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Review #1, by ohmymerlin A Father's Shame

8th April 2013:


Just - WOW.


(Also, I just want to say I think that I've read somewhere in canon that Barty is a Ravenclaw so yeah, you're spot on there!)

I absolutely LOVED the descent of his innocence to his madness. (I don't know if that makes sense but...)

I loved the descriptions you used, and the imagery! I love the mother/son relationship, it was so sweet and when he was switching with her I was actually crying. Because he loved her so much, juxtaposing with Bartemius!

Gah, I just ADORED this one-shot, it was absolutely amazing! And I loved the relationship between Regulus and Sirius, even though it was brief. :')

Just perfect! Absolutely perfect, Pearl!

45629865432945196452984562398645/10! ;D

Author's Response: Heller again there >:)

I'm glad you thought it good! At first I was scared for it's excessive word count, knowing I'd scare people off with it, and for a second, I thought you might've givin up half way. Long texted word counts make me wary myself, I'll admit, so I was very pleased to read that you liked it.

And he was in Ravenclaw? Hm, it honestly doesn't surprise me one bit. He was clever and conniving, but I wouldn't really call him Slytherin material. I dunno. *shrugs* I guess I got lucky with my instinctal guess?

And his descent of innocence to madness...yes, what you said does make sense. I honestly couldn't agree any less. I honestly find it hard picturing Baby Barty Jr. as evil. I just can't... Maybe a bit manipulative as a child, but overall, I think he was pretty innocent when young. Sorta like Harry: cute, naive, little eleven year old frying eggs in a pan for the Dursleys turns into a 17 year old hero who helps lead the Wizarding World in an epic war. I find it pretty mind warping honestly. :/

And yes, the mother/son bond. The Azkaban scene was by far my most favorite scene out of the whole one-shot. I just enjoyed getting to dig up all that raw emotion and laying it all out on the table. It really wasn't much, but for me, it was the ground breaking thing to write...I was honestly so proud of that scene, it's probably one of my most favorite things I've written for fanfiction so far, (second to my Regulus one-shot).

And yes, the little Regulus/Sirius bonding. Subtle but very much called for. I had to put it in there. No reason really. I just wanted it there. :)

Thank you so much Kayla. Your reviews are always wonderful and inpire me to keep writing! :D

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Review #2, by Anonymous (No Account) A Father's Shame

8th March 2013:
This is amazing! If a bit dark and creepy. Yay! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Anonymous,

Hello, to whoever you are! Thank you for reviewing this. I'm glad you liked it and found it a great read, even if it was a bit dark and creepy. And writing is what I shall be doing. I have break all next week, so I'll be continuing to put some more stuff up. Glad you enjoyed!


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