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Review #1, by Lily Big Brother

5th May 2013:
That was amazing but so sad. I was crying so much I had to wait a few minutes for the tears to stop flowing.
That was good. Wish I could write like you

Author's Response: Aw thank you! You're far too kind! I'm sorry for causing you all the tears though! :p

Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #2, by Siriusly89 Big Brother

24th March 2013:
Hi there! Siriusly89 here with your prize!

No, please no! I donít think I could handle another Fred dying1 I shall read on, nonetheless, but expect a lot of tears!

I feel sorry for that poor babysitter, probably didnít know what hit her with those two! The prank, oh the prank! It seems a bit sinister, considering thatís the message that Voldemort left after Ginny, but it just fits them so well, as Fred and George had a bit of a dark sense of humour, so I think that would have rubbed off on Georgeís kids!

Roxannes reaction to the priest was very well thought out. I know someone who lost a person close to them, and they completely gave up on religion, and blamed God completely. The little piece about Fred listening so the priest wouldnít feel stupid was very sad though! Already tearing up over here.

I donít know if I can make it through the eulogies, because no doubt they will be very emotional, but I will read on.

Jamesí piece was just beautiful. It was so plain and simple and, perfect. Only word to describe it. Itís the sort of thing youíd hope someone would say about you. It also proves your power as an author, that you didnít need all the theatrics and grand gestures, all you had to do was let someone talk about the best friend they ever had, and you reduced me to a blubbering mess.

The duck tie and beret are going to come into play later arenít they? Please say they arenít because I donít think I could take it! I wonít survive it! The part about Fred protecting Roxanne from the old hag was brilliant as well. You showed us how much Fred actually cared for Roxanne, that he would risk getting expelled to protect her.

I like how Roxanne acknowledged Fredís faults at the beginning of her eulogy. It showed us that she wasnít blind to his downfalls, but he was her hero all the same, and that shows what a good person Fred was. Seriously tearing up over here.

REALLY? FRED HAD TO DIE ON ROXANNEíS TWENTY-FIRST? REALLY? You want me to dissolve into a puddle of tears? Because I am pretty close to it! Pretty darn close. He was wearing the duck tie. He was wearing the. DUCK. TIE.

He wore it to every formal occasion and even to his job interviews. Then he wondered why he could hardly ever get a job.Ē

That line really got me. Even though sheís still so upset, she still managed to crack a joke, because, basing my claims on the type of person Fred is in this piece, I donít think heíd want people falling over themselves in grief. Heíd want them to remember the good times, and to laugh and well, not to have fun, but not to forget to live either.

He had the duck beret on him. Gah! Thatís it, Iím a puddle. Iím a puddle.

The fact that they remembered that although Fred had died, they remembered it was Roxanneís birthday also is very true to Weasley character. They would want to make sure no one was forgotten, even though the worst had happened.

Freds note has such a bittersweet feel to it. As Roxanne put it, it would be a birthday to remember, but not in the way he meant. And Roxanneís goodbye. . . . speechless.

I loved this one-shot so much! It actually made me cry, because the thought of losing my sibling is terrifying. Thank you so much for such a wonderful piece.

10/10. Flawless.

Author's Response: Hi there! :D

I'm so sorry for all the tears! D:

You're way too kind, all your comments have made me flail like a fish out of water, thank you! ♥

I really wanted to show Fred's faults because I've noticed, whenever someone passes away all we do is focus on how great they were. And, it is a loss whenever someone dies, but to me, making someone seem like they're perfect doesn't preserve the memory of them. I remember my grandpa's with their weird smell (seriously, they both smelt) but, I still remember their good qualities. And me, personally, preserving ALL the characteristics of someone who's passed on is more important that remembering only the good things. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed (?) it, it was really difficult to write.

Thanks for the lovely review and for the second place! ♥

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Review #3, by rainstormsatnighttime Big Brother

19th February 2013:
Wow. This is absolutely wonderful. It made me cry. You're a very, very talented writer :)

Author's Response: Wow thank you! That just made my day! :D

Thanks for the lovely review! ♥

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Review #4, by IrishSeeker Big Brother

17th February 2013:
This was not okay. My emotions.I was balling. Great Written Piece, Poor Roxanne :( You portrayed Fred perfectly. The Flashbacks and then Roxy's speech, That just got me. Really well written and well done, But This was so sad. :( Keep Writing! :D xx


(jokes, I totally did but I still feel bad D:)

I'm glad you liked it! If you ever want to read more of my stuff, I have MANY other stories! :D

(shameless self promoting ahaha :p)

Thanks for the review! :D

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Review #5, by PhoenixPulse Big Brother

1st February 2013:
Kayla! You're wrenching away my heart! :(

This was just depressing. Utterly depressing. I'm so used to reading a next-gen that's all fluffy where Fred's involved, but this is different. I'm aching for Roxanne right now, the poor love.

