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Review #1, by LilyEPotter Lie With Me

1st March 2014:

What an incredibly sweet story! I can just see Hermione frantically trying to reschedule everything for her wedding without success and probably driving everyone else crazy as she did so. That Ron was able to get Hermione to slow down and relax for even a little while was great especially as Hermione wasn't too thrilled with getting her clothes dirty. Then to find out that Ron had managed to plan the entire wedding was more than sweet and you can almost hear his surprise at her surprise. The ending was wonderful having the two of them spending time together and not worrying about what will happen, something that Hermione should have been doing in the first place. :)

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Author's Response: Hello!

I could definitely see Hermione being like this while preparing for her wedding; as soon as I heard the song, I knew it would be like this and Ron would be the hero and I had to write it for the challenge.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #2, by love_is_magic_ Lie With Me

27th November 2013:
I loved it :D So perfect for Ron and Hermione

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it!


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Review #3, by Remus Lie With Me

30th October 2013:
Heya! Perelandra here!

You know, I read this fic sometime ago and apparently I didn't leave a review. For shame!! :O However, I'm here. Thank you for replying to my post...yesterday was just a bad day and needed some cheering up. Your fic definitely helped me cheer up a big.

Poor Hermione, though! She's living a bride's nightmare. One bad thing after another would definitely put anyone on edge. I just love how well in character those two felt to me, you know. Hermione, the one who always wants to have the answers, a way to fix something and then there's Ron...He made me laugh by doing nothing. Haha.

However, he was so adorable. Just the fact that he had done everything for her makes me want to hug him. That's just too cute.

Even though you said that Ron/Hermione were out of your comfort zone, I honestly think you did a great job. Honestly, I see no grammar, structure, or flow issues. Great job, my dear! :D

Thank you for letting me read this and for trying to cheer me up! Haha, I appreciate it!


Author's Response: Hey, Rosie!

I'm glad it cheered you up. *hugs*

I've never been in this type of position, but I imagine it would be very hard, especially for someone like Hermione, so it was interesting to write this story.

Ron doing nothing was fun. Well, supposedly doing nothing. ;) I loved writing Ron, he's awesome. He is why I now have to write more. :D

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #4, by stargazer Lie With Me

16th July 2013:
This was so cute! It was written very well also. I can really imagine Ron taking Hermione somewhere to calm down because she's been panicking about the wedding all that time. I think the song you chose, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, went perfectly for where you wanted to go with the plot. I think you got the characterization down pretty nicely. Hermione stressing while Ron is calm and then we find out at the end that he's already figured everything out. This was really adorable and a lovely read. Excellent work!

Author's Response: I loved writing this so much because I loved writing Ron, he's amazing. The song reminded me of them as soon as I heard if and I've always wanted to write about them using this. So, I'm very glad that you like it.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #5, by starryskies55 Lie With Me

15th July 2013:
Aww! Sam, this was adorable, I love it.

I was wondering how on earth you'd fix Hermione's problems when Ron was being so unhelpful, so thank god he wasn't actually being unhelpful! I thought this was a very cute little fluffy one-shot (very unlike what I thought it would be!) and beautifully written as always. All that jazz about grammar and spelling and punctation- you've got that down to a T.
The characterisations were superb very true to canon and therefore didn't have to be developed that much, and I'm glad Hermione is going to get her (my) idea of a dream Weasley wedding! I love the song by Snow Patrol, and I can really see Ron just trying to get Hermione to chill out and relax.

So, I really enjoyed this, well done on an excellent one shot! LOVE YA - Jenny

Author's Response: Aww, yay!

Ron would never be unhelpful. Given how long he's known Hermione, he must understand what to do by now. :P

You write the most amazing reviews, thank you so much for leaving another one!



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Review #6, by Ron 4 Hermione Lie With Me

2nd April 2013:
Hey there, here to review your piece for my challenge! :)
I can't believe you've never written a Ron/Hermione before, it's so good! This was a lovley piece and I loved how Ron just calmed her down and everything was perfect and it was so good! You need to write more Ron/Hermione, this was so cute and lovely!

I love your characterisation of them both and I love how it's Ron who fixes it, even though he has been so laid beack, just like he normally is. I could imagine Hermione having a sort of mental breakdown because everything was going wrong and I think you wrote them perfectly!

Your prompt was Ron/Hermione and you've did a perfect job with it. This is such a cute one-shot and it's a nice snap shot into there lives after the battle of Hogwarts and everything!

Great story, you've did a great job with the prompt! :)

Author's Response: Hey!

