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Review #1, by iamred Pre Party Disscusions

29th June 2017:
You are an excellent writer. I am giving this as the review for the series as a whole

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the kind review.

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Review #2, by evanlyn Conversations with Awkward Audiences

26th September 2016:
This is good I like this series. Although I skim ahead I just want to read the scorose moments.

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Review #3, by Sloth Reacting Actions

3rd November 2015:
See this is where I think Rose is a little bit disturbed. Draco wasn't a "school bully". We know from canon he was a proud Death Eater until it got hard. He was a war criminal who fought in a war to get rid of people who they hated, including people like her mother. he badly harmed a number of people including her father. now she's sleeping in the Death Eaters house and she's got the gall to be mad at Ron? Can you imagine how disappointed in her he is?

Author's Response: First, sorry that this response is so late. You are very right on your statements. Draco was a bully and death eater, though I have a very different impression of him then you do. I personally feel that he was more coward than proud death eater. Now to be completely honest, I am writing this story from the perspective that Rose does not know about everything that occurred in the past with her parents. I'm under the impression from the small bits of dialogue from the epilogue in DH that her parents/Harry haven't told their kids about everything they went through. Not that that's an excuses for Draco's behavior, I just feel that it skews Rose's opinion slightly, which I needed to happen. Throughout the scenes with Rose at the Malfoy's you can tell that she is never fully comfortable with them and she never will be, but she endures them for Scorpius. Now keep in mind that her being mad at Ron and choosing to visit the Malfoy's house have absolutely nothing in common. She's mad at Ron because he can't seem to even try to get to know Scorpius, who wasn't apart of the war and shouldn't be punished for his father's actions yet he constantly is. Trust me, I know how disappointed Ron is in her, but can you imagine how disappointed Rose is in him. Ron is the person that she looks up to the most, she does value his opinion and he affects her in ways that no one else can, yet he can't seem to even give Scorpius chance when he has done nothing wrong besides being born to a specific family. Your points are very clear and to be honest they are hard to argue with because they are true, but I can't have Rose never being around the Malfoys because that would be avoiding an issue. The approach I took was to think of Draco as a father instead of an Death Eater. I believe people can change, J.K. has even said that Draco might have changed very slightly to raise his son better than he so... The point is I'm not going to please everyone, but this is what I felt was the best way to approach the issue. Thank you for reading.

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Review #4, by kavya Traveling Clarity

7th August 2015:
okay i love your novels, ive read fighting temptations twice and i love your style of writing and his improves immensely since the first chapters;i know that since you arent jkr there are bound to be some logical flaws but id like to remind you that the quiditch world cup is between countries and that the names of your quiditch teams are regional quiditch teams.
PS in fighting temptations the part where rose and scorpius have to clean up the room of requirement was unnecessary because if you were to stand in the RoR AND wish for them to disappear they will thats how harry got his trainning room for the DA remember? other than that i love your work :)

Author's Response: Ugh, even in the wizarding world I can't comprehend how sports work... Oh well. There was no need in reminding me of that because I had no idea that that was how the cup worked. I mean I guess on some level I did because I've read the books, but I have never given it much thought. I do not pay attention to sports in any way, shape or form, even wizarding Sports, si I just sort of picked two teams. Oops. As for the Room of Requirements, now that was very intentional, and that I did do on purpose. I do remember that part of the book, but remember the room was set to require Harry's needs. In the situation with Rose and Scorpius at school, the room is required to meet the needs of not Rose or Scor but instead of Professor Kinkly. They walk in behind her and she gives them task. She was thinking as she paced back in forth, I need a place that will offer them a punishment and teach them a lesson, and when she opened the door, she saw the room as it was when they had gotten caught and knew what the punishment was to be. Though it is just a room, I do fully believe at the heart of it does have a mind into what to it places inside the room. Harry said (and I'm not exact quoting here) that he needed a place suitable to practice defensive magic, however the room supplied him with spell books and furniture that he didn't exactly ask for. Seeing as how Rose and Scorpius needed a suitable punishment and lesson, seeing the mess they had made and then forcing them to clean it up was its idea. So with that being said, no they would not have been able to just wish for the glass to disappear, because that would go against the original requirement of Professor Kinkly.
I hope that explains my logic for the RoR scene. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I am so glad that you enjoy my stories.

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Review #5, by McFly From Ms. to Mrs.

30th October 2014:
I was going to wait to review the whole fic but I have to say I was shocked that Rose went to the place where her parents were imprisoned and tortured and had dinner with a Death Eater who did them so much harm.

