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Review #1, by EnigmaticEyes16 Bitter Longing

19th October 2014:
Hello again! I've been meaning to review this for a bit now, and I'm finally getting to it. I love reading Draco's POV in A Force of Wills, so the fact that you wrote this entire one-shot in his perspective makes me super happy.

I'm not sure of the time period though in this story. A Force of Wills starts right before Draco's 7th year, but this one talks about it being OWL season, which makes me think it's 5th year. Because 6th and 7th year are dedicated to NEWTS.

I like how he's basically obsessed with Astoria though, even though he doesn't even know why. I think there's something there that pulls him in, probably the mysteriousness he talks about. He may only like her because she's the only girl he can't seem to figure out. She's a puzzle for him to solve. And I wonder if he'll still want her after he does figure her out, IF he figures her out, that is.

I like when he thinks "The girl made him feel as if he had some sort of disease" because that's kind of exactly how he treats her, whenever he calls her a breed. And it still kind of blows my mind how he expects halfbloods and muggleborns to bow down to him, but that's how he's always been. And I think it's kinda hilarious how he wants to know what she thinks of him, while at the same time knowing that it's probably nothing good.

He's very perceptive of her though, knowing just about everything he can know about her from simply watching her and stalking her. But of course, it's not enough for him. I love the bit where he mentions how she hit him with the Transfiguration book from your other one-shot. And I like how he views her insults to him so much more terrible than any hex or curse she's cast at him, I think that's really intriguing how he'll take physical pain over the emotional pain she causes him.

And I LOVED the little spat Draco has with Blaise. He's clearly threatened by the thought that Blaise may have an interest in Astoria as well, while also being aware of Draco's secret that he's obsessed with Astoria and even stalks her. Of course, he doesn't understand why Blaise would have noticed and not said anything considering how this lot will likely out each other the second someone does something scandalous. But my favorite part is where Blaise refers to Astoria as a cactus, as he does in a Force of Wills, and then goes on to talking about having a garden of them, lol. He does play the odd card well and without a care.

I like how at this point in time, Draco says he would never hurt her. Clearly, another year of this has driven him a bit more mad, as in A Force of Wills he very much wants to wring her neck when he's not thinking of having his way with her.

But the best part is probably the end, where he runs into George and Angelina, and he can clearly see the love and passion they have for one another, and knows he'll never have that with Astoria, and not just because of his parents, but because she will never see him in that light. And when George says this out loud I think it really hurts his ego, even though he'd never willingly show it. But it definitely shows him in a sad, pitying light in this scene, that he wants love just like everyone else, but the only person he wants it with, he can't have.

Anyway, this is an amazing one-shot! And this was a super long review, but I'm glad I finally got to post it. I love your Draco and I can't wait to read more of him in your other story.


Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for stopping by with this monster of a review! I'm really happy that you liked this one-shot, it's one of my favorites as well.

This story takes place during OWLs but I didn't really write that well. Hahaha.

Draco's obsession with Astoria is fun to write but also hints at a passionate part of him that's steeped with madness. It's very worrying but he's so attuned to her that he allows every movement she makes to become part of some higher meaning. He can't quite get enough of this battle they have and you can see that it's warped his mind. The fact that he can't believe that his lust isn't reciprocated really does bother him and it's not merely as black and white as he likes to believe.

Blaise's interest in Astoria is actually something that's hinted at in this story and Draco is immediately threatened by it. Their rivalry began way before A Force of Wills even started and I DO love Blaise's odd behavior. Cacti are his favorite plant, which hints later on in the actual story of his devotion to Astoria. Hahaha. I couldn't resist.

I think that Draco is intimidated by real life and the fact that he saw George/Angelina only emphasized it. He needs and craves it but he doesn't understand much about what it takes to really love someone completely. It's very sad, in a way.

Thanks for this review!

Much love,


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Review #2, by teh tarik Bitter Longing

10th March 2013:

I just HAVE to review something of yours before you go :( I don't know when you'll be back but I hope you won't be gone for long!

Anyway...BAHAHAHA MALFOY. Gosh, you've written him wonderfully here! So cold, and so irritable and so frustrated and so...pathetic in a way.

But no, Greengrass hated him with enough passion to keep him interested, no matter how violent their interactions got.

This sentence really sums up his feelings SO WELL. Ah, Draco. He's just this privileged kid who grew up getting every single thing he wanted, all the attention from his friends and fellow Slytherins and then along comes Greengrass, who really doesn't care about the purity of his blood and who just refuses to even acknowledge him. POOR DRACO HIS EGO MUST BE SOSOSO BRUISED :P It's a lovely fic you've got here; it's tragic, it's bitter at times, but it's also a little funny - funny at how pathetic Malfoy is, at how ridiculously human you've made him. And that is always a good thing.

I love the contrasting scenes with Pansy and Astoria. You've written Pansy really nicely here: she's softer - though she does have her hard-girl moments, and the other times when she gets pretty catty and all...I love that little conversation Draco has with her. If only Draco could really appreciate the friendships he has around him, the respect of those who've given it to him instead of, y'know, fixating on someone who just hates his guts.

And then Astoria. BAhahaha! Draco has the dirtiest fantasies of her XD And when they finally do have a confrontation, Astoria is just like many of your other girls that you write; she's fiery, independent, and she can totes stand up for herself. AND THERE WAS SO MUCH SEXUAL TENSION OMG. Bahaha! Draco was getting a bit...unrestrained there.I was sort of thinking, Malfoy, you're a bloody prefect! What are you doing... And of course, it's ultimately an unsatisfactory encounter for him. And Astoria is as much of an enigmas as ever.

