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Review #1, by coolpixie eleven.

15th July 2017:
This was so entertaining! Fred is intriguing. Why does go out with girls randomly and then break it up? I'm glad though that Eva got to know the truth before it spiraled out of control. And I absolutely love harriot and eion, and would love to see their relationship progress! Ugh! All your characters are always so lovable. Keep writing! Looking forward to a new chapter from you!

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Review #2, by silverashes eleven.

26th July 2015:
LOVE. per usual. Your characters are fantastic. I've probably mentioned this before, but I love Evie's relationship with both Eoin and Harriet. I think it's hilarious. Please update soon (pretty, pretty please). I absolutely adore reading this story.

xx Rachel

Author's Response: YOU'RE SO LOYAL I LOVE IT. thank you so so so much!!

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Review #3, by Secret Santa seven.

6th January 2015:
Hey again!

Ooh, I feel left in suspense with this chapter... I have no idea where Freddie will take her but I'm looking forward to spending more time with him. I can't decide what I think of him yet so hopefully I can make some decisions!!

Harriet is definitely my favourite character! She's so lovely and such a good friend. I loved her fangirling too. She just seems so real, I really love her as a character. Her "dressing" of Eva was lovely too, I like the heated wand/curler idea!!

Oh - Freddie's owl. We need more of that happening in stories :P much more real life! And his response was brilliant too!!

Looking forward to more!

Santa :)

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Review #4, by Secret Santa six.

6th January 2015:
Hey again!

So first I have to say, that I loved what happened in this chapter - their reactions and decisions on what to do with a severed finger are completely natural and made me laugh but then, when they finally got to the hospital and they'd regrown the finger it was like a facepalm moment... this is the wizarding world - of course they grow fingers back! It's felt so obvious... once I'd read it. It made me laugh though as I felt like I went through the same thought processes as your characters which was brilliant writing on your part!

Hmm, I don't know what to make of Freddie. He really does feel like he's a bit full of himself. Using the name and pretty much blackmailing for a date... Cute or not I don't know what I think of him.

In answer to your AN my fav character is Harriet right now. Although - how do her and Freya know each other?

Looking forward to reading more :)

Santa :)

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Review #5, by The Secrestest of Secret Santas five.

6th January 2015:
Hello again!!

Oh this chapter... short but sweet! It made me laugh so much, yet feel a little bit sick too. Splinching isn't a pleasant thing but to have someones finger in your living room... flesh, blood, bone and all is a little bit disgusting!

Your writing was once again so easy to read and flowed well. Eva and Harriet's reactions to the finger were perfect too - "He has nice nails" - not exactly what I'd be considering if there was a finger in the living room :P

Great chapter!!

Santa x

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Review #6, by Super Secret Santa! four.

30th December 2014:
Hello again!

I had to admit - I felt a bit sorry for Harriet in this chapter. You've already mentioned that she wasn't the most popular girl at Hogwarts. Eva was going as her plus one, but she also brought a plus one. I get Eva didn't want to not know anybody but it kinda left Harriet on her own when she brought Eoin. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I did feel a little sorry for her!

I was laughing about your entrance by Portkey scene. I almost wonder why they bothered putting so much effort into getting ready!! It was well written though!!

That Lola girl seemed a bit mean - I didn't like her...

So I also have to admit, I'm wondering who's wedding this is? I got Emily but I can't help feeling like it should be someone belonging to the Weasley/Potter clan? Maybe it's just because they're all there? I could be wrong! I'm interested anyway!

I was laughing my head off at "Owl Me Maybe" I need to hear this! Genius - I loved it!!

Ooh, I was intrigued by the chance meeting of the two of them... I'm not entirely sure what to make of Freddie yet. I'm really looking forward to seeing him in a conversation with someone (Eva hopefully) so I can try and work out more about his personality.

Sorry this reviews a little all over the place, I wrote it as I was reading. As a whole though I felt this chapter was much less jumpy than the previous one, which meant I settled into it well and felt the flow was really good.