I know she's fighting with them that's serious stuff right there which she really seems to be making a joke of.

Author's Response: To be completely honest this occurred to me while I was writing this chapter and after I thought and rethought over it I concluded that Rose probably doesn't know about everything that happened during the war, Malfoy manor included. The reason I say that is because I feel that Ron and Hermione wouldn't want to tell their children of all the struggles they faced. They wanted their kids to have a happy future and continuing to harp on the past wouldn't allow that. I also feel that it would be a subject that would be extremely hard for Hermione and Ron to talk about. So if it comes off a jokish it's because Rose doesn't know how to act when she is in new situations and her go to is to joke.
The same goes for Scorpius and Albus, I really do feel that all the next gen kids have a skewed vision of what happened in the war. I just feel that there are some things in the past that have to be not forgotten, but not constantly reminded of in order to move on with life, and for Hermione especially I feel that her torturing was something that she would want to move past. As for Draco he made a mistake when he was 17 (Kinda like Rose did) should he have to pay for it the rest of his life? I think he has tried to redeem himself slightly. I honestly just don't see the whole he's a death eater thing being that big of deal in the case of Draco, he was more of a witness and in my opinion I think he joined because he was told how great it was but once he was in it he was like this is so not what I thought it was going to be. For all other death eaters yeah no exception their bad. Draco I feel was more arrogant and ignorant and just plan stupid because he was jealous of Harry. Not saying that it was the right choice but people do dumb things when they are scared or feel obligated or consumed by jealousy. I know there is no factual bases for that in the boos but that is how I have personally analyzed Draco and that's how I based him in the story.
Anyways I hope that you enjoy the rest and thank you for reviewing.

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Review #6, by dracodarlingxx The Longest Night

21st September 2014:
oh my god.
i actually hate sad endings, but I just don't hate this ending and I can't figure out why. I think it's 'cos I know that this was really the best way to end this part of the story, and any other ending just wouldn't have worked.
I just can't bring myself to feel annoyance at Scorpius, because you've explained his POV so well and I empathise with him, 'cos to be honest, if I were in position, I would have been an idiot like him and done the same. Scor is my baby and I hate people that hurt him, but I also get how Rose feels. and CLIFFHANGER much? :)
I loved Fighting Temptation but I honestly loved this a whole lot more :*

Author's Response: Yeah, also Expecting Temptation was originally never in my plan to write. I honestly just had so much for planned for Confronting that it started to feel like a different story. So in a way Confronting and Expecting are sort of apart of the same story arc (at least the beginning part is). Its funny that you say it was the only way for the story to end because I had a completely different ending planned, but realized that it wouldn't have worked. I'm not annoyed at Scorpius, I feel bad for him, and I think he doesn't completely understand how badly he hurt Rose, but i'm not annoyed at him. So glad you enjoyed the story. Expecting Temptation is awaiting validation so hopefully it will be up soon. Thank you for the review.

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Review #7, by WICELA The Longest Night

15th September 2014:
When will the next book be released? I like it really much, I've red your two books in like four days. Your books are so much better than school, you know :P

Author's Response: Hopefully sometime this week depending on the validation wait. Writing these stories is so much better than school. So glad that you liked my stories and I hope that you like 3 just as much. Thank you for the review.

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Review #8, by Paddlewaddle The Longest Night

10th September 2014:
That felt like the longest night of my life just reading word for word in anticipation of what was to come next because honestly I did not expect it to end with Scorpius' insecurities being laid out and Rose finally seeing that these insecurities may never go away (for now). Now I don't know what to think or expect for their relationship (its so drama filled but I trust that they can get through this because I truly believe that they do belong with each other) but I can't wait for part 3! :D

Author's Response: Yeah, Originally I had those two chapter combined together in one chapter and different ending set, but it was too long for me. Yeah about midway through the story after they got married I realized that Scorpius had lost his edge, his story. He had gotten what he wanted and now he was only there to be a shoulder to cry or involvedin cute moments for Rose and I hated it because he has more character. So when I decided to do the third installment I knew I had to make Scorpius have a plot because I wasn't about to do just a pregnancey story, over my dead body would I have done that. So I went back and began reading parts of FT to see if I could find something and the one thing that always stook out was that Scorpius was willing to fight and Rose wasnt. In a way it almost read as thought Scorpius loved her more than she did, which isn't true, but still. So thats how this issue came about, because I wanted it to be something real and meaningful and I wanted it to be something that might actually better them in the long run. They do have a bit of a long road ahead of them but they have been through worse... sort of. Thank you so much for the review and for reading, I am so glad that you liked it.

