, he definitely needs them at The Burrow, just for his own safety!

OUCH! Poor Dom!

AH! Lorcan is hilarious hiding behind the couch! :D

YAY! Awesome Harry has made an appearance. He's so brilliant! Even sitting on the couch, he does it so brilliantly!

TAMARA SINCLAIR! I mean er... how interesting, a person I have never heard about ever before is there. That's cool. *whispers* That's totally awesome.

I'm glad that Ciaran won the contest, He's so awesome! I want him to be famous! and he's opening and closing the competition! He's going to rock that!

Awww Molly is so amazing! She's such a great grandmother to them all, even Ciaran. She knows everything and knows how to make people feel better and she will keep Ciaran safe!

Ciaran is so mean to poor Teddy! It's hilarious, but mean!

I love love love the little details of everyone coming out, like the way Molly Junior dresses and where she works, and Teddy and Ciaran having some sort of war going on. It's so brilliant!

Molly and George are brilliant as well! I love the insults!

I'm glad that Teddy got Ciaran back though, even if Ciaran got him straight afterwards.

I can not tell you how much I loved that Teddy's hair changed colour each time he sneezed! That's so brilliant!

YAY! HUGO IS THERE! :D I can't believe that he fell from the seating area on the Quidditch pitch! How did he manage that? Glad that he's okay now though.

I have missed Ciaran! I am so glad that he's back *squishes him in a hug* I loved this chapter! Full of some of my favourite things. Ciaran and Hugo!! :D

Author's Response: The Burrow is Insane. One day, someone will but a warning in the door. :P

He does have a sister. It's a very happy moment.

Haha, Lucy would love her and Jack being compared to Ron and Hermione. Hermione is her favorite aunt, after all. :D

The Burrow is a safety hazard, he definitely needs his glasses. Now Nicky knows that as well... He probably wasn't wearing his glasses either. ;)

Lorcan is awesome!

Haha. Harry is just awesome. If only Theo was there, life would have been complete.

TAMARA... She's so new. ;)

Yes, he won. Yay! You may want him to be famous, but Ciaran really doesn't.

Yes. Molly is amazing.

Ciaran is a very mean person. Teddy is being let off lightly, I think. :P

I'm glad you like the details. I'm so happy that you like the characters and Hugo coming, even if he was hurt.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #16, by HufflePuff_Blitz Crazy Train

22nd June 2013:
Thank you so much for updating it has a really different feel than the first one can't decide how I feel emotionally about it. It is still awesome don't get me wrong my brain won't stop being nostalgic

Author's Response: Hey!

Feel as conflicted as Ciaran is and will be, it's going to be a totally different story to Enchanted. :)

I'm glad you like it! Thank you so much for leaving a review. :D


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Review #17, by alicia and anne Missing You

26th April 2013:
Ciaran and Louis are so cute! I just want to hug them!
Ahh! It's the part you showed me about the still life drawing :p
Awww little Louis is jealous of Morgan being back, he's so cute!!
And they're talking about the wedding!!! Cuteness overload!! *dies from the cuteness of them*
Yay! a mention of Hugo!
Oh Ciaran getting his ego inflated :D He is pretty awesome!
I love that there is music playing in the background and people performing and stuff, it makes me think of the school in Fame or something? :p
I love Kyle! :D
I think I actually love everyone of your characters and want to hug them all!! (Well maybe I'll pat Simon on the head from really far away with an extendable arm)
I really loved this! I've missed Ciaran and Louis :D I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Yes! Let's hug them an not let go! *hugs them*

Haha, yay! The life drawings. One day Ciaran will be his model. ;)

It is. Louis shouldn't be jealous, though. Morgan is straight.

I'm glad you like my characters. And yes, be careful with Simon. :P

Thank you for leaving a review!


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Review #18, by alicia and anne Hope

3rd April 2013:
Yay! I'm finally reading the sequel!
Louis can't work computers and such? Aww he's like a little old man :D
I am loving that Ciaran is living with Kyle and Luka, what happened in his own flat?
Their conversations are so funny :D Each of them moaning about hearing the other, hehe. Brilliant! I'm glad Ciaran made them pay.
I'm so happy that Ciaran's old school friend is there, it's nice that Ciaran can actually see him now.
I still can't get over the fact that Ciaran has the illusion with the glasses that makes him able to see. It's fantastic! I always get so happy knowing how much it's helped him and made him able to see everyone.
I wonder if Louis will ever talk to his grandmother again? It's sad that what she said caused a big rift :-(
I really want to know why Ciaran is famous :D I love that he's enjoying himself a lot being at uni, even though he's obviously missing Louis. I can't wait for more chapters :D

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you here!

Haha. I don't think he'll like being called that. But he's impatient and stubborn, so computers are nice to him.

There was a flood in his old flat, neighbor above him is to blame.

Ciaran always makes them pay. ;)

Yay, he can see Morgan. Morgan is good, I hope you like him.

His glasses are cool, even if they aren't a permanent solution. He doesn't wear them much, mostly for school and the Burrow.

Hmm, that's undecided. She made him very angry.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #19, by ms4aisa Hope

4th March 2013:
love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it!! :D
I love the characters so much so I can't wait to read more!! please update soon! i love Ciaran and Louis and Kyle and Luka and ... just the entire story(ies)! you're amazing!

Author's Response: That's a lot of love. I'm so very glad. :D

More updates should hopefully be coming soon! Thank you so much for reviewing.


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