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Review #1, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Dreading The Worst

17th April 2017:
Hi here for CTF!

Oooh, I think I already knew where this was going, having read another story about Dominique yet and I think this might be some sort of prelude story to that one?
Regardless, it's very well written and I love that I'm seeing how this all happened and how this is affecting Dominique. It's fair enough that the werewolves warned her that they would not be responsible for their actions once turned and it's nice to see how they obviously couldn't control themselves.
I do wonder if it's ever going to be told why she couldn't just apparate away from it all, if there were any anti-apparition wards set up on the house.
Anyway, you make quite the good story here, with revealing bits and pieces about Dominique, such as her House, relation to her family and her opinions of werewolves and how those stories all affected her, especially since her boyfriends' father also was a werewolf. The note that Hermione did everything to make sure werewolves could live a normal life is a nice nod to canon here, and I can totally see her working on that as soon as she could anyway.
Dominique being a journalist is also a nice fact, as it's not a careerchoice I see often in stories, which makes for an interesting twist to a character and makes it all the more original.
Very well done and I ought to check out more of this!

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you liked this and found it well-written. As for why she could not apparate away, you will find out in the later chapters! Glad you liked this!

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Review #2, by Flower n Prongs Dreading The Worst

17th April 2017:
Hello, I'm here for CTF. :)

First and foremost, I like how Dominique is a bit different. She seems almost wild and has to be somewhat brave due to her job. The description of her hair and the photos you chose for the CI help add to this. Because of that and the Weasley stereotype I was expecting you to make her into a Gryffindor. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she was a Ravenclaw. As a 'Claw myself I love characters who are well-rounded and not just bookworms who fit into my house.

Having her as a journalist is a unique touch. I've only seen a few Daily Prophet journalists in fic (discounting Rita). Her job here made me wonder if she was given it because of her family's history of bravery or their association with werewolves. (Although perhaps Bill's isn't well known?) It is a good way to get her out of her comfort zone.

Minor note - "Full Moon" is capitalized and it shouldn't be.

It is clear from her thought process that she is rational and level-headed about taking risks. Realizing at the last possible minute that she is still there when the full moon is approaching and then here is very scary. I wonder what made her lose track of time? Either way, the thought of hearing the howling off in the distance is a chilling thought.

Oh no, the lack of apparation! Hindsight being 20/20 and all, I can't belive that nobody thought to check that out beforehand. Oh dear. Poor Dominique, this is all going down a dark path.

Since this is chapter 1 I am going to assume that she is okay and will have a "furry little problem" to deal with in the future. I look forward to seeing what happens next. :)

- R

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! I love writing Dominique and I have always seen her as a Claw, she is smart but not all books. So I am glad you liked that!

Trust you claws to point out typos haha - i'll fix the full moon.

It is all indeed going down a dark path! Thanks for the comments.

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Review #3, by Secret Cupid Dreading The Worst

13th February 2016:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I love your stories,
and I love you.

More poetic genius from me - you’re welcome.

This is a fascinating start to what I’m sure will be a wonderful story. Your descriptive passages are beautiful and you’ve created a huge amount of tension. We can see how strong Dominique is, but at the same time it’s stressful to read her getting into such a dangerous position.

I like that Dominique’s a journalist, and that it’s her job that gets her into this situation. She’s putting herself at risk for her work and, in this case, it’s gone too far. I wonder if we’ll see more of her writing later in the story? I could imagine she’d have an interesting story to tell.

I’m looking forward to meeting Teddy. I haven’t read many stories that put Teddy and Dominique together, but I can see that their dynamic will be an interesting one. Teddy’s own family history will inform his reaction to Dominique’s lycanthropy. I can’t wait!

Again, fabulous writing my love.

Darling, be my Valentine.

Until next time,

Your Secret Cupid

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing. you are so sweet!

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Review #4, by TidalDragon The Beginning

31st January 2016:
Howdy! Sorry it's taken so long to get here, but TA-DA - here I am!

