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Review #1, by Mrs. Alyssa Marie Warnock-Malfoy Prologue: Last Party

2nd July 2015:
creepy cool. I'm interested

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Review #2, by lucyzi Prologue: Last Party

22nd April 2015:
Holy moly!
This is absolutely amazing , you write beautifully!!
Sorry, can't make this longer, I just have to go to the next chapter


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Review #3, by CassidyAnn Chapter Four: Visits of All Sorts

11th June 2013:
wow Lorcan is more of a dick than i thought!
It is his fault.
Don't they have condoms in the wizarding world?

Author's Response: Its not all Lorcan's fault, you have to remember that Dominique asked for it, "jumped" him. I think that in every situation its 50/50, but the guy always seems to get the full fault. He gets it from everyone, family, friends, and people he doesn't even know. They all think that he's some out of control kid that got this girl pregnant. But Lorcan isn't actually like that, he stays with her and helps her, which most boys would never even think about, Lorcan is actually very mature for only being 18.

And yes, they do have condoms and contraption spells and birth control, all the helpful stuff to not get pregnant. But Lorcan and especially Dominique weren't thinking of that in the moment. In fact, Dominique never really thought that she would get pregnant, so really Lorcan was doing her a big favor by always using the contraption spell.

Thanks for the review, please continue reading.


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Review #4, by CassidyAnn Chapter Three: Life Officially Over

11th June 2013:
Oh dear lord!
I can't believe she is prego's!
I would give it up too, give it a better life.
Lorcan seems like a nice enough guy to support her through it though.

Author's Response: Yeah, Dominique is having a baby! Just wait till you get farther in.

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Review #5, by UniQuorn Prologue: Last Party

12th April 2013:
I really like this. *whoosh* That was the sound of my mind being blown. I wonder why this story doesn't get many reviews? They're probably eager for the next chapter. ;)

Author's Response: Thanks, I hope you enjoy the story, please continue to read and review, I enjoy the feedback!


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Review #6, by Stephen Prologue: Last Party

16th February 2013:
I like the character development so far, the pace is good, details not too extravagant, and I'm understanding the setup well.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, chapter 1 is up and chapter 2 is in the queue.


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