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Review #1, by Y B Normal To Where You Are

2nd October 2006:
Oh man i love this story. and i know what song your talking about and it makes me cry sometimes too. and believe it or not this story made me cry. i absoultly loved this story.

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Review #2, by angelinhogwarts To Where You Are

26th March 2006:
Really cool, Glowingspirit! Keep on writing please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Your #1 Fan Angelina

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Review #3, by boyluva0101 To Where You Are

10th May 2005:
omg!! that is such a tear jerker!! i LOVED it!!

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Review #4, by youngone To Where You Are

30th January 2005:
Wow.... I don't usually cry over stories, and this one was no different. But, I really liked it. I liked it a lot.

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Review #5, by Blair To Where You Are

24th January 2005:
Great story, but its going to make me cry lol. Write more please!

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Review #6, by invisible_spirit To Where You Are

11th January 2005:
Wow, this is sooo sad! But its really good. I love this song :] i was going to make a song-fic just like this! This is such a tear-jerker... :'[

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Review #7, by meredith To Where You Are

4th April 2004:
good song, good story, ten

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Review #8, by Maya To Where You Are

2nd October 2003:
OMG!! This story is soo good!! I have tears!!! I mean, you are so talented!! I am awed by your work, keep it up!!

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Review #9, by midnightrose To Where You Are

17th August 2003:
Hey, Oh, my, goodness! That was so good. I started to read the story, but then realized it\'d be better if I had the song playing too(so I down-er, found it somewhere, lol). Note to others. Don\'t do THAT! That seriously made me cry. Love, Caty (P.S. Thanks for making my story a Rec! I*sniffle* HONORED! ok enough of that) (P.S.S. I added a A/N to the end of \"After The Past\" could you please read it and give me your opinnion? Thanks!)

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Review #10, by darkangel To Where You Are

16th August 2003:
thats wonderful, so touching poor Ron, an irttobang is a half a ? on half ! it looks wierd, its like one on top of the other, cassie

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Review #11, by pen To Where You Are

15th August 2003:
too sad.but good. please review mortified

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Review #12, by aline To Where You Are

15th August 2003:
o la lik-e.write more please r/r go ask ginny

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