Cutting straight to your questions, I thought the ending was very well-rounded. What I enjoyed most about it was the realism that accompanied your eventual message - because everything can get better, much better, but we ought not pretend it will be perfect - it won't.

My other favorite part of the chapter (which lends itself to what I think was strong coherence in Dominique's thoughts) was when she ended things once and for all with Teddy (romantically anyway). She demonstrated not just clarity, but strength and drove a secondary point that there's not always a happy ending (and doesn't have to be) home well too.

If I had anything in the way of CC for this chapter it would be that in her biggest, most high impact bit of dialogue, Dominique seemed a bit formal (lack of contractions really made this stand out), but since it's been awhile since I read the previous chapters, I can't honestly recall whether that fit the norm for her (though I don't think it did) or not.

Thanks for sharing this story with all of us and congratulations on completing it! I've enjoyed the journey and I'm sure other readers have as well - you have much to be proud of!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing.

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Review #5, by WittyRaven The Worst Had Happened

6th January 2016:
I really liked how you wrote the emotional part of the scene and Dominique's reaction to the news. The fact that we heard everyone else's reaction first, made Dominique's reaction so much more powerful.
It made me connect to her much more on an fundamental level and it becomes easier to understand her as a character.

- WittyRaven

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I am glad you found Dominique's reaction powerful and that you could connect with her.

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Review #6, by WittyRaven Dreading The Worst

5th January 2016:
Here comes the promised review from answering my blog entry.

Overall, I like this chapter. There is a nice flow throughout chapter and I did not feel lost at any point during my reading.
You set the scene quite well and with it the mood of the scene.
I like how you showed her proudeness in your wirting. She seems very sure of herself and it almost seems arrogent. This sits well for me, when you think about her mother being Fleur Delacour.
The way you introduce the family through the fear and create the root of the fear tells us a lot about our main character, but also leaves questions for the reader. This makes them want to read more, so well done.
The state of fear at the end is well written and very to the point, which I find perfect for the ending of the chapter.

- WittyRaven

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing! I am pleased you liked this chapter and enjoyed Dom's characterisation. Thank you!

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Review #7, by Slytherin Eagle The Beginning

16th December 2015:
Hey there!

Having already read Beautiful I decided to come and read this story.

For this chapter in particular, I loved the part where Julie basically made Teddy realise that he was creating a scene so that he would let them in. I though that whole section was very realistic.

I really enjoyed the story. Everything was very well written and the emotions were described well.

For this chapter, the only note I have is that in the very last sentence, it might be better if it read as 'from time to time', rather than just 'from time'. There were couple of other minor spelling errors across the other chapters, but overall everything was good.

Congratulations on having finished your story, it was a pleasure to read. 10/10

Lea xx

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing.

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Review #8, by Angie's Most Secret Snowflake The Beginning

16th December 2015:

*Jaw hits floor* WHAT?!

My goodness! I didn't see this coming! Honestly, I thought that something, anything, would bring Teddy and Dominique back together! There was something so beautiful about her self-realization, recognizing that the bite had changed her so much, and setting Teddy free because she couldn't be the person that he loved.

*cries* It's all too sad and beautiful!

I love that she was able to adopt a child -- and Piya is really just the cutest thing! I love her characterization! I kind of love that Dom has made a life for herself, despite her condition, as an independent woman. I am a little sad that the Dom/Teddy ship sunk.

This was an absolutely fabulous story -- it's definitely one of my favorites! :D

-Your Secret Snowflake

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing.

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Review #9, by Angie's Most Secret Snowflake From Bad to Worse

16th December 2015:
Hello again!

Oh my Waffles! This chapter was particularly thrilling, wasn't it?

I was so confused why David had believed that she sent him a letter to join his pack! I knew somebody was setting her up in one way or another, but, for life of me, I couldn't figure out why or whom.

In context, I know that David is all that bad of a guy -- he's just responding to a letter sent to him, an inquiry about his pack. Obviously, he's confused and impatient because he really believes that Dom sent this letter, and is trying to extend his invitation in person, but Dom is also really confused. And I completely understand her confusion, and reluctance to join a pack!