ANDANDAND you included George & Angie ♥ Oh they're SO NAUGHTY THOSE TWO. Gah LOVE THEM.

Sigh. OK Gabbie. This is such a lovely story. You've really taken apart Malfoy's character and turned him inside out and just written him so beautifully. I've really enjoyed this ♥

Take care Gabbie! And please do come back when you can to keep writing! Best of luck with everything! ♥

♥ teh

Author's Response: Hello!

Uwah, this just makes me so happy! I leave for basic in about an hour and was just thinking about how nice it would be to get a review and here you are! :D
So many hearts...
I really think that writing Draco is the most fun someone like me can have. I wanted to play with all of his crazy emotions and its true, he is sort of pathetic in his own way. For many reasons, he can't let it go that someone he considers beneath him could really care less what he wants. I think he takes advantage of the riches and friends he does have and I wanted to play around with that. Its going to bite him in his tight little bum. ;)
Why thank you for liking this fic! I wrote it weeks and weeks ago but had just stuffed it into the queue the other night to get it up here and ready for you all. :D
I think making Draco human and not this supremely magnificent god-like monster is the best way to go. :p
Pansy came out easier to write than I would have ever thought but I did the contrasting scenes with her versus Astoria on purpose, just to hint that Draco was missing out on what was important. And honestly, he should pay attention to the friends he does have and the girl that obviously likes him instead of the monster that he can't leave alone.
Sorry, Astoria. HEHEHE.
BWHAHAH, when it comes to her, Draco's fantasies are pretty disgusting but I had so much fun writing them! Dirty teenage boys are my favorite things to write! ;)
But anyway, Astoria may have come off very strong in that scene with him but on the inside she was probably crying. She really can't stand Draco and that's the fun of writing their fights and playing with that sexual tension too. HEHEHE.
Indeed! Draco was getting kind of vicious but it got worse for him right when he might have done something really bad. Astoria punched him and punched him good. :D
And she is an enigma, a walking one that hates him and that is why he wants her so badly. Draco, I think, is just weird that way.
Of COURSE I had to add in George and Angie, they're much too cute and SO much fun! :D
They were swimming naked in the Black Lake, just so you know. ;)
*Blush* Oh, stop! I'm really glad that you liked this, I wasn't sure if anyone would really but getting inside of Draco's mind was actually sort of scary. But delightful. Like too much cake.
Or fat kittens in the room. :D
I shall take care and keep you and all my other pets--I mean, friends on the forums, in my thoughts! Thank you so much! :)
Much love,

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Review #3, by TheHouseElf Bitter Longing

9th March 2013:
Argh, this is wonderful! You've kept Draco in character, which you don't generally see in fanfic-he's usually serenading or seducing Hermione :P I love Astoria though, and I'd love to find out more about her, like, why she's called a Breed and why she hates purebloods- that is, if it's purebloods she hates rather than something else. Your descriptions were wonderful, and I loved to get inside Draco's head which I don't very often, I tend to stray away from Draco fics- again, he's mostly OOC in those. I also loved the teenage raunchiness in this, it's there, as it is there in real life, but not too much ;) A great read dear, and I'll miss you once you're gone!


Author's Response: Hello!

That was quick, I wasn't expecting this really soon but thanks so much! I shall have to hop on over to your page and leave you some reviews as well!
To be honest, I have never been much of a Draco fan but keeping him in character was important for me on some things. On others, his character is a tad different but that's what's great about fanfiction! I could make him wear a dress if I felt like it! >:D
Bwhaha, I actually really like Dramione but its true, you don't see him actually with Astoria at all. If you want to know more about Astoria Greengrass and all of her oddness, you can read the story this comes from, "A Force of Wills" on my author page. Be warned, its very mature and uhm, might make you slightly paranoid. :D
Oh, the "breed" comment is from her being half-blood. Sadly, that's how people refer to dogs sometimes and well, Draco's a jerk.
Why Astoria hates purebloods is also in "A Force of Wills" (See that shameless promotion?) so you can get more information on that.
Thanks so much! I love detail and getting into Draco's mind was really icky, he sort of grosses me out even while I enjoy writing him.
Bwhaha, raunchy is a good word to describe this but the actual story is so much worse. And Draco's lust for Astoria is really unsettling, I wanted to make that clear, he goes beyond just having a simple crush. ;)
Waaagh, thanks for stopping by! I shall miss you and so many others once I'm gone!
I'll try to visit!!! D':
Much love,

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Review #4, by dreamer21 Bitter Longing

9th March 2013:
I love this story. Draco seems perfect, Astoria is HOT. The eyes. OMG. They add such a sexy touch.
Draco's lust is very well described and so is pansy. The hissing and coldness. I love thiss!
And Gabriella, you will be missed!xx

Author's Response: HellO!

Hey there, I think I just left you a review so go check that out! ;)
I'm glad that you liked this story, it just popped into my head a few weeks ago but I just uploaded it yesterday. Hahaha. I actually forgot about it.
Draco is scary! He bothers me ALOT hahahaha but he's so much fun to write! And you think Astoria is sexy? That's a new way to describe her! But her eyes...I guess they are sort of sultry, which would not be her intention. HAHAHA.
She's mean. :D
I'm glad that you liked Draco's lust and his friendship with Pansy! Bwhahaha, Slytherins are fun to make hiss and I'm glad that you liked this! :D
D': Everyone keeps making me sad...I'll miss you guys alot!
Much love,

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