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Review #1, by UniQuorn The Sorting

15th March 2013:
Yay! Chapter three! I'm happy she got in Gryffindor. :D
Update soon! The fairies shall be watching. (Okay that sounded too weird.)
I sprinkle you with happiness in hope for and update soon.

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Review #2, by UniQuorn Train trips

15th March 2013:
Again, I love it! Hopefully she doesn't get Slytherin, even though it's my house ;)
The scene is set wonderfully, and the characters at so realistic. Keep going!

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Review #3, by UniQuorn Prologue

15th March 2013:
I have decided to love this fanfiction. The scene is very lively and I'm wondering why there isn't much comments, it deserves a lot. TO THE NEXT CHAPTER!

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Review #4, by SiriuslyLily The Sorting

5th February 2013:
This story is getting to be one of my favourites. Really. I keep coming back to see if there's more chapters, and I squeel with joy when there is. KEEP WRITING, YOUNG ONE. I can't wait to see what happens, as there aren't much stories about werewolves. Bye!

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Review #5, by SiriuslyLily Train trips

3rd February 2013:
We he!!! Chapter two! I love this story, it should have more reviews than just me!!! Please keep writing, I love it. R & R MY STORIES PLEASE!

Author's Response: Hey! You are my first ever reviewer thank you so much! I am working on continuing the story! Ideas?
And I will read ur stories.

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Review #6, by SiriuslyLily Prologue

2nd February 2013:
please keep writing this story. i have decided I completely love it to death. it's really really good. i cant wait to see the next chapters. so many ideas flowing through my head. please keep writing? i will now favourite it, because it is so good.

A list of reasons why i like it

-Good grammer, I can't read a story with bad grammer

-its such a good plot

-its pulling

-it makes me want to write it myself

- i love the character

- its the only only story that's made me write a review this long.


(out of ten i would give a 20)

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