I'm in utter shock at Teddy's reaction! He's got it all wrong -- the letter was a mistake, but he didn't give her enough time to explain the mistake! Ah! I can't believe they were so close to making up (because that one moment may have been the beginning of a lovely making up)!

I understand that Julia was just trying to fix things between Dom and Teddy but, wow, she sure messed up! I really do hope she can do as she says and fix things!

Go Dom/Teddy ship -- sail! Sail like the dickens!

:D Can't wait to read the next chapter,
-Your Secret Snowflake

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing.

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Review #10, by Angie's Most Secret Snowflake Settling

15th December 2015:
Hello once again!

Dom's transformation was written splendidly, I could truly sense her pain and terror! I also really enjoyed the way you described her waking in the morning, feeling the grueling aftereffects of the transformation. She was very lucky that she had the wolfsbane to help ease everything! I can't imagine having to go through something so terrible.

It was really sweet of Julia and Victoire to bring her the chocolates and the pain reliever. I think I would want to have some loved ones close to me after such a nightmare. They really are great friends, even if one is her sister ;). While I had the inkling as to why Dom refused Teddy's proposal, I found her explanation in this chapter clarifying, and I really did appreciate it!

OH GOODNESS, what does Dale want? What is he up to! You certainly have a way with cliffhangers! I really do hope that Dom and Teddy make up! I'll be routing for them!

Until next time,
Your Secret Snowflake

Author's Response: SECRET SNOWFLAKE! Your review makes me so happy! thank you so much for reviewing the later chapters of this story. I am pleased you could sense Dom's pain and terror, and that you like her bond with Julia and Vic. And glad to know you could understand Dom's reason to refuse! Thank you for the kind comments!

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Review #11, by Angie's Most Secret Snowflake It Is Time

15th December 2015:
Hello! I am your Secret Snowflake, and I've come bearing presents! I thought you might like some reviews at this end of the chapter, so please allow me to sum up what I thought so far (before this chapter):

What a wonderfully suspenseful story! Doninique had so many things going for her until the night she was bitten!

The complete downward spiral thereafter was heartbreaking -- the strain on her and teddy's relationship, her boss trying to conniver her into job positions that were solely based on the fact that she was bitten, the inability to bear children, being set up to be bitten...

Then the confrontation with Deliliah Jones! I loved that she was caught, because she is deserving of all the bad things in the world! She's all but ruined Dom's life, and she isn't even remorseful of her cruel acts! What kind of evil person pays a werewolf to bite somebody! That's just plain cruel. (But fantastic job on creating such a dastardly villain!)

And with ALL of that happening, I thought, "well, at least she still has Teddy, because he's great, and they're in love, and they're great together!" ...Until Teddy attempted to propose -- and SHE SAID NO! Holy cow, was my head spinning (just as quickly as my heart was breaking)!

And now, this chapter:

My heart is STILL breaking! I feel so bad for Teddy, but at the same time SO bad for Dom! Of course the question overwhelmed her, and of course it broke his heart -- I just want to put the two in the same room together and yell at them until they make up (but that's crazy, so I won't... not to mention, *can't*).

Then Teddy comes to visit, and I inflated like 10 times my regular size (uhm, inflated with happiness?)! Part of me wants to be upset with Teddy, because he's acting the prat when Dom is in a really serious situation. The other part of me knows he's sort of right, because she completely shattered his poor heart. Tsk, tsk,tsk... these two...

I really feel bad for her -- with the transformation... it truly must be terrible.

Your writing is wonderful, and this story is positively addictive! Much more to come!

Until then,
Your Secret Snowflake

Author's Response: I can't believe you read through the story and then decided to review this chapter. Thank you so much! You have made my week!

I am pleased you're liking the story and the downward spiral kinda connects with you. And that you enjoyed the Delilah Jones confrontation.

Sorry to make your head spin and heart break! I am also flattered you're so invested in the characters. "Addictive"! I am so happy to hear that word. Thank you so much!