I'm really really enjoying this story so can't wait to read more!

Secret Santa

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Review #7, by The Secrestest of Secret Santas three.

30th December 2014:
Ho ho ho! Santa is back to leave you more reviews!

First up, Eoin. I really like his character and hope you include lots more with him! I'm eager to learn more about him, but I get the feeling that probably won't happen - Eva seems to already know the most as it is. I guess I can only wait and see...

One thing I really want to compliment you on is your dialogue. It's so easy to read and feels so natural. I love the different interactions between the three characters we've been introduced to most and I like the voice your giving them - particularly Eva's as it's obviously coming from her POV. Regardless, it's definitely a strength of yours.

In response to your AN, I definitely like Eva so far. I think we have more about her to learn - I'm guessing the home-schooled thing will come into it more? I'm excited to see where you continue it on.

My one bit of CC is that you sometimes move on quite quickly. Each section is quite short so before we've had time to settle into the scene we're being moved again. It's not a detrimental thing, it was just occasionally, I felt I wanted a little more.

Great job though - I'm really enjoying this story!! I'm glad I picked it :)

Your Secret Santa

Author's Response: The plague of the short sections! I think I need to look at how I'm writing things; I think because I know everything I automatically assume everyone knows everything. Which is very obviously not the case :P

Ahh dialogue! I have to admit I look like a maniac about dialogue. I sit and say it out loud, bounce it past my housemates to see if it fits. (Which involves: does this sound natural? ..Yes, why? ...Oh, no reason)so I'm really glad it's actually paid off.

You're far too awesome; I can't believe all these reviews! It truly is Christmas.

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Review #8, by Secret Santa!! two.

23rd December 2014:
Hey again! Secret Santa is back, back again!

First things first, I loved Harriet immediately. Her disapproval of the note and the obligatory best friend bashing the bad boyfriend felt spot on to me and I can tell in going to like her as a character. It also showed how good friends these two are in just a few sentence which was great to read.

So Freddie does appear to be really famous and his band. I can't help but wonder why Eva wouldn't know them... why she isn't "normal". I'm considering she may be a transfer student? I guess I'll have to wait to find out though!!

I liked the next two scenes as I did feel we got a fair bit about Eva without you saying that much. She seems upset about tommy but not completely distraught. She also seems happy enough in her own company. Her mother also clearly has some magical illness - the way you described the remembering and stuff made me think of Alzheimer's but I wasn't sure without more detail. Regardless, I found it interesting to get a bit more about her family, although I would have loved to have got a bit more about it!

The last bit with Harriet was again another useful way to find some information - so Eva clearly didn't go to school (which iim presuming is Hogwarts?) with them. So still thinking transfer maybe, or with her mum maybe home schooled? Definitely curious though!!

So once again I felt your descriptions were spot on, I loved imagining Eva's flat in particular, that section was wonderfully written. You also clearly have a strong grip on who your characters are, two chapters in and I feel I know them myself really well. My on bit of CC would be that I felt a few of the sections could maybe be extended. The section in the flat, while good for telling us Eva needed a job and gave us some more info about tommy, seemed a little bit like a filler. I don't know, it just seemed to move quickly from scene to scene. Don't get me wrong though, your writing is still brilliant and I can't wait I read more!

Hope you have a lovely Christmas Day and I will be back leaving more gifts very soon!!

Secret Santa

Author's Response: Eeee, you're the gift that keeps on giving!

Yay love for Harriet! I was so worried people would find her annoying/stand offish but I love her so. And so many secrets! I almost feel bad for keeping them. Almost...

As to the CC - I have to agree, actually! I think I get too excited and add in snippets of everything when in fact I probably should concentrate on developing things a bit more. So I shall watch out for that a bit more, thank you!

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Review #9, by Secret Santa!! one.

23rd December 2014:
Hello dear!!

