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Review #1, by TreacleTart Villain

19th March 2015:
Hello there!

I'm here for a review contest that's going on in the forums. The house that wins the contest earns 1 per review donation the HPFF's fundraiser.

So that being said, let's start the review! First of all I'm freaking out that you started this with a quote from the Dark Night! I love me some Batman! The imagery throughout your story was beautiful, particularly for such a short story. I could see the dead bodies and shredded gowns across the ballroom in my mind.

I was a bit confused about the ending to be quite honest. It seems that Draco killed everyone, but we really have no answer as to what caused him to do so. I know that's a bit difficult when you're trying to stay under 500 words, but it's just something to think about.

I enjoy a good Dramione from time to time, so I was excited to see the ending here. It's pretty tragic to think Draco murdered her. I liked how she chucked the rose at him in an act of defiance!

Overall, a very nice job in a very short amount of space!


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Review #2, by UnluckyStar57 Villain

12th July 2014:
Aughhh! This was so weird and creepy and haunting! I love it!

You almost made me ship Dramione there for a minute, actually. :) Well, I think that Dramione is an okay ship sometimes, when it's done well. And you did this REALLY well!

Why is everyone dead and dying on the floor? What's going on?! What's happening?!?!?! I couldn't tell, but it looks like there's been some major bloodshed. And the "Our Loving Son Draco" made me think that Draco was dead, too, but it was only at the end that I actually knew that he was dead.

Why did Hermione throw the rose? She's so angry... Did Draco cause the bloodshed and then get himself killed?!

"In that instant, he realized the mirror was his portrait."~Such a haunting line! A great ending. :)

The only thing that was a little off is that you wrote "es-cue" to mean "off-kilter." The word is actually spelled "askew." I can understand the confusion, though. :D

House Cup 2014 Review


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Review #3, by Veritaserum27 Villain

11th July 2014:

This is a great mood-setter! Really eerie and moving. I love stories where I have to figure out who the protagonist is and where exactly they are and what they are doing. You gave just enough clues to keep the reader interested and then figure it out on their own. Great job! And the ending! The mirror was his portrait and he was so insane that he couldn't realize that! Very creepy. He seemed shocked that Hermione died as well and I think the plastic rose symbolized the "plastic" nature of their relationship. It wasn't real. The only cc I have is that the word "es-cue" should be written "askew." Very nice story in only five hundred words!

House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #4, by Pretense Of Perfection Villain

10th July 2014:
I really love e the batman qI uote you chose to go with this, I think it works quite well with your one-shot, and is beautiful in itself. It manages to capture Draco's character in this story so completely. I really like the twist you had in the end, it was quite a surprise, I think Draco may have been a little bit unlike himself...we know from canon that he does care for and respect his parents despite everything, so I can't imagine what would ever change that. Hermione was done well, even though she had a very short part, and her death was very emotional. I have the sense that it's all somehow Draco's fault, but I'm not entirely sure. The story reads a little rushed and fragmented, especially at the end, but I think most of that was intentional to create an air of mystery and intrigue. Draco's feelings for Hermione are quite clear though, despite everything, and his pain is expressed very well.

--house cup 2014 review--

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Review #5, by Nymphadorah Villain

6th February 2013:
this is it??? write more of it please!!!

Author's Response: I'm so sorry! I wrote it originally as a challenge for the every word counts classic. I am, however, thinking of making it into a prologue for a longer work! :)

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