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Review #12, by Gabriella Hunter A Ray of Light

1st December 2015:

This is Gabbie here for the final part of our review swap and it's been a great ride! I flew through these chapters and absolutely loved this story. :D I think you did something special here with your characters, your plot and the grittiness to just how quickly things can fall apart.

We usually don't get this side of Dominique in a lot of stories, she's often portrayed as being just the bad girl with a cocky attitude. It's nice to see here, through this thing that she's tough, sensitive and possesses real vulnerability. I loved her to death and I was tense while I was reading this chapter because I didn't know what was going to happen.

I was surprised by Delilah and how collected she was in the very beginning. It takes a really egotistical person to do something this cruel and I have to say that Dominique handled herself pretty darn well. I would have knocked her out like a true OG but I love the way you had the scene unraveling. I only wonder what's going to happen next, Jones revealed her motivation for hurting Dominique (God, in front of everyone like she was the one who was suffering) but was is there left to do? Jones will be taken to jail of course but I feel like there's one last thing that could go wrong. Hm. Maybe that's just me.

Jones is selfish and cruel but Dominique reacted to it with anger and hurt. I can't even imagine how she feels and I think that although her temper sparked and she nearly lost control, she handled herself well. I want to believe that things are going to get better for her because that ending was just lovely but I'm going to keep my fingers crossed until the next chapter.

Thanks for the read! ;)

Much love,


Author's Response: Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing.

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Review #13, by Gabriella Hunter Meetings and more.

1st December 2015:

This is Gabbie stopping by for the fifth part of our review swap! I'm really happy to be continuing with this story so let me know when you want to do another swap because I really love this story. :D

Dominique is not the sort of person you need seeking revenge on you. I have to say that she surprised me here with how determined and strong she was. Not that she hadn't been during this entire thing but you got the sense that she got her life back, she was in control again and I winced when I thought about the damage she was going to do. Hahaha.

Once again, the mystery just keeps on deepening and I feel like we're only scratching the surface. I want to know why Jones had her attacked and what her motivation was for doing this. Dominique isn't going to let anyone stop her from finding out either and I was clenching my teeth when she and Teddy went to confront Young. That didn't go the way I planned at all though, I thought there would be a fight but what happened ended up making the situation even more complicated. Young agreed to Teddy's terms (Teddy's such a nice guy but I found it funny that Dominique was annoyed by it) and his backstory is actually pretty sad.

No one asks for this life and from the was he was living, I was really upset to see that this could easily become Dominique's life if her family didn't support her. It was a scary thing to see and I wonder if she'll ever consider going to a pack or at least learning more about herself.

Now, this ending and the introduction of new characters just makes me wonder what you've got planned. Dominique has confronted her boss and even though she hasn't told Harry about what she's discovered, I think this is going to turn into something that the entire family will find out. I do have to wonder though if her meeting with Jones will end on a good note.

Guess I'll just have to find out! ;)

Much love,


Author's Response: Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing.

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Review #14, by Gabriella Hunter Decisions and Discoveries

1st December 2015:

This is Gabbie again for the fourth part of our review swap, I have two more chapter to go and I hope you won't mind me gushing and such! :D

This was a great chapter and it was extremely intense, I don't know how you were able to do it! I love Dominique and Teddy together, they're not the perfect couple that other authors would portray but they seem real because of all their pain. I think that they seem like a couple that I would meet at some point but what a horrible thing to happen to Dominique!

I didn't think that she would actually go through with the procedure. I'm glad that you didn't go into detail about what was actually done to her though because I don't think I would have been able to handle it. I think that is actually a very realistic thing to put into this fic because I don't think I've ever even come across it before. I love this reminder that the Wizarding world isn't that different from ours.

Now, though I can't help but think that things are about to get really messy. Dominique had the right to be suspicious about the night she was attacked and I remember being curious about it as well. Someone actually did this to her on purpose and I can't believe her own mother had something to do with it! I have to reign in my anger because I want Dominique to go up to that woman and punch her in the throat but she's way calmer than I am.

I really like how strong she is too and with this revelation, I wonder what will happen next!

Much love,


Author's Response: Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing.