Secret Santa has finally arrived here to leave you some reviews! I picked this story as you had my interest with Freddie Weasley - I find there isn't nearly enough stories written about him! I'm really glad I did though as I've certainly been hooked by this first chapter!

Hmm Freddie. So dark and mysterious in this. And a musician by the look of it!? I've never read any Weasley as a musician before and so now you do really have my interest! He seems a bit too cocky for my liking though... Whether it's a front from being in a band or whether it's just because he's used to girls falling for him straight away I can't make up my mind. Eva clearly didn't know who he was though which leads me to wonder how big his band actually is. So many questions...

I like your character Eva. She seems like she has a lot going for her and I feel she will have a lot to offer as the story moves on. She seems pretty sure of herself, level headed and mature.

I really loved your description and attention to detail here too. There was so many little things that you could have skipped by but I really felt like I could have been watching the scene unfold. Even the mundane tasks like cleaning the glasses came with useful background for us, like the fact the Leaky Cauldren is now much more upmarket. It brought us up to date with the wizarding world in your story without you having to use an information dump so that's great on your part!

And then bam. Your ending. Wow, is this a boyfriend that has left her? Talk about cliff hanger. If I wasn't dying to read on before (which I was), I am now! Love it.

So, to sum up, I love your writing so far. You have me hooked completely and already starting to get a feeling about your characters which for a first chapter is really impressive writing! I most certainly will be back for more!!

Until next time!

Your very Secret Santa!

Author's Response: i don't really know how to start because i come here to find ton loads of reviews going above and beyond what i ever expected and it's so so lovely!

ahh, thank you. i believe i suck at first chapters because i have everything sorted in my head but i find it hard to get it down onto paper(/computer screen) in a way to get everything across. so i'm really glad you liked it!

and yay for feeling about the characters!! characters are the love of my life and i'm so glad you are getting something from them.

so many compliments! i'm blushing! THANK YOU! you lovely, lovely person, you!

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Review #10, by silverashes ten.

2nd February 2014:
You're back! I've been looking forward to this for so long! It's like a belated Christmas present, and I'm ecstatic! I loved, loved, loved this chapter to no end. I ship Evie and Freddie so hard >_< I know they're not in a good place right now, but I love them! I think it's absolutely hilarious that she ended up spending the rest of the night with Freddie's ex. I was in tears I was laughing so hard. I also love Eoin. His character is so intoxicating. I can't wait to see where you take us next! Please update soon!

xx Rachel

PS Thank you for the shout-out it made my day :D

Author's Response: No, YOU'RE BACK! -squishes-
Your dedication to reviewing and your happiness and niceness and general gushy words and praise makes my head swell and makes me want to fold you up and put you in a box so I can pull you out whenever I feel sad, which is exactly why I always go back and read the reviews you leave if I need a boost! Honestly, your reviews make my day over and over again and I do love you for it. THANK YOU SO MUCH

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Review #11, by newgenerationlover ten.

24th January 2014:
Love it! Can't wait to read on!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, you're too sweet! (:

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Review #12, by silverashes nine.

17th November 2013:
YAY! *twirls around* I was so excited when I saw that you updated! It's been such a hectic fall, and I've been away from this site for so long. It was so exciting to see a new chapter! Squee! Ugh have I mentioned before how much I love Freddie? I love him so much it hurts my heart! The only thing I love more than Freddie is the prospect of him and Eva becoming a couple. Ah

Author's Response: YOU ARE ADORABLE! thank you so so so much. you always make my day, it's the best thing ever you lovely creature you!

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14th November 2013:
I think this is really good and can I just say that I think I may be just a little bit in love with Eoin *insert swoon here*
Anyway, keep updating please :D

Author's Response: hehehehee, i think everyone is! next chapter coming soon, thank you so much lovely

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Review #14, by miluv nine.

10th November 2013:

Author's Response: YOU ARE THE BEST! i hope it does too, it feels so sad and abandoned :( next chapter soon, i promise!

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Review #15, by heart4siriusblack eight.

