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Reading Reviews for Sir Gryffindor
5 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Veritaserum27 One

20th July 2015:
Hello Cassie!

House Cup 2015 Review - Ravenclaw

This is such a great idea for a story. I don't think there are enough Founder's era stories on the archives. I think it would be great if you did a back story for each of the four founders. It would also be cool to read about how they met. I love how noble and honorable Godric was and how loyal to his family. He seemed to always put them first. He was just as I imagined him - good-natured and fearless. It was a nice touch at the end with the beautiful description of the sky and how it made Godric think of home and his family. Where did you get the idea to make his father a woodcutter? Because that's just brilliant - it totally fits in with how good he was with using a sword. I'd love to hear more about his story - like how he moved up from being a stable hand, working in the barn of the castle to one of the founders of Hogwarts. As always, your story had such an uplifting feel to it - thanks for sharing it!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hi Beth!
I really like reading and writing Founders era stuff, so I agree with you that there isn't enough of it on the archives.
I'm glad you liked the way I wrote Godric! I really just imagine him being a good person, who always looks to do the right thing, even if it isn't easy, so I think that would make him really care about other people, especially his family.
I'm not exactly sure where the idea to make his father a woodcutter came from. It just seemed to fit the fairytale vibe I get from Founders stories, I think. My Founders novel, The Fourth Daughter, is based on a fairytale (although it's AU so the Founders don't all meet and form Hogwarts) so I wanted to keep that kind of feeling in this story.
Thank you so much for the lovely review!
Cassie :)

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Review #2, by Oregonian One

11th April 2015:
Hi, Cassie. I picked this story to review because it had the fewest reviews already, and I didnít realize unit I read it that it was a little backstory for your longer story about the twelve princesses. Now I will have to read that one also because I am curious about it and about how Godric fits into it.

This little gem was fun to read. It flows very well, with these little glimpses of Godric at the different ages from his very young boyhood up to his early manhood, with just a few details at each age, but all adding up to an endearing picture of the boy who grew up to be someone important.

I particularly loved the detail of his learning at a young age to carve the figurines, which littered the house, and how he made figure after figure to give to his mother as gifts. It reminded me of my own six-year-old-granddaughter, who declares that she will be an artist when she grows up, and who fills the house with her little artworks and is constantly giving her grandma little gifts.

You have skillfully included a lot of information in this brief space of writing, details of Godricís family life, the context of his lifeís situation, and the nature of his character, without seeming like an info-dump. I guess thatís because you chose the details for maximum effectiveness, while keeping the light, storytelling quality that is so charming. I am looking forward to reading the long story now. :)

Thanks for writing.


Author's Response: Hi Vicki!
I'm so glad you enjoyed this story! It was very fun for me to write, because Godric's childhood was so simple and happy. It was really nice to delve into that a little bit. The little figurines he makes are one of my favorite parts of this. They also show up in the longer story at one point! :)
I'm so, so glad you picked this to read, and that you liked it so much! Thank you for the review!
Cassie :)

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Review #3, by Helga Hufflepuff One

8th March 2015:
Hello dear!

This was such a lovely story! I always knew Godric always loved the outdoors, but I still haven't seen him whittle anything that I can remember! Oh, he told us he used to when he was younger and doesn't have the time to anymore, but between you and me I suspect he knows he's losing his touch!

I remember how much his face would light up when telling us about how excited his little sisters became when he told them about the princesses! Godric was such a proud and caring older brother, and his sisters just sound like absolute sweethearts! I've met them only once, but only briefly when we opened Hogwarts. Such nice ladies.

This was such a lovely story! I wish it were longer; maybe leading up to how he became such a well known dueler and met Rowena, Salazar and I. However, what you had is certainly satisfactory!


