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Review #1, by Romana Parents and Plans

20th March 2016:
Hoping you plan to update soon, I am enjoying this so far and would like to see where you plan to take the story.

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Review #2, by TheChirpyWitch Parents and Plans

5th February 2015:
This is good! I love it... The chapters could be a bit longer, though. Update soon!

Author's Response: OH MY GOD THANKYOU SO MUCH IM SO GLAD YOU LOVE IT. i am working on making the chapters longer, it has a lot of editing to go through, but im working on the next chapter now and youve inspired me to update (hopefully quicker thann i was going to before)

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Review #3, by tanvi Situations and Solutions

23rd January 2014:
this is a really good one pls continue :)

Author's Response: I am planning to update within the next week

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Review #4, by Guest Parents and Plans

10th January 2014:
Good story. Longer chapters would be nice though. Ans isn't she called Madame Pince not Mrs. Pince?

Author's Response: Thanks, I've still got lost of editing to do and it must have been a typo, I'll fix it later

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Review #5, by Winnie Parents and Plans

28th October 2013:
I liiike theees!
Very much!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, you're awesome

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Review #6, by Red Parents and Plans

14th September 2013:
Please update as soon as you can, liked the story so far,can't wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: I have finished up to half of chapter 9 and half of chapter 8 is typed, but I've got heaps of the work at the moment and only a month or two left to do it in, but I'll try my best

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Review #7, by Orla Parents and Plans

7th September 2013:

Author's Response: will do, see you soon :)

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Review #8, by RocioWeasley270500 Changes and Compassion

25th July 2013:
"For Narnia". LOL I'm rolling on the floor laughing right now.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! I've added a prologue to the first chapter, you should read it! It's a sneak peek of what's to come.

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Review #9, by Orla Roche/Evans Parents and Plans

26th June 2013:
Really? Sad Jeff? Anyway nice chapter. Miss ya :)

Author's Response: Yay! Good to see you're still reading it! That makes Jeff happy :{)
Miss you too!


P.S I wrote a longer response but clicked cancel instead of post :(

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Review #10, by AriesGirl40 Parents and Plans

19th June 2013:
Dont forget, even ten minutes of writing can lead to a page. I loved Hermione showing up, that was fun. See you soon, I hope :)

Author's Response: Thanks I'm almost done with the next chapter, but I haven't got much time at the moment

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Review #11, by jade Changes and Compassion

7th May 2013:
do rose and scorpios get togethr and i cant wait till the next chapter love the story

Author's Response: they might, but you'll have to keep reading to find out! I've nearly finished the next chapter, I will try to put it up for validation by tomorrow!
Thanks for reviewing!!!
Here's a special treat cuz I'm nice:
Its set the day after the last chapter.
One of the parents might find out :O

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Review #12, by AriesGirl40 Changes and Compassion

25th April 2013:
Wonderful chapter, I'm glad their still getting along. Sorry so short, I need sleep :)

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like it :)

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Review #13, by AriesGirl40 Portraits and Passwords

24th March 2013:
I think I figured out who was in Scorpius's room. Girl is going to me a menace, isn't she?
I enjoyed the chapter too :)

Author's Response: It's pretty unexpected, so I don't think you could have figured it out but who knows? Maybe you're just awesome :)
Thanks for reviewing,

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Review #14, by AriesGirl40 Friends and Foes

20th March 2013:
I think it's off to a great start, I like it :)

Author's Response: Thanks, that really means a lot :)

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