15th September 2013:

Author's Response: Will do, don't worry ;)

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Review #16, by WumpsQuill eight.

30th August 2013:
Aww...too cute. And that sounds like a pretty fun date. I wonder what's going to happen next. Can't wait!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, you're far too kind! I hope the next chapter satisfies ;)

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Review #17, by Ashley Lovegood eight.

28th August 2013:
Ahhh I love it so far! I really liked that we got to see more Freddie in this chapter. Please update soon!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it! I was a bit worried about how the concept would be taken and if people would go oh dear lord what is he doing?! And more Freddie is always a good thing ;)

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Review #18, by Emmam eight.

28th August 2013:
Love it! I would love a 'Freddie date', sounds amazing!

Author's Response: Hehehe, I'm so pleased the Freddie date has actually worked. Or seemed to. I rather want one too, shall we form an orderly queue? Thank you so much for your lovely review!

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Review #19, by missclaire17 eight.

26th August 2013:
You definitely have NOT disappointed! What a brilliant idea for a date! I'd to have a guy take me out on a date and do that. It seriously sounds so brilliant. It's not too cheesily romantic, and it's not too boring. It's just perfect, and VERY adventurous. I like it! (: The Gryffindor in me that aches for an adventure is very satisfied lol

I think it's so funny how Evie always asks why people think she and Eoin are a couple when they distinctly act like a couple. Not to mention, they sort of basically live with each other. I wonder what Freddie and other men would think about that. I know that I'd raise my eyebrows and ask why they aren't dating already.

That last question that Freddie asks Evie is very interesting. Obviously they don't know each other very well, but he thinks her of peculiar. I think that is a rather heavily loaded question. It's not just a simple question about your current state of mind because I think true happiness and joy is a bit more long-term than the present.

Awesome chapter! I'm glad that they ventured into Muggle London ^^

Author's Response: This review is just far too lovely and kind! I'm so glad people seem to like the concept, I was a bit hesitant about it because in some ways it seemed very normal but in others it just seemed... Freddie-esque. I love adventure, and placing characters in one is my next favourite thing ;)

I have to admit, I adore Eoin and Evie. Eoin was just supposed to be a side character who filled out the friend role, but he seems to have wormed his way in and morphed into a permanent feature?! Jammy boy. I think it's definitely going to be interesting :P

Thank you, thank you for your lovely review, it's made my day!

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Review #20, by silverashes eight.

26th August 2013:
FREDDY. *swoons* I'm fangirling right now, to be entirely honest. I adore Freddy. I like that throughout the chapter we see small slivers of a more serious and compassionate Freddy. Awe. I hope we get to see more! He's such a gentleman. I'm having trouble putting my adoration into words. There is definitely mutual attraction between Evy and Freddy, though Evy might not have admitted it to herself just yet. The banter between the two of them is hilarious. They seem to get along so well.

I'm super excited to learn more about Freddy. I feel like he has another side to him, and I can't wait to know what it is. He seems genuinely attracted to Evy. What a gent. The date has lived up to my expectations plus some. I think it's a really unique date, and I loved how he let her choose the location. Lovely, lovely, lovely like always!

xx Rachel

P.S. Thank you for the shoutout! *blushes* It made my day, so thank you!! I'm wicked excited for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Rachel! -hugs tight- You're back, AGAIN! You are just far too kind. I'm glad you approve ;) I felt like Freddie had to do something unique but it couldn't be too out there because in some ways he's a well-worn cliche, but in others a bit of a reckless, crazy boy. I'm really not entirely sure about him if I'm perfectly honest. It's all very fun :P

I usually find speech so hard but Freddie-Evie conversations just seem to come naturally. So I'm taking this as a good sign? Let's hope so :P It's always a worry that characters come over as flat and one dimensional, so once more, I'm squeeing that Freddie seems to have layers! Eeee!


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Review #21, by miluv eight.

26th August 2013:
I LOVE THIS STOP OKAY. The last line made my life. like forever. and ever. and ever.
xox, miluv

Author's Response: Eeee thank you so much! This review has made my day, forever and ever and ever.