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Review #9, by Bexis Off White Walls and Apartment Bedrooms

9th September 2014:
I have to agree with another reviewer, Harry is more at fault for Ron leaving. I went back and looked and there is zero hint that Ron was going to leave before Harry said that. Nothing. No mention of leaving, no attempt to pack anything, no evidence what so ever. Honestly I was surprised because I had sort of just accepted that Ron was completely at fault. But nothing in the text of the books suggests in any way that Ron was even thinking of leaving.

Brilliant fic, and really awesome that I learned something new about the HP world after so many years.

Author's Response: Jeez, this is one of those moments that I wish I had my books with me at school. I agree with you partially. Eevn J.K. has said that Ron left on his on and that he needed to leave in order to mature as a character because he was the last to do that. It does not have to be directly said that he was packing or talking about leaving, its all in his actions and Harry's thoughts. There are signs of Ron being uncomfortable on the trip, like when Hermione is making food and he says to her something about how it's not like his mums. Also he was very short with Harry and Hermione occasionally. (all signs of homesickness). At one point Harry even walks in on Hermione and Ron talking and they go quiet and he just knows that they were talking about how they thought he had a plan for what they were doing. Your right I don't think Ron was dileberatly thinking that he was going to leave, I'm sure that it didn't even cross his mind, but I think the comfort of home certainly was, and that is mentioned in the books. His need to constantly worry about his family. Regaurdless of the reason why he left I honestly believe that both Ron and Harry are at fault. Harry got angry and told him to go, and Ron threw a tantrum and left. If Ron is not at fault then why did he not just go outside and blow off some steam and then come back later? They were both being very immature in the situation and in my opinion you never leave your friends, and Ron came to that conclusion too because he came back. I'm not a hundred percent sure because I can't remember but I think Ron was already looking for them befor he even used the deluminator. He even says that he was given the deluminator because dumbledore knew he would be the one to lose his way, once again i'm not sure if that was in the book, but I know it was in the movies and J.K. Had to give script approval on all of the movies and if you watch interviews with her she deffiently told the directors when something was wrong, so some part of her had to agree.
Anywyas thanks for the review and glad that you liked the fic. Thats just my opionion on the matter.

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Review #10, by Avanell 2 The Longest Night

6th September 2014:
Oh, wow! another cliffhanger story leading to another epic story! Brilliant! RON HAS TO MAKE IT!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading, glad that you liked it.

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Review #11, by Houdini Off White Walls and Apartment Bedrooms

3rd September 2014:
Actually in Deathly Hallows Ron didn't get it wrong. He didn't even consider leaving until Harry screamed at him to leave. Despite fandom myths Harry is more at fault for Ron leaving than Ron was.

Author's Response: I disagree, I think Ron already had one foot out the door before ever yelled at him. Harry yelling at him (in my opinion) was Ron's get out of jail free card. He could leave and not be blamed for doing it. That was just how I read it. But thank you for your opinion.

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Review #12, by Arcoiris The Longest Night

3rd September 2014:
Wow, that is so intense, but very, very good. Poor Rose. I completely understand her pain. Oh no, she found the letters rather than him telling her! I'm glad that she went right to the real issue of trust relating to her walking in the past. I totally get what she is saying about only being seventeen but I also understand what he is saying about being the one left behind and that pain lingers in more hidden ways (and then manifests as letter-stealing). How will they work through this? There are strong issues to deal with on both sides. Maybe they need to see a counselor?
I remember testing my best friend once to see if she would leave me if I became really obnoxious. I'm blessed to say that she did not and we had a good, healthy, tearful conversation, out of which we became much stronger friends.
I look forward to more if your story. (Boy, validation for chapters takes forever on this site!!!)

Author's Response: It was a bit hard not crossing that boundary with Rose being extremely angry with Scorpius about the letters and making that apart of the issue, because it was, but in the end it wasn't the important one. I think they both have valid points Rose was young and scared, and Scorpius is insecure. The next story is going to focus a lot on their relationship, and forgiving and understanding each other. Just because they have issues doesn't mean that they fall out of love.
Unfortunately it is going to take a bit more than a good, healthy, tearful conversation, to resolve this issue. Yeah validation has been taking a while. Oh well.
Thank you for the review and for reading.

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Review #13, by kaeliebear The Longest Night

3rd September 2014:
Love it! I can't wait for the next story! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you, I will.

