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Review #1, by SunshineDaisies Such Sweet Sorrow

13th April 2017:
OUCH. Was that really necessary? Really? That whole thing was just painful. I kind of love unrequited Remus/Lily, even though it usually ends up breaking my heart. Like this did.

I love the way you divided this into short segments, giving us a glimpse of Remus's anguish, without lingering on it for an excessive amount of time. I also love that he's obviously hurting, but he's not really angsty about it. He's more like, sadly determined. He knows he loves Lily, but he also knows he loves James, and he couldn't do something to make James hurt like Remus does. Of course there's also an element of Remus accepting the danger that would come with being in a relationship with him. Especially at this point in time, when the Wolfsbane Potion hasn't been developed yet.

Your writing is absolutely exquisite. You somehow always manage to write these melodious sentences that are such a joy to read. Your word choice is always perfect and it makes your writing as a whole so lovely. I'd be sighing contentedly if I was not so sad about it.

This was so, so lovely. :)


Hufflepuff CtF

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Review #2, by victoria_anne Such Sweet Sorrow

13th April 2017:
It's funny you should say you accidentally used a Shakespeare quote when the reason I chose this story was because of it.

Omg omg how beautiful is this. I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've read anything of yours and I'm so in love. The descriptions are so beautiful, and I love how clear each character is without stating their name. Poor little Remus with all his scars :( I love how he sees Lily, but that he remembers James talking about her just earlier. I love how she sits with him, and doesn't need to say a word.

Although, as I'm reading this, I'm sort of reading it in the voice of that guy from Game of Thrones who is all, "A man has no face."


Aw it's so sad to see Remus comparing his looks to James. It probably makes him feel all the more bitter and self-loathing over being a werewolf.

Wahh I know he was sad when Lily died, but for him to have had feelings for her makes it all the more sad.

Your writing is so great, Jasmine. Remus' pain feels so real, and the descriptions leak right off the screen. Really, really beautiful.

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Review #3, by patronus_charm Such Sweet Sorrow

19th March 2015:
Hey there, reviewing for the HPFF Fundraiser challenge over at the forums!

Ah, this is the second story Iíve read today which has left me in balls of tears, and in this one I just wanted to hug Remus throughout and never let him go as his life really wasnít great here. This story had this really simple yet enchanting quality about it which I think made the emotions and feelings even more raw and powerful and really drew the reader in. I think the fact you rarely used their names and only pronouns instead had a big impact on that, as it made it feel almost fairy tale like (if that even makes sense) and that the future could change for them.

Another thing I really liked was how Remusí pure, pure love was portrayed throughout and how he would always go on loving Lily as it was really close to my actual headcanon. It was just so Remus because he didnít even get angry when she drew close to James but almost accepted it as he was just such a sweet person like that, and that bit really touched me.

The five sections were really great at showing different facets of their relationship and it added more and more layers to the story as we could really explore it at different times so I really enjoyed this aspect to it too. The closing line ♥ wah, that was so sad and so raw and so powerful. I really loved it and I really loved this story as it was just such a fitting yet sad tribute to my favourite character!


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Review #4, by SnowyOwl19 Such Sweet Sorrow

15th February 2015:
I thought this was great! Really pretty descriptions; you say a lot with very few words. Thanks for writing!

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Review #5, by TheHistoryGirl Such Sweet Sorrow

20th April 2013:
Hey there, it's THG from the forums here with your review. I was so happy to discover that this story was told from the point of view of Remus Lupin. He's probably my favourite character in the entire Potter universe. I also cannot continue without commenting on how stunning the banner is.

Ok so your writing style is actually making me drool right now. You. Are. Seriously. Talented. Is it possible to say that your writing was so good that I found myself not actually taking anything in at first because I was just like 'why can't I write like this???'

To start with I really enjoyed the linear chronological structure of this piece and how it embodied such a large amount of time in a mere five potent paragraphs. It was very insightful and added a definite sense of inevitability to the atmosphere which in turn made me feel all the more sorry for Remus.

The concept in itself is very brilliant. Personally I've never been much of a fan of Lily/James purely due to the fact that there's not much room for flexibility or surprise with them. Ships such as Lily/Severus, Lily/Sirius and this one are much more intriguing to me and from what I know of Lily's character I always thought that she and Remus would make a good match. This role in the story is so fitting to Lupin because until very late in his life he's always been an almost tragic kind of figure who has missed out on so much due to external circumstances that he has no control over. For that reason the prospect of him only being able to love Lily from a distance is very believable and I like that you've decided to explore that in this piece.

I also love the ambiguity of this piece and how vocatives are only used in the dialogue. It works well to reinforce the universal concept of wanting from a distance because I do honestly think that at one point or another in their lives everybody has experienced this dilemma to some degree or another.

Overall I thought this was a really stunning piece of writing for a really touching and beautiful story.



Author's Response: Oh, wow, I never imagined that you would be able to get a review to me so quickly! That is so sweet of you.

I will agree with you on how stunning the banner is. Without even me asking, it really portrays the "loving from a distance" theme that this story has and I remember I stared at the banner for a good few minutes when I first saw it. It's beautiful.

You're making me blush with what you said about my writing! Thanks so much for saying that, it really means a lot to me.

I have always adored the idea that Remus was in love with Lily. I agree with you that he is such a tragic character. I feel horrible for doing it to poor Remus, but I love the idea of putting more hardship on him by allowing him to love Lily but never being able to have her. I'm glad that you thought that this wasn't too farfetched!

Your words have brightened my day up so much and I can't thank you enough for what you have said in this review! You managed to understand what I was trying to convey while writing this and having a reader say that is something really special.

Jasmine :)

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Review #6, by MirandaTraveler Such Sweet Sorrow

16th February 2013:
This is so good! But it also made me really sad, because Remus/Lily is such a beautifully sad pairing that is not done enough. A nice little one shot.

Author's Response: I agree the pairing is not done enough. I think it's beautifully tragic and loved writing this, even though it was pretty sad.

Thanks for your kind words!

Jasmine :)

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