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Review #1, by DawnPotion Heartaches

12th March 2013:
This is such a cute beginning! Short but sweet! :) x

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'll try and lengthen it up. I am still getting used to writing fanfiction and this is my first attempt. Hope you enjoyed it, midnightpixie98

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Review #2, by Elliebean Chapter 2 : Ron the love God

12th March 2013:
you have a good story line!
Take the flash backs out and have them be present time working up to harry eventually saying yes. you can add more depth to it this way. and don't space so much between paragraphs.

Author's Response: Thank you!! :) I know the spacing is dreadful but when I put it onto this site from word it automatically did that and when I tried to fix it, it wouldn't let me!? As for the flashbacks I will try and get rid of them in the future but for the moment I think I'll leave them because I'm still getting used to writing fan-fic. But I do plan on re-writing some of this story as it is much needed. Thank you again, midnightpixie98.

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Review #3, by yukikiralacus Heartaches

18th February 2013:
Okay, I like the idea of the plot. I like those types of stories where Harry and Ginny don't back to easily after the war. But this chapter was too short for my liking. Just a suggestion. yu

Author's Response: Thank you, well I'm working on the length's of my chapter's slowly but surely they are grtting longer.I have just finished writing my 4th chapter and it was a 1000 words which is my longest so far.Thank you again for reviewing, feedback always helps and is very much appreciated.Midnightpixie98

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