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Review #14, by pikachewbites The Longest Night

3rd September 2014:
Wow, what an ending! You really know how to end at a cliffhanger. I enjoyed the whole story & looking forward to the next installment!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. The first chapter of Expecting will be up soon. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #15, by rose_me The Longest Night

3rd September 2014:
You cannot make this last chapter!!!

Author's Response: It's the last chapter, but with another book so... Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #16, by Binding Oath Off White Walls and Apartment Bedrooms

2nd September 2014:
This is just like the time Ron nearly died from Draco's poison except that time people weren't blaming him for something that wasn't his fault. Rose is a horrible daughter, truly horrible. Even worse was Hermione threat to divorce him, Ron should have left her right then when she tried to blackmail him into doing what she wanted. I feel bad for Ron in this fic but the other characters are kind of tools.

Author's Response: Well Ron shouldn't have tried to make Rose choose. They are all a little bit at fault. As for Hermione, it is one thing to love your husband, it is another to love your kids, kids win out usually. Hermione if effected by all of this and she is the one who really has no say in what happens. She threatened to divorce him after months of argue, and she regretted it the instant that she said it, but is it so wrong that she wanted her Ron and her daughter to be on better terms? Is it so wrong for her to want Rose to be more involved in her life? It's her daughter, her flesh and blood that she gave birth too and took care of for years. She did what she thought was needed. Anyways I don't agree with your opinion, I love Ron, but he is at fault, that being said he is trying to make up for it.

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Review #17, by Arcoiris Off White Walls and Apartment Bedrooms

29th August 2014:
Very good chapter. I liked the interaction with Lexie, definitely awkward but I think they came out slightly better for it. I agree about Ron. Now it seems like Rose is learning good lessons of forgiveness towards your husband from her mom. Where was Scorpius in this chapter?

One correction, it should be "couldn't care less." Saying you could care less, is the opposite of what you mean, I think.

Author's Response: It's funny that you pointed out the couldn't care less, because Could care less actually is right. To say that you could care less means that you could actually care less than you do and Rose really does care less. To say you couldn't care less mean that you do care, because you are saying I could not care less than I do. I'm taking this weird grammar class right now and that was like the very first topic that my professor discussed, about how we talk in contradictions all the time.
Now, yes the Lexie Rose moment was really something that was needed. Yes Rose is learning a lesson in forgiveness but that still doesn't change that Scorpius doesn't trust her. She can forgive him for the letters but him not trusting her is completely another issue. Scorpius just didn't fit in. He is in the next chapter (which is up for validation). Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #18, by CaramelDiamant Off White Walls and Apartment Bedrooms

24th August 2014:

I'm so happy you brought some family time in along. It's nice to see Hugo again and I think you did really well with the Lexie part! I felt with her at the awkward encounter of Rose standing in her/ Hugos apartment. Although there is still so much to say between them, I feel like they've come to a bit of an understanding. I really thought you would put some hints of Rose's preggo state in but I guess we have to wait for the allover reaction till next time :) Cheers

Author's Response: Yeah I fell like Lexie does have a whole story of her own, and its unfortunate that I don't get to show you guys all of it, but I do try to show what I can. Glad you thought it was awkward enough, but it wouldn't have been right if it felt comfortable. There is an understanding, but Lexie didn't say that she wasn't still in love with Scorpius, and I think Rose caught on to that. I put one little hint when Rose was holding the baby, but really this chapter was cut in half and the end where all the hints really were, got pushed into the beginning of the next chapter. Anyways the Thank you, again, for your reviews and you wont have to wait long for the end.

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Review #19, by CaramelDiamant Odd Predictions

24th August 2014:
Hello there,

I really tried to wait for the over-next chapter to be uploaded to read it all in one go but I just couldn't! I love the way Scorpius reacted to the crying part in teambuilding, both of them actually. It fits really well into character for him and rose. They are both so dry-humored - same for the predicted pregnancy! I do love that! But on the other hand it bothers me so much that Scorpius holds the letters a secret from Rose! How can he do that if their whole realationship depends on chosing? And now your cliffhanger...- Rose is going to find out! glad I can read it the next minute ;) Anyway i just wanted to say that i really enjoyed this chapter because of the way you let your characters act. It just fits! Big thanks to you!

Author's Response: Hi, So sorry it took me so long to respond, I have had a busy week. Well the last chapter is awaiting validation so it shouldn't be long. I feel that it fits well for both him and Carla. Scorpius isn't in his right mind at the moment he is scared and when someone is scared of feels threatened they do weird things. Thank you so much for the reviews and for reading.

