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Review #1, by MissMoneypenny Superfluous (adj.)

7th December 2014:
TOBIAS! i love tobias
also - 'girls are superfluous when you’ve got ambition like mine' geNIus possibly my favourite quote so far please someone put that on a greetings card

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Review #2, by MissMoneypenny Brouhaha (n.)

7th December 2014:
i'm rereading this for, like, the tenth time and i love it even more. seriously. i wish i could write characters like you do. this is - dammit, can't swear in these reviews, can i? - hilarious; i love how you include all the stereotypical fic things like a party and passing out and a hungover breakfast but it's so UNIQUE. i love liz and james (i always love james) and i want them to get together now, and i especially love the crossword thing. hope to see a new chapter soon!

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Review #3, by AlexFan Harridan (n.)

17th July 2013:
I know the feeling of walking with slow people, the only thing is, instead of me teasing them about it, they tease me for walking like I'm a woman on a mission.

I think the thing that I love most about this is that everything flows, dialogue, description, everything. It all flows, none of it is choppy and the banter going on between Liz and her friends is actual banter, none of it sounds forced or weird or anything. And Liz's relationship with her family is exactly what I'd expect from two siblings attending the same school but in different years/grades.

And for who would I be best friends with out of the gang, it would probably be Liz or Roxanne just because I'd have fun gossiping with them, I'd be able to swear as much as I want (even though I do that anyway) and their interesting enough that I wouldn't get bored of them. As for James, he's probably off seeing someone but I've got no idea who it is and it would probably be better if I didn't guess.

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Review #4, by AlexFan Coccydynia (n.)

15th July 2013:
Chapter two is definitely better than chapter 1 but that could just be my biased opinion because I usually always think that the new chapter is better than the last one.

I'm beginning to get a love of words that I've never heard of until now. I'm pretty sure this story is going to be responsible for widening vocabulary. And I'm learning some new British slang. I now know what booted means in the land of the Brits!

I've never been good at crossword puzzles, at mos I may get one word so I feel like I'm living my dream of being able to do crossword puzzles through Liz. Speaking of Liz, I really like her, she's really funny.

If Liz could give me a nickname it would either be Gracie or Gracias (yes the Spanish word for thank you). There have been people ony life who have called me Gracias. Things didn't end well.

This was definitely my favourite part:

“I went to bed, Lizard.” Again with the rolling of the eyes. Maybe it was genetic. “Last I saw you were trying to teach Liam Wood the cha cha, so I figured I could take my leave.” I winced slightly.

“Yeah, that didn’t turn out so well. Bloke’s got two left feet.”

Anyway, awesome job on the chapter!

Author's Response: Hi again! Gotta love that the story's only improving, right?? Anyway, thanks so much for taking the time to review again, and SO GLAD you're learning so many new words! Crosswords may or may not be a favorite hobby of mine that I just happened to bestow upon poor unsuspecting Lizard...whoops! Anyway, my dear friend Gracias, thanks for reviewing and sharing your favorite part. Stay tuned for more!! xx

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Review #5, by AlexFan Brouhaha (n.)

15th July 2013:
When I started reading this I had no idea that it would start out in the middle of a party and with Liz drunk. Needless to say, drunk Liz is actually very amusing.

I can't believe that no one had their wands though! Come on, they're wizards, it's like a part of them! If I'd been there I would've been all like "what kind of a wizard are you!" The hilarious part was how everyone was fighting about not havin their wands with them when they could've spent that time going to get their wands.

There is such a loving relationship going on here, everyone is swearing at everyone and telling each other to go away and be quiet. It reminds me of me and my friends. You know you're friends with someone when you tell them to go away with as many swears as possible.

Brouhaha has becom one of my favourite words now. It's just so much fun to say, like shenanigans. Anyway, I really enjoyed this!