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Review #15, by Gabriella Hunter More Bad News

1st December 2015:

This is Gabbie here for another review and I am going to keep on reading this because I HAVE to know what's going to happen next! I'm going to try and get the other three done tonight.

So, it seems like Dominique has the worst kind of luck in the world. I am really baffled by how much this girl can go through in just one day! People say that I lay on the angst but this is really intense! I don't think I would be able to handle it if I were Dominique. I was happy to see that Teddy wasn't there to break up with her or anything, I was really worried about that from how the previous chapter ended.

Teddy is just this wonderful guy though and he's so supportive of Dominique. I wondered what was bothering him of course but the fact that he's still there for her is just so great. I got a bit more from their relationship here too and I'm honestly just trying not to swoon because you give us such good insight into what their relationship is like. I do agree with him about her boss though and I hope that resolves itself in a way that doesn't have Dominique losing her job or becoming some kind of joke to her co workers.


On to this other news! What?! Oh, my God! This is horrible and I just want to pluck Dominique away and hug her! I do like the medical analysis that you gave for her condition. That's not usually something we see but I have to admit that I was curious about whether or not female werewolves were infertile or not or could even have children. ;__;

Poor Dominique.

Ugh. My emotions are a mess but I'm heading towards the next chapter!

Much love,


Author's Response: You've made me so happy with all these reviews. Thank you so much!

She does have the worst luck, doesn't she. Haha I am glad you're enjoying the angst!

Teddy is wonderful, but there's a big flaw in him - maybe you'll see it later xP

Her condition is terrible.

I am so happy you're enjoying the story!! Sorry that I caused your emotions to be a mess.


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Review #16, by Gabriella Hunter Reflecting and Brooding

1st December 2015:

I'm back for review number two! I feel really badly for Dominique and I like that you explore the anxiety, doubt and fear that comes along with her condition. I think that's a pretty bold move because a lot of authors would just skimp over the unpleasant details. It's not very realistic to have a character suffer some sort of trauma but not have some kind of damage afterward.

I have to commend Dominique for trying to be strong though but I hope she won't continue to isolate herself from her family. I know how it feels to hear hollow words of comfort but I'm sure that her family cares about her. Perhaps she'll just need to realize that on her own and I must admit that I was surprised by the visit from her boss. I honestly thought it was going to be one of her cousins but you did a good little twist right there.

Ms. Jones had me doing wary from the moment she breezed in, I could tell that there was something phony about her. I can't believe that she wants to make money off of Dominique's pain! I feel so badly for her and thought that she responded to the woman's badgering really well. She's quite professional for someone so young and I hope that she doesn't end up being used by her boss. I kind of wish that she hadn't agreed to it but I can tell that she doesn't like just sitting around and it's clear that she's passionate about her job.

The flashback was a lovely break from the angst of this chapter and I enjoyed the backstory you included for Teddy and Dominique. I don't see a lot of stories that feature them as a couple (Lord knows that I haven't done it yet) but I like how sweet their relationship came across. Teddy really sounds like a great guy and while I could understand Dominique's hesitation, I was happy that Fleur gave them her blessing.

So, with the flashback in mind...with Dominique upset over the physical changes in her body, Teddy's sudden appearance made me tense up! What on earth is he doing there and what's wrong? She hasn't been answering his owls but I feel like something else has made him snap.

I'm super eager for the next chapter!

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Thanks a ton once again for such a nice thoughtful review!

I am happy you liked that I explored all the emotions she was experiencing. And glad you liked the twist with the boss too. She's not a very nice person xP

Flattered that you like the flashback and found their relationship sweet. Thanks a lot!

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Review #17, by Gabriella Hunter The Worst Had Happened

1st December 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review for our swap! I'm really sorry that I'm so late but I hope you like my reviews!

It turns out that I had actually read the first chapter of this a while back but never had the chance to continue. I was so excited when I recognized it though and I'm so happy that I'm finally able to get back into this! :D

I remember from the last chapter that Dominique was attacked and I really like what you've done here, having the curse put her in a fever. Dream sequences are a great way to pull a reader in, I think and you did a good job with showing Dominique's confusion and fear. I was scared that she might have hurt herself or was trapped somewhere but it turns out that something almost as bad happened.

