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Review #1, by ozzie989 Chapter 24: June 28, 1985: A Son But Not

22nd July 2016:
So good! Are you writing a follow up?

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Review #2, by azkabanishome Chapter 24: June 28, 1985: A Son But Not

7th November 2015:

Author's Response: There is a follow up to this story, and I'll be posting it soon. I had stepped away from my fanfic writing for a while, but it's good to be back.


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Review #3, by Amanda Chapter 24: June 28, 1985: A Son But Not

5th February 2014:
Hi !
I absolutely loved this story. Unfortunately I feel left out to dry (so-to-speak) with the ending. Is there going to be a sequel? I feel like it just came to a halt and there so much more to be said. I've been going insane waiting for it to be finished.

Much love though all of your work is brillant, I'm quite the fan.

Author's Response: Hmmm.that's an interesting question about the sequel. I've actually decided not to write it as a fan fiction, but I'm reworking all of the stories in this series (starting with Bound and right through to what would have been the sequel) as an original set of books. When they're ready as books, I will let my readers know. Sorry this isn't what you wanted to hear, but it is reality.

Thanks for reading and reviewing,

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Review #4, by HPfreak_7 Chapter 24: June 28, 1985: A Son But Not

15th January 2014:
I stumbled across your stories a few weeks ago and I must say, they are really good! I love Anwen and Sirius! He was one of my favorite characters and I was really upset when Jo killed him off. It's great to see him have a family and have something more to fight for!
I saw somewhere that you were writing 7 books for this series, so am I right to say there is a sequel to this? I sure hope so!
Great job!

Author's Response: There may be a book 7, but to be honest, I'm so wrapped up in my original book series X2 that I'm finding it hard to complete my FF writing. The Brewery series of stories which I'm posting now are completely written, so while it appears I'm writing, it's just an illusion.

That being said, one of my original series is based off Anwen and Sirius. The first book, called "The Witch's Oracle" will be out in the second half of this year. I have borrowed heavily from what was the plot of the so called 7th book, so I may never post it as a FF. If you'd like to see a new and different take on these characters, I can let you know when the book will be out.

Thank you so much for liking the stories, and for your praise. I loved writing them, and do feel very attached to the characters and the life I created for Sirius. He was one of my favorite characters as well, and it pained me when he died.

Thank you again, and i appreciate your review,

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Review #5, by Fanfic15 Chapter 13: October 1984: Good and Bad Tidings

21st June 2013:
It's not that your chapters haven't been good. It's just that nothing has really happened, nothing worth really reviewing anyway.

Keep up the updates, hopefully the reviews will start to flow when something interesting happens (because we are really reading much of the same at the moment. I would like to encourage you to take a risk and a new direction rather than following the same old plot lines that you do).

Author's Response: This story started out as something, and then began to turn into something else, and is about to hit it's full speed. I know it's slow to start, but I appreciate your patience.

It is completely written, and believe me, I will go outside my comfort zone soon.

Thanks for sticking with it,

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Review #6, by Amanda Chapter 9: To Portkey or Apparate?

28th April 2013:
You're killing me! haha all these cliff hanger endings! I love the story though. I can't wait for the next chapter. You weren't kidding when you said it would pick up. Amazing so far. Though I'm not surprised all your story's are amazing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Amanda. Pretty much my beta told me I was creating a snooze-fest at the beginning of this story and begged me to pep it up. It became quite peppy and fast moving.

Another chapter is in the queue, so it won't be long now.

Thank you so much for your kind words and for reading and reviewing,

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Review #7, by ginnyharryforeverandever Chapter 5: February-May 1982: The Measure of a Heart

4th April 2013:
write more write more write more. Please! I have read all three stories, and love them. You are a great writer. I think this one is my favorite just because it has little kids. It is adorable how you have the kids involved here. please keep updating and writing chapters!!! please please please~

Author's Response: Another chapter is in the queue. I'm posting as quickly as I can. I'm so glad you enjoy the stories, I've had so much fun writing them.

I used to be a teacher and I love little kids, so writing them is a pleasure.

Thanks again for reading and for taking time to review.


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Review #8, by Fanfic1900 Chapter 5: February-May 1982: The Measure of a Heart

31st March 2013:
Very interested in the stories progression, please update soon. thanks!

Author's Response: I'm updating today. I had a family emergency which took up some time, and took me away from writing. Thanks so much.

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Review #9, by xxxtrueheroxxx Chapter 5: February-May 1982: The Measure of a Heart

29th March 2013:
I LOVE THIS STORY! I can't wait until you post more! Personally, I am really excited for a mini-Neville... Seriously though, this fanfic is so so so so so good! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. My daughter is a Neville fan, so little Neville is in there for her. Thanks for your praise, it's the best a fic writer can hear. Thanks for reading and reviewing, MNF

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Review #10, by Fanfic1900 Chapter 4: October-November 1981: The Dark Half of the Year

19th March 2013:
Another beautifully written and well executed chapter. Looking forward to seeing if Remus finds Eva, please update soon :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much. Hmmm, can't give too much away, so just keep reading.

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Review #11, by ozzie989 Chapter 4: October-November 1981: The Dark Half of the Year

17th March 2013:
I love all your stories and this one has lived up to my expectations so far. I've never read a story that wasn't complete so hopefully the updates come quickly. Once again thank you for the great stories!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your praise. The story is actually done, so I will update as quickly as the queue allows. I did need to take some time off as there was a family emergency, but I'm back now. Thanks for reading and reviewing, MNF

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Review #12, by Amanda Chapter 1: 12 October 1980: Grace

27th February 2013:
I just thought you ought to know how much I love your work. I look forward to every new chapter. I loved this one as much as every other I've read. Length is always just right. You've got a skill. I can say, I'm a fan of it.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm glad you're enjoying it. This story gets going quite slowly, however around chapter 6 or 7 it will pick up the pace. I wanted to give these poor characters a chance to breathe before the poop hit the fan again.

Thanks for your praise, it's the best thing a writer can get!

Hope you continue to enjoy the work,

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