Author's Response: Hi AlexFan! So glad you're enjoying the story! Glad to hear that the shenanigans (see what I did there?) of Liz & co. seem realistic. And as for the wands, well, no one ever accused Liz, Roxy, and Fred as being the most responsible witches and wizards.Thank Merlin Rose was there, eh? Anyway, thank so much for taking the time to leave a review, and glad I could introduce to you a new favorite word!! xx the_giant_squid

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Review #6, by kaneswaran Histrionic (adj.)

18th June 2013:
I love this! It's lighthearted and fun and you put in elements that also make it interesting. I applaud you for being able to write in this humorous manner and still keep the story flowing well 'cause I'm right awful at that. But, anyways... Your write the characters and the relationships they have with each just brilliantly. I love reading stories where this a big brood of friends and you can actually believe that they are friends and not some plastic dolls a three year old is trying to play with.

I'm excited for the next update! (:

Author's Response: Hi kaneswaran! Thanks for reading + reviewing!! My biggest fear for this story is that everyone will get lost in all the characters I keep creating, so I'm glad to hear that it all seems kosher, and that you're enjoying the story so far! Thank you again for your sweet review - the next chapt. should be up soon!!

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Review #7, by MissMoneypenny Histrionic (adj.)

18th June 2013:
*cough* Sorry, I was pretending to be my dad.
Pfftt. Dads.

Anywayyy, I love the story! The Lizard is so cool and I love her nickname and I love Roxy and how she's kind of grumpy and how everyone acts like Liz is weird but they all know she amazing and I love the banter at the Krossword Klub, sponsored by Kim and Khloe Kardashian and I went to know what happens and I want to know why James is acting weird and I hope him and Liz get together but I also hope Roxy hasn't told James that Liz would most likely go out with him also it's nice how Ravendorks keep getting poned ( yes PONED) and I really want to read more!

* takes breath* sorry about that, I can't really be bothered to leave an eloquent review and so I thought I'd smash it all together. Anyway, love plot/characters, all I can say is, on with the story and hope you update soon!

Miss Moneypenny
P.S you might want to take a look through for commas but that's really all the negative feedback I have!
Sorry again for rubbish reviewness.

Author's Response: hOLLER bACK @ ya, gurl!! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a puncuationless review!!! (But really - they're my fav). Glad to see that you're loving so much of the story! Will look through for comma issues (death of me, I swear) - thanks for pointing it out! Anyway, thanks again for the FAAHHHBULOUS review, and hope you keep enjoying the story!

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Review #8, by missclaire17 Histrionic (adj.)

17th June 2013:
That was a pretty good reason that Liz gave to Lily to help her. I would have expected Lily to threaten Liz about losing the cloak, ruining it, etc. but she surprised me in the fact that she didnt'. I can imagine people being scared to anger Lily. She sounds like the type of person that you wouldn't want to cross.

I really want to know more about William and Liz's relationship with each other because it's rather interesting the way that she talks about him. Liz doesn't mention him if she doesn't have to and at the same time, while she isn't openly scathing about William, it's obvious to see they don't have a good relationship because it almost seems like Liz feels overshadowed.

It's rather funny to read about the water pouring onto Liz. It seems like something they'd do. xD

I think that Liz will be discovered she stole James's invisibility cloak when she finds out why James is acting so weird. If that's James's big secret, I can see that in return for keeping James's secret, James forgives Liz for stealing the cloak.

Anyways; I hope we find out soon about James! Just some advice, it'd be better not to drag it out TOO long. Update soon! (:

Author's Response: HIII! First off, thanks so much for this review! I love hearing what y'all think. So glad you think Lily was pretty on the mark. She is a lot younger than Liz, after all; I didn't want her to be too intimidating, but at the same time, growing up with Al and James as older brothers couldn't be easy.

As for Williams, you'll learn more about him and Liz in the future, as well as the Liz/Invisibility Cloak plan!! Thanks again for continuing to read and review, and hopefully you won't have to wait too long to find out some answers ;) xo, the_giant_squid

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Review #9, by Audrey Coccydynia (n.)

