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Review #1, by tryingtohelp the deatheaters daughter

3rd May 2013:
There is only so much of confusion, bad spelling and bad grammar that a reader can take. I didn't even read the whole chapter because of the mistakes. I know I'm being rude, but there's no nice way to say this. You need to look over this and redo it. Don't write it all over again. Just start by fixing the spelling mistakes and the grammar. The worst was you spelling Quidditch as Quittich. So start by fixing those and then fix the other parts of the story like when Tessa talks about Voldemort, I got the feeling that he was either alive, or that she has met him. Also, fix your summary. You've spelt tough as tuff and you haven't capitalized your I and it may feel small but the small things that matter. If your summary isn't perfect grammatically and in spelling, a lot of people will not bother checking it out. Also, in your summary you've written that she's hiding or running from the ministry but in the story you talk about her joinin Hogwarts. But you as a writer know your plot better so if you're planning on making her run away or hide later, then its ok. I'm truly really sorry but I want to help 'cause your plot seems to pretty good.

PS: it may also help to get someone to Beta it or atleast just read it over before you post it :)

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Review #2, by S.M the deatheaters daughter

2nd March 2013:
The story has potential but how can she have known voldemort if she is sixteen and in school with albus?

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