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Review #22, by silverashes seven.

16th August 2013:
Awe man! We didn't get to see Freddy in this chapter! Have I mentioned that I love the relationship between Harriet, Eva, and Eoin? Because I love them all to Pluto and back. I wonder if dear Freddy has a romantic side that we don't know about...hmmm. Overall, lovely, lovely, lovely! I can't wait for the next chapter!

xx Rachel

Author's Response: You are so nice I can't get over it. I just want to read your lovely lovely reviews whenever I'm sad so I remain grinning like a loon on loon tablets. YOU ARE AMAZE-BALLS. There's an abundance of Freddie in the next chapter, so I'm hoping you won't be disappointed. Thank you so much you lovely, smashing person!

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Review #23, by missclaire17 seven.

16th August 2013:
Ah! Silent reader! I've been waiting for a new update before revealing myself (don't know why).

I find the entire interaction between Harriet, Evie, and Eoin (does she prefer Eva or Evie...?) really hilarious. I mean, it's mainly just Evie and Eoin, how they do conduct sexual activities together (I'm not sure what's 12+ and what's not so I hope you get what I mean xD) but at the same time, theyr'e just friends. It's a really interesting relationship they have going on. Not to mention, the fact that Tom had just left suddenly, really jerk-like makes me wonder whether Evie's love life is in the current state (excepting the fact that she's going on a date with Freddie) because all the guys she that are/were her boyfriend(s) are jerks or because Evie herself is slightly emotionally unavailable. She sometimes gives me the impression that she almost is for some reason.

I think Freddie is going to surprise her and do something very romantic. I'm sure Evie is expecting some date that isn't very romantic but I think it'll be somewhere romantic but very visible. That seems like Freddie's style. He knows how to treat the ladies but he wants to be seen while doing it.

Anyways, I can't wait for the next update!!
(btw, I love how all of your stories's banners and summaries are very minimal but catching!)

Author's Response: YOU EXIST! People actually read this, oh dear lord! I don't even know, I switch between Evie and Eva, she introduces hereself as Evangeline so I suppose anything goes :P

You have no idea how glad I am people like Eoin/Evie/Harriet because I personally adore the three of them and they're so... ahh, I don't know. I love throwing Eoin and Harriet together because they're so different, and Evie's just a bit like whaaat.

Ooo that's interesting about Freddie ;) Well I'm not going to give anything away but it's definitely going to be a bit different. We shall see! I've got a couple of other stories to update, but then Composure's right up there. The next chapter is half done so it shouldn't be long!

Thank you, I am so rubbish at summaries. I panic and end up with one line, so I'm glad they actually attract people in! Thank you so much for your lovely lovely review you amazeballs person

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Review #24, by willow1 six.

25th July 2013:
what a chipper chapter

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Chipper, what a beautiful word!

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Review #25, by dracodarlingxxloloz six.

18th July 2013:
love all the sexual references, when i swear eoin was going to suggest a threesome? and when eva looks towards freddie's dick? bit annoyed at the healer when he grew a new finger. i love eva, she's so sweet, but i have a feeling freddie is trouble, a player who just wants to get into her pants? lovin' the story though, please update soon xx btw, just wondering wtf freya is doing in the chapter (no criticism, just wondering ;) )? and i love eva, harriet is sweet but at bit clingy, freya seems a bitch, freddie sounds like a player, ronan seems cute but he's kinda cold towards eva and i don't understand why, so my favourite character is eoin because he's funny and sweet and hot and cute and irish xx

Author's Response: Hehehe so it's not just me. Utter filth, I tell you! Eoin is a sweetheart, I do love him. And Freddie features heavily in the next chapter so hopefully you won't be let down! Haha, I don't even know what Freya's doing here. She just popped up and I sort of went okay let's go with this. More characters! I seem addicted to creating a plethora of characters and expecting people to keep up. So I do apologise :P Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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