More Ron/Hermione is definitely on my list; I just loved writing this so much and was so glad when I got them as my prompt (though a bit nervous, as it was new), so I'm thrilled that you liked it. :D

Thank you so much for the lovely compliments and the amazing review!


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Review #7, by CambAngst Lie With Me

6th March 2013:
Hello, again! The amazing thing about your author page is just how deep it is. I keep scrolling and scrolling and clicking next and there's always something else interesting there!

You wrote a brilliant Hermione in this. The way that she processes the stresses of planning her wedding -- winding up the spring and unwinding, winding and unwinding -- felt exactly like her. The only thing that would have made it a little truer to form in my mind would be having her carry a list around with her. But it's a minor thing. Your physical descriptions of her and the rapid-fire shuffling of problems through her mind were spot on.

Your version of Ron... hmmnn... I can totally get my head around him, provided, however, I need to believe that Hermione has already driven him over the edge with her OCD. Ron's usual response to Hermione getting flustered and upset is first he gets flustered and upset himself, and when he reaches the breaking point he tunes her out. So I think it would be a very sweet touch if she pushed him to the brink and instead of narrowing his emotional range to a quarter-teaspoon, he quietly takes care of things for her, just to get her to relax. It would be a nice extension of the "New Ron" we saw near the end of DH, when he figured out where to find something to kill the cup horcrux (book version) or to look for Harry in the Room of Requirement (movie version).

At any rate, the ending was really, really sweet. I love the idea of the two of them just lying there in the wet grass, tuning out all their troubles and taking a moment just to be with one another and relax. That's what Ron brings to their relationship.

I thought your writing was lovely in this. I couldn't see a single typo or grammar problem. For someone who writes mostly Next Gen, you definitely have some range!

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Review #8, by Manga_girl Lie With Me

4th March 2013:

Oh, I loved this! Firstly, well done on writing Ron/Hermione, as personally I think they're a really hard pair to write, as they're so well formed in the books!

I loved the plot behind this! I really can imagine Hermione stressing about her wedding like this, and it's so romantic of Ron to do all of that! It seems like something he'd do, even though I was rather surprised!

One thing, I thought it would be nice if it was a little longer as I felt it read too quickly. Saying this, it flowed beautifully and I just loved the ending! That was perfect! Well done!

I love your writing so much!

Emma x

Author's Response: Hey, Emma!

Ah, thanks. I didn't think I could get right at all, it was so scary writing this. :P

It seems like something he'd do after watching her freak out, listening to her tell him how bad things were and being forced to stop and breath after her freaking out leaving him feeling freaked out. :P But Ron always comes through in the end, always has. :)

The length seemed like a natural stop and I didn't know what else to add without things going wrong or sounding forced. I'm glad you loved the end!

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #9, by alicia and anne Lie With Me

4th March 2013:
Ron is so sweet in this, he seems to know how to calm Hermione down. I really enjoyed him joking about them marrying in a library, I bet that Hermione would have loved that.
This was such a lovely and brilliantly written one shot and I really enjoyed this.
Hermiones stress and Ron being so calm seemed very beluevable, you wrote them very well. I'm glad that Ron managed to fix everything :)
Congratulations on this being your 50th story!

Author's Response: He really does. They have their ups and their downs and all, but Ron is good for Hermione. :) I wish I could have had them marrying in a library. That would have been awesome. :D

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #10, by Athene Goodstrength Lie With Me

3rd March 2013:
Well, wasn’t this just adorable?!

I feel like you really managed to capture a dynamic I feel to be quite important in Ron and Hermione’s relationship.
Hermione is often seen as the more capable of the two, in almost every way (except Quidditch). But in this one-shot you show us what Ron’s really good at - firstly, looking at a problem in a completely different way from other people, and secondly, relaxing! It’s an art Hermione might never quite master, but with Ron by her side she can learn some of it. They’re like ying and yang - she shows her love with organisation, he shows his with relaxation.

I really enjoyed the hurdles of being a pureblood/muggle-born wedding that you included in this. It helped to draw a contrast with Bill and Fleur’s wedding, which seemed to come together so perfectly (even if Molly was going nuts). I do feel sorry for Hermione; I think I’d be going crazy in that situation! Luckily I have a laidback boyfriend like Ron, who does things at his own pace (which probably drives Hermione as nuts as it does me) and reminds me to breathe.

Ron’s line about the garden at The Burrow, “it calms you, relaxes you, it's perfect” was absolutely perfect, because the way you wrote the first section, and Hermione slumping to the floor, just made me feel that it was her haven even before Ron said it!