Author's Response: Hello!
Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and that you thought I did a good job writing Godric.
Cassie :)

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Review #4, by teh tarik One

16th February 2013:
Cassie ♥

This little piece made me so incredibly happy. You already know I adore The Fourth Daughter, and having this little companion oneshot about Godric's childhood and family was just an absolute treat. And it really is a lovely childhood. Your writing just radiated all the warmth and affection present in his family, especially with the little wooden figurines his father helps him make. You did a great job portraying a simple honest family working hard to make ends meet. And the image of Godric looking out at the sun over the castle both from his home in the woods and from his home near the stables is just so breathtaking - and it creates some lovely parallels in your story, too.

Your imagery is gorgeous here, and your language is just lovely and done perfectly. Gah! The ending is just too perfect. Now I want you to write another er...three oneshots on Godric baha! I lovelovelove the moment when his mother says, "My son working for the King! You'll be going by Sir Gryffindor soon! " This is just too sweeet, and of course, it's the perfect title for this little piece. You wrote child Godric so wonderfully!

Oh, just one thing...I think you might have a repeated part in the fourth paragraph:

As Godric grew older, he would stay up late, listening to his parents talking when they thought he was asleep. He heard them talking about what work he could do now that he was becoming a man. In the past
spent endless hours exploring the woods near his home, and would never get tired of seeing the way the sunlight filtered through the trees and hit the sparkling brook that ran alongside his family's cottage. He would run between the trees, and climb their tall branches, watching as the sun moved past the turrets and towers of the castle that stood above the kingdom that sat just beyond the forest where they lived.

Yeah, I think you made a mistake somewhere and ended up with half your first paragraph attached to the fourth paragraph. It's quite a big error so I had to point it out :)

Anyway, lovely work really! I can't wait for your next update of TFD :D


Author's Response: Hi teh!
Thank you so much for reading this and leaving such a wonderful review!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed this one-shot! I really like writing Godric, and I loved that he had such a happy childhood, and is so close with his family. It's a huge influence on him, and that's really what makes him the way he is in TFD. And Godric looking out his window watching the sun was an image that was really clear for me, and I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed it!
I can't thank you enough for all of your generous compliments, and am blushing and grinning because of how much you enjoyed this! I loved writing Godric's mother, and I love how she has so much love for her family.
The thing with the fourth paragraph was someting weird that my computer did when I was copying the story over to put it in the queue! Sorry about that! But it's all edited now, so if you want to read what was supposed to be there, it might make a little more sense :)
Thank you so, so much for this fabulous review, and for continuing to come back to TFD! It means the world to me!!!
Cassie :)

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Review #5, by Gabriella Hunter One

15th February 2013:

Hey there, I'm sorry that I couldn't leave you a review sooner, I had got busy with some really boring and lame grown up stuff. Gosh, that sucks.
But anyway, here I am! Its so nice being able to get into Godric's head for a while and see where he came from after reading TFD for so long. I had always been really curious about him and his upbringing was just how I'd imagined. Godric is the sort of person that's comfortable with the simple life and I really oved how you tied both the beginning and ending together. I really like the image of him looking out of his window to watch the sun rise, there was something really beautiful about that to me. With his parents and siblings, I thought that him going out to look for work was a really noble thing to do and I hope that we get to see them again. That, or he speaks about them at some point! :D
There was really nothing at all wrong with this, I could have wanted this to be a tad longer but this is just a one-shot sadly, and I DO have TFD to look forward to! :D
So thanks for the read!
Expect Albus today or tomorrow and then Audrey and her Weeeasley.
Much love,

p.s.: I shall see you on the forums!

Author's Response: Hi Gabbie! I'm so so so sorry that it took me this long to respond to your lovely review!!! I was just busy with some work and such. But I'm here now! Haha.
I'm so glad that you enjoyed this one-shot! It was really different, I think, because I've never really gotten into the heads of any of my male characters before. I really enjoyed being able to tell Godric's backstory, because he has such a happy, peaceful childhood, that I could really picture as I was writing this. The sun-rise was one of those clear images, and I'm glad you like it, too! I'm working on ASOS, and will let you know when I FINALLY finish the chapter and put it in the queue!
Cassie :)

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