16th June 2013:
She would probably call me a panda. I wear furry jackets that are black and white...:)

Author's Response: Panda it is then!! Thanks for reading and reviewing (and answering my silly questions!!!) ;)

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Review #10, by Solo Histrionic (adj.)

15th June 2013:
I love this fic! Your writing is just so real, it's brilliant. Your characterisation of Liz is perfect. I love all the nicknames of everyone. All characters seem to have a depth to them even if they're not 'main' ones. I love her wordsearching! (being a bit of a wordsearch fiend myself...) so yay, lovely fic.

Author's Response: Hi Solo! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!! Glad to see you're enjoying the nicknames, and that the characters aren't too shallow/confusing (I know there's lots!) Anyway, thank you again for taking the time to leave a lovely review!

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Review #11, by heartjily4ever Superfluous (adj.)

29th May 2013:
Wow, I love Jenson. No kidding, he is so cute. Which isn't probably the usual reaction but, he's kind of hilarious. I love characters like that.
I'm interested to see what James is doing. I don't think he is snogging someone, but I am looking forward to seeing what he is doing. No clue how she will get the cloak.
I will stay tuned for more

Author's Response: Ah, Jensen. Most of the time I just shake my head at him, but I'm glad you like him! And yes, more will be revealed shortly! Glad you're liking the story, and thanks so much for leaving a review! xx

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Review #12, by MaryAnn Superfluous (adj.)

19th May 2013:
I really am enjoying this story so far! Liz is such a complex and dynamic character that I can't help but to love! The humor keeps me engaged and the pacing is great. I can't wait to read how the plot developes!

Author's Response: Hi there MaryAnn! So glad that you're liking Liz!! She's such a fun character to write. The next chapter will be up shortly, with a bit more plot development, so be on the look out for that! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review!

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Review #13, by missclaire17 Superfluous (adj.)

16th May 2013:
I liked that you wrote the Invisibility Cloak is one of the family secrets that they actually keep because I feel like things like the Invisibility Cloak and the Marauders' Map aren't just something that people know willy-nilly.

Not sure if I approve of stealing it because, let's face it. It's the Invisibility Cloak. I can imagine the uproar that it would cause and if Liz was caught and how the Wotters might be REALLY mad that she stole it just so she can go spy on James to help Savannah, someone that James probably doesn't even know. Like, if I was one of the Wotters friends with Liz, I wouldn't like it.

But then again, I suppose that her spying on James is when she finds out the secret? lol

I like how Tobias and Liz pokes fun at Jensen; their entire dynamic makes everything so funny and it's rare that I can enjoy a scene with characters ALL OC.

Great chapter! (: Can't wait for your next update.

Author's Response: That's how I feel as well!! Those are important family heirlooms - you don't just go waving them around. Interesting opinion about the stealing of the cloak! We'll just have to wait and see if Liz gets caught/James finds out!! And I'm so glad you enjoyed the library scene. It's a bit nerve-racking writing so many OCs (and scenes with just them), so I'm glad you enjoyed it and didn't get confused/bored. Again, thanks so much for leaving such a nice and detailed review, and the next chapter will be up soon!!! Thanks xx

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Review #14, by missclaire17 Harridan (n.)

8th April 2013:
LOL I love that Liz and Roxy have discussions about how they'd date and how they're sick of all of the blokes. I totally had that exactly same conversation with my best friends back in high school.

Rather interesting that Liz would choose James, though. I suppose dating Fred's out of the question, but what about Liam? Is there something going on between Marge and Liam? I dunno, I just find it interesting that she chose James in the first place, though that can also be because the two of them aren't super close so it's weird.

I'm not sure who I'd be closest to. I think I have to get to know them a little more.

AND JAMES SNEAKING AWAY! I'm guessing that's the secret that Liz knows!

I can't wait for the next update! (:

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review!! And don't all girls do that at some point or another? I know my friends and I still do.Anyway, Liz sees Liam as a brother-figure. We haven't seen too much of his yet, but that will become clearer, I hope. Though there is a surprising little secret about them (hint hint!). Again, glad you're enjoying it and thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #15, by missclaire17 Coccydynia (n.)