I can't really imagine what it had to be like to learn that you had turned into a werewolf, have no clue what was really going on and have everything change around you. I think you wrote Dominique's family really well too, you get a great sense of how close they are and their personalities came across very well. I personally have never really written Fleur or Bill much but I love the dynamic you have here, Fleur is sometimes written as being very emotionless but her reaction to Dominique's condition was spot on.

I think any mother would have broken down after hearing this kind of news and I love the support that you've shown in Bill. I write him as being kind of a bad father in my own story (Transparent) but it's nice to see this softer side of him. I can tell that Dominique's bond with her sister is strong too and I can't wait to see more of their dynamic.

Now, I feel pretty bad for Teddy. Dominique is going through a lot of course but I don't think it was exactly fair of her to lash out at him that way. I don't know if they'll be able to repair the damage but it had to hurt Teddy just as much to know the truth about his father. Becoming a werewolf sounds like something that can be tamed but Dominique is quick to realize that the journey won't be easy.

So, great chapter and I shall be moving forward!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hey! Thank you for reading and reviewing!

I am pleased you liked the dream sequence, and felt I wrote all of their reactions well.

Thank you for your lovely comments!

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Review #18, by wolfgirl17 The Beginning

1st December 2015:
No. No what are you doing Angie? No. You can't tear them apart... Staph it!

What have you done? You can't just rip them apart after hauling me into this ship? You've turned your cannons on your own ship and it's sinking! What are you doing? NO!


Theatrics aside, I'm sad with the ending after so much Drama between Dom and Teddy. I'm pleased she got to adopt a child though.

Now, you've got a lot of missing words and mistakes in this chapters, which really detract from the masterpiece that is the fic. If you've got time I would love to see them edited and fixed to improve the flow. Right now this chapter in particular is pretty clunky. It feels a little like you gave up on the ship and the fic, hence the rushed publication without a thorough edit.

Anyways, your writing on the whole is still great and I look forward to reading more of your stuff again soon lovely.


Author's Response: Hey!

Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing. I'm sorry I had to sink Teddy/Dom. But it had to be done. It showed a huge shift in Dominique's life - and she did not need Teddy constantly telling her she was normal when she wasn't. He just didn't love her like that anymore, and it took a lot for both of them to see that, but in the end, what was done, is right, in my opinion =)

I'm sorry to hear the chapter was chunky. I have just gone back and done another edit to smooth things out a little bit more. I'm planning to edit this story entirely from chapter 1 to give it a better feel, so I'll once again do some polishing when I start on that. I definitely did not give up on the fic or the ship, I'm sorry you felt that way, but yes this was a published without a proper edit because I had been a little overexcited in posting the last chapter.

Thank you so much for sticking by this story.

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Review #19, by wolfgirl17 From Bad to Worse

1st December 2015:
Hey Angie!

It's me, back again to check out the end of this marvellous fic of yours.

As always, I loved this chapter, like I do with all the others. The drama makes me laugh so much. Poor Dom. She's in such a cafuffle. LOL.

And Julia meddling in this and just making it worse. Typical best friend stuff right there.

You did have a few typos and spelling mistakes throughout, so if you have the time and the inclination to amend them that would improve the overall flow of the chapter.

Fantastic work, as always. On to the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hey Ellie. Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed the drama, and all. Your comments are always helpful. I'll definitely edit when I polish the story. Thank you!

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Review #20, by marauderfan The Beginning

28th November 2015:

You keep trying to convince me everything is normal. You’ve been doing that since day one, but guess what, it’s not normal. And I AM OKAY WITH THAT! -- aah! This! This is what I've been waiting for the whole time- she's come to terms with it and accepted her new life, and he keeps denying that anything's changed and he finally sees her perspective- he's in love with who she used to be. This is such a powerful moment because up until this point they really haven't understood why things are falling apart and why they're not seeing eye to eye anymore, and now it's all out in the open.

