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Review #1, by The Basilisk Conquer and Destroy

18th November 2015:
Why hullo darling NaNo participant, you’ve been bitten mwahaha.

Ohhh Astoria is an older, conniving Daphne-life’s ruiner. Very interesting and different spin on the normal ssspin on Draco’s love life post-war. Question: if Astoria is older, is she at school with them? I thought Daphne and Draco were the same year? Of, I wonder when this takes place?

‘She had come to terms with his arrogance, his uncanny ability to make any situation worse by merely opening his mouth and his determination to make Potter look like a prat, which failed on almost all occasions.’ – HAHA! Excellent portrayal. Honestly sounds like Daphne is better off without him, hope she finds some new preconceived idea of happiness.

OR! She axed off her sister to get what she wanted! Wow she’s definitely the worst kind of Slytherin out there. Certainly nothing ssstopped her. What a plot twist and way to build up the tension nicely. I felt each emotion and saw the setting and events clearly. You have a way with words and I enjoyed reading this, even if it’s morbid and creepy as anything! Yikes, don’t want to crosss her. Wonder how she’ll keep up the Polyjuice act for the rest of her life-hope she collected a life time’s supply of Astoria’s hair.

Thanksss for the read, hiss hiss,
The Basilisk

Author's Response: Hi Basilisk! Thank you for coming to read my story!

I must admit, I didn't have the timeline in mind when I wrote this but thinking about it, I would probably have Astoria as a year older although now I tend to think of her as the younger sibling! But yes, she's evil in this!

Haha, thank you! That part was especially fun to write - I do love a bit of Draco bashing sometimes!

Thank you! This was originally for a challenge I entered when I first joined the forums but the challenge was then deleted but I kept the story anyway so that's where the murder comes into it - it was based on the game 'Clue'! Thank you so much, that really means a lot!

Thank you for reviewing Basilisk!


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Review #2, by milominderbinder Conquer and Destroy

30th September 2014:
qtr story search round 3! wow, this was just... wow. SO creepy, i'm having a little trouble trying to figure out what to say. I mean, i absolutely LOVED it! i feel like writing mindless horror can be pretty easy but finding this perfect balance of creepy, plotty, evil is very difficult and you pulled it off perfectly! this has really changed my perspective of canon and it's so cool, wow. well done :O

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review!!!

This is completely different to anything I've ever written before but I got the prompt and it just materialised into this! I'm glad that you've found it perfectly balanced - I found it difficult to get the right amount of horror and evil but i'm glad it's turned out well in your eyes!

Again, thank you so much!

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Review #3, by darker side of happy Conquer and Destroy

26th June 2013:
Oh wow I love this piece. I just happened upon it and I'm so glad I did. What an interesting life this would become. I would love to see if Daphne could handle her actions later in life or if it would haunt her. Well done indeed.

Author's Response: I am so sorry for the late reply, I haven't checked my reviews but now with the new layout I can see my unanswered reviews which makes things easier!

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I have questioned whether or not to make into a story because after writing this, I fell in love with Daphne. It's definitely a possibility in the future.

Thank you so much for your lovely review and for taking the time to read it.

- Vicki

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