I also adored the line about Molly and the catering! So perfectly characterized.

You really thought things through with Ron’s solutions to Hermione’s problems (got to love him pulling strings at the Ministry!), and that’s an attention to detail I enjoy in a story.

I only have one piece of criticism. The line, “We'll put a tent up and chairs for the guests, like Bill and Fleur” was a bit ambiguous and it confused me. I thought at first you meant guests like Bill and Fleur... it might be a bit clearer if you made it “like at Bill and Fleur’s wedding”.

Other than that, this story is really enjoyable - a lovely, thoughtful little story with lots of very good characterization.

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Review #11, by Arithmancy_Wiz Lie With Me

7th February 2013:
Thanks so much for replying to my post. When I saw this Ron/Hermione story on your page, I just couldn't pass it up. I've got a soft spot for this pairing, especially when it's fluffy. And your 50th story? That's amazing. Congratulations!

This really was super adorable. Of course Hermione would stress over her wedding. Knowing her character, she'd probably have been a mess even if things had gone as planned, but with all the last minute disasters? Yikes! But of course Ron saves the day. Hermione should know better than to be surprised by how much he loves her and will come through for her in the end, but she never seems to learn. I can totally imagine her still having trouble believing he's capable of pulling this sort of thing together.

My favorite part was when Ron said he NEEDED Hermione to sit with him. It was very touching to imagine him sort of pleading with her, reminding her that this whole wedding was about the two of them and not about all the planning. It was a very sweet moment.

I only have one little bit of CC. There were a few sentences where you had some fragments held together by commas, but the sentences as a whole weren't totally grammatically correct. One quick example: Rationality had landed her in this predicament, if thinking outside of the box, even boarding on slightly insane thoughts, got her out then so be it. You really need a semi-colon after predicament, or else another word like so or but before the if. Aside from a couple of similar sentences, everything else read nice and clean.

Thanks again for replying to my post. I'm really glad I had a chance to read this.

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Review #12, by mommcgonall Lie With Me

4th February 2013:
It's lovely! More R/Hr stories very much appreciated!

Weasley is our King!

Author's Response: I love that line, he really is!

Thank you for reviewing.


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Review #13, by mialiebterdbeeen Lie With Me

3rd February 2013:
i smiled at your story. it is great that Ron is doing fine in a very ron-ish way. I listened to the song while reading and it really fits. a lovely work.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the song, as soon as I heard it, I thought it was perfect. :)

Thank you for leaving a review.


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Review #14, by Ginger Lust Lie With Me

31st January 2013:
That was lovely. I really enjoyed it.
Ron really saved the 'day'. Hermione should learn to trust her bestest friend and lover. He's a good guy.
I look forward to more such stories.

Author's Response: Ha. He did and she should, but I think she'll always have that little bit of doubt. It makes him more awesome when he saves the day. :D

Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely review.


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Review #15, by Siriusgirl Lie With Me

30th January 2013:
Wow. This is beautifully written. You wrote Hermoine perfectly in character and the transitions of emotions was beautiful. Ron/Hermione are my OTP but I rarely write them because I'm worried about writing them too out of character

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm so glad you liked it. I think that, too, all the time. So, I'm really glad that you think they're in character. :)

Thank you for leaving such a lovely review. :)

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Review #16, by Jchrissy Lie With Me

30th January 2013:
First of all, huge compliments for even attempting to writing this pair. I don't think I ever could. And not only did attempt it, but you did an incredible job with them!

The idea of Hermione being stressed beyond belief when her wedding starts to fall apart is not only in character, but a really good situation to put her in. Even a wedding going perfectly would be stressful, so this..

I could feel her annoyance begin to build when Ron too her out to the garden. I loved that she was noticeable *not* okay with wasting what time she had left to sort things, but she always wouldn't walk away from Ron when he asked her to do something for him. That was such a small touch but so perfectly in character that it made my heart all fuzzy.

And what!!! Ron! Pulling through to save the day?! Oh man, he deserves that so much. And all of his solutions were really great ones! They weren't silly, 'oh well, we don't need someone special to marry us, Charlie can just say the stuff..' things, I mean they had serious thought put into them and it just reminded us all over again why these two are so perfect for one another.

I think you did an excellent job getting the emotions across and transition Hermione from crazy stressed out woman, to relaxed excited fiance very well.

This was a really warm one shot, I'm so happy I chose to read it :)

Thanks for an awesome swap!

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