Okay, I admit, when I started reading this chapter, I wanted Teddy and Dom to work it out and stay together. And after reading that scene I think that the ending you've written is so much better and is the ending I never knew I wanted. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Now, she would start from the end, and while the path she’d chosen would be difficult, would be crazy, would be painful, she’d pull through it - independent but not alone. -- YES THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL I AAHHH

Also. How adorable is Piya?! She is so sweet and I really like that Dominique still got her dream even though she wasn't able to have her own kids, she was able to adopt. It seems like the two of them have a really wonderful relationship and Dom is honest with her daughter.

I like that she's still friends with Teddy, too, and that she's happy for him about his engagement. And Dom herself, while still single, is happy with her life. Honestly I could not have asked for a better ending I LOVE THIS

My one comment of CC is this: your hair are dripping -- should be "your hair is dripping"

This was an incredible fic and I loved it! What a beautiful ending to a powerful story. And of course, Congratulations on finishing your first multi chapter work, Angie - that's such a HUGE accomplishment and I'm so proud of you *hugs*


Yes, Dominique has slowly been coming to terms with it, and she finally accepted it in this final chapter. And Teddy is definitely in love with who she used to be and keeps trying to make her believe she's normal - which isn't speaking for a healthy relationship - so things had to be this way. I am pleased you could see that.

It's such a relief you like this ending! I was afraid my readers wouldn't like it but your comments make me so happy.

Haha isn't Piya amazing? I might do a one-shot about her ;)

I am happy you liked this overall and enjoyed my story. Thank you so much for all your beautiful comments. Thank you for always encouraging me and for being so nice to read and review the chapters of my little story. Thanks a ton!

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Review #21, by Rumpelstiltskin Decisions and Discoveries

17th November 2015:
It's been quite a while since I've read this story :).

Oh I just feel so bad for Dominique! She must be absolutely beside herself between having to live with becoming a werewolf and having to choose to give up her right to bear a child, someday. What's more is that even if she were to choose to *have* a child, she has no way of knowing what will happen to the babe :(. She's very lucky to have her family to support her, but I just can't imagine the grief she must be going through.

It's no secret that Dom and Teddy's relationship has been a little rocky, but I'm glad that they are trying to work things out. They're so great together ♥ and Teddy truly does have a fantastic heart in this!

I love how the plot thickens, with the potential that somebody was targeting her out -- that somebody meant to have her attacked. It's a terrifying thought for Dominique, but it adds the extra suspense to the plot and I'm just loving it!

Who is this mysterious woman who set Dom up to be bitten?

Great chapter, and fantastic cliffhanger!


Author's Response: Rumpel, thank you for the lovely review! I'm glad you could come back to this story. I am pleased you felt for Dominique here. Her grief is definitely very big.

Teddy is amazing, isn't he?

I'm happy you liked the plot twist (of sorts) as well as the cliffy. Thanks for the kind review!

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Review #22, by Penelope Inkwell The Worst Had Happened

18th August 2015:
Well, that was a punch straight to my emotions.

I think you did a really good job in portraying Dom's fear. She may be a little overwrought, but she's still a Ravenclaw--she's logic-based. And everything she's said is absolutely correct. She will be dangerous. Remus did almost hurt people, and he was a wonderful man. That doesn't change the fact that she won't be able to control her actions, that she could destroy the lives of the people she loves.

The way you described Teddy's hair fading just made me so sad :(

It's really tragic, and it's sad that she's clearly going to try to push everyone away, but I can't fault her logic. Still, I hope she can find a better way to live with it.

I think everyone's emotions and reactions in this chapter unfolded in a very realistic way. Good job!


a hand offered to help her. She gratefully took it to hoist herself up and turned to face the man that had helped her.
--This is just a flow thing: it might be better to avoid saying "helped her" right after "help her".

Her mind was fuzzy yet a face with horrible yellow eyes and a long snout was plastered in the front of her mind.
--there should be a comma before "yet"

her father had deep dark circles under his eyes
--I think there should be a comma between deep and dark.

if I hadn’t accidentally stumbled upon that memory in his pensive.
--"pensive" = "pensieve"

I'm really wondering where this story will go! So much angst!


