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Review #1, by MissesWeasley123 The Birds

21st September 2013:

This one shot is beautiful. I love it.

I think you captured this entire scene so well. Harry's pain was so evident and my heart ached throughout this. It was so dark and poetic, the way you carried the emotions in this. I loved every single word.

The whole essence of family and love bled throughout this piece. I only wish there was a way Al didn't have to pass. I think he was a great person.

Thanks for this one shot. It was magnificent and perfect in every way possible. You did a really good job. I'd love to check out more of your work, because this was amazing. Anything and everything about it was just so well written - your descriptions are amazing. Your attention to characters and details are admirable. Keep writing like this, you are truly talented.

Author's Response: Your review is probably the best thing to happen to me all week. Thank you.

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Review #2, by Persephones_Child The Birds

20th April 2013:
Aw this is so sad! I HATE it! But in a good way, if that makes sense... :)

Probably doesn't... Oh well.
I'm trying to say, I didn't enjoy it at all because of the actual story, but it was very well written. Got it?

Author's Response: Got it. I'm happy you thought it was written well, and sort of pleased you hated it. If that makes know, because it shows that it actually got the point across! Thanks for reading, and for reviewing- means the world!

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Review #3, by Brittney =] The Birds

16th February 2013:
Beautiful and simple. Excellent job.

(Excuse while I wipe away the tears running down my cheeks...)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading, and for (sort of) enjoying it.

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