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Review #1, by Dramione_luvver!!! Prologue 2

3rd March 2013:
this was good too. Waiting for more chapters!

Author's Response: oh thnxx alot!

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Review #2, by Dramione_luvver!!! Prologue 1

3rd March 2013:
FAN -TAS -TIC! loving your story already! Plz write more!

Author's Response: wow that was a very nice reveiw! keep reviewing thnx!

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Review #3, by lilypotter Prologue 2

24th February 2013:
Loving the story! Plz write more!

Author's Response: hey thnxx alot dear! :D plz reveiw my other chapters too,plzz :)

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Review #4, by shailene Prologue 1

14th February 2013:
I usually don't review, but this is great! Good job! More chapters soon, please! I'm kinda addicted already!!

Author's Response: awww!!! thnxx alot! yepp i will update my next chapterr soon!! thnx

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Review #5, by patronus_charm Prologue 1

3rd February 2013:
I think this story does have potential, as it does sound like it has an interesting plot. However I do feel you are in an urgent need of a beta, as I do feel your grammar needs helping, and at times your style is too informal, beta's are really nice and do try and help, so don't be afraid of asking for help:)

Author's Response: thank you :) hmmm.ur pretty right.i do need help.but what should i do for that? if u dont mind could u help me? what do i gotta do?

well thnxx for reviewing i hope u reply nd help.
dramione rockz,

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Review #6, by SlytherinPrincess Prologue 1

1st February 2013:
Even though it is only the beginning, I am LOVING this story already! Keep writing and amazing storyline!

Author's Response: omg really? did u like it? im really very very surprised!!! thnxx alot, ur review made my day.
I will surely update very soon.
thanks again.
dramione rockz,

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