Author's Response: Hey! Thank you for reading and reviewing.

I am glad you liked Dom here, and could understand her personality. It's good to know you enjoyed everyone's reactions and could connect with the scenes. Thank you for the CC, I'll take a look to edit when I have the time.

Thank you =)

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Review #23, by Penelope Inkwell Dreading The Worst

18th August 2015:
Hey Angie! I decided I really wanted to come take a look at this one, as well! I think this is a really interesting premise. You think a lot about Teddy's connection to werewolves, but I've never thought much about Dom's--the daughter of a man who was attacked, and apparently now the girlfriend of a boy whose father was one (speaking of which, there has to be a story there. But it sounds like she and Victoire have a good relationship, all the same).

Oh my gosh, that moment when she couldn't Disapparate? frightening. For me, that was worse than the actual moment she was attacked. When she can't escape, well, from then on you kind of know something awful is going to happen. But that moment. *shivers* So creepy.

Good suspense! Good creepy vibe!


This had practically scared the living daylights out of her; she was a Ravenclaw, not a Gryffindor and it was only acceptable.
-- "and it was only acceptable," doesn't sound quite right to me. Maybe, "and it was only to be expected"? Or, "She was Ravenclaw, not a Gryffindor; it was acceptable."

Good job!


Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I am glad you are liking the feel of the story so far, and that you were into the narrative. Thanks for the bit of CC too - I'll edit when I get time. Thanks!

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Review #24, by TreacleTart More Bad News

17th August 2015:
Hi there again!

Back for another review swap!

Geez. Just when I think things can't get any worse for Dom, things take an awful downward spiral. Life is really piling it on thick at the moment. I can't imagine how she must be feeling. It's just awful.

I'm glad that Teddy stopped by, but honestly his whole vague "Oh there's a problem, but I can't tell you about it" speech was infuriating. I find that to be the most frustrating thing when someone has some information you need and makes a point to tell you about it, get you all worked up, and then refuse to actually tell you what is going on.

It was good that Victoire and Fleur came to be with Dom as the news was delivered. That's a really tough thing for a woman to go through (even if she doesn't want kids). It's just the idea of your body not functioning as it's supposed to function that is hard to handle. Then there's this ominous decision that has been thrust on her. I wonder if they're going to suggest she get her tubes tied or something along those lines.

I really hope that Dom is going to be okay.


Author's Response: Hey! Thank you for reading and reviewing.

I'm glad you can connect with Dom and Teddy, and are into the story. It's good to know you feel the emotions and that the story has left you wondering, and that you sort of connect with the characters.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful review!

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Review #25, by TreacleTart Reflecting and Brooding

17th August 2015:
Hello again!

Here for another review swap!

Dom has certainly had a rough go of things and her boss isn't making it any easier. Sure, she started out as caring and worried until Dom told her that she was doing alright and then suddenly she flipped into this awful manipulative person. I can't imagine anyone being insensitive enough to ask someone who's just been mauled by werewolves to write a personal account of it. Seriously, I think even Umbridge might have more tact than that. Ick.

I can definitely understand Dom's reluctance to write a personal piece. Maybe down the road when she's a bit more objective about it that might be an option, but with her current emotional turmoil, I don't think that would be wise at all. In fact, I think the last thing she needs to be doing is focusing on any of this at the moment.

I hope she works things out with Teddy. He seems like such a sweet guy and he's trying so hard to be supportive of Dom, but she won't let him be. That's got to be really frustrating for him.

I thought the memory of him asking her out was interesting. Personally, I was really surprised that Victoire was as easy going about the whole thing as she was. I don't know too many people who would be cool with their little sister dating their ex regardless of how civil the breakup was.

I did notice a handful of typos in this chapter, but they weren't anything major. Just something to consider if you re-edit this.

Good job! I'm onto the next chapter now!


Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you're liking the story. Hope you can come back for more =)

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