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Review #1, by GalaxyDefender VI

12th April 2014:
This is really funny, you're great at writing believable characters. so hope they win. I am actually stressing about it!! More chapters soon please!

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Review #2, by santosh VI

10th November 2013:
Please write some more I love this story!

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Review #3, by I'm a veela VI

9th June 2013:
I like the original content and how you provided us with a visual at the beginning of each chapter. please write more

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Review #4, by rogue_bludger I

29th April 2013:
love this so far! your main character is interesting and i'm enjoying reading about her.

i'm going on to the next chapter, but i just wanted to say, this a great start!

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Review #5, by Kate/365daysdone II

16th April 2013:
I'm not sure if this is a fault or a virtue, but I feel like when I fill requests on tda - I can't do it justice if I don't read what I'm making something for. So here I am :) I couldn't just read it without dropping a review too. It think you have a great beginning to an entertaining story ;) I love myself some quidditch. It moves a little quick for my taste - on the character development side of things. Maybe that's because of the length of the chapters though and because I apparently have no life and can spend all day reading. However, I quite enjoy the descriptive side of things. Sometimes people go a little overboard I think you have a good balance.

It was a lovely read :)

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Review #6, by Owlpost68 IV

15th April 2013:
Well, it sounds like the new keeper will do really well :) There wasn't anything about the seeker though, but maybe no one new tried out for it?
As much as it could happen that a person from another house could try out without being caught, I don't know about twins from gryffindor and slytherin. I mean maybe it could happen, but it just seems a stretch that they would do that for a quidditch team. I know twins can be in different houses, it's just being spies too that made it seem a bit more unlikely.
I would have thought they might use the invisibility cloak.
Anyway, it was still fun to see her starting to get into captain mode :)
good job

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Review #7, by Owlpost68 III

9th April 2013:
This one was a lot better, and now more interesting too, I'm wondering what she's going to have Megan do :)
The conversation with the table was silly lol.

The one typo I did find:
constant starting--- staring

It can only get better from here!
good job :)
Thanks for review swapping, let me know if you want to again :)

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Review #8, by Owlpost68 II

9th April 2013:
Sooo we have another character :) I like Megan so far, and now we know how Anna can be a little violent lol, at least to pillows.

I noticed you have a tendency to repeat the same words unnecessarily, it'd be good to read through the chapters and make sure the sentences flow too, sometimes they're awkwardly worded. These aren't things that get in the way too much, but there are readers who are very picky about some things so I just thought I'd say so :)

Here's the typos I found
With frustration I f lopped-- flopped

Potters and Wesley’s-- Weasley's

Hmm, a voting could be fun... and a sneaky way to get reviewers lol.
This was a fun chapter to see more of her personality and her friend :)

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Review #9, by Owlpost68 I

9th April 2013:
Hmm, this was a really different spin on the characters, plus of course adding a Quidditch Professor. I know Madam Hooch taught it to first years, and was referee, but this gives that position something else to do. Plus I think there should be more direction for captains.

There were a few typos:
represent you respective houses-- your

I stayed calm as a picked Malfoy's hand from my shoulder--- I picked

All in all, pretty different plot line, having to make the worst team to the best... she should have a back up plan to get the money though lol.

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Review #10, by Water_Fay III

23rd February 2013:
Cliff hanger alert! I can't wait for the next chapter! It's well written and moves along perfectly. Many stories move slow after the first few chapters though so watch out for that. Please update soon!!

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Review #11, by Kira I

10th February 2013:
Oh, this is just great! I've actually been meaning to write a Hufflepuff Quidditch story for awhile, but got sidetracked on a fic where some guys start a fantasy quidditch league instead. Anyway, I'm just glad that someone picked up this idea and is running with it so well! Hufflepuff and Quidditch is such a great starting place for a story, and you are doing a great job with it so far! I think your characters are strong as well as your dialogue. This is a great first chapter because it just makes me want to go ahead and read more. This is definitely going on my favorites and I'm excited for your updates! :)

Author's Response: Haha thank you! I'm a complete Hufflepuff nut and I love writing Quidditch so Inthought putting the two together would be fun. Thanks for the awesome favorite and I'll be sure to update soon when I get a computer to type at!

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Review #12, by nikki II

2nd February 2013:
AWESOME! Update soon? :3

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Review #13, by nikki I

2nd February 2013:
Wow, you're a good writer! :D Very interested to see what happens next! :D

Author's Response: Ee thank you for the awesome reviews!! I will try and update asap. Glad you like it

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