I also found it somewhat ironic that George lost his Fred...again.

But what's gut wrenching were all those bittersweet flashbacks that Roxanne provided in her point of view throughout the story. I admire the importance of the duck-tie and baret as well. You tied the objects in nicely.

Fred in general. I love your Fred. For some reason, I always have pictured Fred as a sweet boy, with a slight mischief streak, but was for the most part, mellow.

Reading this, I sort of am reminded the importance of sibiling bonding--the importance of loving the family you got. Me and my younger brothers have a humongous rift between us, but even so, it would kill me if one day, at random, they would be taken from me forever. It's bad enough that I never knew my older brother. We used to be so close. I can't imagine loosing one of my younger brothers as well.

But anywho, lovely one-shot dearie. You write grandly when aiming for the heartstrings. :)

Author's Response: I'm sorry, I don't mean to! D:

I'm aching for Roxanne as well, she doesn't deserve this pain. D:

Yeah, that's why I chose Fred instead of any other cousin/Weasley/Potter. I've seen heaps of stories where one of the Potter children die too early and I kept having this nagging plot bunny so I thought I'd post it ahaha. :p

The beret and ducky tie where meant to be showing their similarities to being children - they're completely innocent. D':

I love Fred II, I think any portrayal of him is good. :D

Yeah, I understand. My brother (2 years younger than me) and I are really close but there are times I just can't help but get so annoyed at him! And it lasts for days. But after writing this (and some other major tragedy I had ONE DAY after publishing this) I've tried to stop being such a whiny female dog. :p

I'm sorry to hear that about your older brother, I never knew my younger brother (miscarriage) so I can sort of relate (I think).

Thanks for the lovely review! Sorry for taking so long to respond!

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Review #6, by BellaCamille Big Brother

1st February 2013:
This is really beautiful. It's incredibly heartbreaking though. I love that you focus on Roxy/Fred and their relationship as siblongs. It's something seldom touched upon in stories and you made this just stick out of the bunch. Some of the lines were totally crushing (in the best way possible) as well.

"And we werenít Ďgiving God another angelí. We were giving him my brother."

I mean, whoa. pow. kaboom. crash. YOU BROKE MY HEART.

Author's Response: Aw thank you for all your lovely comments!

I'm glad you liked/not liked it. :p

Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #7, by CloakAuror9 Big Brother

29th January 2013:
You cried too? :'(

This was really sad! I couldn't believe you even managed to publish it, I would just probably curl up into a ball of nothing halfway through. You know, when Fred II died I couldn't help but think how George lost Fred for the second time. That thought had me crying so much.

Despite the sadness, I love how you focus so much on their siblingship. The duckie beret and tie was a really nice touch to the story and I felt like those two things pretty much described the two of them: fun and unique.

Anyway, a really great (and sad) story that had me in tears. Great job! ♥


67th review out of 100

Author's Response: Yeah, I did. :'( I can't believe I wrote this, especially because I found out my friend passed away a day after.

Yeah, I purposefully made it Fred because it's just so unfair on George and the rest of them because they lost another Fred. D':

I wanted to show the closeness between them instead of all depressing and angsty stuff. I believe that Fred and Roxy had the best sibling relationship that was fun and just a little strange ahaha. :p

Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #8, by Hannah- a very sobbing one Big Brother

28th January 2013:
I'M - I'M CRYING! I CANT BELIEVE YOU WROTE THIS AND MADE US READ IT ITS JUST SO SAD! AND HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO MOLLY?? TO GEORGE?? MAKING THEM LOSE YET ANOTHER FRED TOO SOON BEFORE HIS TIME!!! Dammit now it's gonna be a while before I can stop long enough to compose myself and get to school...

Author's Response: I'm so sorry! D:

I just had this plot in my head and I needed to write it! I purposefully made it another Fred because life doesn't let you choose, it just happens. I've learnt the hard way. :/

Anyway, thank you for reviewing. :)

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