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Review #1, by Caitlin Figuring It Out

3rd May 2014:
Are you going to update? I've read the whole thing and i've been waiting so long?

Author's Response: Hi! I'm really sorry that it hasn't been updated in so long. It's Complicated has been put on hold, at least for the time being. Don't give up hope: we'll start writing again at some stage but I personally have a lot of stuff on at the moment.

Thanks for reviewing though.

Cheers, SW.

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Review #2, by Troy Figuring It Out

25th July 2013:
when r u going to update?

Author's Response: Whenever SunnyWitch can be...can't say that. When she pulls her finger out and does it.
Phoenix Quill

Ahhh... PQ, such a charmer. I will upload as soon as I can... Hopefully.
Annnyway... Look forward to the next chapter, man. It will be worth waiting ;) .
Cheers, SW.

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Review #3, by LittleLionGirl Denying Doesn't Work

10th June 2013:
Hahaha! I enjoy your plot line for this and how it is starting to play out! No need to worry SunnyWitch I have troubles writing males but once you are inside their head it gets easier... Keep up the good work you two!

Author's Response: Thank you, Little Lion Girl! The plotline is...well...confusing at best, but that comes with having two authors.
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

Hey! Well, how is it starting to play out? I have no idea. Generally, one of us just comes up with a twist, and then the other has to deal with that twist. Males... yeah... gonna just leave that there...
Cheers, SW.

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Review #4, by LittleLionGirl When On The Platform

10th June 2013:
Well this is a lovely joint story and I cant wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Thank you Little Lion Girl! I'm still surprised that the story is working as well as it is, with little to no co-ordination between the
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

Hey! Nice to virtually meet you! Thank you! I'm extremely, exceedingly surprised that it is working as well as it is. Very little thought was put into this. It's just a mashed up... monster that we've somehow created.
Thanks for liking it!
Cheers, SW.

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Review #5, by Tory. N Figuring It Out

6th June 2013:
I like the story im just typically to lazy to review. Better? :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! It's nice to know that you like the story!
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

Although being lazy is one of my strongest characteristics, I'd strongly recommend not being lazy!
We thought nobody loved us :'( .
Kidding. We're too lovable for that.
Cheers, SW.

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Review #6, by Josh The Heart Goes Flop

27th February 2013:
My oh my. It gets better. Hopefully you guys will have no more writers block :) Awesome work!

Author's Response: Well, thank you! And it's SunnyWitch with the writer's block. Not me. Just clearing that up. HERE THAT, SUNNYWITCH? WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER OR I'LL BEAT YOU INTO AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

I do have problems with my writer's block. But, I'm sorry, PQ, these things you just can't control. If I don't feel like writing, it's not going to be very good anyway.
I have too many stories right now.
Yes, yes, yes, it will get better (sly wink).
Cheers, SW.

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Review #7, by Jim The Aftermath

14th February 2013:
This is ridiculously good. Hurry up with the updates :)

Author's Response: Thanks. Praise is always good. Keep it coming.You need to talk to SunnyWitch about the updates. She's in charge of the next chapter, and I can't write my next chapter until she does. So blame her.
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

Sorreee! I've been having a problem... you know, writer's block, and a lack of motivation. Thanks for the smiley face and the nice comment though, it's appreciated :D .
Promise I'm trying to write it! Promise!
Cheers, SW.

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Review #8, by RavenclawSorceress When On The Platform

31st January 2013:
Very interesting that you are switching back and forth.

Author's Response: I don't even know how we came up with the idea. But so far it's working.
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D !

Hahaha. yeah!
Apart from me losing most of my first chapter... Great!
Now I have to redo it :(
So you may be waiting for a bit.
I came up with it, I think... after reading the rules. Yep, I read HPFF rules.
Cheers, SW.

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