4th March 2013:
I love this story so far!
James and Liz are friends but not to a point where it's like they're best mates so its even more difficult to get together type of thing.
I like that even though Liz sounds crazy, you write a good story because sometimes when I see an OC is kinda crazy, the story's plot gets lost in the craziness (and not that crazines is a bad thing. it can be a very good thing when used correctly, like you have so far).

Im excited for the rest of this story.
I think it's going very well so far, and I'm excited to see what happens in the future chapters.

Favorite character. I dunno...
I'd love to know more about Roxy because she's like Liz's best friend but we don't know much about her yet and everything.

Great job, and keep it up!

Author's Response: Hi missclaire17! Thanks so much for your review! Glad you don't think Liz is too crazy - sometimes when I write it all just comes out in stream of consciousness and afterwards I realize she can sound kind of looney, but I'm trying not to go over the top at all! Chapter 3 is in the queue, and they'll be more Roxy in it for ya!! Thanks again for leaving a review!! xx

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Review #16, by Ihatemaths Coccydynia (n.)

2nd March 2013:
Please update soon. Like the story alot and I want to see more James/ Elizabeth action. Does he have any feelings for heror the other way round? So many quEstions need to be answered so pleas update asap

Author's Response: Thanks so much Ihatemaths!! It's definitely a bit of a slow build up, and Liz is definitely a bit on the denser side when it comes to blokes, but you'll see more James/Liz action soon! Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by ShadowRose Coccydynia (n.)

1st March 2013:
Gosh, I'm obsessed this story already. I love the chapter names - I think it's such a creative idea! Anyways, definitely keep writing, because this is such a great story with tons of potential!

Author's Response: Thanks so much ShadowRose! The chapter names are definitely fun to think of, and sometimes the entire chapter comes together around a certain word, which is good fun. Thanks for reading and leaving a review, and Chapter 3 should be up soon!!

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Review #18, by Solo Coccydynia (n.)

1st March 2013:
I like this, Liz seems like a very realistic character. Well done, I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thanks so much Solo! Glad you like it, and thanks for taking the time to leave a review! Chapter 3's in the queue now, so it should be up soon!!

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Review #19, by thetenthweasley Coccydynia (n.)

1st March 2013:
Another sound chapter, again it was really entertaining to read! Your characters are all likeable and interesting, and the way you write their relationships etc. has good dynamic.
I really like Liz so far, and James is pretty intriguing... can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for leaving a review! Chapter Three is in the queue, so it should be out soon for more craziness! Thanks again! xx

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Review #20, by thetenthweasley Brouhaha (n.)

1st March 2013:
This was actually really enjoyable and well written! I think you should definitely continue and you deserve more recognition.
P.S.: I've totally never hurled on my shoes before...

Author's Response: Thanks so much thetenthweasley! Glad you liked the story and glad you haven't had an experience like dear Lizard's!

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Review #21, by K Coccydynia (n.)

1st March 2013:
Another giggle of a chapter! I'd really like it if James shows more depth later on though, he comes across as rather one-dimensional at the moment... It's very weird to read a story with a plotline that isn't immediately obvious, but that's a good thing, so ;)
And this concludes my stunningly articulate review for this chapter.
P. S. Could you use the word callipygian sometime? XD

Author's Response: Thanks again for the review! You definitely will start to learn more about James. It's a bit odd because it's all in Liz's perspective, and she's not hanging out with him all that much right now, but you'll get to see more of dear Jamesie soon! And more plot! Wahey!
P.S. Of course I will! That is a FANTASTIC word!!! Thanks for the suggestion!

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Review #22, by K Brouhaha (n.)

1st March 2013:

*Calming drought*
I love how uncliched it is :D

Author's Response: THANKS SO MUCH DUDE! So glad you love it - next chapter is in the queue now! Thanks again for reviewing! xx

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