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Review #20, by kayleefrank Off White Walls and Apartment Bedrooms

17th August 2014:
I understand why Scorpius hid the letters, in fact I would probably do the same thing, but it is totally going to bite him in the rear. I love these stories and I can't wait for the next chapter! Hurry please.

Author's Response: I will be adding the next chapter to the queue this weekend. As for Scorpius I think he is justified but I also think he is too far over his head, he only meant to do this for like one or two letters, but once it started he couldn't stop because then he would have to admit that he had been hiding them to begin with. Yes, Rose isn't going to happy with him.
Thank you so much for the review and for reading.

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Review #21, by dracodarlingxx Off White Walls and Apartment Bedrooms

17th August 2014:
you moved twice?! woah.
and an emergency appendectomy? hope you're okay now xx my friend got appendicitis while he was on holiday in spain and his dad had to go to spain to bring him back, in a wheelchair, in a whole lot of pain, for an emergency appendectomy, so i hope to god yours wasn't as bad xx
lexi? me no like lexi. lexi was not nice to rosie though i can obviously understand why, and what she said about being in love with hugo at the end made up for her rudeness just a tiny bit :)
shock at hermione's confession that she knew about scorpius! but then, hermione does know everything, i shouldn't have been surprised o.O
lovin Rose getting the info out of Healer Marshall and thanks for the reassurance that Rose won't break it off with Scor.
great chapter, please update soon xx
p.s. i love you for bringing harry into the chapter. he was awesome.

Author's Response: Yeah, dumb dormitory rules. Just because me and my roommate wanted a new apartment because we were under the impression that our old one was haunted, they made us move out for two weeks and then move back in with freshmen. It was dumb.
My procedure wasn’t bad, the doctors were able to use the less invasive method and I was home the next day.
I knew that I had to have a Lexie and Rose scene. There was no way that they were going to be able to avoid each other forever. I think Lexie has some issues with Rose, I mean essentially Rose is living the life that Lexie was meant to have. But I think Lexie is adjusting well to the way things turned out. The fact that she is able to feel anything for Hugo is remarkable, because Scorpius really messed with her heart.
Just because Rose isn’t going to divorce Scorpius, doesn’t mean that this is going to be an argument that they have and then it gets smoothed over in a chapter. What Scorpius is doing shows a serious lack in trust in Rose and that isn’t going to settle well with her.
So glad you liked the chapter and Harry. Thank you so much for the review and I will be adding the next chapter to the queue this weekend.

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Review #22, by Avanell 2 Off White Walls and Apartment Bedrooms

14th August 2014:
My cousin had your situation in the last two weeks as well...happy recovery and hugs to you! Awesome update, hope he recovers and somehow we finally learn about the letters! Loved Rose meeting the ex! Brilliant update as always. Just need more :D

Author's Response: Yeah it is not fun. Oh the letters will be revealed in the next chapter, along with Rose's reaction. Lexie and Rose needed a scene together, I mean they are going to be apart of each others lives, so there is really no way around them having any interaction. Chapter 29 is almost done. Thanks for the get well wishes the review.

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Review #23, by rose_me Off White Walls and Apartment Bedrooms

11th August 2014:
A lovely chapter ! Hermoine n rose's convo is so perfect ! Last chapter remaining ? OMG ! I cannot imagine !

Author's Response: Glad that you liked it. That conversation took me four days to write so I hope it was perfect. I know only one chapter left, I am so excited. But hey at least there is a third story. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing.

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Review #24, by pikachewbites Off White Walls and Apartment Bedrooms

11th August 2014:
I'm sorry to hear about your surgery & I hope you're feeling better now!

Yeah, Ron tends to over-react & sometimes make bad decisions but his heart is always at the right place & eventually he owns up to his mistakes. That's why I love his character so much, he's flawed but he's a good guy nevertheless.

I think you've done well with Hermione. The scene of her with Rose is sweet & was much needed.

I can't believe this story is coming to an end! I love it so much!

Author's Response: Yeah it sucked, but the catch up after the surgery is what held me and my writing up.
I fear that I may have over villainized Ron. He is my favorite character out of the trio and I always felt that he would over react especially with his children.
I'm glad you think I got Hermione. I agree that scene is much needed and I have been trying to get it in for so many chapters, but it could just never work.
Where one thing ends another begins. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #25, by Tam Odd Predictions

31st July 2014:
when will you be posting an update?

Author's Response: I am working on it as fast as I can, and I am almost done. I am seriously hoping to put it in the queue tomorrow. This week has just been nuts. I have moved and had two finals so not a lot of writing time. Sorry for the wait

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